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Sunday, November 30, 2014


Hey! So sorry about last night! It's just in the morning I went shopping at the kristmarkit downtown. I bought four buttons, they say.... "I'm fairly certain that given a tiara and a cape, I could save the world", "I adore spontaneity provided it is carefully planned", "if good things come to those who wait, isn't procrastination a virtue?" And last but not least "I am not to be trusted in a bookstore with a credit card" which one do you like?
Spontaneously procrastinating reader

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Black Friday, because after being thankful for what we have we should fight tooth and nail for a $3 off some $1000 dollar thing. It just makes sense. But, for the first (and possibly last) time ever, I did black Friday. Uck. Seriously though, Hot Topic had all Tshirts for $10 and I bought a present for my friend there, I got an awesome gold tree necklace at an ucky girly store and it was really weird cause.. Well, one minute. Bath and Body works had a buy three get three free sale, so July (who I went with) got two things and I got four (she didn't want three), and ja. Ja, ja, ja. So, the stories...
At girly store #1, I was buying the pretty necklace and the lady at the counter said "Email?" and I was like what? Cause like, did she mean are you signed up for an email in this store or do you want to be signed up for our email list and aren't you supposed to ask, because there's like, no way I would ever set foot in that store again (Okay, there is a way, but that store literally makes me feel sick. I read their stupid sweaters. Sickening) and would block them. Seriously, I don't want them to have my email. Ew. Girly store just ew. And she literally just said email, which is like, what the heck do you mean! So, that was awkward. Oh my gosh. I just realized, I should've just started spewing a foreign language at her. Why didn't I do that?!?!
Also, at girly store #2 (both of which July was the one who wanted to go there. I had no part in it) you could draw from a hat and either get a percent off or a free candy cane. I got a free candy cane and the lady was like "oh, you can draw another one" and I was like uh, no, I want a free candy cane. Hand it over. Anyways, whatever you drew, you got a percent off everything, but the store already everything was 40% off, and July drew a 50% off, so like, $10 would be $6, but when July used her thingy it would be $5... Ya see? So, July was getting a $40 hat and it was priced after the 40% off at $15 which makes like no sense, and the 50% off made it $10. We don't know the stores logic.
Shopped out
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, November 27, 2014

honest trailers- xmen: days of future past

Happy thanksgiving! I'm so thankful to all of you! Love ya guys. I also love youtube, for when I don't have enough time to write a real post. I'm also doing stuff tomorrow, so I'm not sure how well I'll be able to post then.... Youtube!
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

mocking book teeth

Hey! Ha know how my mouth is supposed to killing me and missing pieces? Because it really isn't. Because I didn't get my teeth removed. Because they aren't developed enough. You wanna know when I found out? Today. At the appointment. Argh. But, then me and my mom went to Barnes and noble, where I got a big hero six book thingy, (has character bios, suit rundowns and awesome fun facts, japanese writing for their names..... Even though I know the japanese for their names, it's really cool), throne of glass, and cinder, so three books. I also got my brother a Christmas present, the first attack on Titan manga, which I heard was a really good anime, so I'm hoping my brother likes it. I've never seen it, but lots of people like it, and it sound pretty cool, so..... Fingers crossed. And I've only gotta wait a month! A whole month.... With two good books and an awesome guide to an awesome movie. Anyways, then I went and re-saw mocking jay with some friends from church. I think my crush was there, with a friend who goes to our church too, but they didn't sit with the group so I'm not exactly sure. But hey, it was fun. And, a couple of my friends didn't read he book, so it was fun to mess with them and see their reactions to the movie and stuff. I know it sounds psychopathic, but I was laughing at some people reactions. Yep, I'm a psychopath. Or a sociopath.
Or both
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hey! So, today's Tiday, because it's a Friday on a Tuesday. Of course, it's not an especially perfect day because tomorrow I'm getting my teeth yanked out of my head. Just my wisdom teeth. But, yanked. Viciously. Out of my head. Okay, not viciously and I'll be on laughing gas for the rest of the day afterwards. Thankfully, laughing gas is the perfect time to watch movies. Kinda like watching movies high, but without drugs. Because drugs are seriously bad. Seriously. But, anyways, after that my cheeks will be puffed up like a squirrel for Thanksgiving, so hopefully I won't see a hot guy when I look like a balloon. Especially certain people. Or I'll have to swallow my pride, because I really don't look like Snow White normally, so..... Yeah. Anyways, wish me luck.
Squirrel face


