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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Echoes of Narcissism

So, in fourth hour, one of the walls is a mirror. I spend my time not playing looking at my reflection. Not because I'm all like "dang, I am hot" but because well, I guess I just find it interesting. It got me think of Narcissist, from Greek mythology. In fifth hour, we are reading Romeo and Juliet (o, Romeo! Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo! Refuse thy father and deny thy name. And if not, be but sworn by my love and I shall no longer be a capulet) and they made a reference to Echo, from the same story as Narcissist. It was a sine (which happened first hour and I really had to make a bad pun today. Sorry). So, naturally I'm blogging about it. Because ha, I'm not going to be social.
Anyways, the story goes like this (I'm just telling the general story, because there are like a gazillion different versions): Echo was a nymph with a serious thing for gossip. Every story disagrees with who Echo was. Maybe she was quiet, or the"it" girl or always got the last word or maybe even the class clown. Well, Echo gossiped with Hera a lot. Whether or not Echo knew it, while Echo and Hera chatted, Zeus would chase after some nymphs and make demigods. Hera found out about it, and since she couldn't do anything to Zeus, Hera punished Echo. Hera made it so that she could never have the first word, only the last. She could never say what she wanted, only repeat after others. So, Echo went on living when she found Narcissist. Narcissist was hot. Echo one day got Narcissist to speak and told him how she felt, echoing his words, of course. She came out after confessing her love and Narcissist rejected her. Aphrodite got pissed at Narcissist, because he rejected Echo so Aphrodite cursed him to never be able to fall in love, save one person. Himself. He saw his reflection in the water and, like every cheesy love story, fell in love at first sight. With, himself. He refused to leave the side of the water because then he wouldn't be able to see himself, so he stayed there and never ate or drank or slept or anything. He just sat there, staring at himself, in love. Echo just sat there, staring at him, in love.
1) sucks, right? Sounds like every couple from middle school. Girl likes guy, guy likes self.
2) they were mentioned in Heroes Of Olympus: Mark Of Athena. I seriously want a orange tshirt that says "team Leo". Just cause. I like Echo in that book. She loved Narcissist not just because he was hot, but for who he was. She was trying to break Aphrodite's curse on him. And while you probably couldn't see her most of the time, the last glimpse Leo had of her he noticed she was beautiful. But she just faded away.
That's all for my mythology lesson
Are you Narcissist?
Or Echo?
Narcissistic Echo
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bit of a fixer upper post

Hey! So, I have been thinking. It's a new feeling. And today rocked, and well, I remembered a conversation I had Saturday. You know the song "a bit of a fixer upper" from Frozen? Well, there's this line in it that goes "I'm not saying that you can change him, because people don't really change" and there has been a thousand year old debate about people changing. July, who watched the movie with me, said she doesn't like this line because people really do change. And I agree. People do change. But I agree with the trolls too. Because you shouldn't date someone expecting them to change. Which, I have totally known people who date people hoping they'll change. And guess what? The only thing that changes is their acting ability. It gets better. And well, their experience with well, things. I've also known people on the other side. Not like the song from the princess and the frog. Friends who people date expecting them to change. They don't. But "it's okay, because my girlfriend trusts me". Yeah, she trusts you, so let's stick our toungue down her throat and wow, look at her. She's hot too. Ugh, this is why you should seriously know who you date. And, do NOT date someone expecting them to change. But if they were total jerks and now they aren't, give them the benefit of the doubt. People CAN change. It's possible. So, trust then, but don't expect.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, April 28, 2014

May movies

So, I have Japanese work this week, but I slightly forgot all my Japanese stuff at home, so.... That's not gonna happen. I could work on it without my stuff but..... That's not gonna happen. So, you've got a friend in me! Only today! Well, okay, anytime, but seriously, I have to do work the rest of the week, so.........................
I saw dark shadows yesterday. And I love Johnny Depp, but it was weird. As weird as that one movie where he was this one guy who was faking a guy who wasn't the first guy. Confused? Rightfully so! It was weird. Seriously super duper weird. Anyways, Dark Shadows. It was kinda filled with a lot of purple and well, seventies. Seventies means stoners. And well, there were some people who stoned totally different than the seventeenth century version. Plus the fact that Johnny Depp ate twenty four people. Which isn't bad, but geez, wasn't he a good guy? Plus the house and people are weird. And I recognised most of them. Then there's the witch which like, was she a china doll or something? Anyways, I would suggest it if you're really into paranormal, but I personally wouldn't watch it again. It was good but weird.
I also spent yesterday watching xmen, which is the beginning of a long line of movies with the newest edition coming to theaters in a month! Less, actually. Days of future past. Great name, dontcha think? The comics had that same name. And while I am excited for the movie, there are some MAJOR descepancies in scenes that can be completely train wrecking for the company if they don't figure it out. Seriously, cinemasins, Jessie and a few of my other friends ALL noticed them. Think other people won't? Pull your act together xmen writers! I mean the movie ones. The comics are great. Although, comics are weird too.......
Well, I'm definantly excited for xmen days of future past (which I will totally explain more in another post) and Spider-Man 2, coming out in a week (Nother needed post) and here are a few summer movies, like:
-tmnt (turtle mutants that are teens and ninjas)
-guardians of the galaxy (HE IS NOT A RACOON!!)
-how to train your dragon 2 (he Neville longbottomed us!)
And I'm sure bunch more, which you will hear about. Like transformers and Godzilla and.... Oh! 22 jump street and.......
Lots more.
Movie madness
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, April 27, 2014

St. Louis fires

Hey! So, news update: I had a fire with Jessie last night. Today my brother broke his phone IN HALF. Ripped it in half. Then during second service I went to a St. Louis meeting. Now, for those of you who are like "hold up! Hey, crazy, what's St. Louis?" Well, there's the smart Alec answer "St. Louis is a city" but the real answer; it's a mission trip, with my church. A pretty awesome mission trip. I went on it last year, but for those of you who don't know we stay at a church in St. Louis and do tutoring/work projects during the day and backyard bible club at night. The last day we go to the zoo, city fountains and the museum. You might say that a museum is boring, but the St. Louis museum is like a ten story playground with a Ferris wheel on top. Seriously, it has planes and castles and those playground bars and a bus hanging off of its roof and it is a nightmare for people afraid of heights. So, sorta me. It's the funnest thing ever! I haven't gotten the nerve to go on the Ferris wheel ON TOP OF A TEN STORY BUILDING. I've wanted too, but if I did I'd want to go with a guy. Like, seriously, I'm not trying to be all romantic and whatever, but I mean, when I hang around guys confidence, cockiness and just general stupidity rubs off on me, so I feel it's best to face my fears with confident, cocky stupid people. Plus the fact that I'm usually trying to impress and/or be better than the guy, which helps too. Anyways, the first St. Louis meeting was today. So, yay. Because I'm accepted to go. Yay. Double yay. Double yay with chocolate on top. While I'm sitting in a hot tub with ice cream and whipped cream and chocolate sauce in my captain America swimsuit with hot superheroes while having a superhero movie and anime and video game marathon. Yeah, that's how good it is. Okay, maybe not quite that good, cause that's my dream day, but it's pretty close to that good. Mostly cause St. Louis mission trips are awesome.
Pyro missionary


