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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reasons why Mulan is strong (as a raging fire)

Hey! Today is a tribute to yet another one of my favorite princesses. Let's get down to business! (Haha, hint hint!)

1- she doesn't feel like she fits in, or people will accept her.
It's a feeling we can all relate to, and it's nice to see a relatable princess, one who doesn't quite fit into the pretty princess mold (so, just like every princess then? But Mulan a bit more so. She doesn't fit into the mold like the rest don't, but she doesn't feel accepted while most others are)

2- how far she's willing to go for who she loves.

She cuts her hair, breaks a few laws, risks her life and pretty much a bunch of other bad stuff because
she knows she can't let her father does. She even risks her life for Shang when he gets pissed off at
her. And well, the rest of China, but also, Shang.

3- she goes from the worst in the league to the best.

Some would say Zero to Hero, huh? (Yes, that is a Hercules reference. No, I dont have an end to my disney references)
And this isnt a reason for Mulan, but simply an appreciation for her grandmother and Mushu. Mostly her grandma.
She remind anyone else of Frank Zhang (heroes of Olympus) 's grandmother?
Warrior Princess


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