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Monday, June 19, 2017


I just got back from a mission trip in Chicago. Well, by just I mean late Saturday night. It was... okay. It felt more like a campaign than a mission trip. More "look at the brokenness. Doesn't it suck?" than "let's do what we can to help, even if it's for these few days". I get what their point was -- we're not permanent and they're not here to give us warm fuzzies from helping people who can function perfectly well without us. Their point was this is what's happening, and this is how we're working to fix it. You are temporary and, no offense, unnecessary. Don't feel like a savior just because you volunteered for a week -- some of us full time live here.
I get their point and agree. But, we're still volunteering and trying to help. We didn't come here for your political campaign.
But, overall, it was enjoyable. Friday, after helping at a food pantry to sort the food, we went to the shed aquarium. I got to pet sting rays. It was pretty awesome.
Then, on Saturday, we went to six flags. Which is an amusement park. That's heavily DC themed. I didn't know about that, but it was AWESOME. If I'd known it was DC, I think I'd have brought more money and worn my DC comics Bombshells T I made. And my Harley Quinn shorts. I went on a ride called the joker, Image result for six flags the joker ride
Which is that. Right there. It's the waves. The carts, are two next to each other connected to the thing that is connected to the tracks by one point it pivots at. If you way more you'll spin and flip upside down more. Almost every cart will do that least once I figure, though. I liked it a lot.
And then I came home and my dad was sick on Father's Day. Fun times. And now I'm here. So, hello.
I think that's about it...
Raven DeWitt

Friday, June 9, 2017

Catching up

Sorry. I think it'll be quite a long time before I stop apologizing for disappearing. But, hey, let's do what this post is named and catch up?
So, let's see, what all do I need to tell you?
So, I got a boyfriend. A year and a half ago. I've liked him for, wow, about two years now. Seven months before we started dating. He's basically a real life version of Link, at least looks wise (minus the fact Link is totally short). He's a nerd, like me, but less advanced (; and, well... I don't exactly know how to describe him. A total dork, likes building stuff and working on projects, just kinda calm and chill and... yeah.
My best friends have stayed July and Jessie, except with the addition of my real life Link. Don't worry, none of them is neglected in pursuit of one of the other friends.
Classes have been crazy. So, I took college Japanese, I took web and game design through the local tech center. And loved it. I can now code basic websites and use gamemaker and basic C++. Whoo. I loved it, but didn't learn a lot. Enough to know I'm not good, I need to work hard, and... I think this might be what I want to do. If not, I'm taking a year off of school (a gap year before college), and... I'm going to work on it during this free year and see if it really is. Well, mostly free year, because work but yeah. Anyways.
What I do know is I love stories and fictional worlds and creating them and... Through maybe books and maybe comics and hopefully games, I know that is what I want to be doing. And coding can get me to the games part. All I need is to learn art -- The industry is made of people who can do it all. I... I have no inkling of an idea what to do if not create stories. Maybe AI and bio-tech. Like cyborg parts. Maybe that's where I'll start my real jobs and just create life as a hobby. It all depends on college and... Just, who knows? Who knows what will happen, because it's certainly not me.
On a less tragic note, I was the pilot on our robotics team this year. It was amazing, we made it to quarter finals of our field in worlds and I loved every minute of the ride. And I will tell you more about all that jazz soon. Don't worry your pretty little heads.
And, really... I think that's all for today. Maybe I'll be able to get to some book, comic, game and movie reviews soon, some top fives or top tens and DEFINITELY some rants. I'm always up for a good rant.

I'm back baby! :p
Raven DeWitt

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hello again

 You know that awkward moment when you get busy, promise to post soon to catch everyone up and then, just... don't? For two years?
I'm sorry. But I'm going to try my best to start this up again. I'm not sure if anyone actually cares, or anyone will actually read this, but, whether you've been here or no, allow me to introduce myself. I've changed a lot in the past few years.

Hello. I am Raven DeWitt. Other than myself and my friend July, out of respect, most people I talk about will be named after a fictional character.

I am finishing my senior year. Or finished, depending on when you read this. I am going to spend a year working before I go to college. I ultimately want to be a video game designer and programmer, but I am okay with just being a programmer, or doing whatever I am called to do.

I have two wonderful parents, a frustrating older brother we all love anyways, lots of family on both my moms and my dads side, a boyfriend (this has changed since two years ago and I'll catch y'all up on him soon ;) ), two awesome best friends from childhood, a group of robodorks I love and cherish and fight with a lot, a group of church friends who I do the same minus the fighting and orcdork friends from when I played the violin. 

I have been duel enrolled at my local college for Japanese (はじめまして), I've taken four AP classes, and I've gone to my areas high school tech center for web and game design (cout << "Hello" << endl;). I've been an active member of my church since I started attending, and I've been an active Christian since I started having the right to call myself that. I've been on my schools robotics team since my sophomore year, and this year (first steamworks) I was on my team's drive team as the pilot, and I was build team leader with my hufflepuff friend. And, if mechatronics counts as build (which it does), with my other friend, NaCl. Salt, for those of you who don't know chemistry. For those of you that do, I've been helping out with the planning for and going to my school's Chem club, as I've been doing since freshman year. 