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Creepy garage sale

So, my perfect past three days rounded off with my best friend Jessie coming over last night for froyo and a campfire. The campfire was super fun,  and we were talking and we heard a noise which was creepy. After that the smoke was blowing and so was ash and  my hair and stuff, and I thought I saw someone. That freaked us out even more, and then the motion sensor lights came on and we officially decided that we had a creeper. It was funny. And today was the whole neighborhood garage sales. I found out there are dragon ball Z cards (and I bought a few) and I also went in for yugiyo  cards. I bought two books, the one the show bones is based off of, and the one based off of pirates of the Caribbean.  I also bough a headband and play mobile. So, today was a good day too. Great week. I hope it continues this way :)
Creeped on

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

An add on of yesterday

After that awesome Wednesday and Thursday, you'd think there's no way my Friday could top it. Well, you're right, but that doesn't stop it from adding the the BEST WEEK EVER!!!!! Now, punzy, beat that! (What up Tangled reference!)! Well, today I woke up and went to school and went to all of my hours. Now I'm in Japanese. Good thing
1) little-no homework! Sweet!
2) more compliments on my Captain America sweatshirt (today paired with "YOU DON'T KNOW ME" then "federal witness protection" tshirt, peacock pants and new black flip flops that well, aren't a flop) from hot senior guys. Seriously, ladies, the way to attract guys? Being a nerd. You think you'll get guys from wearing sundresses and getting 50 dollar haircuts? Nope. Five dollar jeans and geeky stuff. Plus after he complimented it (technically asked for my autograph, cause I'm Captain America) he said something about how I wore my superman tshirt yesterday and I totally slide in a smooth "cause I'm super America" before we had to start playing music (in orchestra)
3) free hour. Seriously, epic!
4) we got new seats in orchestra. Which, I totally didn't get the seat or stand partner I wanted, but the ones I have aren't too bad and I got an 80% (which is pretty high. I mean, it's not like I failed) and I still was the worst in the class. My friend got an 87% and was still the 3rd from last. Seriously, pretty talented class.
5) ITS FRIDAY!!!! Which means movie tonight. There are 6 xmen movies and xmen days of future past comes out in less than a month, but the amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out in a week, so I should be watching that. DECISIONS DECISIONS. Oh no, guess I'll have to watch them both this weekend. Well, them all. But only two this weekend. Which xmen.... Oh, the agony.
So, my weeks been amazing.
How's yours?


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Epic/awesome/perfect and everything inbetween.

Hey! One day until Friday! Whoo-Whoo! So, when I was around ten we were in a home group. It was pretty epic, me, my brother and three guys. I was ten so I wasn't olden ough to be like, boy crazy, but guys are just funnier to hangout with (in my opinion). We played video games and played with Pokemon action figures and dude, it was pretty epic. It was like, perfect. Sadly we left that church, but still stayed friends with the home group (not so sadly). Then another tragic thing happen. Two third or the guys in the home group (who are brothers) moved to California. Which totally sucked. Then they came and visited and I got to see the whole home group again and again, EPIC. Well, the family friends we had over last night was one of the two brothers who moved to California and his mom. Which was, as always, EPIC. So, we had a really good dinner then went to an arcade. Now, in the small town in Michigan the only arcade type thing we have is the lost city. Which while pretty cool is also not a real arcade. I've always wanted to go to a real arcade though. Yesterday I got that wish. We went to a arcade (that I thinks recently opened) called BAM and it. Was. Awesome. I loved it! There was an awesome pirates game called like "dead storm pirates" (note to self: look up game) which we played, a fruit ninja the size of a tv and an awesome harpoon fishing game. There was also games like doodle jump and temple run, you know, apps. It was like a 3D App Store. We racked up a lot of tickets and while at the ticket counter the guy complimented my pikachu sweatshirt which makes everything about a gazzillion times better. Our friend gave Phoenix his tickets. Phoenix got a iPod speaker that looks like a mini guitar amp. They gave me the remaining tickets and I got handcuffs, sunglasses, two army men and this one thing that turns water into pop. Then we went home and ate cake. I LOVED it! So, after all that perfection came today. Thursday. It's been pretty good. Me and my friend from orchestra Trevor got in a conversation about superheroes and we both want Avengers to team up with XMen. Not only would that be a giant big dou of FUDGING EPICNESS but they'd probably make a llllooooootttttt of money. Hello, superhero fanatics would pay big time for that mash up! We walked into orchestra and the kids from choir were still in there (we share a room) and one of them noticed my superman tshirt and I pointed out that it had a cape (that's right people, I wear capes) and then I showed him my captain America hoodie. Including the mask. It was as everything else in this post, epic or awesome or any variation thereof. Point being, I loved it. And so, I've had a good past day. Plus, my bestie July (Along with every other blogger on the planet) went M.I.A. some time ago. Finally people are posting again. I felt so alone in bloggy world. G'day y'all.
Super America
And major nerd
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Everything wrong with Jurassic park

Okay, so having family friends over, stressful day and stuff so, everything wrong with. Sorry for perviness and swearing. 
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