Monday, November 24, 2014

Everything Wrong With Batman: The Dark Night

Hello! Really tired... So, youtube!
Don't question why I've been thinking about and watching The Dark Night lately.
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, November 23, 2014

mockingjay part 1 review

Hunger games: mocking jay part 1 was awesome. I mean, it took out the little feel good parts (we just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear and also, when Gales little sister told the green skinned chick on Katniss's prep team she'd look pretty no matter what color skin she had) but it still went pretty by the book and was, well, pretty cool. So.... Review!

Plot: Katniss is now in district thirteen and President Coin needs Katniss to be the mockingjay. But there are a few conditions; Katniss's wants to go visit 12, her sister gets to keep her cats and all victors captured by the capital, get saved and of course, get immunity. Even the capital supporting, propaganda spewing Peeta. So, Katniss becomes the mockinjay after the right conditions, and of course, fights. There's a bloody brilliant war, but each time Peeta appears, he looks worse, until *I dunno, probs halfway ish, so spoilers unless you've read the book or seen the movie or both or just don't care* he warns them of an incoming bombing attack, and Katniss worries snow will kill him ("no.... He'll do whatever it'll take to break you" didn't happen in movie, but true and in book) then there's an attempt to save the victors, who are saved.... Except for Peeta's minds. He's now scared or Katniss, scared enough to kill her. And he does try. Then the movies over. So, BOOM! Only a year left for the same freakin book.

Thoughts: ooh, already established that I liked it, even if they left out the cute little feel good parts (the skin comment is cute, but like, Finnick Odair in his underwear.... All the fangirls needed that! ;p wow, I need a boyfriend....) but, of course, I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate how they split it into two parts. Like, really? Seriously really?! Urgh!

Rating: 4.5/5. Feel good parts needed! (Mostly Finnick.... Please excuse, life and boyfriend needed....)

Raven DeWitt

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Hey! I went to comicon in Grand Rapids last night, and sad,y, it was really small. I walked through the whole place in less than an hour. But, it was still pretty fun, and kinda Loki (haha, low-key, get it?). Sadly, I didn't cosplay cause I only had like a thirty minutes in advance knowledge of going, but if I'd been told earlier (like a month or two) I would've spent countless hours making an awesome costume for cosplay. After spending half the time figuring out who to be. Anyways, I saw my friend from orchestra and my dad thinks he saw my brothers friend, though I sadly didn't see her. I also got a tshirt, with the super smash bros final smash orb and it says "smash university" and underneath "your final destination for higher learning" like, dude, coolest t ever! There was also one with a yellow boo with black pikachu stripes and pikachu ears that had his hand over his eyes. It's a pikachu boo mix, making...... C'mon people, get this..... PIKA-BOO! Boom. Mind blown. At least, I hope so. Or else I failed you. So, it was pretty fun, and tonight I'm going to see the hunger games: mocking jay part 1. It seriously pisses me off that they're making two parts. I wanna go to Hollywood and slap some sense into them; literally. First Harry potter, then hobbit and now this?!? Rude. Stop it.
Raven DeWitt

Friday, November 21, 2014

Top 5 Fictional locations

So, my friend July tagged me in a post that was top 5 fictional locations I want to visit. So, here's mine!

5: Narnia
Duh. It's really cool and have I ever mentioned how much I love exploring? If I lived in a time I could be an explorer, I would. It would be awesome to live in Narnia, travel, meet Aslan, Lu, Susan, Edmund and Peter. Have you seen him? But seriously, exploring Narnia sounds super duper fun!!! Plus, talking animals. Talking. Animals. Seriously. Talking animals, exploration, Peter. I may have a slight crush on him.

