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Saturday, September 26, 2015


Hi. I know, I said I'd be back to posting but.... Well, did I tell you about my duel enrollment?
So, I was taking Japanese on the computer through a website for my school foreign language requirement. But they only offer it up to a certain point, and since I don't want to have to relearn it all in college in two years (oh my gosh, crap crap crrrrraaaaapppppp, two years....... I'll explain my mental breakdowns about it later) and the local college has an exquisite Japanese program (foreign languages in general), I'm taking a class there. Two nights a week (Tuesday's and Thursday's if you wanted to know), 6:30-7:50. Which is already kinda hectic.
Plus off season robotics work (we're making a Lego league at one of the local elementary schools), two AP classes, math and English in general and a drawing class. I do have a free hour because of duel enrollment, but even then I've been doing stuff the entire hour (mostly homework).
So.... I'm sorry. My posting will be very spread out, but I'm less dead than is entirely possible. And I will try to post. I said I'd talk about GRASP, but I already highlighted it in a post (plus it wasn't super exciting). I guess I do have other stuff to talk about, but.... When I have time I promise I'll say something because I really need to talk some stuff out. Er, well, type some stuff out. So... Yeah. That's the deal-io. I know, this is basically what I said last time, but well..... Sorry. 
Raven DeWitt


Saturday, September 12, 2015

hi guys, I'm not dead!

Okay, so so so so so so so so so so so sorry. I would add a few more so's, but you hopefully get the point. I did say I would be going on hiatus, but I also planned on saying a few things over the summer. I just... Life has been very different for me. If you noticed or if you didn't, over the past year I have changed a lot. My life has, sure, but me as a person has too. And I've been trying to figure out everything that goes along with that.
I mean, first off is the most obvious: who am I? Something which still manages to allude me, but I'm figuring it out, slowly and awkwardly, but figuring it out just the same.
Secondly is where all the people I love, dislike and have no clue how I feel fit. And how I feel about those people I can't decide on. That's a more personal issue, but I might need to talk it out here, m'kay?
Third is how everything else fits into new me's life. And with school on break, it's been a great time to figure that out. Now that schools starting again, I think I'm ready to add blogging back into my wildly crazy life again. I am so sorry for being gone, but, again, I've needed to figure some stuff out. When I'm ready to talk about it, I will. But until then, please sit tight and be patient, okay?
So, the things y'all should be updated on this summer: camp with July, camp with church, grasp comic expo (dunno if I already highlighted this....?), inside out review, Michigan's Adventure, a certain boy ;), AntMan, maybe a few other movies and last, but certainly not least, new me. Because there's no better place for me to figure this out than my little online safe haven. I will post. Soon, I hope. It's just.... There's a lot and I don't know where to start. Might as well follow the time-line: Grasp comic expo.
Back and sorry

Anyone else miss that? Yeah no, okay, sorry bye.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jurassic World Review

Hello! So, I also saw inside out, so I'll have to review that too. But first, Jurassic World.

Plot: After however many deaths from Jurassic Park, they closed it down. And reopened it. As Jurassic World (the name is different, so hopefully the customers won't relate this new park to the countless deaths that happened at the old park ON THE SAME FREAKIN SITE YOU IDJITS!!!). But, with only fourteen different species of REAL LIVE DINOSOARS, people are bored. Because giant killing machines that only exist at one place in the entire universe get boring after 20 years. Lllaaaammmmeeee. So they genetically engineer a super dangerous, super smart, super pissed off killing machine. (It's for a good cause, really! Money, the best motivation) Then the SDSSSPOKM (super dangerous super smart super pissed off killing machine.... SDSSSPOKM doesn't have a ring to it though.... I'm gonna call him Rexie) gets out and kills a bunch of people. They get raptor trainor Starlord... Wait, crap I mean Chris Pratt (I forgot his name in the movie) to fight it, along with the stupid chick who created it for a spike in attendance and prices and her two nephews who visited the island and got stuck where Killer Rexie was chillin out, hunting. They fight Rexie, people die, stuff happens, characters get off the island and the camera zooms around the island showing how majestic and beautiful these dangerous killers are.

Thoughts: It was amazing. I loved it. Although the chick was dumber than a bag of rocks and there was a dude who was like "I have to stay behind to help people!" and he helped people but it neither showed him dying nor did it show him get off the island. I basically just want to know what happened to him. Other than those few flaws, good movie, lots of death, and DINOSOARS FIGHTING DINOSOARS!!! There is nothing I like better than dinosaurs fighting each other. I like it even better than them attacking the annoying characters. So... it was pretty epic. The only thing that doesn't make sense (okay, a lot probably doesn't, but the big issue...) REALLY?!?! YOUR ENTIRE PLOT HINGES ON "PEOPLE GOT BORED OF DINOSOARS AFTER 20 YEARS?! THE ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD WITH DINOSOARS?! Dude, it's like a zoo, or Disney land. People don't get bored of Disney land. Just because there aren't new animals every year doesn't mean that people stop going to zoos. So why is it that the ONLY dinosaur park IN THE WORLD bores people? Like, WHAT?!

Rating: 5/5. It was good.

Raptor Trainer

For the first time in sooo long.... INVERTED PYRAMID!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015


