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Monday, March 31, 2014

Punk advice

Hey! So, ya know how I was planning on seeing captain America 2 : the winter soldier Friday? Well, Phoenix has work, and he wants to see it so..... I have to wait til Saturday DX. Now, onto the real post. I woke up this morning and looked at my tweet notifications. One of them was a retweet of a twitter account that makes punk edits. While punk is hot, and cool, most people who make punk edits.... Well, their covers ion of punk is about as punk as my cousins son. And he was just born this year. I've met Disney characters more punk than punk edits. I can draw anime more punk than they can edit something. Here's some advice if your heart is set on punk;
1) tshirts. Whether band or movie or anime or video game, tshirts are always the way to go. Everything else is too preppy or girly. Or just, not punk. I mean as long as it isn't 1D or brides maids shirts, you're good. Unless you're talking about sweatshirts, just make sure they aren't sporty.
2) add color, not too much, but not too little. While the basis of punk is black, they also need color. Have the base be a more muted color -black, gray, dark blue, dark green- and add a few more colors on top -red, blue, white- and just find the right ratio where they're punk, but not a video game villian.
3) make sure they can go through metal detectors. I mean, maybe snakebites, a few ear piercings and a tattoo across one arm. Or an eyebrow piercing and sleeves. Nose piercing and a tattoo wrapping around the arm. But don't do spider bites, a nose ring, double eyebrows, sleeves, a neck tattoo and tattoos across their stomach. Dude, don't overdue it. It's the same as wearing more makeup than you have face.
4) hair helps! While punk girls dye their hair, not every single one does. And the hair color is rarely pink.
5) be realistic. You don't see punk people walking down he street like punk edits, do you? No, they're still obviously punk but they don't need a flashing neon sign to force it down our throats that they're oh so punk. Like dude, calm down. Same with nerdy-ness (just a lord of the rings or starwars t and some comics, not bow ties, glasses and suspenders makes the nerd). If they're really punk, nerdy or sporty, they don't need it flashing in lights that they're whatever they are.
Nerdiest punk ever


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Divergent: factions

Divergent: factions

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Divergent movie review

So, yesterday was dress shopping with Jessie and Mel. Which sucked. I mean, it was chill with Jessie and Mel, but it was still trying on about a thousand dresses. We bought three for the last contenders. Which means, more modeling. Then we saw Divergent. Now, the book, was good. I mean, read again good, not buying it good. You know. I like it, but not my favorite. Anyways, so I disliked the movie. I don't know why, it went by the book really well. With the um... subtraction? of Uriah and Dauntless cake. And a few other parts. So, I liked the book. But the movie? Not so much. I mean, I guess it was good, but I didn't like it (as much as I would've liked). Thinking about it now, I did like it. But it still bugged me. I didn't imagine the people like they were (Christine a bit prettier, more self conceded, Eric a bit darker and scarier, Four... Well, I never imagined him with an accent. But boy, was he hot!). They also didn't include dauntless cake, which is a big deal. They didn't add Peter stabbing someones eye (which isn't pretty, but it puts peter on the map as "oh, hey, he's a psycho. I should pay attention to him). In fact, if I didn't know Peter from the book I wouldn't know who he was. They also fought wrong. Who fights like that? I mean, it was embarrassing! Why can't any show/movie EVER fight right? While that is irritating, it isn't what was bugging me. I was trying to figure out why I didn't like the movie when it hit me. Like a ton of bricks. They took religion out of the books. It was just three little things in the book. The Abnegation praying at dinner, Tris thinking of God when she's about to die then getting saved (WHICH THEY CUT OUT ENTIRELY) and Jeanie Matthews saying something about how (It's been a year or two, but the just of the line is) ".... Most of the Divergent are God-Fearing" I think she said God-Fearing Mutts, talking about Abnegation. Which, is offensive, but at the same time, it practically made the whole book for me, everyone in Abnegation loving God. And Abnegation is the only faction that doesn't have a downfall. I know, religion in movies and tv shows is tricky, but at the same time, it means a lot to me. And in the movie Noah coming out soon (if not already out) doesn't mention God; only the creator. It's like what the heck? How can you not mention GOD in a story from the BIBLE, GOD'S BOOK?!?!?!?!?! And in books, while religion being good can totally make a book for me, insulting it can ruin a book for me. Like in the fault in our stars, the guy who's a Christian is a annoying group leader talking about cancer. Even I hated him. And then they were talking about the misuse of the term literally because they are literally in the heart of god (which they were. Like loved one's heart in the heart and the center of the cross, where his heart was). It felt more than a bit like they were making fun of Christian. If I wanted a hot guy to say stuff about proper use of literally I would watch the psych episode about the Paleontologist murdered (THE DINOSAUR DID IT. "Carltons on fire. Literally" *Queue Shawn's snarky comment*). Anyways, One comedian even said that there were two people you can make fun of with no repercussions; Rednecks and Christians. Make fun of any other group of people and you're racist, sexist, or just rude. Christians or Rednecks? Oh, screw them. *As always, queue epic eye roll. And this time, angry glare*
God-Fearing mutt