4: The Beast's Castle (Beauty and the Beast)
Mostly for the Library. But seriously, huge castle to explore and ya know, LIBRARY. I wanna. I really super wanna.

3: Avengers Tower
Speaking of which, I may or may not be going to comicon tonight. YAY. And, ya know, Avengers. It would be pretty awesome to chill with them for a day.

2: Camp-Half Blood
Dude, exploring and of course, all the activities! Pegasus's, Capture the flag, fighting... Chilling with the best people ever!

1: Hyrule
Dude, exploration, fighting monsters. Link, hyrule castle and every other cool thing about hyrule ever. Which is everything. Everything.

So, that's where I'm going fictionally. Real-ly I'm going to comicon tongith (YAY!) and Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1, tomorrow.
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Hello! I'm feeling really good today. It was the second snow day of the year, and while I hate mr mayor Prentiss, I feel like him a bit. In the book he complains a whole town surrendered at the rumor of an army. And here, in MI we do that so very much for snow days. Not that I'm complaining. I got to hangout with my bestie July. But, the reason I was so happy (and still am) is cause a crush I had a few years ago, but haven't seen him in a year or two, well, he's in the church group I joined and I spent most of the time talking to him yesterday. I know it's ridiculous and stupid, but it was really nice. It makes me feel really really great. Because, ya know, girly feelings and emotions. But, for once, I really really like it. The emoticons and feels, that is. not the girly part. Because, ick, girly.
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Today was one of the best Wednesdays I've had in a while. More on it tomorrow. :-)
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

top 5 things that should be as easy in real life as they are in disney movies

Hello! First snow day of the year. Yay. I'm really happy about that in case you couldn't tell. Seriously. I love snow! In case you didn't know that. If you didn't, dang, read my blog more! Or know me in real life. Either way. Seriously. I have a problem. I'm too serious. Like, seriously ;p. Okay, but... I was about to say seriously again. Whoops.but, I had nothing to post other than a really happy snow day thingy, but I had a top 5 things that should be as easy in real life as they are in disney movies blog subject sitting around. Here's my own list;

1: finding true love.
Okay, I know this one is so obvious you guys just face palmed. Repeatedly. But hey, I've been out in the woods plenty of times and haven't met a guy. I know I'm kinda young, but look at shows like how I met your mother or supernatural or almost any movie that isn't for kids. Life is hard, and finding someone that you love, who loves you that works out is hard.

2: doing the right thing.
In Pocahontas, you're told "the right path isn't always the easiest" or something like that (I only saw the movie once like, three years ago) but in Disney movies it is. I guess that's because Heroes are always so... Heroic. That's why I love them. But, it doesn't change how hard it is in real life.

3: looking good.
Okay, slightly shallow, but let's face it, have you ever watched a disney movie where the main character didn't look like a hot hunk of somethin'? rapunzel has 70 feet of hair and it doesn't get tangled, she doesn't have to wash it every ten seconds yet it isn't covered in dirt and filth. Anna may have woken up with bed head, but she dashed out looking pretty 10 seconds later. Seriously? If I looked like that I'd look like it all day! And everyone obsesses over Ariels hair.

4. Fixing things after a fight
It's hard in real life. I mean, both sides are usually in the wrong, but neither side thinks they are. In Disney movies, they just make up like that.

5. Getting people to join you.
Singing? Dancing? Fighting evil? Helping you in any way? I tried singing in the street once. I got weird looks. I haven't tried getting random people to dance but 20 bucks says it won't work. Random people actually don't help you when you ask, but I'll help random people, I guess. Just ask me, as long as it isn't super crazy or just plain weird (or something I'd have to slap you for suggesting).

I could probably think of other things, but hey, you can think of your own.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, November 17, 2014

Top 4 things all guys need to know

Hey! So, I was just on a blog that had a post about top ten things guys need to know. I didn't agree with one. Not one. Not-Freakin-One. Like, seriously. They only wanted guys to know cheesy romantic BS that every romance movie has. Seriously, I was surprised I wasn't wearing a pink sweatshirt with leggings and uggs sipping starbucks while reading it. It was seriously the girliest thing I have ever read. I mean, seriously!!! Like bra, women up. I don't actually have Ten things that I think every guy needs to know. I'll try to think of some though...