Hey! So, like, it's been super long and... oops. I should've posted earlier. So so so so so sooo sorry, but this summer I might be a little... I might not have a lot of posts. Sorry! Seriously. But, this summer might be a lot different. I will post frequently because I still have strong opinions and y'all need to hear em or else no one will hear. So, yeah. That happens. But, anyways, my summer so far (Que the "the road so far" beginning sequence from SPN).
So... It's about a month into summer. I honestly don't think anything too exciting has happened yet. But, since I'm socially awkward, you get to hear all about my boy craze. So, up until like, a week ago my summer wasn't very exciting. I did see Jurassic World and might, probably, definitely will review it. Soon. Ish. But the past week has been Love week at my church, meaning we've been doing work projects all week, like working at the mission, the eighth day farm or visiting shut-ins.  It's been really fun and my crush has been there all week (YAY!) so... socially awkward-ness take over. First off, I have had and been hanging out with other friends all week, and ya know, I am decently good friends with him, so it's not like I'm some crazy chick. Okay, I am, but he knows that. And I'm not creepy about it. Anyways, first off on Monday he mentioned his Birthday was Tuesday, and so I did what I usually do; Made a cubee craft puppy (in this case wolf link. He likes LoZ too. See why I like him?)and a card. So, that happened. Anyways, then on Friday instead of doing work we had a fun day (because we had been working all week) and we went to the beach. Even though I (sadly) hadn't gotten any work projects with him aaalllll week, I hung out with him a bunch on Friday. Actually, I hungout with my other friends too, but mostly him. Yay. Plus I went in the water and it was freezing. I went under too. It was like super fun. Well, so there was a concession stand and he bought me a drink. Okay, I know that sounds super stupid and way too big of a thing for me to be freaking out about, but... I dunno. If a normal friend buys you something, eh. If a super awkwardly adorable one you have a crush on does... Frickin emotions. Well, so anyways, Friday was not only fun but super amazing. The only thing is that the church had love week this week because the high schoolers aren't going to St. Louis this year. The funday felt too much like they were trying to trick us out of remembering this was instead of St. Lou. I still loved it, that's just my thoughts.
Anyways, then Saturday was GRASP comic expo. Which was sadly lamer than the still not very exciting one in the fall (which I still wanna go to this year, but whatever) but I still enjoyed it. Also, my bestie Jessie and my crush went too, so that was fun. He got the master sword and I can't remember which shield necklace pendents which was cool. He then jingled like a dog whenever he moved. It was kinda funny. It reminded me of when I was younger and wore my random necklace, but that's for a later time. I got a pocket watch necklace of the pocket watch for state registered alchemists from FMA, it even has the "Don't forget" inscription. It's super cool :D. Anyways, Jessie had to be dropped off at the mall to see a movie with her family, so we went back to the house and I hungout with my crush all day.
We played a bunch of rounds of smash bros, including some 8-player smash (With 6 level 6 computers. It was chaos. Fun chaos). Then we watched scott pilgrim vs the world. First off, I totally love that movie. Second off, he usually isn't much of a movie person. He usually actually doesn't like movies. But he watched this movie. And he liked it. I mean, I totally thought it was his type of movie (he's a gamer and it's a combination of video game and what-the-heck parody movie) but he isn't the type to watch movies. And I got him to watch and like a movie. Yay! So... I feel accomplished in life. I know all this sounds silly and stupid and just... I really do like him and it feels super good, ya know?
Yesterday was baptism and then we played ultimate Frisbee, but I opted out. I hungout with other people and it was so super fun.
Anyways, that's basically been my life lately. It's going really well and I'm super happy and everything's amazing, but... I do want some advice. I think my crush likes me. I can't tell, but... maybe. So, should I take a chance and ask him out? How do you even ask someone out? Please help!
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hi! So, it's been a little bit since my last post, so... whoops. Anyway, other than some things that have been going on lately, life's been really good. So...
First off, yesterday I had a smash bros party with my friends.  And it was super fun. Thanks to the people who came. It was a loootttt of fun :-) and it totally meant a lot to me. Thanks. So much.
It was super fun, but then Trenton came over and... I've had lots of problems with him. I mean, he was like a brother but.... it's been weird lately and... well, he's been getting on my nerves more and more and he hasn't felt like a brother lately. Other than that, yesterday was really fun and perfect. Again, thanks people. There's like, no chance they're reading this, but whatever, thanks and I love you guys (-:
Anyways, June 27 there's a comic expo that I'm getting a group together to go. It's called grasp comic expo and it looks super fun. You're welcome for the update!
I've also been going to open houses (invited there, by like people and have been hanging out, with real, live people. Freaky, right?) So, anyways, that's what's been up with me.
I'm going to the mall on Thursday with July. I'll tell ya anything else exciting that happened.
OH! Before I forget... There's this guy I like and... He messaged me on Facebook. First. Two times. I know it sounds stupid and girly, and it is, but... It really was nice. And I've never had one of those things where I text someone for like hours. And as if every one of my girly female friends doesn't talk about that crap. I felt as normal as I could being well, me. And it was nice that even if he doesn't like me (Which is actually pretty likely, but denial...) he's still good enough friends to have a conversation with online for a hour or two. And it was fun.
Anyways, I'll try to post more now that schools out and I have more downtime. I'll be here, don't worry :-)
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

School of future past... Or, well, past past.

Today is an exam day. But I already took those exams. So, instead of being at school right now, I'm blogging. I also figured today is the perfect day for a review of the year.

Okay, so it hasn't been my best year ever, but it's up there with the greats. I'm only reviewing the school year, but I am going to try to review all of it. Let's see...
The beginning of the school year. I wasn't ready for school. Summer was amazing, but my friends are either freshman from church or they went to a different school. I had maybe a handful of friends who went to my school in my grade and I wasn't expcting to see any of them. I didn't see any of them. In orchestra, I had my few friends, but that was like, two of them. I was, like usual, alone.
It went on that way for most of the year... I joined the robotics team sometime in October or November... I'm not sure which. It only met once a week for those few months, and while everyone on the team was nice, I wasn't really friends with anyone. I mean, there was my brothers friend, and while she was nice she kinda got on my nerves. OH! I also went to Wednesday nights at the woodshop. It was really fun, but the one thing that made an amazing thing even better was that a guy I had a crush on since seventh grade was there.
I was friends with him in seventh grade and had a crush on him, but then he stopped going to youth group or something and we hadn't talked since the begining of eighth grade. And (Sorry that this is going to sound like a super cheesy romance movie, but...) I still kinda liked hm even though I hadn't spoken to him in two years. He was at the woodshop on Wednesday nights and we started talking again, and we became friends again. When we first were friends I wasn't who I am now... I was definitely different, though I can't exactly say how. Anyways, he was different too and... One of the best parts about becoming friends with him again, was that even though we were both different people, it was different in a way that we could be friends in both people we were. I know that sounds stupid and cheesy, but... It was.
Then came January. We stayed at home for Christmas break. In January they announced the game in Robotics, and I still wasn't in love with Robotics like I am now. Anyways, we started doing some stuff with that. About a week into it, I went to Disney for orchestra. I still didn't have many friends, so it was awkward at first, but I had made a friend (Deana) in English and she was also in orchestra, so I at least knew her and my senior friend. It was the only time I've ever gone to Disney, so there was that. I still didn't really feel like I was part of a group. But then I started talking to some of the other people there and switched groups (only for one of the days) and I got some actual friends. Then when I got back the Robotics season had started too. I went to Robotics like, everyday. For most of it the friend status stayed the same. But, I think in the end of the build season, begining of the competition season, I... I got friends. And they're amazing friends. And... It's been really really nice, and it's been an amazing change. I love all the friends I've made (and remade) this year. It's been a good year.