IIsuperwomanII girls on their period

Hey. Whazzup? Soil decided on this video today for no specific reason.
In other news...... Nothing's happening. Nothing.
Sorry for all the pervy-ness and swearing
Who may or may not relate to this video.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, April 21, 2014

monsters and demons and mondays

Hey! If any of you guys have a case of the Mondays, just remember, only a few months left. 35 here. Plus there's the fact that I have a week off for the New Mexico wedding. Yay me. Lets see... Easter was yesterday and today I started dissecting a trout and played outside in orchestra. We also got music for the senior showcase. The seniors in orchestra get to play a song of their choice. The rest of the orchestra accompanies them. Which is pretty nice. I'm accompanying with two poor people. The songs I'm accompanying with are called "Demons" (which totally makes me think of every supernatural reference ever, so that's going to be happening in orchestra. Seriously, today I was about to call people Crowley. Or Meg or Ruby. Or Lileth. Seriously, I know too many demons. Grab the salt!) and I'm also accompanying a song called... I don't remember. It's like something monsters and helpful or playful fairies... or sprites.... "Scary Monsters and Helpful Fairies"? "Scary Monsters and Playful Sprites? It's Scary monsters and something something. Anyways, the songs I'm playing are about demons and monsters. How appropriate for me. Um... seriously, I feel like there's something else. I was totally gonna say something. Well, I guess I'm not. How was y'all's Easter?
Scary Demon


Sunday, April 20, 2014



Swing zipper dress
$170 - zalando.co.uk

Leather wedge sandals
$67 - newlook.com

Vintage art deco necklace
$35 - rocknrose.co.uk

Floral home decor

Filled mini Easter eggs
$8.82 - chocolatetradingco.com


HE IS RISEN! Do you know what that means? Cause I do. IT'S EASTER!!! Which may not be my favorite holiday, but it is one of the GREATEST ones ever. I'm doing a lot of all caps. Probably because, have I mentioned, IT'S EASTER!!! Jesus died for our sins, we are forgiven, but HE IS RISEN. Dude, that just rhymed. Anyways, he died so we could live. Which is pretty great. I mean, epic. So, yay. There's this song I like by falling in reverse that says "If we're all born to die and we all die to live, what's the point of living life if it just contradicts?" And while I don't think that the first part ("If we're all born to die") is true for any normal person, it was true for Jesus. He was born to die. He was born to die for us. Now, while I love that and am honored, it kinda makes me feel guilty. Like, ya know, when someone does something really nice for you and you get all blushy like "you didn't have to do that" but are still thankful but guilty that they went out of their way to do that for you. That's how I feel, except instead of driving a few extra miles to pick me up from somewhere it's giving his life. I mean, that just makes me feel like guilty. Super guilty. Of course, he rose again. Which is the other half of this. Most people at a quick glance think that obviously religion is crazy, evolution is not. I am so obviously 1/36th monkey. Orangutan to be exact. His name was fill. *INSERT EYE ROLL HERE* But here's the thing; they think that at a quick glance. If you look at the facts well... People whop try to prove Christianity is crazy actually reform to Christianity as soon as they start their research. I mean, I've always had faith Christianity is real, but I am also a person who takes advanced science that is like "Well, you evolved from a gorilla and you... Ooh, obviously a howler monkey". Which totally sucks. And it's nice to have people backing me up with facts. You don't win by only having strong will. Well, my pastor talked about that today and how Jesus, after he rose again, appeared to over five hundred people. One witness in court pretty much nails down a conviction. Five witnesses, they're locked up. A hundred? Dude, a hundred is seriously proof. FIVE HUNDRED?!?! Oh, yeah, who's looking crazy now? But what did the bible say? OVER FIVE HUNDRED. I'm gonna guess that, hey, there's a bit more people who saw Jesus's miracles and Jesus risen than people who saw my goldfish turn into a chameleon. Just sayin.
Christians: infinite +1
Evolution: -infinite -1
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter cooking

Hey! So, all day I have been making food for Easter. Which is tomorrow. I even put some chocolate in a baggy and squeezed them out in patterns like crosses and Easter eggs. We're putting three crosses on the cake we made. Three. Significant right? Goes with the story too. Jesus in the middle, thieves on either side. Plus it's chocolate. Yay. We also made chocolate scones and blueberry something. We used like EVERY dish we own! It seemed to take forever to wash and dry, but at least I'm getting a lot of unhealthy stuff out of it. And question: which is the better Easter movie? Rise of the guardians or Narnia? Rise of the guardians takes place on Easter and has the Easter bunny, plus I like the thing bunnymund says, "Easter is about hope, and new life". That's true. It is the resurrection. And Narnia has the whole stone table scene which is kinda the Narnia version of the whole thing. I mean, wasn't C.S. Lewis a Christian, and the Narnia books were kinda about Christianity? That's why I love Narnia. I think they both go good with Easter. I love Easter. Hope y'all have fun tomorrow! And remember, Easter May have fun things like bunnies, but that's totally not the whole point. Oh, and yesterday we tested out temporary tattoos. Word of advice; baby power, sharpie and hairspray do not work for temporary tattoos. I'll test out a few more in the summer though, and I'll totally tell you about it. Promise.
Happy (early) Easter!


Friday, April 18, 2014

This or that tag?

Happy Good Friday! Wow, when you think about it; the reason he died is good. The fact that he did! not so much. At Maundy Thursday my pastor said that people like the skip the crussifiction (however you spell it) and go straight to Easter. The resurrection. It's true! Anywho I was tagged by my bestie July: http://julyaemmance.blogspot.com/2014/04/this-or-that-tag.html

The rules; 
1. Answer the questions given to you
2. Give the people you nominate the same questions
3. Nominate three people 
4. Let the amazing three know that they've been tagged 

 Hair up or down?
DOWN. I hate the level of brushing required for putting hair up. Although, I do put it up on occasions like woodshop (getting hair caught in anything in there wouldn't be good) and dissection (fish guts do not look good in my hair)

 Dessert or fruit?
Dessert. I love fruit, but I'm unhealthy ;p

 Dress or shirt and sweatpants?
Hard choice... Not because I love dresses and sweatpants -in reality, I hate them both. Dresses are like bleh and I always feel kinda uncomfortable wearing them (dude, the bottom is a giant hole, it feels kinda slutty to me!) and I hate sweatpants because if you wear them you might as well have "big easy" plastered on your butt, because from hanging around all guys believe me, that's all they see. At least with the sweatpants I can wear a cool t, so shirt and sweatpants. (Bleh!)

 One Direction or Jonas Brothers?
Again, I hate them both. I'm not a fan of their music and most of the time everyone's trying to shove them down my throat. Seriously, if I say I slightly dislike them everyone thinks I'm a demon-possessed psycho, but they can say that my bands are devil worshiping gay losers and when I stand up for them it's "stop being so intolerant". Ugh. I like one direction better (while still disliking them) and while I love my friends who are directioners, as a whole I like Jonas brother fans more (they aren't as hypocritical-shoving down throat. DISCLAIMER: generally. Not all, just most that I've encountered)

 Radio or iPod?
iPod. I can't ever find a radio station with rock, screamo or metal that doesn't play pop every 12233334444444/5 times (the 12233334444444 is how much they play pop, not the 5)

Sleepover at your house or at a friend's house?
I love having them at either place, so whatever my friend wants.