1. Complimenting a girl is okay.
Seriously. I love getting compliments, and not in a stuck-up everyone should worship the ground I walk on way. I like being told I'm actually cool, good enough, at the very least I don't completely suck. You are allowed to compliment me, it isn't signing a marriage agreement. It isn't telling me you're in love with me. It's just telling me that I'm actually I dunno... Good. It's nice every once in a while.

2. Not every girl is a sweatpants/leggings wearing, starbucks drinking selfie taking, social media addicted girly girl.
Seriously. So stop acting like every girl is like that.

3. Stop putting so much pressure on looks.
I was about to start this one with seriously then realized I started the other two with it. Whoops. Guys, you seriously need to learn this. Anyways. I know media and stuff contribute to this too, but a lot of guys do add to this and I totally try to rebel against it, but it doesn't help when a lot of guys call almost every single girl pretty and talk about how much they like everything in excruciating detail, and then are rude about a girl being slightly imperfect and (going back to number one) they can't even give you a slight compliment when you're doing really seriously super well at something. Grrr.

4. Girls are not an inferior race.
I honestly, do not mind some jokes about girls, but dude... I am not worse at anything, stupdier, and I am weaker but not because I'm a girl. It's not like I can't do something just because I have a few different parts.

I don't think I have anything for number 5. Or anything after that. Guys actually know a lot, but seriously... Thinks girls need to know is a list I actually get. I mean, I'm a girl, but seriously... Also, all those videos... I KNOW EVERYTHING! Seriously, If you'd stop going after miss pretty little pink, maybe you'd see some girls actually do know, care or like what you think other need to. Maybe some of us are okay. Same rule for guys.
Different Girl


Sunday, November 16, 2014

book-y day-y

Hey Braski, how's life? It's sunday, so, book talks. I basically only have one.
I finished BoO so you don't have to hit me! I do have to review it... Sorry. Whoopsie-daisy. Let the Internet punching resume.
Monsters of Men (chaos walking book three): sparkle army, people form the ship and a whole lotta of oh, crap. And I'm not even done with the first chapter yet!
That's he only book I'm reading. Weird, right? I've cut down to one book at a time. I know feel like a drug addict.
So, that's that. I also tripped and my arm hurts, so.... I'm gonna watch tv. Good'ay mate!
Book addict


Saturday, November 15, 2014

pro place

I just went to the movies with my friend and watched... Big Hero 6. Again. And loved it. Again. And totally call dibs on Tadashi. Again. And I am totally still buying it when it comes out and willing to go with whoever wants to. But, sadly, that means I have no time to tell you about my crazy yesterday, so how 'bout some good ol' product placement? I advertise so much stuff on this blog I should get paid. Hot topic, Nintendo and any anime company ever plus disney should be paying me so much for all my involuntary, just cause I'm a nerd who's this in love with this stuff product placement. Anyways, awesome blog post over on oh my disney is here. Kay, love ya, bye!
Placing product


Friday, November 14, 2014


Okay, so yesterday when I was so happy it was snowing, it was because it was not only snowing (it's been doing that for a few weeks now) but because the snow was sticking to the ground. Like, piling up into real mounds of snow. Whoo. I love it! Today is a very big (mostly busy big, not like, holiday big or anything) day, so.... Lemme take a breather.
Oh! Before orchestra (which will be traveling with me to Disney in January!) my friend, Trevor, told me to check my wifi. I looked and lo-and-behold, one of the wifi things was an FBI Survalence van. It literally said "FBI SURVALENCE VAN" in all caps, just like that. I screenshot the sit on my iPad. Yep. That happened. My little 1000 person (okay, way more than that, but you get the point, small) town is the new crime capital of the world!
Okay, maybe not that big, but we used to have like, a crime every millennia. Now we've had a murder in the last five years, two stabbings over the summer, a few car break-in's over the summer and now an FBI van parked out by the school. I know, that's an hour in New York, Chicago or LA, but you have to get this; small town. We literally have a parade for tulips and that's all that happens in our entire year. Now we're having a real crime wave haha ;p. I am wondering what the guys in the Survalence van were up to... If I ever get a wifi hot spot, I should name it FBI SURVALENCE VAN and Carry it around with me to see what people do. And, if there really was/is an FBI vehicle out there, I'm really hoping they aren't going on everyone's iPad and reading this blog. Or they are. If they are they should comment. Because I enjoy comments. And people actually reading my blog. Hopefully not he NSA though. Because that'd be awkward.
Federal bureau of incredible