Friday, March 28, 2014

Scorch runner cure movie.

So, I follow a lot of blogs. And by a lot, I mean a looooottttt. A heck of a lot. And, to my delight, one of them reviewed the maze runner today. This coupled with the fact my mom finished it last night, I lllooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeee that book and the movie is coming out in just a few months (just a few..... Ugh! It's like September...... DX). Okay, so more than a few months. But still, within a year (hopefully). Anyways, so here's my post on it.
Well, A) it's a trilogy with a prequel. Kinda like a teen dystopian lord of the rings (three of those plus the hobbit!). Anyways, I've read the entire trilogy and Bought the prequel (THE KILL ORDER, if anyone was wondering) which I haven't gotten to read yet (DX). So, I am resident expert here. Well, not expert, more like obsess, but I've read all three books. And own the prequel. And the first book. Whoop-whoop! Yeah! So, I know lots of spoilers. Okay, for the maze runner. Me and my mom agreed that short of gally (psycho. He took a loooomnnnnngggggggg stroll to the deep end and he ain't coming back. But he might in one of the next books ;D) and Ben (who, is um...... Griever-ified) we loved every single character. But Ben and gally were designed to be disliked. Because, well, one of them tried to kill the main man and the other one well....... I guess he tried to too, but it's still mostly just cause he's a psycho that everyone should dislike him. But, every character was love able. And *SPOILER* we're all sad for chuck. At least, me and my mom. She said it was stupid to promise him something like that, because it was a book you knew it was never going to happen. I know. But hey, I would want to try that to. I don't know I would promise him I would get him back, but I would at least try as hard as I could. *SPOILER OVER* other than that! I looooovvvvvveeeeeedddddd the book. And I remember the next two books, but I don't remember reading them. I do know this, of the second book...... I disliked the beginning. But I loved the middle. Especially the two new characters (Jorge and Bree.... Or Jorge and some name that starts with a B. I liked em) and the third book.......... Well, I loved the book, but I hated hated when spoilers happened to spoilers and spoilers and I hated it because, well, I loved spoilers and well, he's gone! I loved him! He was one of my favorites! And now........... Spoilers. Except, I don't know if spoilers happened, cause it just spoilers at spoilers and they spoilers spoilers there! So, I hated that, but I did like the book. Although, maybe a star should be taken off because spoilers is spoilers. I haven't read the prequel yet, but I'll let ya know what I think! And if you've read the next few, comment or email me! I seriously need to talk about well...... Ya know. Spoiler spoilers spoilers. By the way, tonight at church I'm going to the hunger games with July and Mel (yay!) and tomorrow I'm going dress shopping (maybe taking some pics for you guys to see) and seeing divergent with Jessie, Mel, my mom and maybe July (we have to talk about it). I'll tell ya all about it!
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Movie-rific, book freak

