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Saturday, September 26, 2015


Hi. I know, I said I'd be back to posting but.... Well, did I tell you about my duel enrollment?
So, I was taking Japanese on the computer through a website for my school foreign language requirement. But they only offer it up to a certain point, and since I don't want to have to relearn it all in college in two years (oh my gosh, crap crap crrrrraaaaapppppp, two years....... I'll explain my mental breakdowns about it later) and the local college has an exquisite Japanese program (foreign languages in general), I'm taking a class there. Two nights a week (Tuesday's and Thursday's if you wanted to know), 6:30-7:50. Which is already kinda hectic.
Plus off season robotics work (we're making a Lego league at one of the local elementary schools), two AP classes, math and English in general and a drawing class. I do have a free hour because of duel enrollment, but even then I've been doing stuff the entire hour (mostly homework).
So.... I'm sorry. My posting will be very spread out, but I'm less dead than is entirely possible. And I will try to post. I said I'd talk about GRASP, but I already highlighted it in a post (plus it wasn't super exciting). I guess I do have other stuff to talk about, but.... When I have time I promise I'll say something because I really need to talk some stuff out. Er, well, type some stuff out. So... Yeah. That's the deal-io. I know, this is basically what I said last time, but well..... Sorry. 
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

hi guys, I'm not dead!

Okay, so so so so so so so so so so so sorry. I would add a few more so's, but you hopefully get the point. I did say I would be going on hiatus, but I also planned on saying a few things over the summer. I just... Life has been very different for me. If you noticed or if you didn't, over the past year I have changed a lot. My life has, sure, but me as a person has too. And I've been trying to figure out everything that goes along with that.
I mean, first off is the most obvious: who am I? Something which still manages to allude me, but I'm figuring it out, slowly and awkwardly, but figuring it out just the same.
Secondly is where all the people I love, dislike and have no clue how I feel fit. And how I feel about those people I can't decide on. That's a more personal issue, but I might need to talk it out here, m'kay?
Third is how everything else fits into new me's life. And with school on break, it's been a great time to figure that out. Now that schools starting again, I think I'm ready to add blogging back into my wildly crazy life again. I am so sorry for being gone, but, again, I've needed to figure some stuff out. When I'm ready to talk about it, I will. But until then, please sit tight and be patient, okay?
So, the things y'all should be updated on this summer: camp with July, camp with church, grasp comic expo (dunno if I already highlighted this....?), inside out review, Michigan's Adventure, a certain boy ;), AntMan, maybe a few other movies and last, but certainly not least, new me. Because there's no better place for me to figure this out than my little online safe haven. I will post. Soon, I hope. It's just.... There's a lot and I don't know where to start. Might as well follow the time-line: Grasp comic expo.
Back and sorry

Anyone else miss that? Yeah no, okay, sorry bye.