Thursday, November 13, 2014


Hello! It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing! It's so totally snowing!!! Yay! If you live here, DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE!!! Actually I love rain, but stop hating snow! Like seriously... You're ruining my ecstasy 'bout snow, and hurting jack frosts feelings. Or so I assume. You're just being really annoying. If you like snow... I love you! You're awesome. But seriously, people are being annoying. Anyways, I have robotics after school. Yay. And I'm wearing my chibi toothless shirt, Tardis gloves and pikachu sweatshirt. Awesome-sauce. Ooh, and, I dunno if I told y'all, but I'm going on a disney trip in January. With my orchestra. I've never been to Disney before, so I'm excited. Mostly cause I've never been there before, but also partially because I LOVE DISNEY! And my orchestras a pretty fun group to go with. Oh! I'm also wearing my new snow boots. They're awesome.
 Question of the week: if you went to the academy in Big Hero 6, what would you make/do. If you haven't seen Big Hero 6, it basically can be whatever you want as long as it's science-y. Also, if you ask me, Ill make a Big Hero 6 OC (other character) for the science thing you want. Cool, right?
Looking awesome


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Big hero 6 movie review

Ya know how I went to an awesome movie yesterday but didn't have time to review it? Well I just finished the review. Ya know how some movies you think here going to be super great and they aren't? Well................. This isn't one of those movies ;) now without further ado
Big hero 6 review...
Plot: Hiro Hamada is a seriously cute super genius who graduated high school at 13. Thirt-freakin-teen. Wow. His only problem is refusal to go to college, or "nerd school". Ouch. Like any normal, smart, awesome super-genius would, he spends his free time hustling big, evil dudes out of money in robot fights, despite his hot, dreamy, awesome brother, Tadashi, not wanting him to. Well, Tadashi does succeed in convincing Hiro that illegal robot fights with anger issued mob bosses isn't as good or safe a use of his time. Hiro wants to join Tadashi's college, and goes about creating a project to get in. He finally finishes and presents his project, which is totally awesome and gets him into the school. Which burns down the second he leaves the building. His dreamy brother adds to his dreamy-ness by risking his life to save someone else's, the someone else being stuck in the fire. Sadly, neither make it. Hiro is depressed. His brother died, his invention destroyed and, well... Brothers death. Seriously. I nearly cry whenever a main characters brother dies too. Well, his boring life of depression gets a little different when he discovers his brothers invention -baymax- and his own invention (or the one piece not destroyed in the fire) starts malfunctioning. Or so he thinks. He follows it to where it wants to go to discover that someone stole his invention, used the fire to cover it up and ultimately killed his brother. Hiro decides to catch the bad guy, with the help of his bros best friends; GoGo, one of the coolest chicks ever, with a fashion sense that I swear I've been wanting to do for a while (she was basically just missing funny tshirt and we'd be twinsies.....), Wasabi who looks all big and tough... And kinda isn't, Fred (Frederick Lee... Hmm.... Slight relation to Stan Lee) and Honey Lemon, a genius version of Rapunzel. They team up to catch Mr Kabuki mask, and..... Well, that's about the plot.
Stan Lee Cameo: you can close your mouth now. Yep. Stan Lee is now in an animated movie. Animated Stan Lee. And, if you don't get the little picture reference you have quite a treat in the end credits scene. That's right, end credits. Boom.
Thoughts: I will warn if I may or may not spoil something. Okay, so, other than the movie being awesome and wanting a tshirt that says future Mrs. Hamada ('cept mr dreamy kinda died.... Aw. D:) the movie had some great themes. Friendship, revenge sucks and turns you into something worse than who you're trying to get revenge on (spoilers: mr. Kabuki mask killed someone for revenge which made someone want to kill him for revenge. Like whoa. Mind blow. also, I hate Mr kabuki mask. HE KILLED HIM!!!!!!!  And spoiler over
Also, a bunch of nerds can accomplish anything. Well, a bunch of nerd and the hippie-skateboarding mascot. Because nerds rock!
Also, after the movie I went to hot topic and got a baymax shirt (rate your pain on a scale of 1-10, baymax and a blueprint of his armor on ONE shirt!) and a Chibi toothless shirt. I'm totally rocking Bay today. Now, score, drumroll please.................................................
Score: 5/5 loved it!
Future Mrs. Hamada ;p