Hey. So, whazzup? I've got nothing. Divergent came out and I should be seeing it soon. Captain America 2: he winter soldier comes out in a week and I'll see it then, Spider-Man 2 reboot comes out in May, and I'm going to see it on my moms bday as always. The maze runner doesn't come out forever, ditto with HG3 and the hobbit 3, which I'm going to see. But they're sooooooooo ffffffaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr. Does anyone know when the fault in our stars is coming out? Cause, I mean, I'm only on like page ten, well, technically halfway through chapter 2. But still, I like it. Other than Augustus  seeming  like............ Not just plain unreal, but also just like........ Alien. Seriously, I'm surprised he hasn't said salutations. Or I dunno, done some sharp shifting stuff or something. He's just.......... Unnatural. He's weird. In other words, I think he's a little too wheee-whoooooo. But I'm reading alligent and I like it. I finished the number one ladies detective agency, the course for modern husbands or whatever. It was good, but it felt too short in my opinion. But I still loved it. That's all I can think of. Have a nice day :)
Bookish and movie maniac

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Five guys bbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgers and fries

Hey! So, yesterday I went to five guys burgers and fries. And...... Wait for it.......... I didn't like it. *the whole Plutarch heavensbee falls in the punch stuff* everyone love that place, but I don't. I do however like the high tech, futuristic coke machines. They're cool. Coke machines are cool now. I seriously hope that they become more popular. They're simple, easy and nice. After we went to five guys burgers and fries we went shopping and one of Phoenix's friends bought a super sized cookie (pizza size) covered in frosting. It was good. I bought the movie, frozen. So, yeah. That was past night. This morning, it snowed. In march. And captain America two comes out next week Friday :)
Wanting to build a snowman
(It doesn't have to be a snowman)
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ork dork tv

So, yesterday Mel told me about how she was in class in fourth hour, when someone's phone went off. She didn't mind it going off (well, she did, but it wasn't like super annoying), but nobody got it. It kept going off and the teacher was getting angry because hello she was in the middle of a lesson and someone's phone kept going off. My friend was starting to get really annoyed when..... She realized it was her phone. I mean, that happens in every tv show ever, but have you ever expected it to happen in real life? Cause now it did. Life like, complete. Tv show moments down! Now just add not shirtless guys and mtv can have a reality show up in this joint. There's enough drama and... Well, me to make a hit show. Today, wasn't exactly a tv show day, but it was pretty nice. For orchestra we did elementary school tours, and played for three schools. Not gonna lie, like at least three (maybe like thirteen) guys in orchestra are reeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hot. And a few of them are seniors. Yes, please! Being stuck on a bus and in a school with them for a full day? Priceless. Especially since, well, they're guys. Hot and stupid and hilarious. No offense guys, I love you, but it's true. Anyways, we had a lot of free time, which was nice, and so I was...... Social. *que DUN DUN DUN's, people screaming, fainting, Plutarch Heavensbee falling into the punch bowl* By social, I don't mean, I went up and talked to people. Don't be crazy. By social, I mean, people talked to me. Mostly my friends, but a few were previously mentioned hot guys. So, very good very productive day. Filled with happy boy-crazy me. Plus for the most part, on the bus I got to listen to musical selections like pretty fly for a white guy, Hollywood whore, teenagers, lowlife and all signs point to lauderdale. So, again. Really really really really reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyy good day. And did I mention the guys? Cause an extra clap for them. Just cause.
Ork dork
Raven DeWitt

Monday, March 24, 2014


Boo! Yesterday I went to my Japanese tutors house along with my parents, and make Okonomiyaki, a Japanese food that means all your favorite fried foods, or something like that, it's basically just a kind of meat (pork or beef), a special kind of pancake like mix, shredded lettuce or cabbage and then cooked on a griddle, like a pancake. It's really good. Then we played a game called mao or something, which was fun but evil. There are like seven rules and only the dealer knows it, and they penalize you if you don't do something right. The objective is to get rid of all your cards. Every time someone wins a round they make up a new rule. There was a few other things, but that's about the jist of it. Well, anyways, my dad has very sharp nails. That can draw blood. Pretty scary battle scars, right? Then I got home and did homework. Fun.
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lost days

So Friday; chem club = explosions = fun! 'Nuff said. Later was jukebox jingles. It was pretty fun at first, but then if bordered on epic when a kid from orchestra and the orchestra teacher karaoke-ed. Separate times, but they were both to "I'll make a man out of you" from Milan, neither memorized the lyrics and the page with the lyrics was mixed up. It was hilarious!
Saturday: robotics competition. It was super fun, and July (whose in robotics and who invited me) along with her team, got to the finals, and sadly lost. But, they were in the finals, which is good. It was awesome! Today I made a cake and will be making Japanese food with my tutor later, so wigs me luck! Hope you all have a great weekend!
50's girl
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Everything wrong with xmen: 2