Other notable events: Drivers training (I'm driving now! No one on this continent is safe ;p), my 16th Birthday (I'm now dateable! Okay, age-wise, not personallity wise).

Anyways, that's my year in... what? A couple paragraphs? OH! I also have a crush on a guy on the Robotics team (yeah, yeah I know...) so that's happening. Currently though. I can't tell, but I think he hopefully might like me. Also, he Facebook messaged me first. I know that sounds stupid, and it kinda is, but... It felt really good. Okay, girlyness over.

Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Okay, so I am kinda bored with saying sorry. So... I'm going to just have scattered posts until life gets back to normal. Hopefully soon. I'll still post though, so don't worry! :-) plus, today and yesterday was.... Really good. But, I need to fan girl over it and kinda over analyze and you know, talk to my friends about. But... Good stuff. At least I'm feeling really good right now. After a lot of... Roller coaster of emotions at its rapid downfall. Anywho. Posts will be scattered and when I post I'll tell ya all about the guys who were friendly and my super-horrible-with-people-ness and why people shouldn't be nice to me. Oh, also, finishing up a book called Monster Hunter International, so I'll probably review that soon.
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, May 24, 2015

how guardians of the galaxy should have ended

Oh my gosh I am so sorry! I'm not dead, I'm just... Out of it.
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Scarlet review

Scarlet review
Plot: *WARNING: THIS PLOT WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS  TO CINDER AS WELL AS SCARLET SPOILERS AFTER LIKE I DUNNO MAYBE THE HALFWAY POINT, I'LL PUT A "|" AT THAT POINT TO WARN YOU PEOPLE, SO DON'T COME CRYING TO ME* Scarlet's tough, open-minded, awesome grandmother has been missing for two weeks. They've decided that she's left on her own due to no trace of her, nor signs of struggle. Scarlet refuses to accept that, and goes off looking for her on her own. With help from a strange stranger named Wolf. Because that's a trustworthy name! Meanwhile Cinder is escaping prison and trying to figure out what to do - with the addition of flirty, funny, cocky, Carswell Thorne. Ah, Carswell. He's like the Han Solo type character (the author loves Han Solo, so that's why I think Carswell is her tribute). | Cinder's only lead is missing, and her Granddaughter is jumping off trains with a mysterious bad boy. With fangs. Who says he'll take her to her grandmother. Seems legit. As they get closer he keeps on giving her chances to get out. She won't accept them. Cinder is trying to figure out where her lead is, and her lunar magic. Which, has been out of her hands. And she's scared. Back to Scarlet, Wolf is evil, has Scarlet in his lair. Her Grandmere is there too. They were concerned about the Lunar princess but now that that's out, they wanna know how she resisted lunar bio electricity manipulation. Scarlet gets a chance to escape, with Wolf helping her, and Thorne and Cinder pick them up. They'll join. Kai agrees to marry Levana, and that's it.

Thoughts: I loved it, because of the addition of a tough feminist hero added to our previous feminist icon. Then there's Wolf and Thorne, who were awesome. If I was anymore in love with Kai, he'd be my age Captain America. Like, dang! He's really great. And while I ship Scarlet and Wolf, I know people are going to complain that, like in the previous book, the romance wasn't well developed. I don't know a lot about romance, but I do think it was the right thing to sacrifice for the awesome plot. I also don't mind it, because of love at first sight but not just seeing someone and marrying them in like a month, no the whole I want to get to know that person and crap romance. So, if you understood any of that... Also, Iko is awesome and I'm glad she's back. I hope she gets a good body, and maybe she can help Cinder like Nansi does for Kai.

Rating: 5/5.

Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NigaHiga how to act like your favorite actors

Sorry. I had stuff. And things. And stuff-n-things. And things-n-stuff.
Raven DeWitt

Friday, May 15, 2015

its my birthday!

So, earlier I said today is a big day and you didn't really respond so I'm just gonna tell you
And yes, I did use the entire line from Tangled. But you're going to accept it, because you love me.
Yes, I am just gonna use Tangled gigs. Anywho....

Or maybe just Disney. Anyways. I'm 16! Yay! Because I'm sixteen, I can now:
-get a drivers license. After all my driving hours.
-get a job. Yay.
-date. That's right, I have the whole dating rule. I can now send reply letters to all those guys asking me out saying I'm available *sarcastic snort* it's totally my age that's been keeping guys from dating me. Duh.

I'm having a b-day party at Bam! And sleepover afterwards. I already opened my parents gift to me, which was a few things, one of which being a rocket racoon T-shirt that says "ain't no thing like me, except me!" Which I've wanted for a while and totally love. And it's sooo me! :)
My bestie Jessie also snapchated me ten things she loves about me, which made my day. It was great. She also sent six other video snaps because 16 snaps for my 16th birthday. 
We're getting our yearbooks in school today, and there's chemistry club, so today is really great. Thank all of you for sticking with me, or just wandering here and reading this far into the post. Thanks.

16-year-old birthday girl


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Champion review

So, like... Sorry. But, bribery! Because I missed a couple (so, So, SO sorry!!!) I'm doing my champion review today. Enjoy.

