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Monday, June 29, 2015


Hey! So, like, it's been super long and... oops. I should've posted earlier. So so so so so sooo sorry, but this summer I might be a little... I might not have a lot of posts. Sorry! Seriously. But, this summer might be a lot different. I will post frequently because I still have strong opinions and y'all need to hear em or else no one will hear. So, yeah. That happens. But, anyways, my summer so far (Que the "the road so far" beginning sequence from SPN).
So... It's about a month into summer. I honestly don't think anything too exciting has happened yet. But, since I'm socially awkward, you get to hear all about my boy craze. So, up until like, a week ago my summer wasn't very exciting. I did see Jurassic World and might, probably, definitely will review it. Soon. Ish. But the past week has been Love week at my church, meaning we've been doing work projects all week, like working at the mission, the eighth day farm or visiting shut-ins.  It's been really fun and my crush has been there all week (YAY!) so... socially awkward-ness take over. First off, I have had and been hanging out with other friends all week, and ya know, I am decently good friends with him, so it's not like I'm some crazy chick. Okay, I am, but he knows that. And I'm not creepy about it. Anyways, first off on Monday he mentioned his Birthday was Tuesday, and so I did what I usually do; Made a cubee craft puppy (in this case wolf link. He likes LoZ too. See why I like him?)and a card. So, that happened. Anyways, then on Friday instead of doing work we had a fun day (because we had been working all week) and we went to the beach. Even though I (sadly) hadn't gotten any work projects with him aaalllll week, I hung out with him a bunch on Friday. Actually, I hungout with my other friends too, but mostly him. Yay. Plus I went in the water and it was freezing. I went under too. It was like super fun. Well, so there was a concession stand and he bought me a drink. Okay, I know that sounds super stupid and way too big of a thing for me to be freaking out about, but... I dunno. If a normal friend buys you something, eh. If a super awkwardly adorable one you have a crush on does... Frickin emotions. Well, so anyways, Friday was not only fun but super amazing. The only thing is that the church had love week this week because the high schoolers aren't going to St. Louis this year. The funday felt too much like they were trying to trick us out of remembering this was instead of St. Lou. I still loved it, that's just my thoughts.
Anyways, then Saturday was GRASP comic expo. Which was sadly lamer than the still not very exciting one in the fall (which I still wanna go to this year, but whatever) but I still enjoyed it. Also, my bestie Jessie and my crush went too, so that was fun. He got the master sword and I can't remember which shield necklace pendents which was cool. He then jingled like a dog whenever he moved. It was kinda funny. It reminded me of when I was younger and wore my random necklace, but that's for a later time. I got a pocket watch necklace of the pocket watch for state registered alchemists from FMA, it even has the "Don't forget" inscription. It's super cool :D. Anyways, Jessie had to be dropped off at the mall to see a movie with her family, so we went back to the house and I hungout with my crush all day.
We played a bunch of rounds of smash bros, including some 8-player smash (With 6 level 6 computers. It was chaos. Fun chaos). Then we watched scott pilgrim vs the world. First off, I totally love that movie. Second off, he usually isn't much of a movie person. He usually actually doesn't like movies. But he watched this movie. And he liked it. I mean, I totally thought it was his type of movie (he's a gamer and it's a combination of video game and what-the-heck parody movie) but he isn't the type to watch movies. And I got him to watch and like a movie. Yay! So... I feel accomplished in life. I know all this sounds silly and stupid and just... I really do like him and it feels super good, ya know?
Yesterday was baptism and then we played ultimate Frisbee, but I opted out. I hungout with other people and it was so super fun.
Anyways, that's basically been my life lately. It's going really well and I'm super happy and everything's amazing, but... I do want some advice. I think my crush likes me. I can't tell, but... maybe. So, should I take a chance and ask him out? How do you even ask someone out? Please help!
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hi! So, it's been a little bit since my last post, so... whoops. Anyway, other than some things that have been going on lately, life's been really good. So...
First off, yesterday I had a smash bros party with my friends.  And it was super fun. Thanks to the people who came. It was a loootttt of fun :-) and it totally meant a lot to me. Thanks. So much.
It was super fun, but then Trenton came over and... I've had lots of problems with him. I mean, he was like a brother but.... it's been weird lately and... well, he's been getting on my nerves more and more and he hasn't felt like a brother lately. Other than that, yesterday was really fun and perfect. Again, thanks people. There's like, no chance they're reading this, but whatever, thanks and I love you guys (-:
Anyways, June 27 there's a comic expo that I'm getting a group together to go. It's called grasp comic expo and it looks super fun. You're welcome for the update!
I've also been going to open houses (invited there, by like people and have been hanging out, with real, live people. Freaky, right?) So, anyways, that's what's been up with me.
I'm going to the mall on Thursday with July. I'll tell ya anything else exciting that happened.
OH! Before I forget... There's this guy I like and... He messaged me on Facebook. First. Two times. I know it sounds stupid and girly, and it is, but... It really was nice. And I've never had one of those things where I text someone for like hours. And as if every one of my girly female friends doesn't talk about that crap. I felt as normal as I could being well, me. And it was nice that even if he doesn't like me (Which is actually pretty likely, but denial...) he's still good enough friends to have a conversation with online for a hour or two. And it was fun.
Anyways, I'll try to post more now that schools out and I have more downtime. I'll be here, don't worry :-)
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