Cookies or apples?
Since I chose dessert up there it's apples down here, but I love them both equally.

Playing cards or painting?
Painting. I love playing cards but painting has more a Disney princess/book main character/any character feel. Seriously, do you see sai (from naruto) painting or playing cards?

In a board game, would you rather be a green or a white piece?
Green. I like darker colors, but I'm not goth or emo or scene. I'm just not bright and noticeable. 

Again I follow mostly already nominated or author blogs, so..... If you're a blogger who hasn't gotten this, you're free to it bro :)

Dark metal fan

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Romantic band

Hey! Sorry if yesterday's post disturbed you. I thought it away funny. So, in bio we are doing presentations on different animal classes then dissections then presentations then dissections ect. And today we were supposed to get through like four presentations. But band kids were touring he elementary schools, like orchestra did a few weeks ago. So, we did our first presentation. Then the next three kids who did the presentations couldn't. Cause they were gone. Then one kid went and we didn't have the sheet so we had basically a free hour. Whoo-hoo! It was pretty  awesome. The rest of the day was normal, and I have chem club tomorrow (yay!) and we're still in the middle of much ado about nothing in ELA and I totally shipped Beatrice and Benedict first! So, they should totally give me credit. I just finished the wedding scene and OH MY FREAKIN GOSH, IT WAS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!! Who would actually do that? Would you like, ask her first?! Or like, investigate? SERIOUSLY!!!! Thank goodness Benedict was like, oh, crap, Don Johns probably the psycho behind this. Guys, seriously, we should figure this out. Thank you Benedict. By the way, does anyone else recognise the actor and actress who play Beatrice and Benedict? Speaking of actors, Snow White and Prince Charming from Once Upon A Time (a tv show) got married! The actors, that is. But dude, I love when two people play romantic parts and then are dating in real life (*cough cough Sam and Ruby cough cough supernatural cough*). I don't know why, but it's the best thing ever. Way to go Snow Charming! Yeah, that's what I'm calling them. I think it's sweet. Cause I'm obviously SOOO romantic. With all my Disney and Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit and Star Wars and IronMan (yeah, they all count as romance. Doy. Arwin+arogorn, kili+that one elf, hansolo+leia, anikin+padime, tony+pepper, hello! Heck of a lot of romance!)
Hopeless romantic ;p


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blended ado about nothing

Boo! In English we are watching much ado about nothing, the old Shakespearean thing. It's not to bad, but ya know, they talk weird and fast and we have to be answering questions. So, funny movie, but dude, ANSWERING QUESTIONS. ON A MOVIE. USING SHAKESPEAREAN LAUNGUAGE. It's hard enough to answer questions on normal movies! That being said, it is kinda fun. Except for the fact that I have to talk in all my classes and can't say "s". I already failed in this blog post. And, along with the no ssssss's I had to dis(ssssss)ect a s(sssshhhhhh)quid in s(sssssshhhhhhh)cience. S(sssssshhhhhcccccc)o fun to s(sssss)ay with a retainer. Okay, I'll stop with the long "s"'s, but still. So, squid dissected in science. The guys across the lab table from us shredded up their squids reproductive organs on accident and it was funny, and then the teacher told them what the shredded and it was HILARIOUS!!!!! I mean, at first they had no idea what all the stuff was then they found out and the teacher said it was a male and............ Let's just say if you're a guy you're probably grossed out and imagining the pain and then feeling sorry for a dead squid. I hangout with too many guys. But it was funny. And gross, but mostly funny. Then we dissect the.... Trout? I think. I wonder if it's like filleting a fish. Ah, well, whatevs. So, Shakespearean play bashing guys and bashing girls and just being a jerk to both genders and some blending of special parts, wow, isn't it a great day? Have fun!
Beatrice (much ado about nothing, not divergent.)
(Although, I am divergent. Duh.)


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It snowed yesterday. Like, a lot, and it's April. Freaking APRIL!!! And SNOW!!! Like, dude, spring, April, showers, not snowstorms. Isn't it great! Of course it melted already :/ ah, well, if it never melts I will never get to show off my new swimsuits, which are totally hot. I'm totally hot. Especially in superhero swimsuits. Doy. And, I now have to avoid ssssssssssssssss's cause I got my retainer. Like, I can pronounce everything but the ssssss's. But I have the fairy tail symbol on my glow in the dark blue retainer, so, like, sweet. (That sentence sounds like "the fairy tail sssssshhhhyyyymbol on my glow in the dark blue retainer, sssssshhhhhhhho like sssssshhhhhhhhhwwwwwwwwweeeeettt). I also dissected a roundworm, and tomorrow get to dissect a squid. I can't help but envisions hat scene from Hellboy when the squid comes out of that one dude. So, yeah, not disturbing at all. I keep singing "do you wanna build a snowman?" To get a hold of the s sound. Shhhoooo have fun!
Thank you Jack/Elsa for the snow!


Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey! So, today was my first day back after spring break. Ugh. UGH. Ugh-y ugh-ugh. I mean, I got to play heads-up seven-up in ELA, and I actually saw human people and had social activity. For the first time in a week. It was terrible. Stupid social activity. Now I sound like a crazy hermit, right? Well, I kinda have the crazy part down. And breaks over, but only six more Mondays left. Eight more weeks, but dude, SIX Mondays. And after tomorrow SEVEN more Tuesdays. Doesn't seem like too long when counting it that way, huh? Then there's SUMMER and, that totally triggers Olaf. I'll leave it to the annoying snowman. He's funny, I love him, but he bugs me.
And someone's gotta tell him!
Don't you dare!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Noah, the movie

Okay, so I went to see the movie "Noah" yesterday and the answer to both "was it good?" And "should I see it?" Are the first half of the movies title. A big ol' N-O! Ah, no. Noooo. Noooo-ugh. No, uh...... And any combination there-of. I feel bad for going to see it despite all the people disliking it. I though, "how bad can they mess it up?" Well, let's just put it this way; it made my mom appreciate horror movies and me appreciate romance. Yeah, it was that bad. Seriously, If you are a Christian (or even if you aren't) it is nothing like the bible or anywhere near good! Lemme break it down for you:

The good: ................................................................................. It had Percy Jackson and Hermine Granger in it.