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big Busy Week

Okay, so I have a whole lot going on for the next three days. Be expecting lots of YouTube. Lots and lots of  YouTube. Seriously. I will post my Big Hero 6 review as soon as I finish it, but there's no promise when that will be because...
Tomorrow (Wednesday): Tutoring (4-5), church (6:30-8)
Thursday: Robotics (4-6)
Friday: Chem Club (3-4), HG at Church (6-8), Orch Fundraiser (8:45-10)
So... Wow. I will be working on my review all week, but I will also be Heck-a busy. So... Sowwy. And also, help! Busy monster!
Raven DeWitt

Monday, November 10, 2014

a tale of two days

Hey! Have I mentioned I was so ready for my day off? Cause I was. Sadly, I only have one more, and about 6 episodes of Naruto. Then a few weeks and thanks giving! Thank you thanksgiving. Whew. Overall, day 1 of 2 is great. Tomorrow is big hero 6, and I'm excited. But first! Saturday was a tale of two cities. I love it, but... My favorite character died. About 90% of the other people died too, but mostly... My main character. I loved him. And he's dead. But overall it was a pretty good play. And my friend in it played a terrible person. People cheered and applauded for the person before her, but when she came on stage and took a bow (curtsy) everyone applauded but no one cheered. She was really proud of it, because it meant she was that good at being a psychopathic, evil terrible, horrible mean person. She rocked it. I mean, she was really is nice and awesome, but the person she played... Everyone was just waiting for her death. She's an awesome actress.
But, I loved the guy who died. I loved him! She said she didn't like that he died either.
90% of the time, if someone dies, it's my favorite character
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, November 9, 2014


As a thing of not murdering my brothers friends (I hope he gets into a car crash, is blown into more hits than chiotzu, gets more burned than the human torch and there's so much carnage even Crowley cringes. Anyone wanna be my alibi?) so, books.
Monsters of men: checked out Friday, started reading... Tomorrow.
Fifth grave past the light: done. No review. And hey, Charlie, I have a few guys for Reyes to hit......
Blood of Olympus: ya know the ten pages I have left................................. Hehe...... Slap me next week if I haven't read them?
That's it. Also, anyone know any good assassins.
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Up da date

Hello! So, Thursday, robotics. It was really really fun, and the people were great. I'm really looking forward to this year. Also, I'm going to a tale of two cities as performed by my school. Hmm.... Four day weekend, on Tuesday im going to see big hero six, which I'm super excited for. This morning I helped the new pastor move into his house. A huge group unpacked the moving vans and put the boxes in the right rooms and sometimes unpacked boxes when we finished unpacking the truck. Hmm.... My mom also made a really great chocolate desert which I described to my brother as chocolate and girl-y-ness with a pinch of feminism because it's so much chocolate! With raspberry sauce. It's really good. And I need chocolate. Chocolate saves lives.
Hmmm chocolate