Youtube! Sorry for all pervy-ness and swearing, I'll tell you about Jj, cc and robotics soon!
At robotics


Friday, March 21, 2014

Rant about romance

So, yesterday I saw a post on one of the blogs I follow all about romantic movies and how applicable they are to real life. Now my favorite romance movie is captain America, unless you count Disney princess movies. So, as you can see, my romance knowledge is literally limited to real life. Even in my books, short of divergent and the hunger games, percy Jackson is the most romantic book/series I've read! Of course, I have read the  first grave on the right series, which is romantic, but the main character is more..... Me than romance, and the romance isn't super cute-sy. I mean, *SPOILER ALERT* he was in jail and coming in ghost form for the first two books, and in the third he kidnapped her to break out of jail and prove his innocents resulting in torture. It that cute or what? *eye roll* *SPOILER ALERT OVER* so, obviously romance isn't my forte. It isn't even my pianissimo! Heck, it isn't even on my short list of "talents", "sorts good at's", or even "doesn't completely fail at's". It is about as far out of the universe of me as well..... There's nothing that far out! Except for people with allergies that always make their eyes red. I swear, if the people who make romance movies are girls, they're living alone with fifty cats. If they're guys, they want to make.... Lot of friends who'll make friendship bracelets with them. For those of you who don't get that, they want to do the opposite of what your health teacher taught you. If you don't get that well......... Stay innocent! Anyways, I hangout with mostly guys, so my idea of romance is... Well, as already said. The blogger who inspired this post was realistic and talking about ya know, romance stuff.
Guys wanting to scream that they love you to the world, will do anything for you. Classic right? Classic lie, right? Guys aren't scared to say they like you, but dude, hard to get and they're like dude, you know there are much prettier girls out there. And *eye roll* drama. Sure, they may like you. But they lose interest pretty fast. Comes with short attention spans. Plus if you're just as pretty and just as a good kisser as someone else, you're inner changeable. I know, sad right? I mean, sure there are exceptions to the rule, being in actual love, but let's face it, that's going to happen once. Last guy you ever think of that way. So, unless you're married, don't be expecting it. And if you're married and agree with me, dude, you soooooooooo didn't think, did ya? Guys also don't write sappy love notes. And if you are a guy that does, it is almost gaurentied you are perfect. And taken. By the meanest, popular girl in school. Who you'll bring flowers every day and she'll yell at you because they aren't the right color pink. Then when you finally get the right pink, she'll like purple. And you'll start the year long process of getting the right color again. So, people, unless you have my romance movies as your romance knowledge, prepare to be disappointed. Sorry to burst all ya'lls bubbles. Oh, in other news, Trenton got out yesterday. You may all scream of happiness now. I went to tell one of my older friends about this, and she said she knew, cause his brother was telling her. His brother was there, and I never met him before. Which is weird, cause Trenton is literally family. I never met his. His brother is only a year older than me. He's also like, kinda hot. Sorry, but it's true!
Hopeless romantic
Like, obviously

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The fault in our Trenton's.

Hey! Sorry about yesterday. I was stressed so I got home, made a cocolate thingy, mixed cinnamon toast crunch with chocolate sauce and downstairs. Then Jessie came over (yay!) and she did my make up (not yay) but it wasn't super crazy, and eyeliner totally makes me look hot ;p the rest of it doesn't really make a change. She tried a few styles on my hair before we just did a simple braid, cause I had woodshop and didn't feel like getting my hair caught in anything. I made a pen. Then got home, showered and read. So, I got to like meeting Augustus in the book. Just like, his oblivion fear. Which really? Oblivion? He is literally afraid of nothing. In my opinion it's a really weird fear. I don't get it. (No, instead let's be afraid of logical things. Like ghosts...... I'm starting to think fears are irrational) And I like the book and Hazel seems like me, just a bit, but she also is kinda a jerk. I mean, I am too, but she just uses the excuse that she's dying. Or you grant her that, because who wants to call a dying girl mean? But she is. And dying is no excuse, because everyone's dying. But yeah. I also am kinda annoyed by how the Christian-y guy is a nut job (..................... Maybe without the nuts......................... Sorry! Had too! Too soon?) and other than being hot, I think Augustus is a little more than unrealistic. A great writer once said that if you don't believe your characters, your readers won't either. I mean, Augustus could be real. But right now, he seems a bit more unrealistic. So, john green, did you really believe Augustus? And in other news, TRENTON'S BACK, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I have chem club, then jukebox jingles, then on Saturday robotics, then on Sunday church then to my tutors house to make Japanese food. Very busy week.
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Honest trailers: catching fire!

