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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Top 5 schools ever!

School starts the day after tomorrow. Oh gosh. No. No. NO. This cannot be happening. I'm not ready. Oh. My. Freakin. Gosh. I'm going to die. But, while freaking out and writing that, I got inspired for this post.
Top 5 (fictional) schools I want to go to (in no particular order):

1: DWMA (soul eater). I would either be a weapon or get to use one on a daily basis and the people there are actually pretty cool (I think I would get along with Maka and Soul way better than 90% of the kids at my school). Plus the extra credit assignments mean traveling the world and fighting bad guys. Dream job!

2: Xavier's school for gifted youngsters (x-men). It's also known as the Xavier institute, but either way, you have superpowers being honed and lessons being taught in a whole school full of outcasts and people different, just like you. You understand each other. And you're a X-man, so...... Duh.

3: Galligher girls academy (Galligher girls series). It's a school for spies and includes hacking, espionage and self defense classes. Sign me up please!

4: knight academy (legend of Zelda, skyward sword). You only see a little bit of this academy but you get trained to be a knight, you fly giant birds and there's sooooo much to explore! I am all for exploring!

5: Hogwarts (Harry potter). You didn't think I was going to forget it, did ya? Seriously, magic, potions and I've always wanted a chance to explore Hogwarts castle. Plus, dragons. And the triwizard tournament. And, again, EXPLORATION!!!!!!

Those are some schools I wouldn't be dreading going too. My school? Different case. But I have to. Three more years then college. If I survive DX

Raven DeWitt

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nerdy comebacks

Remember when I did NSA pick-up lines? Well, there's also a whole realm of nerdy pick-up lines and while I love most of them, some of them are super dirty and require almost no knowledge of the nerdy group they reference, which pisses me off so much. If you're using a nerd pick-up line, you'd better make it some inside joke/reference only fans would know or I'll be coming after you -.- don't doubt it. So, I came up with a couple comebacks. A couple are kinda iffy, but one of them I am super proud of, so.... Yeah. I only came up with comebacks for ones that are dirty and require no knowledge of the thing. Because let's face it, that's just like cheating. You don't see me making jokes about football! Sorry, there's not a lot but whatever. Here's the line and comebacks:

I wanna squirtle on your jiggypuffs
Comeback: I wanna use low kick on your squirtle this should be accompanied by a demonstration.

My onix just used harden
Comeback: my wailord uses dive and avoids all attacks

This is the one I am totally proud of. The comeback. First the stupid pick-up line:
Are you the triforce cause I wanna touch you
And now the comeback which is totally the best thing ever, and requires some knowledge of the game: if I'm the triforce you must be Ganondorf because you make me wanna go find someone worthy. 
In the words of my brother and probably most people who get it.... BUUUUUURRRRRNNNNNN!!!!!

And that concludes my rejections of pervy fake nerds. I seriously wanna use the triforce comeback sometime. But don't get me wrong, there are some nerdy pick-up lines I love, and I might make a post on those soon, but c'mon, I had to share the triforce comeback.

Raven DeWitt

Friday, August 29, 2014

(Back to) School Shopping

Yo. I went back to school shopping yesterday after my no good horrible very bad morning. I got four shirts, a Frozen T with Olaf on it, that says "Some people are worth melting for". That's like, my favorite quote from Frozen, even if it is a little sappy. I also got a Marvel shirt, with the usual suspects on it, Ironman and hulk and spiderman and captain America and spiderman and ya know, the main marvel guys. I got a zebra sweater and one with roses on it. I also got four new jeans, three colored, two blue one red, a blue and the red one are both plaid. The last pair is just normal. Anyways, then I also got a skirt, a black one and blue leggings that kinda look like fish scales. I also got Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, a mythology book written by Rick Riordan from the point of view of Percy, meaning it has lots of sass and sarcasm and ADHD and, of course, a real hero telling how it is with all those less real heroes. I also got a package including a new Pikachu sweatshirt and a Pikachu hat. New season of Elementary and a new season of once upon a time on Netflix. But that's not even the best part! My haul from Hot Topic. I got the Captain America sweatshirt from the Winter Soldier (so it's black and silver, not blue red and white) and a Spiderman sweatshirt. So, now I have 2 Captain America, a IronMan, a superman and a Spiderman stuff that's actually their costume (well, IronMan arc reactor, superman with the cape). I also got a chibi marvel characters lanyard (fantastic four, avengers, X-men and stand alone characters all included) and a compass necklace that says "Explore|Dream|Discover". And 18 buttons. First are the cutesy ones; one with Olaf in summer, one with Chibi toothless, two Lilo and stitch ones, an Anna one that says "For the first time in forever", an Elsa one that says "Let it go", A scar one that says "I'm surrounded by idiots", A beauty and the beast one and a peter pan one. The rest are three Supernatural ones, one with both Sam and Dean that says Supernatural, one with just Dean saying "Dean" and one with just Sam saying "Sam", one that says "221B", one that says "Whovian" the O being a tardis, one that says "You are exactly what's wrong with society", one that says "I solemnly swear I am up to no good", one that says "I speak in song lyrics and movie quotes", and the last one says "AH!" in a box like the periodic table and next to it "the element of surprise".
What'd you think of the buttons?
Soon to be Sophomore