Friday, November 7, 2014

Wednesday wood

Hey! So, I was planning on posting earlier, but I got sidetracked. Then my iPad decided it didn't want me to, and froze, then restarted my post, anyways, tonight I'm gonna babysit but then, four day weekend baby! Whoo! And Big Hero Six comes out today. Whoo-Hoo! Yay. Anyways, when my emotions short circuited. (I must be channelling Leo too much if I refer to humans as machines, but it's true and I've been doing it way longer than when I met Leo (HoO.... Not really real))
My emotional owie was caused by my long board. I love it. I totally love it, and I worked hard on it for hours and. I. Love. It. I freakin love it. It's pretty cool and pretty, well, me. It's a book/video game thing and it's totally nerdy and just so.... Me. All it's missing is disney, anime and superheroes or it would totally be my twin, haha. But well... I mean my parents said it's cool and my brother did (mostly cause he loves wolf link as much as I do, and he if he didn't say anything me and my girl-y feelings would be mad at him), but when I took it to woodshop, no one even acknowledged it. Which hurt. You wanna know why no one acknowledged it? Because my friend Indiana did hers the same week, and we both had ours completed. I didn't really mind that. And hers was pretty cool, although the set-up bugs the death the kid bit of me a bit (the symmetry is a bit... Unsymmetrical), I did think hers was cool. But everyone thought hers was cool, and no one even acted like mine existed. Which
Actually really hurts. I mean, really hurts. Freakin emotions. Anyways, finally someone commented on mine. They were a grown up (just wait til what they said...) and they asked if I free handed it. Seriously? You think I just thought "oh here's this awesome longboard I worked really hard on, I'll just burn into it without planning. A whole huge elaborate design, that if it messes up at the end would suck to restart on a longboard I'd have to build again because the old one would be ruined. Sweet". We all know I'm death the kid-esque (symmetry syndrome). And I stuck a piece of paper to it to burn through, but it was still hard work, and it still took hours gluing it just the right way, putting them all in the perfect position, then painting the top... It was really hard work. So, I said the truth. No, I got a peice of paper on the top and burn it through. And he looked disappointed. Disappointed! He was older than 5, he actually know... Anything! He should have logic! At the very least he shouldn't look dissappointed. He shouldn't look like I didn't put any work into it. Like I don't matter! Like... I dunno. It just hurts. And then I started to say but I did do the top free hand and crap and I totally just trailed off because he totally looked like he just didn't care. Dude, you're a freakin grown up! And, I mean, that was the only person who even acknowledged it. Everyone else just ignored it. I mean, stuff like this happens all the time, but every once in a while it just materializes in one thing that hurts. Hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts. Stupid emotions. But I mean, I worked really hard on it. I mean, really really hard. And I really really love it. But no one even cares. Ow. And even though no one cares about mine, which I worked hard on, they all swooned over Indianas. They acted like they were all 10 year old girls and her long board was one direction. My longboard was more like..... One of my brothers friends. Sure, some people like it, but they aren't all trying to murder each other just to say how amazing it is. And I worked just as hard. If not harder. I know it seems stupid, but I've been feeling aweful about it since Wednesday. It really hurts, and I'm not usually one for girly emotions so............ Sorry. I know it's unlike me, but I really needed to rant about it. Thanks.
Emotional short circuit


Thursday, November 6, 2014

days of future and past

Sorry for the late post yesterday! It was kinda busy (as will today be) and then if to bad from youth and my emotions actually existed. I blame a combination between being a girl and being human. Mostly the girl, but being human also requires emotion. And well.... I'm at school and don't want to start crying for some stupid, girly reason again (yeah, I actually cried. There has to be something wrong with me. Hey Hephaestus, can you check out if my emotions got short circuited? My tear ducts leaking? Sorry, HoO joke and a sorta stupid one at that....) so I'll talk about my busyness. Tomorrow or Saturday we can sit around talking about my feelings though. How does that make you feel?
Seriously, yesterday it was just a bit of HW, after I got home around 3:30, then before I know it, BAM! 5, I'm helping my mom make dinner, getting a hot topic package I ordered with black baggy skinny jeans (I order them a bit too big so it won't show every single curve I've ever had on my body), Tardis PJ boots (comfy and perfect for going around the house) and Tardis fingerless gloves. The boots were just for fun, but the gloves are because I've been going back and forth between my two stupid schools (anger at schools later, probs this post) and I needed something. Then woodshop with church where my emotions broke and possibly my tolerance for some people...... And today.....
I will be at school for eleven hours in a row. I'm at hour 5/6ish (fifth class, six hour mark.......) because right after school (7:37, I get there around 30 minutes early-2:45) I am making paper flowers for a dancing with disney thing my orchestras doing (more on that later) from 3-4 and from 4-6 I have a robotics meeting. This is my way of announcing I made the team yay.
Okay, anger at school..... Fifth hour in library. Library closes all day on Wednesday. I was told the office would let me in, the office sent me to the other office (just in one of the two schools) who said they weren't allowed to let me in. -_- seriously?
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