No time to explain! Just youtube! Sorry for all swearing, pervy and stuff.

Inverted pyramid!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What time is it? :( time!

I chose my shirt this morning that said "I'm allergic to mornings" and has a frowny face alarm clock. Wow, that proved to be true. I woke up at two in the morning to a very sick Phoenix. For an hour. Which, sucks. And, my brother being sicker than a dog was not the only sick dog here. My pet dog was doing pretty good. Except when he went up the stairs. His back legs collapsed and I had to push him up the last few stairs. And then when he got into the car (to go to the groomer) me and my mom literally had to push him in. It was exhausting. Then there was a relatively normal day, and Japanese class where the unit is food. I found out that Ichigo (the main character from bleach) well, his name means strawberry. The first chapter named "death and strawberrys" finally makes sense. And also for a project I get to cook an authentic Japanese meal. *fangirl squeal*. Why do I do that? I doth actually fangirl squeal..... Anyways, my tutorer is Japanese and knows how to cook stuff like that and has authentic Japanese cooking utensils, so she said she'd help me. Which would be cool.  On Friday I have jukebox jingles which is an orchestra thing, I'll explain tomorrow. On Saturday, I'm going to my bestie, July's robotics competition. So, all in all, I may be allergic to mornings, but the rest of the day was great!
Allergies to mornings
No, really!

Inverted pyramid!

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's day

Happy St. Patty's day! Well, there are three reasons I looooovvvvveeeee St. Patrick's day. One; you get to pinch people for almost no reason. As long as they aren't wearing green. So, it's like a great day to be all mood swingy. Especially if your mood swingy-ness is baaadddd. And Two; I am legitly Irish. Of course, where I come from, even though it's in Michigan, EVERYONE is Irish. Me, the popular girl, the geek guys, the nerds, the hipsters, the wanna be's, the new kid, the drama freaks, the goth people, the burnouts, the failures, the drugees, the fashion club, the sport-people, the writers, the germaphobes, the hobo's, dude, even the adopted kids are Irish. And know they're Irish. I mean, it's super annoying. But, I still LOVE being Irish. Three; St. Patrick. He taught the Irish about Christianity. Using the three leaf clover to show them the trinity. I mean, isn't it great? Teaching people about the love of God. I especially like it cause they were my ancestors. I mean, I don't believe I can talk to my ancestors (Although, maybe they can hear me from Heaven. Hello up there! =]), but they are still a part of me. They're a part of my whole family, and I find it cool. Which is also why I like traditional stuff so much!
Kiss me, I'm Irish!
No, don't kiss me (Unless you're Captain America or Channing Taytum ;p)
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Movie thief

I watched the book thief yesterday. I loved the book. But the movie? I hated it. Hated. *everyone gasps Plutarch Heavensbee trips and falls back into the punch bowl, building explodes, s.w.a.t. Breaks in* yes, I'm sorry, you're all going to kill me. But the movie? I hated the cast. They were nothing like I imagined. And death..... Since when was he British?!?! And his voice.... Bleh. And they just changed the vital parts. And didn't put anything into the stealing. They even left out the fruit stealing! Grrrr! Why did they have to fail? I'm sorry, I just didn't like it. So, that's that.
Book freak

Inverted pyramid!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Grass and lasers