And if all that sounded like a resume, I apologize. But it is still me. Don't worry though, here's the more me part. I still love reading, playing video games, watching movies, tv shows and anime, just being a general nerd, geek and dork (that's right, triple threat ;) and don't argue they're not different because they are). I write when I can, and with my boyfriend, I've started a few semi-writing but not book projects.
I enjoy drawing, but I'm not any good at it. My boyfriend however? Dang. So, I've recruited him and we've working on a few comics. We're also designing (and possibly/probably making) a few games, and last but certainly not least, doing some animation.

So, I guess that's new me. Still very old me, but... I dunno. Questions? Concerns? Wondering why you just read this or why you care about me?
I don't have an answer to that last one, sorry. But hey, the other two I can address if you ever ask it.
Thank you for your time,

Raven DeWitt

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Hi. I know, I said I'd be back to posting but.... Well, did I tell you about my duel enrollment?
So, I was taking Japanese on the computer through a website for my school foreign language requirement. But they only offer it up to a certain point, and since I don't want to have to relearn it all in college in two years (oh my gosh, crap crap crrrrraaaaapppppp, two years....... I'll explain my mental breakdowns about it later) and the local college has an exquisite Japanese program (foreign languages in general), I'm taking a class there. Two nights a week (Tuesday's and Thursday's if you wanted to know), 6:30-7:50. Which is already kinda hectic.
Plus off season robotics work (we're making a Lego league at one of the local elementary schools), two AP classes, math and English in general and a drawing class. I do have a free hour because of duel enrollment, but even then I've been doing stuff the entire hour (mostly homework).
So.... I'm sorry. My posting will be very spread out, but I'm less dead than is entirely possible. And I will try to post. I said I'd talk about GRASP, but I already highlighted it in a post (plus it wasn't super exciting). I guess I do have other stuff to talk about, but.... When I have time I promise I'll say something because I really need to talk some stuff out. Er, well, type some stuff out. So... Yeah. That's the deal-io. I know, this is basically what I said last time, but well..... Sorry. 
Raven DeWitt


Saturday, September 12, 2015

hi guys, I'm not dead!

Okay, so so so so so so so so so so so sorry. I would add a few more so's, but you hopefully get the point. I did say I would be going on hiatus, but I also planned on saying a few things over the summer. I just... Life has been very different for me. If you noticed or if you didn't, over the past year I have changed a lot. My life has, sure, but me as a person has too. And I've been trying to figure out everything that goes along with that.
I mean, first off is the most obvious: who am I? Something which still manages to allude me, but I'm figuring it out, slowly and awkwardly, but figuring it out just the same.
Secondly is where all the people I love, dislike and have no clue how I feel fit. And how I feel about those people I can't decide on. That's a more personal issue, but I might need to talk it out here, m'kay?
Third is how everything else fits into new me's life. And with school on break, it's been a great time to figure that out. Now that schools starting again, I think I'm ready to add blogging back into my wildly crazy life again. I am so sorry for being gone, but, again, I've needed to figure some stuff out. When I'm ready to talk about it, I will. But until then, please sit tight and be patient, okay?
So, the things y'all should be updated on this summer: camp with July, camp with church, grasp comic expo (dunno if I already highlighted this....?), inside out review, Michigan's Adventure, a certain boy ;), AntMan, maybe a few other movies and last, but certainly not least, new me. Because there's no better place for me to figure this out than my little online safe haven. I will post. Soon, I hope. It's just.... There's a lot and I don't know where to start. Might as well follow the time-line: Grasp comic expo.
Back and sorry

Anyone else miss that? Yeah no, okay, sorry bye.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jurassic World Review

Hello! So, I also saw inside out, so I'll have to review that too. But first, Jurassic World.

Plot: After however many deaths from Jurassic Park, they closed it down. And reopened it. As Jurassic World (the name is different, so hopefully the customers won't relate this new park to the countless deaths that happened at the old park ON THE SAME FREAKIN SITE YOU IDJITS!!!). But, with only fourteen different species of REAL LIVE DINOSOARS, people are bored. Because giant killing machines that only exist at one place in the entire universe get boring after 20 years. Lllaaaammmmeeee. So they genetically engineer a super dangerous, super smart, super pissed off killing machine. (It's for a good cause, really! Money, the best motivation) Then the SDSSSPOKM (super dangerous super smart super pissed off killing machine.... SDSSSPOKM doesn't have a ring to it though.... I'm gonna call him Rexie) gets out and kills a bunch of people. They get raptor trainor Starlord... Wait, crap I mean Chris Pratt (I forgot his name in the movie) to fight it, along with the stupid chick who created it for a spike in attendance and prices and her two nephews who visited the island and got stuck where Killer Rexie was chillin out, hunting. They fight Rexie, people die, stuff happens, characters get off the island and the camera zooms around the island showing how majestic and beautiful these dangerous killers are.