School of future past... Or, well, past past.

Today is an exam day. But I already took those exams. So, instead of being at school right now, I'm blogging. I also figured today is the perfect day for a review of the year.

Okay, so it hasn't been my best year ever, but it's up there with the greats. I'm only reviewing the school year, but I am going to try to review all of it. Let's see...
The beginning of the school year. I wasn't ready for school. Summer was amazing, but my friends are either freshman from church or they went to a different school. I had maybe a handful of friends who went to my school in my grade and I wasn't expcting to see any of them. I didn't see any of them. In orchestra, I had my few friends, but that was like, two of them. I was, like usual, alone.
It went on that way for most of the year... I joined the robotics team sometime in October or November... I'm not sure which. It only met once a week for those few months, and while everyone on the team was nice, I wasn't really friends with anyone. I mean, there was my brothers friend, and while she was nice she kinda got on my nerves. OH! I also went to Wednesday nights at the woodshop. It was really fun, but the one thing that made an amazing thing even better was that a guy I had a crush on since seventh grade was there.
I was friends with him in seventh grade and had a crush on him, but then he stopped going to youth group or something and we hadn't talked since the begining of eighth grade. And (Sorry that this is going to sound like a super cheesy romance movie, but...) I still kinda liked hm even though I hadn't spoken to him in two years. He was at the woodshop on Wednesday nights and we started talking again, and we became friends again. When we first were friends I wasn't who I am now... I was definitely different, though I can't exactly say how. Anyways, he was different too and... One of the best parts about becoming friends with him again, was that even though we were both different people, it was different in a way that we could be friends in both people we were. I know that sounds stupid and cheesy, but... It was.
Then came January. We stayed at home for Christmas break. In January they announced the game in Robotics, and I still wasn't in love with Robotics like I am now. Anyways, we started doing some stuff with that. About a week into it, I went to Disney for orchestra. I still didn't have many friends, so it was awkward at first, but I had made a friend (Deana) in English and she was also in orchestra, so I at least knew her and my senior friend. It was the only time I've ever gone to Disney, so there was that. I still didn't really feel like I was part of a group. But then I started talking to some of the other people there and switched groups (only for one of the days) and I got some actual friends. Then when I got back the Robotics season had started too. I went to Robotics like, everyday. For most of it the friend status stayed the same. But, I think in the end of the build season, begining of the competition season, I... I got friends. And they're amazing friends. And... It's been really really nice, and it's been an amazing change. I love all the friends I've made (and remade) this year. It's been a good year.

Other notable events: Drivers training (I'm driving now! No one on this continent is safe ;p), my 16th Birthday (I'm now dateable! Okay, age-wise, not personallity wise).

Anyways, that's my year in... what? A couple paragraphs? OH! I also have a crush on a guy on the Robotics team (yeah, yeah I know...) so that's happening. Currently though. I can't tell, but I think he hopefully might like me. Also, he Facebook messaged me first. I know that sounds stupid, and it kinda is, but... It felt really good. Okay, girlyness over.

Raven DeWitt