Plot: *WARNING, PLOT WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR BOTH THIS BOOK AND THE TWO OTHERS IN THE SERIES. WELL, KINDA, I MEAN, ITS NOT TO BAD, BUT WHATEVER. ENJOY* June Iparis (Aka fictional me) is the elector priceps, along with two other people. They're working a deal with the colonies for peace. 'Cept then the colonies get the plaque the republic was using to fight against them, and they're all like "this means war!" And they have to cough up a cure. Which they don't have. The only one who has survived and might be the key to the cure is Day's little brother, Eden. But Day doesn't trust the republic with his baby brother. And Day's dying. No one will help without a cure. Finally they convince Day to let Eden figure out the cure. 'Cept Eden's not the one the cure mutated from. It's June. They come up with a plan to wreck the colonies and June goes to the lab. In the middle of the plan they get a cure, but Day's already in action. They focus on getting everyone to safety and Day, in action gets wounded. June prays he'll live, and he wakes up from a coma a few months later with no memory of the past two-ish years. No memory of Jameson, Thomas or... Her. She leaves him (if you love me let me goo... Geez, gotta hate that recurring theme, eh? Dang it panic at the disco!) and then the next part of the book is ten years later, June, who's become best friends with Tess and Pascao, is meeting Tess for her birthday dinner. When she sees a blonde haired blue eyed boy going the same way. The last lines are them reintroducing themselves. "I'm June."

Thoughts: okay, I love, love, love, love, love, love, loved it. So, so much. But I had a few, minuscule problems. And some psychological things to think through. Anywho, imma start with the bad. Kay? So, I think the cure was found to easily. Like, "oh, it's not Eden and we took weeks of testing him. Here let's try June... INSTA-CURE! Dude, it was literally like, a few hours. It takes longer, okay! What the heck? Then there was Thomas confessing to Metias's death. Like oh my gosh. We know Thomas killed him, and Jameson ordered him too. We know he had his orders and plenty of other opportunities to save him, and they could've just talked over that with her not forgiving him for it. But no. Thomas has to talk about how he kissed Metias before killing him (which was the most awkward book scene ever. Like, um, awkward!) and how much he loved him and it was like uhh... No. Just no. I would've liked it, if not for Thomas saying he loved him and kissed him and crap (especially if, in the first book, he seemed to actually like like, as in have a crush on June...). I am so very especially thankful that Tess admitted she was just jealous of June and only loves Day as a brother, and Tess and June became friends. I love that so much. I also liked the "be careful of who you become" lesson. And, one of my favorite things that messed with my mind so much, was Thomas. When he escaped he went to the battlefront and got shot down. Following orders that much. It's... Psychologically smart people speak for like... Messing with your mind. Like, dude....
Rating: 4/5, for reasons mentioned.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, May 11, 2015

everything wrong with big hero six

Okay, so so so sorry about missing a few posts, it's just... Wow. This week... It's been a busy year. I'm  not used to busy. This is strange. Anywho, cinema sins for all y'all.
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Okay, I had a busy day. I got my learners permit; everyone in the U.S., clear out immediately. Oh, I also got a new phone. And have an apush exam tomorrow super early. And my birthday is in exactly a week and one day.
Raven Dewitt

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

age of ultron review

The avengers are taking care of hydra, and they come to their last stop in the first like, five minutes. Seriously, the movie starts at the start of the last hydra base. Anyways, they take care of it and retrieve Loki's scepter.  They're also the twins, but they don't come into play yet. Anyways, Tony discovers that the scepter is like, a living robot, so Tony fan girls being all like "omg, it's like, what could lead to the create of ultron!" (I'm paraphrasing, Kay?) and he decides to upload it to create Ultron. But that goes badly. Ultron attacks everyone, goes off to wherever to get vibranium to.... *INTO MOVIE BY LIKE OVER TEN TO TWENTY MINUTES NOW. ITS NOT REALLY A NAIL BITTING MYSTERY SO I DONT REALLY CONSIDER LIKE, SPOILERS BUT WHATEVER. SPOILER TERRITORY AHEAD* Ultron tries to create a body for himself out of vibranium, but well, the avengers take it back, Tony uploads Jarvis to the body's consciousness, but since Ultron had already been partially uploaded, the creation was something new; Vision. They battle Ultron who lifts a huge city up and the death toll would've been catastrophic but the avengers save the day. With the addition of quick silver and scarlet witch. I know, bad summary, but.... Today's been a really off day for me.

I LOVED it, but I'll start with my few complaints. Leggo- so, first off, Thor was kinda absentee for the whole film, going to Asgard for every part of the movie that wasn't a huge, important action scene (and even sometimes then...) and it wasn't explained and no cameras followed him it was just like... "We have no need for him. Secretive subplot activate!" Also shoehorned in there was the black widow - hulk love story. It was like what? Um, despite the previous movies not setting up for this AT ALL, it was also kinda... Not a cute relationship that worked. It was more like... Clunky and awkward. Good things? Captain Americas first line was right after Ironman swore he said "Language" as in, telling him to watch his language, and OH MY GAMI KAI THIS IS WHY I LOVE HIM!!! Also, I loved the little rivalry/snarky comments between Quick Silver and Hawkeye, and I loved it so much! I liked how they kinda hinted at the vision and scarlet witch. Other than that... Awesome action, worse story in the downtime. 

Rating: 5/5, but I'm still not sure it's gonna be added to my list of favorite movies.

Raven DeWitt

Monday, May 4, 2015

OFFICIAL STARWARS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May the fourth be with you

Do you think the force was used to do that? ;p

Sunday, May 3, 2015

iisuperwomanii rules of racism

Oohhhhh, so, like, I was gonna review ultron a age today... But it was a busy day (tulip time in my little town). I would tomorrow, but starwars day. So... Soon, I hope!
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, May 2, 2015

avengers 2: perfection of super proportions

Oh. My. Gami-Kai. Like............. O.O it was so beautiful. So, so beautiful.
Superhero ;p


Friday, May 1, 2015

How the avengers age of ultron teaser should have ended

Um... Oops. Sorry. Uh... AGE OF ULTRON. OUT TODAY :D :D :D :D :D won't see til tomorrow though :/ but I will review it. Along with champion. And scarlet. Oops. Life got busy.... So... Sorry...
Raven DeWitt

Monday, April 27, 2015


I'm back! And hopefully I will have more time to post. Anyways, before I tell you about this competition, I have the last competition. And the boys. Mostly boys. All boys.