Thoughts: It was amazing. I loved it. Although the chick was dumber than a bag of rocks and there was a dude who was like "I have to stay behind to help people!" and he helped people but it neither showed him dying nor did it show him get off the island. I basically just want to know what happened to him. Other than those few flaws, good movie, lots of death, and DINOSOARS FIGHTING DINOSOARS!!! There is nothing I like better than dinosaurs fighting each other. I like it even better than them attacking the annoying characters. So... it was pretty epic. The only thing that doesn't make sense (okay, a lot probably doesn't, but the big issue...) REALLY?!?! YOUR ENTIRE PLOT HINGES ON "PEOPLE GOT BORED OF DINOSOARS AFTER 20 YEARS?! THE ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD WITH DINOSOARS?! Dude, it's like a zoo, or Disney land. People don't get bored of Disney land. Just because there aren't new animals every year doesn't mean that people stop going to zoos. So why is it that the ONLY dinosaur park IN THE WORLD bores people? Like, WHAT?!

Rating: 5/5. It was good.

Raptor Trainer

For the first time in sooo long.... INVERTED PYRAMID!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015


Hey! So, like, it's been super long and... oops. I should've posted earlier. So so so so so sooo sorry, but this summer I might be a little... I might not have a lot of posts. Sorry! Seriously. But, this summer might be a lot different. I will post frequently because I still have strong opinions and y'all need to hear em or else no one will hear. So, yeah. That happens. But, anyways, my summer so far (Que the "the road so far" beginning sequence from SPN).
So... It's about a month into summer. I honestly don't think anything too exciting has happened yet. But, since I'm socially awkward, you get to hear all about my boy craze. So, up until like, a week ago my summer wasn't very exciting. I did see Jurassic World and might, probably, definitely will review it. Soon. Ish. But the past week has been Love week at my church, meaning we've been doing work projects all week, like working at the mission, the eighth day farm or visiting shut-ins.  It's been really fun and my crush has been there all week (YAY!) so... socially awkward-ness take over. First off, I have had and been hanging out with other friends all week, and ya know, I am decently good friends with him, so it's not like I'm some crazy chick. Okay, I am, but he knows that. And I'm not creepy about it. Anyways, first off on Monday he mentioned his Birthday was Tuesday, and so I did what I usually do; Made a cubee craft puppy (in this case wolf link. He likes LoZ too. See why I like him?)and a card. So, that happened. Anyways, then on Friday instead of doing work we had a fun day (because we had been working all week) and we went to the beach. Even though I (sadly) hadn't gotten any work projects with him aaalllll week, I hung out with him a bunch on Friday. Actually, I hungout with my other friends too, but mostly him. Yay. Plus I went in the water and it was freezing. I went under too. It was like super fun. Well, so there was a concession stand and he bought me a drink. Okay, I know that sounds super stupid and way too big of a thing for me to be freaking out about, but... I dunno. If a normal friend buys you something, eh. If a super awkwardly adorable one you have a crush on does... Frickin emotions. Well, so anyways, Friday was not only fun but super amazing. The only thing is that the church had love week this week because the high schoolers aren't going to St. Louis this year. The funday felt too much like they were trying to trick us out of remembering this was instead of St. Lou. I still loved it, that's just my thoughts.
Anyways, then Saturday was GRASP comic expo. Which was sadly lamer than the still not very exciting one in the fall (which I still wanna go to this year, but whatever) but I still enjoyed it. Also, my bestie Jessie and my crush went too, so that was fun. He got the master sword and I can't remember which shield necklace pendents which was cool. He then jingled like a dog whenever he moved. It was kinda funny. It reminded me of when I was younger and wore my random necklace, but that's for a later time. I got a pocket watch necklace of the pocket watch for state registered alchemists from FMA, it even has the "Don't forget" inscription. It's super cool :D. Anyways, Jessie had to be dropped off at the mall to see a movie with her family, so we went back to the house and I hungout with my crush all day.
We played a bunch of rounds of smash bros, including some 8-player smash (With 6 level 6 computers. It was chaos. Fun chaos). Then we watched scott pilgrim vs the world. First off, I totally love that movie. Second off, he usually isn't much of a movie person. He usually actually doesn't like movies. But he watched this movie. And he liked it. I mean, I totally thought it was his type of movie (he's a gamer and it's a combination of video game and what-the-heck parody movie) but he isn't the type to watch movies. And I got him to watch and like a movie. Yay! So... I feel accomplished in life. I know all this sounds silly and stupid and just... I really do like him and it feels super good, ya know?
Yesterday was baptism and then we played ultimate Frisbee, but I opted out. I hungout with other people and it was so super fun.
Anyways, that's basically been my life lately. It's going really well and I'm super happy and everything's amazing, but... I do want some advice. I think my crush likes me. I can't tell, but... maybe. So, should I take a chance and ask him out? How do you even ask someone out? Please help!
Raven DeWitt