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Everything wrong with dragon ball evolution

I woke up this morning to my brother yelling, then everyone else started yelling then my dog ate like half my bagel and it's a really good bagel so now I'm super duper pissed off and tired and UGH!!!!! Plus I still feel sick. Happy last Thursday of summer, huh?

Long, but funny (well, I guess only if you're into DB, but whatever....)
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hello. How goes it? Me? Not as well as I'd have hoped. Last Wednesday of summer and I'm sitting on my sunroom couch with a stuffy nose and a sore throat feeling sick. A prompt on my friend Hilda's blog may or may not have inspired me to write something.... Here's the prompt;

You have a new neighbor who is moving in. He/she is looking at you with a smile as you walk along the sidewalk on your way to the park. You are bound to meet as soon as you reach him/her up ahead. What happens next?

I dunno, it just kinda inspired me. Plus I'm working on another piece that was at first inspired by Marie Lu's second book in the legend series, Prodigy, the whole cities built on water, and then while setting it up, I read the Legend of Zelda manga and I realized my main character was kinda like Link when I set her up, so now the story is inspired (a lot) by LoZ. I still like the city on the sea utopian post apocalypse feel for the setting, but I also like the LoZ inspiration for characters and plot. Maybe I can fit in that above snippet, but you'll have to see. If I like how it's going I might post it here. Anyways, there are three LoZ games that I will roughly be basing the characters off of.

Link and Zelda, of course, but since my main character is a girl, it's going to be a girl link (and I'm changing the names so they work in Japanese, cause I can and I'm a bit of a nut and to work better with gender changes) and since I ship link and Zelda, it's going to be a guy Zelda. The three main characters that are going to be main characters in my story, other than link and Zelda, are Fi, Navi and Midna, but they're all going too be humans. I think their three personalities are complimentary and very important for side characters; the rude one (Midna, but she's still one of my favs), the smart one (Fi) and the annoying one (navi). Anyone who has played these games will probably agree. And I think people who haven't played legend of Zelda will probably like my story, but there will be lots of little geek out moments for those who are into the game. So..... If I like it, I will post it.

Chosen hero


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Top 10 smartest people

I'm still on my once upon a time marathon and I'm thinking about how dang smart Mr. Gold is, and it got me thinking how brilliantly clever he and many other characters are. There are a lot of them. So, top 10 smartest characters (in no particular order, so #1 will not necessarily beat #10 at chess)

1: Mr. Gold (once upon a time). Like, duh. He's the deal maker, he may seem a bit crazy, but I think he's a genius. The deals, the fact that the whole curse was just to find his son (and possibly other things... But that's for another time)

2: Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson). Daughter of Athena already marks her as "wise girl" but she can think her way out of almost any situation, and trick most monsters, giants even gods goddesses and titans!

3: princess bubblegum (adventure time). She's always doig some important science-y thing and when she isn't, she's taking care of her kingdom or other kingdoms. So, not only can she do science, she can also do politics.

4: Shikamaru (Naruto). He is the smartest guy like ever! Well, almost. Seriously, though, he got out of about a billion situations with his brain and he beat an invincible guy. He's definitely the guy I'd want as the brains for my zombie appocolypse team!

5: Liz (Galligher Girls series). It takes real smarts to get all A's at a regular school, but at a spy school? Not to mention extra credit!

6: Fi (legend of Zelda: skyward sword). Okay, I know she's a video game character but all her probabilities and figuring things out -I know other "helpers" do figure some stuff out too, but she just seems so much smarter.

7: Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Spider-Man). He can build his own web shooters, be a superhero and keep up with all his classes, enough to get into college,

8: Aladdin (Aladdin, duh). He ducks guards for years, saves a girl and even tricks his way into the palace (and tricks his way out of a death trap!)

9: bones (bones). Forensic anthropology means you solve murders with little more than skeletons. Plus it's a super big word and she's based off of a real life genius.

10: Captain Jack Sparrow (pirates of the Caribbean). People think he's crazy, but four movies avoiding the British, beating mythical monsters for legendary treasure and he's up for another movie?  Kudos to you Captain. Another one everyone mistakes his genius for crazy.