The bad: the whole film. They changed almost everything. Like, I know, in the bible it's a ten minute story. The movie is two hours. There's gonna be a bit of change and improvisation. But, it's like they kept the arc and said screw you to the rest of the bible story. Or read it when they were really drunk. Noah was basically as bad as the bad guy and a giant bag of doosh. In reality: he was the only holy man left and loved God, and was nice and, oh yeah, HOLY. In the movie: they wouldn't let anyone else near the arc, or on it. In the bible: he offered people a way to get on the arc. They all laughed at him. When the flood started, God sealed the doors and people couldn't come on, because they rejected going on earlier. In the movie: one of the sons was married and she was the only woman and she could not have kids so Noah thought that all humans must die and tried to kill his own grandchildren who were girls. In reality: dude, the bible says "Noah and his wife, and his three sons and their wives". Wives, not wife. As in, plural. Like, more than one, plural. And God told the people after the flood to repopulate and make plenty. And Noah was Holy, not crazy. He wouldn't kill his own grand kid. In the movie: the bad guy snuck onto the arc and almost killed Noah. I wish. In real life: HELLO! The arc was sealed! You can't just get on! And there's much, much more. I just can't think of it all off the top of my head. I just know, that if you want to go see the movie, no you don't.
Movie reviewer

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Super swimsuits

Ya know how Tuesday I went to the mall and ordered swimsuits? They arrived yesterday!

So, that's the swimsuits I got! The pictures are from the website Here. You can order swimsuits (and other stuff) or just look at their stuff. I can't wait til summer when I can wear these! The captain America ones hole is a bit big, but it isn't scandalous, it's low enough on top and high enough on the bottom. And the lace-y stuff on the Wonder Woman one is high enough to not show anything.
Raven DeWitt

Friday, April 11, 2014


Hey. Last day of spring break and OH MY GOSH I AM SO BEHIND ON WORK!!! Well, first there's Japanese. It's online and has it's spring break a different week than our schools. Which means I have a week of Japanese work. I already did some, but not a lot. And the laptop (which I have to do it on, because it doesn't work on my ipad) has been glitching so I couldn't do anything. Ugh, so much work. And there's also Bio. This is a real life class, the teachers just kinda ugh. I mean, she isn't the worst, but we had two and a half days to work on this and I'm barely half way and she expects us to have it done by like the Monday we come back and it's like bullcrap! Do you think I have that kind of time? I mean, dude, she even gave a few people partners but "there were too many projects and not enough people to give everyone partners" so like, how the heck are the rest of us supposed to finish? What, are we supposed to magically finish it? With our super speed? Ugh! It just pisses me off. Plus the fact that I have literally had no time this week to work on the stupid slideshow and I have to present alone and I have really bad anxiety about presenting and I just hate biology right now. I hate school. Screw school. Spring break needs to be longer. It cannot be the last day! Ugh, ccccccrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaapppppppppppp
Ugh, work-y


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Christian guys

Okay, so there are some very gorgeous villains. Very, very, very gorgeous villains. Like the guy from Ironman 3 (the fire guy, who Tony wronged), Loki, Hans (spoiler if you haven't seen frozen yet... He may be evil, but he is kinda cute) and lets not leave out the Winter Soldier (Which shouldn't be the hardest to guess where he's from). So, villains can be pretty gorgeous, but so are heroes. The captain, every Disney prince (Disney knows how to make hot guys), Thor, (somehow) Hawkeye, Superman and about a gazillion others. Well, they're all pretty hot, but the other day I was trying to figure out why I am super into some guys that most people aren't and why some guys just seem soo much hotter and I figured it out. Seriously, the reason I find some guys so hot is because they're Christians. I don't think that this works for all girls (or even any other than me), but if you really want to impress me, or be the perfect boyfriend for me, being a Christian is super hot. I mean, let's face it, in Pirates of the Caribbean, Will Turner? Hello hottie. But in the fourth one when he gets replaced by the missionary, everyone else was super disappointed. Me? Um, Will may have been hot but dude, new guy is HOT and a MISSOINARY. Seriously, I see no flaws in his replacement. That's also why I'm overly obsessed with Captain America. Hot? Check. Superhero? Check. Christian? Check. Or at least he seems like it, which is still hot. I don't know why, but Christians are just, whew, so hot. Plus there's real life. Christians in movies are great, but in real life? No one's as hot as people from Hollywood. I mean, some come close, but it's Michigan. Michigan is utterly devoid of super hot guys but I mean, most of my crushes over the years are Christians. I think all are Christians and most are from my Church. Seriously, guys, if you're Christian oh my gosh, your hotness goes up by a hundred thousand percent. This may only be in my opinion and nobody else in the universes, but gosh dang, it's just so true I had to rant about it. So... there...........
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

Hey! So, yesterday I went and saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman, with my bestie July. It was cute, and funny, with a few pervy jokes (that are NOT appreciated in kids movies) and a lot of very advanced jokes. These jokes aren't pervy, but they're so smart some of them even I didn't get and only the parents got. While funny, this is a kids movie and deserves KID, NON-PERVY jokes, which were rare in the movie. Half the jokes took me thirty minutes to figure out while most of the others had me and July looking wide eyed at each other and whispering "this is a kids movie!" Which should be obvious, but OH MY GOSH, THE JOKES!!! The pervy ones at least. Overall, good theme, cute movie, and I liked the characters, although there were moments when they were a bit inconsistent. Plus the story was cute. I liked it, although the script could use a lot of editing.
I'm a dog
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Me and my super hotness

So, today may be a sprig break day not spent in Florida, or New Mexico or Chicago or Mississippi or New Orleans, but it was not wasted. I first got about fifty gazillions pounds (okay, more like .05) of metal out of my mouth. Also know as braces off! When I got my braces on, my crush got em off a few weeks later. I got em off and my crush (different person...) got them on a few weeks ago. Just weird fun fact. By the way, getting braces off, feels great. Then I went to the mall, ordered two swimsuits (to be described later), got two pairs of shoes, two books, and one sketch journal, the hobbit one complete wih Thorins map. Which is awesome. Then Japanese, and then I went to mr. Peabody and Sherman, with July. Ill tell you about it tomorrow.
Lookin great ;p
Raven DeWitt

Monday, April 7, 2014

Leibster q&a's

So, after yesterdays very long post about the winter soldier, I don't have a lot of energy, nor a lot to go off of for a new post. Seriously, I am completely mind blanked after posting about my favorite captain for the past like week. And well, I did say I would answer the questions I made on my leibster award post. So... You're welcome.
1) why did you start your blog?
Well, mostly so that I could share all my freaky ghost thingies with someone who doesn't think I'm crazy, then I just decided to do all my rants here and well, I have a lot of opinions.