Hey! Guess what magically appeared here in Michigan today? This weird green stuff on the ground. At first someone said it was mold, but then an elder, said they remembered a time before the snow came, when there was this stuff called "grass". Totally weird, huh? I thought it was only a Pokemon type! Haha. Seriously though, the snow actually started melting. Which, is totally strange. ("But wow are we so ready for this change! For the first time in forever"............ Jk! I'm still in a "let the storm rage on" mood. But hey, "the cold never bothered me anyway".)  I haven't seen any color in Michigan since winter break when someone went to Florida and came back looking like a giant Dorito. Yesterday in chem club we played with lasers. Sadly and quite surprisingly, nothing blew up. First grass, then no explosions in chem club?! Something weirdos going on! No one started shouting about us lighting something on fire either. Weirder! Maybe it's cause Colten wasn't there. He's a pyro. Totally unlike me, who never gets an urge to light stuff on fire (she said sarcastically).
Green explosions
Now that sounds cool
Still not a pyro!
Raven DeWitt

It's finally spring!

Friday, March 14, 2014


I saw these on quotev and decided to make post out of it, because While I'm sure conspiracies are totally your thing, I need to at least pretend to be normal for like, half a post. Okay, the first question. Maybe not even then. Anyways, abc questions:

A- Age: 14
B- Birthday: 五月 十五日 (May fifteenth)
C- Crushing On: well two; Jordan and Cameron...
D- Drink you last had: Mountain Dew
E- Easiest person to talk to: Jessie, July, Mel or Phoenix.
F- Favorite song: um........... About 99% of the songs on my iPod.
G- Grossest memory: I can't think of one
H- Hometown: Seattle Washington
I- In love with: no one! I'm 14! And even if I was, wouldn't it be the guy mentioned in "crushing on"?
J- Jealous of: all superheroes ever.....
K- Killed someone: haha, no, haha.... Why would you ask that? You can't prove it! I have an alibi! Those weren't my finger prints on the murder weapon (which I don't know about) and I haven't seen him in months!
L- Longest friendship: July or Jessie. I've been best friends with them for like, ever! Literally, since I can remember we've been friends.
M- Middle Name: Leigh
N- Number of siblings: 1. Gigantic older brother.
O- One wish: superpowers. All the ones I can ever think of!
P- Person who called you last: ........ Pretty sure it's my mom or my brother.
Q- Question you’re always asked: "how old are you?" "How tall are you?" "You're Phoenix's sister, right?"
R- Reason to smile: ..... Either my best friends or.... Read the answers for "c" again......
S- Song you last sang: teenagers by my chemical romance
T- Time you woke up: 5:34 (on accident). I usually try to get up at 5:45
U- Underwear color: pink....
V- Violent moment you had: I hit my brothers friend with a remote like here times until I ran out of remotes to throw.........
W- Worst habit: oh.... I can only choose one?
X- X-rays you had: finger, right hand, after walking dog
Y- Your last kiss: dude, I haven't even had a first one yet!
Z- Zodiac sign: I'm pretty sure it's Taurus... (GATE OF THE GOLDEN BULL!!!! Ya know, from fairy tail.... Great, I got the pervy one -.-")

Feel free to use these! Also, I have chem club today :) but they did throw away the mold I worked so hard to grow last week ;p. honestly, I'd rather have had rock candy.
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, March 13, 2014

370 conspiracies

Yes, I am crazy. And a true conspiracy theorist. So, when I heard about flight 370 -a plane that mysteriously disappeared recently- I first though sarcastically "aliens!" Then I (seriously) wondered if it was anywhere near the Bermuda Triangle. Turns out it wasn't. But what happened? Someone said that there was a connection between flight 370 and the plane from lost, a show that many people -including me- watched. The show was good, but weird. I don't know exactly what the connections were, but I do have something to say; as a conspiracy theorist, lost could've happened. For all you logical people out there, sorry. But I mean, a plane crashed on an island, that's off maps. I mean, I don't think that sayid and Ben and everyone rom that company would be there, with the kidnapped daughter and the black mist. But, an island (that doesn't show up on satellite images) that glitches out the black box/tracker/signal of the plane? That could be true. Of course, it might have just crashed. But I mean, I feel like the island is a more possible possability. I also heard that there was a genius or two and a bunch of super important computer chips on it, and that china might have captured the plane. Which would mean that they could still be alive. I've also seen on a few websites that say the families could still call the person, and the phone rings. Like, still working and on and rings. Before voicemail. Plus it says they're online on like iChat or something. I dunno. Which, could go with both theories I've mentioned so far. I mean, on a flight you have to turn off your phone, but in either of those situations wouldn't they be able to turn their phone back on? Or their phone could get turned on somehow and they not be near it. I don't know, but for the sake of the families I hope I'm right. And I hope they're all alright.