First off, asked out cause this dates back to the competition before the one that just happened. Even though it happened Saturday (along with the number and wanted kiss) and not on Thursday (like the hit on). Anyways, before last competition recap: guy 1&2: I choose you pikachu! Guy 3: you'd need a masterball for that. Guy 4: do I need to get the health inspector for that burn? | point being, that happened. Well, then last competition guy 1 came up and was mumbling and he was like hey, last competition we talked a bit and like more mumbling and finally he said: "my point is..." He pulled out a pokeball "... I choose you" and. He clicked the button open. It said to shake three times and click if we should be a couple (ya know, like poke balls do if you catch a Pokemon!) and while it was an awesome way to be asked out, it was super awkward cause I don't even know his name. So... Sorry dude, but you still seem kinda cool.
Next is the pick up line which like everyone I tell this to saw coming. I didn't. I'm an idiot. Anyways, a guy came up to me and I asked me to feel his sweatshirt. I asked why and he said he wanted to see if I knew what it was made of. I felt it, he asked and I was like no, cause like what? And he said boyfriend material. See? How didn't I see that coming? Then there's the whole kiss thing (which I didn't do, so I've still never kissed anything. 'Cept some of my favorite books. Video games and movies too... Yeah, I am weird. Oh, c'mon, like nobody else does that! Anyways, there was a pad on the table, completely unopened, but guys and anything even remotely linked to periods. So, like five guys of a different team saw it but the sixth guy didn't, and they asked him if he'd lick something if we paid him five bucks, and he said only if he could kiss me afterwards. I wanted him to lick it, but I don't want my first kiss to be a random guy at a robotics competition (even if he was kinda cute...) so that was yet another no. 
And last, but most certainly not least, if anything most, I got a guys number. A real guy. And he insisted on giving it to me. I didn't even ask. And he was nice, and cute, and pretty cool. And, honestly, he looked like the guy at church I have a crush on. Like, seriously looked like. And when we were texting, he said something about how he'd be my drug and I said that a stupid pop song (the stupid one by like Ke$ha or some stupid person like that) and he said the drug in me is you by falling in reverse and painkiller by three days grace. Three days grace and falling in reverse are some of my favorite bands. Screw it, they are my favorite, with the addition of a day to remember, escape the fate and my darkest days. Seriously. Guys with my taste in music? Who complimented and got my legend of Zelda t, pikachu sweatshirt, legend of Zelda hat and wallet, and Pokemon belt? Dang boy!
This competition nothing exciting like that happened, although I did get hardcore shipped with a guy on the robotics team that wasn't even at that competition. Also, robo-prom. I basically just played Magic the whole time. Magic is a card game, and it was my first time playing it. It was actually pretty fun. Plus smash bros. let's see..... I think that's about it. From both comps...

Still gonna do a scarlet and champion review. Soon, I hope.

Boy crazy ;p


Monday, April 20, 2015

Gami Kai I am so sorry!

OH MY GAMI KAI I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY THAT I FORGOT TO POST FOR THE PAST COUPLE OF DAYS LIKE OH MY GAMI KAI, SORRY!!!!!!! Anyways.... I'm going to St. Louis for robotics and well.... Won't post until Sunday. At the earliest. But, also, need to review; Champion (Legend book #3), Scarlet (lunar chronicles #2) and I need to tell you about the last robotics competition.
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, April 16, 2015

nigahiga nice guys

Not gonna lie... I simply forgot. So... Youtube.
Oh, and kinda busy... Robotics and dentist...
But mostly forgetful
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

honest game trailer: the sims

I was busy... Hanging out... But now I can tell you about my robotics boys experience soon. And review champion.
Boy magnet
Oh gosh
Raven DeWitt

Monday, April 13, 2015

nigahiga the ultimate April fools prank

Oh, kami Kai! I had a busy day! Drivers Ed makeup and robotics. Please take this YouTube video.
A bit late for April fools... Oh well, ideas for next year.
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, April 12, 2015

live action Cinderella review

So, I'm back after my robots. And boys. Which, there's so much that happened this weekend, but I do have some stuff I wanna talk to my best friend(s) about before I blog it. I'd rather talk it out and have them hear it in person. But hopefully I can tell you about it soon. Because it's... New. Different. Amazing. I also finished champion; reviewing that soon too. But today is the new live action Cinderella.

Plot: well, it's almost the exact same Cinderella story. There's a girl, forced into slavery by her step mother and step sisters after her real parents death. There's a ball and she decides on a night of happyness. She makes an outfit but, when her step sisters see it, they destroy it. Distraught Cinderella goes out and cries, but then her fairy godmother appears, and makes her look apsolutely perfect. She then goes off to the ball. She and the prince spend the whole night walking and talking and becoming an otp before she has to leave at midnight. While leaving she loses her shoe which he scours the whole kingdom to find. He does. And they live happily ever after.

Thoughts: well, when I said almost the exact same, I didn't include how there was a part where Cinderella ran away and met the prince, just as charming as ever. No, seriously, if they make any more fictional princes that perfect I'm gonna have to walk around wearing my tiara. I loved how it was love at first sight, but they still took time getting to know each other. Also, the way they didn't lie to each other but they didn't say everything about themselves. And while he retelling stayed true to the classic tales unlike some newer ones *COUGH COUGH Maleficent and Snow White and the huntsman COUGH* but it still added newer elements and kept it interesting and well... Exciting. New. Fresh. Everything seems to be new for me lately... But that's at a later day. Anywho, it was awesome and I also loved how Cinderella was kind and nice and forgave her step family in the end.

Rating: 5/5. It was amazing. And I want a prince.