 2) which divergent faction would you be in? (If you haven't read divergent then which do you think you're more like: kind, smart, honest, selfless or brave?)
I'm divergent! Haha, seriously, I think I could fit into Erudite or Dauntless (smart or brave). I wish I would be abnegation (selfless) and I could fit into Candor (truth), but I'm not extremely honest (I am not going to tell you everyone hates you and you're super ugly just because you ask me what I think of your coat. A candor, would), but every group is to the extreme like that.

3) which Harry potter house are you'd be in? (If you haven't read Harry potter which are you, brave, smart, loyal or ambitious?) Again, I could either fit into Ravenclaw or Griffindor (smart or brave). I could fit into Hufflepuff (loyal), but "Students belonging to this house are known to be hard-working, friendly, loyal, honest and rather impartial" And I'm not impartial or super good at being friendly. Slytherin though... ugh. No.

4) if you could go into any universe you could possibly think of, which one would it be?
Ooh, that's just a cruel question. Sorry for asking it. Hmm... Fairy tail, Naruto or Soul Eater world. Okay, maybe Hyrule. One of those four.

 5) If any guy (or girl depending on who you are) out of anything (real life, books, movies, video games, anime........) would marry you, who would you want it to be?
CAPTAIN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR THE MISSIONARY FROM PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, for some reason Christianity makes guys soooo much hotter.

 6) dream date?
Super hero movie and Chinese food

 7) if you could look like anything, what would you look like?
Dark blue hair, yellow eyes

 8) out of all the Xmen (XMEN ONLY!) who's power would you want?
Either wolverines (healing? Eternally same age? Yes please!) or the angel guys from 3X (Dude, ANGEL WINGS!!!)

 9) who's your favorite superhero? (Including ones from cartoons like mr. Incredible or metroman)
Captain America or Iron Man, although I do love all super heroes (in the universe) and could add to the list.

 10) would you rather have a pet dragon or be able to turn into a dragon?
Ooh, hard question. Be able to turn into a dragon. That'd be awesome.

 11) would you rather write a book that becomes a movie or be in the movie adaptation of your favorite book?
Oh gosh. This is a hard question. Um... be the actre--- no, write--- oooooooh. Crap. Um.................. Write no, act no... Act. I can still write and act. I'd be the actress (and hey, who says my writing career can't take off and not have a movie adaptation?)

Raven DeWitt

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier Review

On a scale of  1-10, how awesome is Captain America? OVER 9000!!! Yes, I did just make a Dragon Ball Z reference in a superhero post. No, I'm not going to apologize. Anyways, before I tell you about the movie, you have some important messages. 1) My brother's friend is in a bit of trouble. By a bit, I mean a lot. A heck of a lot. A super duper heck of a lot. Like, over 9000 heck of a lot. I can't say what, but if you believe in the power of prayer (or even if you don't and you want to) please pray for him. 2) Yesterday, before the movie I ate squid. A little mini one, the size of a bathtub toy (which I totally don't have. Well, it's not for baths...). I ate it and while it was a... Enriching experience, I liked it (slightly) but it's not what I'm going to order first thing next time. Anyways, so after that we went to the movie and the whole time I felt like I was going to be that guy in Hellboy, who has a squid in him (um... Spoiler I guess. He's Russian). Anyways, now onto the review!
Anyways, you know my how awesome is Captain America bit up there? Well, it's true. And this movie was no exception! You know how I was worried? It wasn't anything like Captain turning weak instead of being good. It was good was good and he lived up to it. Which I am so thankful for. Of course, there is so much in that movie to discuss... Where to start...
Everyone's opinions (of the people I went with): I went with both my wonderful parents, my awesome brother and the terrific Trenton. Trenton fell asleep, so he doesn't have a rock solid case for his opinion of it, but he liked it (up until he fell asleep). Phoenix loved it, something which we have in common (along with well... most opinions and the way we look and personality, but whatever). Phoenix liked it because explosions and fights and stuff. Plus the fact that a ship took out half a building, the beginning had a cool ship battle, there was a car chase, a wreck and more than a few awesome well... Everything. My dad liked it. My mom, however, didn't like it. It was too dark for her taste. Plus *SPOILER* SHEILD was infiltrated and who in this day and age says hail hydra? Even loving the movie, to me that seemed cheesy. *SPOILER OVER* I hate to say it, I loved the movie, but I have to agree with my mom on that moot point. It was very dark. Very very very dark. Which, while I may enjoy action and explosions, may not be my moms thing. I can handle it, but a few of my friends aren't into explosions, car chases and superheroes. Weird, huh? Anyways, while they may enjoy some, they probably wouldn't be able to get as into this one because well, fight scene, storyline, car chase, fight, fight, storyline, fight, fight, explosion, fight, explosion, story, fight, fight is basically how the movie went. Which is great, if you're well... Like me, yelling "YEAH! KICK HIS SORRY BUTT!!!" Sitting there in a Captain America sweatshirt, t and earings. But ya know, other people surprisingly aren't as into that as me. Now for my opinion of it: You heard me say I loved it, but there is some stuff I have to add on. 1: For those of you who have read the soul eater manga or seen the soul eater anime, did anyone else think of black star whenever it showed the winter soldier's arm? Cause I was totally thinking of that. Ya know, with the star and all? 2: *SPOILER ALERT* HOW THE HECK DID THEY KILL OFF SPOILER AND THEN BRING HIM BACK?!?! THAT WAS CREUL!!! Plus the fact that Marvels done that like three times (Phil Coulson, Bucky Barnes, Nick Furry) and that's technically only the ones who were declared dead. There's the parts in say Ironman when they have that little "declaring Stark dead" or "Tony, you'll die" moments, they even had one in Captain America 1! With Steve Rogers! I mean, seriously, those moments last for five seconds, but you can't seriously let people believe they died. And Loki in Thor 2! I mean, he got stabbed but no, he didn't. Fangirls cried in the theater over him! *SPOILER OVER* And I loved the Falcon, and his "Supersuit" or mechanicalized wings. I want one. Plus I loved how the Winter Soldier *SPOILER ALERT* saved the captain in the end. Yay Bucky! *SPOILER ALERT OVER* And I haven't even mentioned the end credit scenes.
Ever since the avengers there's been 2 end credit scenes. In Thor there was one kinda important one and then one where Thor and his girlfriend made out. *Gag* But in Captain America 2, I liked both end credit scenes. The 1st one well.... First off, the people in the cells were The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, I think. And HOW THE HECK DID HYDRA GET LOKIS SCEPTOR?!?!?! I mean, SHEILD had it during (and I think at the end of) the avengers, but wouldn't he have gotten it back? or at least had Thor keep it up in asgaurd? How do you trick the Norse God of Tricks out of his weapon? And, oh yeah, CRAP! The 2nd end scene, well, A) Anyone notice the captains leather jacket instead of his uniform? Haha, Stan Lee. And secondly, Brainwashed Bucky standing at the Bucky Barnes exibit? OH MY GOSH, IF I WERE HIM THAT WOULD GIVE ME A MAJOR HEADACHE. Like, whoa. I would be like "Wait, I did WHAT? I'm that old? I wouldn't be that stupid!!!" And I personally enjoyed this end credit scene.
Captain Critic