Inverted pyramid!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oh no! The stars have a fault!

Have any of you read the fault in our stars? I officially decided to read it. Before the movie comes out. Only problem is that the local public library has a 328+ waiting list  (I'm sure people have decided to add to that since my mom checked), and the school library has both copies checked out. Til the end of March. Both me and my mom want to read it before the movie, but both of us are weary about it. My mom, in order to read it might buy it, but what happens if I don't like it? Even worse; how do I tell my friends I don't like it? That's my main problem today. Well, for a little while. Everyone literally says exactly this: "I didn't think I'd like it but I loved it. It was amazing!". Do you wanna know exactly who I got that quite from? My best friends, bloggers, the old hobo who lives down the street, aliens, even Leonardo Divinchi says that! Ugh. So, what am I supposed to do if I don't like it? I mean, I have no problem with the writer.... Well.... I haven't read any of his books. But I do watch his youtube videos and I don't dislike him. I almost kinda think he's slightly cool. But it's just.... Not my kind of book. And before you go telling me that I'll love it, it doesn't matter, let me rant (longer than I already have... Sorry!) aout why I say this.
1) romance. It just... Short of zombie killing and CBH and criminals. As long as there's no purple that involved tongues and all the purple involves clothes ON the body (let's just say I saw a trailer)
2) cancer/six months to live crap. I prefer it well..... Percy jackson-Ed (when people try to beat loosely translated stuff that doesn't mean what you think)
Of course, everyone says that they don't like that stuff but loved the fault in our stars, so I'll tell ya what I think.
Rapid reader

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hey. My first hour -math- got into a debate about evolution vs. Christianity. And Christianity won. Plus it was with a kid arguing for it who, I don't think he's stupid, but I don't know if I would want him to join the debate team. So, may I just say, that's how much more logical Christianity is. Boo-yah! God 1, so-called "science" 0. The rest of the day was normal. Then I had Japanese tutoring for the first time in forever. Yay. Jordan (the girl) also came over, and so did snakebites and another kid. I love them! They're so awesome. It was really really really fun. I also made cake pops and chocolate covered strawberries with Jessie. And the price for eating one; complimenting me. Today was the best day I've had in a while. Plus July, my bestie, posted twice. Which is always good.
And not the blue cat from fairy tail
Raven DeWitt

Monday, March 10, 2014

Five Seconds of a very white summer

Hey! So, you know how it's March and I haven't said anything about it? Well, now I am. March is the month of green. Except, it isn't because the only green is the Christmas trees because it's still snowy beyond belief outside. There actually is a grass patch outside by the school where people walk around a lot. Because that always melts when people walk on it! So, we're still freezing to death up here (and to fit the cold north stereo type, we are EH!). I think we should get another Christmas. Of course, I'm not complaining, I love snow, but... I'm pretty sure Sam and Dean should be investingation when it's ten below in March. I love it, but it's weird! I know, I've ranted about this, but hey, it's true! In other news, my friend Mel said that she ships me with Michael from Five Seconds Of Summer. They open for One Direction right now, but the song she played was actually kinda good (A heck of a lot better than 1D) and all the guys are hot. Michael is also a gamer, so, perfect times a thousand. I might look up some of their songs later.
How was your day?
and snowy
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Neglect at nine

I swear I haven't forgotten about you. I love you! But, I did let a little thing called life get in the way. (I love how I saw that as if I have a life!) seriously my whole week has been delayed starts, writing, friends and of course, late posts. Not my fault I'm popular (among all three of my friends....). Of course, that being said, it's no excuse for ignoring you. Bad me! Now go say you're sorry! ....... I'm sowwy. *queue puppy dog eyes!* point being, y'all are sadly being neglected by big bad me. And I have no excuse for that. My bad. I'll go sit in a corner. It's weird how I haven't been on here much, cause if I have a battery power of over ten percent, free time and internet connection I'm checking to see if anyone I follow has a new post. I'll try to post more!
Sitting in a corner