Raven DeWitt

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I will NOT be posting tomorrow or Saturday. Sunday's your best chance.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

yesterday, today and tomorrow

I just fell hard down the stairs like, five seconds ago (No, I literally fell carrying this laptop down here and this is the first thing I'm doing right now). I fell hard down on my back and right elbow, while the laptop knocked the air out of me. So, right now feeling... ow. It's an emotion, okay? I'm going to play a bit of catch up in Japanese as soon as my heart rate gets back to usual. Whew.

Yesterday at the mall I A) saw the live action Cinderella. I loved it, but I won't be able to review it til maybe Sunday at the earliest, because this weekend I have robotics (more on that in uno momento). I got some boring things, like jogger pants or whatever and a matching jacket, jean shorts (FOR WEARING OVER LEGGINGS!!! I don't actually wear anything that makes me have to shave my legs. I'm gonna go die alone now ;p). I also got two books; the third in the throne of glass series, and a book titled how to be a heroine or what I've learned from reading too much. Legit title. I also got some awesome wedge shoes. My mom teasingly said I shouldn't get stilettoes because in a Hawaii 5-0 episode there was a death by stiletto. Seriously. For realzies. Foh sizzle master rizzle. Not even joking. My mom was though. If I wanted to die an untimely death, she totally would have let me buy a stiletto. Also, dude, stilettoes are seriously big words and hard to spell. Also, dude, how many different types of shoes are there?! I also got some stuff at bath and body works. Their Hawaii/summer/whatever collection is awesome.

This weekend I have a robotics competition as mentioned earlier. It lasts like a day longer than the rest; it's Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And, my robotics team is definitely going to nationals in St. Louis. And I'm going with my team. St. Loui, here I come. :-)

In pain
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

nigahiga how to be the perfect boyfriend

Mall day. I also saw the new Cinderella movie. If anymore princes are that perfect I'm going to have to start going around wearing my tiara!
Doesn't have the same ring
Raven DeWitt

Monday, April 6, 2015

the last 72-96ish hours...

Boo. So, I haven't really done this in a while... Add Libbed a real live post about real live people. Well, me, and I'm a live person... so about a real live person. Not people. All one of me. Unless you count my friends. Anywho...
On Friday I went to see a pirates museum exhibits with my friend July. It was pretty awesome. I mean, pirates. Swashbuckling rogues with bad hygiene and even worse manners, pillaging, plundering, giving equal rights to all who are signed to their ship, no matter their age, gender, ethnicity... Way ahead of the governments at that time. I always use this stuff as writing inspiration. Museum exhibits, what I'm learning about in history and science... These are the things best sellers are made of. And the more I know the better and more accurate my writing.

Saturday I had the super smash bros party. I had invited three friends (I'm not a people person, okay?! Sorry!) but only one of them came. It's okay though; it was really fun. The friend that did come had project M, which is basically a smash bros game combining melee and brawl. Sadly, one of my friends who didn't come had my friend who did comes super smash bros game for the N64, which I have never played and wanted to, so to my friend who didn't come and has my other friends N64 Smash Bros... You totally ruined that you jerkface ;p. Well, maybe I'll get an opportunity to play it some other time. Whatever did happen, we played brawl, melee, project M and like, 1/4 of a round of the Wii-U smash. Then we had pizza. It was pretty fun, and during brawl we got my brother, so, not like I felt completely ignored by my friends. I have a whole 2 friends who showed up. One of which lives here. I feel loved *Sarcasm*. Anywho. To my friend who said she would come and offer assistance if needed... sorry I didn't kik you to come. But thanks for the offer. It was a good Saturday. Also, my friend brought doritos and OH MY GOSH. I'd never tried that kind before but they are sooooooooooo good. MMMMMMHHHHHH.

Sunday was Easter. I got a lot of candy and probably a future hard attack. Yay.

Super smashing pirate


Sunday, April 5, 2015

he is risen!

He is risen indeed!
Happy Easter :)


Saturday, April 4, 2015

how guardians of the Galaxy should have ended

I am so sorry for forgetting yesterday!  I was up until midnight dying Easter eggs, so.... Sorry! Take this youtube video as an offering.
And as my post for today.
Hooked on a feelin ;p


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Final March challenge.... In April.

Sorry! I totally forgot to post yesterday!!! Sorry sorry sorry!
31- this month I accomplished
Well, not much because it's April second. But, seriously, in March (when I should've gotten this done!) I didn't do much. I didn't even get to typing this post. So... Whoops. I guess I did drivers training, although I missed a day and have to make it up so its not fully accomplished. I went to a robotics competition or two, and... Yeah. That's about it. I also got smash bros for my 3DS, (maybe it's even this month when I finally got my 3DS and Majora's Mask!), I got a new skyward sword (did I mention someone looted the gaming section of my house? Twice? Because I hope karma hits them. With a freight train. Made of adamantium. The hulk is using to fight.) and I got a wind Waker dress from hot topic and wore it. Other than that.... Not much has happened.

In other news, today is finally the last school day my school has before spring break. Friday I'll be going to a pirates exhibit at a museum by me and Saturday I'm having a smash bros party with my friends. So... Yay.



Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

March journalling challenge day 30

30- favorite cliches
I know they're overused and writers should be original but... There are some clichés I LOVE. If you think about it, with enough works of fiction won't everything one day be cliché? My favorites: superhero has dead parents. Okay, that one sounds bad, but wanting something to fight for, feeling alone in their darkest moments... These are what classics are made of! I also like villain turns good/redeems himself, because redemption. Any classic quote clichés and Chris Evans is riding a motorcycle. Also, rock music is played when showing a new character to symbolize he's a rebel who doesn't follow the rules. Probably more, but to name a few...

Not good enough for the truth
In cliche
Raven DeWitt

PS. Not good enough for the truth in cliche is a song BTW. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

March journalling challenge day 29

29- I'm coziest when
Hmm.... In my PJ's, wrapped in blankets with ramen and tea or hot coco with a good book, good movie, good tv show, video games, awesome music or youtube. That's really great. Or when I'm hanging out with friends, like the really good kind I can loose myself with like a fictional universe or music or well... Youtube. I love being lost, haha.