Well, there you have it, the people you wanna team up with to survive any situation. Fighting villains? Murder? Thievery and any other number of... Tricky situations? We've got it all in 10 people. I know everyone reading this is probably missing Hermoine granger, from Harry. Potter, but she's so classic she's become cliche in the smart department. I love HP, but Hermoine isn't the only smart person in the world.

And bonus person:
11: me! Haha, kidding!
Raven DeWitt

Monday, August 25, 2014


Hey. I'm currently re-watching once upon a time before the new season comes to netflix. I sadly haven't watched the most recent season as it came to TV, so.... I don't really know what happens in it. Sorry! But I do know Frozen's coming to one upon a time. Sadly, I am not excited about it. Okay, sorry, don't kill me just yet. I have a solid reason for being not excited, and I'd rather try to reason with you before you purge me for sayin that. Savvy?

Okay, the reason I am the only person in the universe not excited for Frozen coming to once upon a time is because they are taking it straight from the movie. Yes, they've done snowwhite, but they haven't done Disney's snowwhite and the seven dwarves. OUaT has done beauty and the beast, Cinderella and peterpan, but they've done the original tales, not the Disney ones. They've done rapunzel, not tangled. It would be one thing if they were doing the snow queen the original tale Frozen was based off of, but they're not. They're doing Frozen. So..... I'm not actually looking forward to it. So sorry, but I just feel like it's not them. And, actually....... It isn't. I mean, sure there are some similarities it the Disney tales, that aren't in the originals, some Easter eggs. Some little shout-outs to Disney. But no story straight from Disney. They're changing for popularity is what it feels like (and frozen is pop-u-lar!). I love Frozen, I love OUaT but this isn't either of them.

The good news about not looking forward to or not being excited about something is it can only get better from there. So.... Impress me OUaT. You can only get better from my thoughts about it.

Raven DeWitt

Sunday, August 24, 2014

HISHE captain America: the winter soldier

Sorry, I'm not inspired for a post today, plus I have to defurminate doggie. And there's a silent realm in legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword I have to beat no matter how trippy it is. Seriously. Creep-tastic. So...... HISHE!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

NSA pick-up lines

I went to the fair with July yesterday. It was super fun, and we saw my uncle and aunt there. I also won a tiger tail in a game and am now looking even weirder than usual. Anyways, there were a bunch of couples and super hot guys there and it got me thinking about pick-up lines. Now, being the socially awkward, nerdy, scary chick I am, I don't have a lot of experience with pick-up lines. But my cousin did (now he's married. Works well!) and my brother and friends do (probably) so I decided to dedicate this post to pick-up lines. Not just any pick-up lines, but NSA pick-up lines, but I'm going to take out some of the more vile, gross, weird (okay, they're just ones I would punch a guy for saying to me, the pervy, suggestive) ones. Because seriously, I would (and will) break your nose and probably more than just that, for saying them. Anyways, NSA pick-up lines.

I was going through your email and noticed you like cats too!

We understand you so much better than the guy you're with now

Hey, I've never met you, and this is crazy, but I stole your number, so answer baby!

Hey baby, what are you wearing? Just kidding, I'm watching you!

I know exactly where you've been all my life

We had you at hello.

And my personal favorite.... Girl, you must've fallen from heaven, because there is no tracking data to indicate how you arrived at this location.

What's your favorite? I think I might do another one with nerd pick-up lines and maybe Pokemon pick-up lines if there are any actually clever ones (like even something as cheesy as I choose you, not some stupid pun that doesn't actually have anything to do with Pokemon!!! And if there are bad ones, I may or may not have some lines to repel them!!)

Raven DeWitt

Friday, August 22, 2014

The giver movie review

So, I went to see the giver yesterday, as mentioned, and I'm doing a movie review, but after the review I will mention the book and differences and what I thought of them. Cause well.... Differences!!! I don't think I've actually reviewed a movie based off a book on here, so...... This is where it'll get a bit weird.