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Moral compass of supers

So, it's dinner then Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier tonight, which I'm sure is too late for a whole review for what is either the most epic movie of all time or the biggest let down of the year (judging on the trailer, I'm hoping for the first one). Yesterday I watched the avengers (in my captain America sweatshirt) and then I watched Captain America: The First Avenger. Which, while me and my family loved it, is totally cheesy and great and oh, so cheesy. And funny. I love it! Plus it stars a very much loved captain. Today, for the movie I'm wearing blue skinny jeans, a captain America tshirt, my captain America sweatshirt and of course, my captain America earrings. Plus boots. Yesterday Danny Edge (a semi-famous singer/youtuber) tweeted that he was wearing his captain America tshirt and going to see captain America 2. While I was thinking "ha, only a tshirt?" I favorited and retweeted it, because of course, it's captain America and someone in the universe who likes him too (he's liked well enough by some people, but most are like "no, I like batman, I can't possible like anyone else" while I personally like batman, I want to punch these people. But that's another post) but many people aren't fans or like most others better. I am personally a very hardcore super-fan, and my favorite superhero is Steve Rogers and his costume. Along with all my superhero gear for wearing, I have a plastic shield that shoots little discs and two posters in my room. That doesn't even cover all the stuff I've seen and soooo want! I really love Steve, and all the other avengers, xmen or just general superheroes who don't have a crew (don't worry spidey, I'm not forgetting you. And batman too). I am so excited to go see this movie! Even if you aren't super into well, supers, it'll still be a good movie (one can hope) because like all superhero movies it has good vs evil in an epic battle. And it's staring the captain, who's moral compass makes him pretty close to a saint, which is a trait I hope he keeps. I mean, if I could choose anyone to be my voice saying what's good and bad and what to do, other than God or Jesus (who should be everyone's first choice) it would be the captain. Morally, I think he's one of the best people of the modern age. DON'T RUIN HIM MARVEL!!!
Captain super-chu
Raven DeWitt

Friday, April 4, 2014

Winter worries (CA2 OUT NOW!!!)

So, Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier comes out today. Which is basically the best thing about spring break being this week. Thank you God! I love you Captain! But alas, I am not able to see it today. (This is basically the sadest thing that has happened to me in... Forever. I'm serious, it's depressing.) And I love the good ol' Captain, but I'm more than a little worried about his movie. The other movies are perfect, and this one is sure to be, but it's Hollywood. And not just Hollywood, this day and age. So, as soon as I'm attached to something it's just go kaboom! Anyways, I'm worried about well... In one of the teasers I saw guess who got shot? *I HAVE NO IDEA IF THIS IS A SPOILER, I'M JUST GUESSING* Thankfully not my favorite Super Soldier, but Nick Furry. And he isn't in the cast list of future movies (I looked). Well, he may not be my favorite character, or even like, someone I'm super attached to, I like him. And does he die? *GUESS/SPECULATION SPOILER-ISH TYPE THING OVER*
I'm also worried about his love interest. In the last movie it was Agent Peggy Carter. I liked her, (even if I was jealous) I really did. But she's dead now, it's seventy years later and according to what I heard on a few websites when I was looking up Captain America 2, he falls in love. With her I think granddaughter. Now, I have four problems with this. 1) Peggy fell in love, again, got married and had a kid. This is the problem I have with Leo and his grandfather and Hazel. Hello, you're supposed to be in love but why does that matter because well, there's someone else who's hot enough that you want to marry them and have kids with them. But you're still oh, so in love with the first person. Ha, you sit on a throne of lies. 2) Captain America falls in love again. I mean, come on. Speech from the first one, except it's the person who came back to the future and met the grandkid. Ooh, now I like this guy. I mean, I give Hazel grace on this because she liked Sammy, but wasn't super in love with him, and then she fell in love with Frank, not Leo. And she isn't all caught up on Sammy still. But, I mean, come on captain! Hello, you're supposed to be in love remember? 3) With their grandkid? That's kinda disturbing. Like, Fry being his own grandfather in futurama disturbing. It's just like ich! 4) More competition. I already have to compete with Peggy, don't make me compete with more people!
I'm also scared of Steve and his perfection. Well, Christianity. In the avengers and the first Captain America it doesn't straight out say he's a Christian, but it's a few little lines like "There's only one God ma'am and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that." from the Avengers that make me feel confident he's a Christian. And even if he isn't (which I dearly hope he is. I don't know why, but being a Christian somehow makes guys hotter) he's still a good person. Because the super-serum from Captain America: The First Avenger is like double sided venom (from spiderman). Venom makes your bad traits well, worse. The serum does this. If you're a jerk, you become more jerky. But the serum did this in reverse too. If you're good you become great. And that's what it did to Steve Rogers, the humble boy from Brookline who didn't like bullies. It made him even better than he was (and let's face it, he was pretty dang perfect before it amplified his good traits), but it's Hollywood. And Hollywood says "oh, they're good? Well, they must be stupid and weak and ultimately just be bad on the inside while still being stupid and weak". If you watch enough Once Upon A Time this becomes obvious. So, I'm worried. I mean, they have to make him still good, right? I'm just scared that they don't know what good is. I'll still love Captain America, but I love him so much I don't trust Hollywood with him. Although, who knows. If they want to make him well.... not perfect, they dug themselves into a hole. Because he took something that amplifies good. So they're forced to make him good. So, he's staying good. Yay! But other superheroes... Well, that's a post for another time.
Raven DeWitt

Captain America

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Leibster award

Hey! So, tomorrow since I'm not going to captain America until Saturday (silently crying over that..... No spoilers!) I'm going to talk about what I look forward to and worry about in that movie. But, I was wondering what I'm going to do today. Since I'm not sure my queen amidala-Thor's love interest time machine theory (it's good) would exactly go with today, I'm glad I got nominated for the Liebster award. I got nominated by my friend, Hilda at: http://hildald.blogspot.com/2014/04/liebster-award-tag.html


--Acknowledge the blog that nominated you.
--Answer the 11 questions the nominated blogger created
--List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve some recognition
--Post 11 questions for them to answer
--Notify them that they have been nominated.

