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Monday, May 22, 2017

Hello again

 You know that awkward moment when you get busy, promise to post soon to catch everyone up and then, just... don't? For two years?
I'm sorry. But I'm going to try my best to start this up again. I'm not sure if anyone actually cares, or anyone will actually read this, but, whether you've been here or no, allow me to introduce myself. I've changed a lot in the past few years.

Hello. I am Raven DeWitt. Other than myself and my friend July, out of respect, most people I talk about will be named after a fictional character.

I am finishing my senior year. Or finished, depending on when you read this. I am going to spend a year working before I go to college. I ultimately want to be a video game designer and programmer, but I am okay with just being a programmer, or doing whatever I am called to do.

I have two wonderful parents, a frustrating older brother we all love anyways, lots of family on both my moms and my dads side, a boyfriend (this has changed since two years ago and I'll catch y'all up on him soon ;) ), two awesome best friends from childhood, a group of robodorks I love and cherish and fight with a lot, a group of church friends who I do the same minus the fighting and orcdork friends from when I played the violin. 

I have been duel enrolled at my local college for Japanese (はじめまして), I've taken four AP classes, and I've gone to my areas high school tech center for web and game design (cout << "Hello" << endl;). I've been an active member of my church since I started attending, and I've been an active Christian since I started having the right to call myself that. I've been on my schools robotics team since my sophomore year, and this year (first steamworks) I was on my team's drive team as the pilot, and I was build team leader with my hufflepuff friend. And, if mechatronics counts as build (which it does), with my other friend, NaCl. Salt, for those of you who don't know chemistry. For those of you that do, I've been helping out with the planning for and going to my school's Chem club, as I've been doing since freshman year. 

And if all that sounded like a resume, I apologize. But it is still me. Don't worry though, here's the more me part. I still love reading, playing video games, watching movies, tv shows and anime, just being a general nerd, geek and dork (that's right, triple threat ;) and don't argue they're not different because they are). I write when I can, and with my boyfriend, I've started a few semi-writing but not book projects.
I enjoy drawing, but I'm not any good at it. My boyfriend however? Dang. So, I've recruited him and we've working on a few comics. We're also designing (and possibly/probably making) a few games, and last but certainly not least, doing some animation.

So, I guess that's new me. Still very old me, but... I dunno. Questions? Concerns? Wondering why you just read this or why you care about me?
I don't have an answer to that last one, sorry. But hey, the other two I can address if you ever ask it.
Thank you for your time,

Raven DeWitt