avengers: age of ultron teaser hishe

Hey, sorry for the late post..... Emotional and busy next weeks days. Mostly busy. Really busy. 90% busy. So.... HISHE? Hishe.
I can show you the world.
Hakuna Matada
And other things to ruin.
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Hello! So, today, for the first time EVER I played super smash bros for the 3DS. So, first off, I love love love love super smash bros, so I've played it before, but I don't have a 3Ds. Regular DS sure, but not the 3D one. So, I haven't played smash bros before for it. It was really pretty fun. The guys in my first hour (only like three of them) bring their 3DS's everyday and play it, but one was doing math homework and asked if anyone wanted to borrow his to play. I volunteered as tribute. It was super fun! I lost the first round, but didn't the second or third. We only had time to play three times. So, I guess I did pretty good. I mean, I didn't win, but I didn't die first. It was one of the opportune moments to say "I can't believe it! I'm not the first one to die in this series!" And boom baby! I totally wasn't. Yay. So, that's good. Also, new TFS hellsing and a Halloween special. So, this week is pretty awesome. And because of parent teacher conferences Monday and Tuesday next week, four day weekend! Score! Also, big hero 6 comes out Friday. Awesome week or what?! And dude... I played smash bros on a 3DS!
Raven DeWitt

Monday, November 3, 2014


Boo! So, NaNoWriMo started a few days ago and I finally figured out what my topic will be.... Drumroll please...............
Disney Hunger Games! You know the one with different prince and princesses in different districts and stuff? And things? I dunno who's gonna win yet though............ I'll have to choose soon!
District 14: writing


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Reading recap

Howdy! Okay....... I don't do howdy. My mistake. That is soooo not my thing. Anyways, books!!!!!!!!

The blood of Olympus: I literally have ten pages left, but I've also had those same ten pages and only them for a week. I haven't read any! I blame the fact that I can't stand stuff ending. Books? Tv shows? I stop like tow pages from the end or one episode and don't read or watch anymore. I need to learn to finish stuff, and say goodbye.

Fifth grave past the light: I think I'm a little in live with Gemmas boyfriend too. Son of satan who is flawless and like, just.... Woooowww. Yeah, not for me. Peirce? Yes please! Seriously, I mean, that's kinda awesome. And, Gemma..... Crap. But holy coincidences. Or is it? Hmm....... Also...... Eh, not much else has happened....

Raven DeWitt

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cool costumes

Hey! Y'all know how yesterday was Halloween? Well, trick-or-treating was fun, but the costumes this year were.... A little less than satisfactory. Seriously, 90% of them were camouflage or cowboys. Which, no offense, are some of the worst costumes. Great for last minute, but c'mon, 90% of people should be better than last minute, even if it was cold as frost out. Yes, I did mean to say frost, don't freak out. So, here's the 10% of other costumes.......

-Santa. SANTA. SANTA! Dude. Kudos, and that was definantely a first.

- unicorn, horse and a zebra. All they were missing was... A heck of a lot.

- Spider-Man. How many spiderman costumes? One. 1. Ichi. Uno. ME, MY FRIEND AND ONE LITTLE KID WERE ALL THE SUPERHEROES. SERIOUSLY?!?!

- Anna and Elsa. So cute! There were loads of them. The first one we teases about being to blame for the snow.

- Belle/beauty and the beast. How many? One. Other than all the Anna and Elsa's was one disney princess. Really? Really?

Captain America