Yeah yeah, first ones up there. Now for h's Q & A (sorry, that was just to fun too say too pass up!)

1) What book are you currently reading?
Alligent (the third book in the divergent series), hunger games 3: catching fire (this is my second time reading it), the Detroit electric theme (a mystery. Plus it takes place in my state) and the fault in our stars.

2) Do you like to read inside or outside?
Well, in the winter there's so much snow I'm not even aware there's an outside (so inside then) but in the summer there's a hammock that's totally fun to read on. Plus, this year me and my mom might try to convince my dad to get a hanging hammock chair thingy.

3) When is your birthday?
May 15th (although my email and facebook say otherwise)

4) What is your current favorite movie or TV show?
Ahhh! The horrors! Making me choose? I'm not counting anime, because that's one of the longest lists ever, but movie... Pirates of the Caribbean 4, all the avengers movies, most Disney princess, rise of the guardians......
Tv shows: doctor who, supernatural, once upon a time and bones

5) What are your three favorite stores to shop at?
Hot topic, FYE and the gaming warehouse

6) If you could have anything back from your childhood, what would it be?
Hmm... All my free time to read

7) Do you remember your very first friend?
Yeah, they're two of my best friends now! Although, I don't remember meeting them...

8) If you could have a whole day to be adventurous, what would you do?
Hobbit/Harry potter/heroes of Olympus/pirates of the Caribbean/marvel/DC/naruto/black butler/fairy tail/legend of Zelda/Pokemon mashup!

9) What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Change into my clothes for the day, go downstairs and fall asleep on the couch

10) Have you ever had an imaginary friend(s)? If so, did you know they weren't real?
Yes, although I was too young for me to remember now, so I dunno.

11) Do you like long or short hair?
LONG. Of course, I don't think girls should get guy short or guys should get girl long.


....... Okay, this is a hard one, because most of the blogs I follow are either ones suggested to me by my friend July so she's probably going to use them or I've never really been like oh, hey, I exist so it feels weird to go now and be like here's an award. The rest that I follow are  super popular ones, like author blogs. Or both. And July has already been nominated by Hilda, and Hilda nominated me too, so both of those are out. Point being, I don't have anyone to nominate (DX) so, if you have a blog and see this post, please do this!

My questions:

1) why did you start your blog?

2) which divergent faction would you be in? (If you haven't read divergent then which do you think you're more like: kind, smart, honest, selfless or brave?)

3) which Harry potter house are you'd be in? (If you haven't read Harry potter which are you, brave, smart, loyal or ambitious?)

4) if you could go into any universe you could possibly think of, which one would it be?

5) If any guy (or girl depending on who you are) out of anything (real life, books, movies, video games, anime........) would marry you, who would you want it to be?

6) dream date?

7) if you could look like anything, what would you look like?

8) out of all the Xmen (XMEN ONLY!) who's power would you want?

9) who's your favorite superhero? (Including ones from cartoons like mr. Incredible or metroman)

10) would you rather have a pet dragon or be able to turn into a dragon?

11) would you rather write a book that becomes a movie or be in the movie adaptation of your favorite book?

That's all! So, if you do accept the award (please do!) then comment that you did so other people can see it. Anyways, I like the questions so I might answer them like Sunday or Monday or one of those days. Ya know, when I'm sitting on my but watching tv, reading and stuffing my face with food on spring break :)

Break-y but SOOO not springy

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding, dresses, weather and captains

Hey! So, what's new with you? Tomorrow's the last day of school before spring break. Yay! We were supposed to do some lip dub (which they gave us no info about, so don't ask), but the weathers supposed to be bad (Wow, bad weather? In Michigan? *gasp*) so we have a regular day. Whoo. Of course, Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier is coming out Friday as well, so I really should be a lot happier. Of course, some much needed spring break mixed with a totally attractive captain should totally rock. I think (judging on the weather this year) it'll be more of a lounge around in PJ's spring break than a break out the short sleeves, tank tops and swimsuits spring break. For those of you who live in California and think "Well, it's only going to be 60 degrees here, I can't possible wear short sleeves or swimsuits" NO! Dude, today the temperature just hit above freezing. It was 33 degrees. One degree above freezing. And people think it's warm enough to wear shorts! And Capri's! And flip-flops and short sleeves and spring dresses! If you're from California, hon, it's always warm enough to go swimming. Of course, the grass also turned green today. The past month it was covered by snow and when the snow melted, the grass was a brown-yellow. Not exactly normal grass colors. Of course, I love cold weather and I love Michigan. Which is why I look forward to New Mexico in May, but definitely not the heat. And their dry air. I can't stand being dry. But, of course, my mom tried to get a hotel with a pool. A pool that might not open til labor day. The day we leave. DX. Guess I won't be able to show off my Captain America swimsuit (if I get it). Ah, well, it'll still be fun. Missing a week of school and getting to see my family. Yesterday we decided on dresses. We decided on two we got from Kohls, a turquoise-y blue one with white lace and a brown belt and a peach one with a black ribbon for a belt and a really cool strappy design on the back. I think that one's my favorite. I'll try to draw it, or take pictures to show you.
Happily cold


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring break

Boo! So, spring break is three days away. Actually, two real school days. And the rest of today. Yay! I'm done with school today anyways, so.... :-) yay. I'm super excited. It seems like everyone goes to Florida during it though. :/ I mean, I, here with only a few people..... And the few people are my family. Did a zombie apocalypse happen or did spring break? The world may never know. Except in a week when schools back. But other than that, THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW. Captain America will be coming out in two and I'll be going to see it in three. I'll tell ya what I think. They'res also a really awesome captain America swimsuit, what I'll hopefully be buying. Except it's too hot to go to the beach. A whole 32 degrees. Haha. Even if it was warm enough to go, it's going to be abandoned because of a recent zombie apocalypse. I still would go, because it's captain America! Swimsuit! I mean, swimsuit means swimming and I love swimming. So, yay!
Raven DeWitt