Raven DeWitt

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March challenge day 28

28- my dream job is
Superhero. It is DREAM job. But, more realistically... Writer. Video game designer. Anime creator/manga writer. Movie director, or tv show director. Actress. Rock star (preferably guitarist or drummer. Does falling in reverse need any new members?). That it, I think.

Raven DeWitt

Friday, March 27, 2015

March journalling challenge day 27

27- my happy place
I don't have a happy place. But I do mentally quote TFS like 24/7 and that's the closest I get to a happy place. I... I also imagine going into some of my favorite fictional universes and meeting my favorite fictional characters sometimes. With some of my favorite people. Embarrassing, I know, but it's fun, and I'm sure we can pretend it helps  me write. Also, I get to pretend my favorite fictional characters love me. Denial, isn't it beautiful?

Raven DeWitt

Thursday, March 26, 2015

march journalling challenge day 26

26- movie night must haves
Um, movie (duh!), tea (or pop or hot coco, but preferably tea. Out of one of my themed mugs, like scooby doo, R2D2 or my marvel mug), PJ's and um... Blankets. That's all I can think of. Huh... Yeah. That's it.

Tomorrows movie night for me in other news. And the hobbit part 3 came out Tuesday. It's gonna be nice to finally relax, especially if it's going to be my first Friday I'm only out til like 5:30 and not like 9. Cause that's been my past few weeks. Ugghhh. I'm not a good busy person.
Coming soon
I hope
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

March challenge days 24-25

24- I'll always remember...
Well, my events from yesterday (camp crush and hopefully competition compliments) but also... Well, a fuel beach party I think about two years ago, where something embarrassing happened (una momenta) and a few more things too personal to share and don't fit my blog style. Anywho, so. The beach..... I had a crush on my brothers friend and I didn't see him for a few months and a few weeks before school started I went to a beach party for school. It was over no my dad was late to picking me up and it was just me and like five other people. I was waiting for my dad and got up to grab some food. When going back to sit down I almost tripped and fell into this one dude who I thought was really cute standing there. I embarrassedly sat back down. He stared at me so I got back up to get more food. The food I wanted was gone so my friend gave me some of it he'd just taken. When I turned back around the cute guy was still staring at me and I said "not like I'm a pig" or something like that and he continued looking at me. I sat back down and the guy said "do I know you from somewhere?" And I literally looked at him and thought "hey he looks a lot like Phoenix's friend!" But I said outloud "no, I think I just look like someone you know." And he agreed, but then a few seconds later he was like "are you Phoenix's little sister? Raven?" And I did a really girly squeak that was me trying to say my name and my pastor, who was right there, imitated me saying his name. It was mortifying. And hilarious. Ans unforgettable.

25- things I always say
Quotes and references, lyrics, but, my originals....
Dude. Cha/Che/ccchhhh. Humans drain my powers. Um... I think that's it.

Woman of few(er than 999999999) words.
Most of the time ;p


Monday, March 23, 2015

March journalling challenge days 20-23

20- I try to avoid
Hmm... Well, right now I'm trying to avoid Trenton, for uh... Reasons I'll discuss in a shorter post. I try to avoid complaining, things I don't like (duh!) and some subjects that me and my friends disagree on. But I'm usually very open and go with the flow.

21- my bad habits
There's too many to list... I sing along to almost every song I know, I say the first snarky sassy comment that comes to mind and I quote TFS 24/7. There's surely a lot more, but those that come to mind...

22- road trip playlists
I would say every song on my iPod, but since there's a lot, songs about journeys -highway to hell -almost there -go the distance -drifter -carry on my wayward son -don't stop believing.... Probably more, but Ya know....

23- the best day ever was when...
Well, I don't remember all the exact details of it, but at camp in middle school for church we went to iwu and my crush was there and we just hung out a lot all week and it was super fun, and on the last day it was raining and I was running around outside in the rain and people came to join me (not him, sadly) then on the bus ride, I was sitting by myself and he was looking around and he asked if anyone was going to sit and I said no and he sat next to me. They played lord of the rings 3 on the bus TV and a kid who's super annoying sat behind us but he fell asleep the whole entire time. It was nice. Then he woke up towards the end and it was like the last twenty minutes of the return of the king and whenever two people started talking or hugging the annoying kid shouted "kiss him! Kiss his ear! Lick his ear!" And stuff like that and I came up with the comeback "dude, we don't wanna hear what you and your boyfriend do!" And I told it to my crush and he thought it was pretty funny.
And yesterday at robotics I was wearing my new Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker dress, my LoZ hat and my Pikachu sweatshirt and I got so many compliments on it. Then, I walked through a door and that one team (their literal name) was there, and one guy shouts "I choose you, Pikachu!" And one of the guys in their group (who was pretty dang cute!) was like "you'd need at least a master ball to catch that!" And then a guy from my team who was there was like "do you need me to get the safety captain for that burn?" And it was awesome. Then I started talking to them and it was super fun. We talked about comicon and video games and stuff. It was awesome! :)

Flirty nerdy ;p
Minus flirty


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Late compitition.
Then dinner.
Raven DeWitt

PS. That looks like an hour glass.
PPS. Remind me to tell you about my outfit and the awesome experience that came next
PPPS. What does ps even stand for?

Friday, March 20, 2015

long robot

Ugh. Late night.
Sorry! Probably double on Sunday... Or well, triple.
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March journalling challenge day 19

19- favorite childhood pastimes
My favorite childhood pastimes are the ones I love right now, minus writing. I loved reading, playing video games and watching movies, cartoons, TV shows and while I wasn't yet an otaku, in my younger years I did love quite a few anime I still hold very near and dear. I also loved painting and drawing, while now I love drawing, but I haven't painted in a good long while. I used to like water color and now I prefer acrylic. I guess that's the only real difference. Huh.

I also have robotics tomorrow and Saturday. Wish me Luck!
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March daily challenge day 18

18- my secret talents
I'm not sure I have any talents, let alone /secret/ talents. Hmm..... I guess things I'm good at (I think; this is not a definitive good at but what I assume I'm good at due to compliments and well... Personal experience) are cooking, I'm actually pretty good with animals... Hmm... I dunno.

Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

march journalling challenge day 17

17- I wish I had time to...
Oh, gosh! So many things! Blog, write, read, watch all my tv shows and anime, play more video games, and I so wish I had more time for homework because I can barely get it done! I also wish I had time to hangout with friends. What I wouldn't give for that!

 In other news, drivers training and a robotics competition coming soon! Well, competition this weekend, drivers training already in progress... But, pray for me, wish me luck, whatever you do it'd be really great! Thanks!

When its time to fill the void my whole life has been destroyed
And everyone around me says my time is running out
I refuse to surrender, I refuse to surrender
-time is running out by papa roach
Sorry, subject made me think of that!!!

Refusing to surrender


Monday, March 16, 2015

Daily journalling challenge day 16

16- I can't resist
Singing along to my favorite songs. Chocolate. Geeking out. Nerdy stuff. Spending money in video game stores, book stores or hot topic. Sassy comments. Comments about guys. Nerdy references.... I think that's it.

Ravenged DeWitt

Sunday, March 15, 2015

daily challenges day 15

15- rules for traveling with me
Um... I'm not sure I have any rules. Lemme try to think of a few... You either must be including me in a conversation that interests me or letting me listen to music. If the trip is a few hours, movies are a must. I do NOT like sitting too close to people for extended periods of time/personal bubble. I need reading time. I offer you food and you offer me food. If you're playing the radio out loud for all to hear and a song I like comes on, I WILL sing along. No stopping me. And absolutely no "are we there yet"'s. Capiche? Or however you spell it?
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Daily challenge days 11-14

Sorry! I've been busy! Along with robotics, I've had drivers training every night! Not to mention homework... Ugh. I also had jukebox jingles last night in which I dressed up like Jessie from Pokemon and another guy dressed up like James and yet another like meowth and we did the team rocket cheer all night. It was super fun! But anywho, I'll be posting the challenges from the days I missed! Sorry!
11- if I had to change my name
Hmm... I do like my name but like... Griffin has always been one I liked (YES for a girl!), and I also like Ace, Adina, Macy, Precious, Artemis.... Loads more, but those are my top few.

12- currently in my bag
Backpack: School work, ELA notebook, Japanese notebook, Champion, Memoirs of a Geisha, my iPod and earbuds, my phone, pencils, calculator, hat, hand sanitizer, emergency bandade....

13- love is...
An open door. Putting someone else's needs before yours. Eternal. Grace. That's what everyone else says and I find them all 100% true, but to me... It's the nice warm feeling inside, the light that comes when all they do is say hi to me or laugh at a stupid joke I made in a group. Or smile at me. It's being able to talk about anything and everything for what I wish could be forever. It is forever. It's infinity within the numbered days. It's getting my fandom references. It's making references I get before I had a chance to make one. It's geeking out with me. Love is the butterflies when you glance over at them but they're already looking at you. Love is joking with your best friends. Love is crying with them. Love is when your parents help correct your mistake even though they shouldn't have to. Love is a million more things I can't list entirely, things I can't even describe.

14- this time next year
I don't know what. Will it be different? I'll still most likely be living in Michigan in my little town, going to my school, hopefully still on the robotics team, hopefully still going to fuel Wednesdays. Hopefully still seeing my crush there. But things will be different. I'll probably have my license or be working on it, my brother might move out, I'll probably have to be looking into colleges, I might get a job. There might be some good changes too. Another legend of Zelda or Pokemon or super smash bros game perhaps, or (since I'm not allowed to date until I'm 16) I might even have a boyfriend (doubtful, judging on the fact that it probably isn't the 16 rule that's keeping guys from liking me... My awesome personality is totally a guy magnet ;p) or I might have lots of free time in school and am finally able to relax for the first time in a while. I don't know what it'll be like; I might be sitting in the same place at the same time blogging the same thing. Or I might not.

Prepare for trouble!
And make it double!
To protect the world from devastation!
To unite all people within our nation!
To denounce the evils of truth and love!
To extend our reach to the stars above!
Team rocket blast off at the speed of light!
Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Meowth that's right!
I'm gonna go before I die alone...
Raven DeWitt

Friday, March 13, 2015

honest trailers transformers 4

Wow. I know I should be posting but, uh... I litterally didn't get home til like 9 last night and I had homework... Which still isn't done... But in other news, i will make up all the daily challenges I've missed tomorrow! Days 11-14? 12-14? Youtube!
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Haha, yeah, um... Two time. Two tomorrow.... Unless I don't have enough time then...
No you tube either. I'm really tired.
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March journalling challenge day 10

10- 5 things I do everyday
Hmm.... I have a routinely uniform schedule in the winter, but in school breaks, weekends and summer, my life is anything but predictable. So, I'm not sure if I do have five things I do every single day. I'll try...?
1: make random references -yes, this is a daily occurrence I consider part of my routine. Even if I only talk to one person all day and that person is my dog, I will make a fandom reference. Heck, I make them to myself!

2: watch a movie or tv show with my parents -yes, I am one of the nerds who does this. And while some nights we're too busy to, almost every possible night we do.

3: watch YouTube -except for right now (because of lent) I watch YouTube every night, for amv's, if I have a song stuck in my head, for brushing my teeth... I use it a lot

4: figure out future outfits -okay, this one sounds so totally girly, and it so totally is. I think "huh, I haven't worn this shirt in a while!" When opening my drawer or think "ooh! I'll see this person this day and think they'll like this!" And so I'll wear them then and I always think ahead so... If you ever see me and appreciate my tshirt, it's probably chosen for you ;) just don't tell my crush... I think I do it for him too often...

5: talk -even if it's only to my dog, or family or even the TV, it happens a lot. And it's not educated scholarly talk, it's usually stupid gibberish, but I really love talking to... Well, people, animals, inanimate objects like TV characters or posters or stuffed animals... It helps me sort out my feelings and I talk to inanimate objects to figure out what to say to actual real live people or say things I can't say to them. I like talking to real people best though, because I love feedback and other opinions and advice.
Anyone got any?