Basic plot (this is in both book and movie): Jonas lives in a community with sameness. At least, complete and total sameness from birth until they reach a certain age (varies in book and movie). Then, their differences are embraced, as they're assigned a job. A job that is perfect for them, a job that is their dream job, they're amazing at it, and it is perfect for them and only them. Jonas has no idea what his job should be. And when the ceremony comes......... They skip Jonas. What did Jonas do wrong? Why did they skip him? Everyone thinks. Then a new announcement comes. Jonas wasn't skipped, he wasn't assigned like everyone else. He was chosen. Chosen to be the new receiver. They weren't hasty this time, they need Jonas to be the receiver. They need him to be strong. They need him to be brave. They need him. *HALFWAY-ISH POINT, STOP NOW IF YOU CARE* Jonas has no freakin idea what to expect. But when he gets there, he gets a memory from the giver. Not a story, but it's like he was there, like he was actually living through the memory. A memory of snow (Must be in michigan! ;p). He enjoys the memory, but he doesn't understand why he has to be brave, what pain could come from snow (oh ye of little faith... Who has also never had to walk home though five gazillion foot snow :p) or heat or color or music or choices? What's so wrong about it all? So, after a while, The giver gives him memories of war, starvation, loneliness, poaching... Pain, suffering, all the bad things that come with life. Then he sees a release, which is what happens to the old, new children that aren't perfect enough, people who request it and people who break the rules. It's a lethal injection. It's death. But the people in the community don't know that. They don't know about death, they play war, and they don't know. But if he gets far enough away from the community he can change that. So when a kid he's attached to is about to be released, he tries to get far enough away to change things. To change everything.

Thoughts: I like the story, but it annoys me, both book and movie. I dunno why.... But I really have to agree that no amount of perfection is worth taking away choice. People say that's where our government is going in a couple hundred? Thousand? Maybe sooner amount of years. I disagree. I think the governments going to be a bit (lot) more like Fallout than the hunger games or the giver. Keep in mind I've only played fallout: new Vegas, so the game might be different than the rest, but I think an apocalyptic future with anarchy and a bunch of little groups who control certain parts instead of a real government.

Eh, I think I'll skip the differences, but it was still very, very, very, very, different. It was slightly annoying most of the differences, like Asher and Fiona's jobs changed and that bugged the heck out of me! And while I liked Lily way better in the movie than the book, I hated movie Asher but liked him (eh, tolerated him?) in the book. Ugh!

Rating: 4/5, for all the changes and general what annoys me with the book/movie

Future brotherhood of steel member


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Slapper, books

Wow. I just went to see the giver movie and well... It's moments like these that make me want to become a book slapper. You can read about my dream job here
I'll post a review tomorrow
Future Book slapper


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

(Nido) queen

Hello. I got sidetracked with Pokemon monopoly, sorry!
And I am the Pokemon master!
Now all I need is a king
A Nidoking!!!
Gym leader


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hey! So, today was super busy. My mom had to take in our car, then there was school registration (and a 1 hour 43 minute line for iPads, which I'm blogging off of right now) and, of course, Japanese but wait! There's more! Ortho before Japanese and a washer repair guy should be coming soon. Super busy day, but I'm happy. There was a super great rain today and I got a Winchester sandwich from wolfies and I wanna get a lanyard from hot topic for my bus tag. Those lanyards are super cool. Other than that... Oh! I met a kid named John today, and it turns out he hung out with my brother. My schedule is honors chem, English, AP history, orchestra, honors whatever math I chose and then Japanese last hour, like last year. My favorite class at the calming end of the day :-) what are your schedules like? When are you guys going back to death -I mean school!?
Raven DeWitt

Monday, August 18, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy review

Hey! My cousin left today, which is totally sad, but yesterday I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy which is totally YAY! I loved it. In depth...

PLOT: Peter Quill's mom died of cancer the night he was abducted by aliens. Not that there was anyone left who cared about him, leaving him with his music and the whole big wide galaxy. He took on the name Starlord and starts stealing stuff and sellin it, like all good characters in need of development do. Well, he captures a rock and finds out two other parties want it (at least!). The buyer dips out because one of the parties interested is psycho and when he walks out, there's a super hot green chick for him to hit on! Lucky him! Until she turns out to want the rock too, and attacks him. But while they're fighting, a certain Floral Colossus and evolved raccoon mistake her for a bounty hunter trying to capture their prize. Starlord could make anyone a lot of money. Of course, while four people are having a huge fight in the middle of a huge city, they get captured. Rocket (he's the evolved raccoon bounty hunter) claims Quill as his own, and says touch 'im and die (in a few more words. Or less... Or something) but while Groot, Rocket and Quill are safe, Gamora (super hot green chick who stole the rock) is fair game, and a lotta people have a vendetta with her dad. As we all know, it's the kids fault what their dad is like, so let's kill the psycho's son (or in this case, daughter)! Of course, after people try getting Gamora for their own vendetta, Drax wants her to himself. It's not revenge unless you do it yourself. Starlord reasons that the way to get to her dad/master (forgot his name. I'm probs gonna call him the bad dude) is by taking her. Rocket reasons that money is well, money and breaks the five of them out of the jail, taking Starlords ship, the rock and (thankfully) Starlords cassette player. They're at the (very familiar) buyers about to sell when the buyer's servant decides she dislikes him (he is kinda a dick, *kinda being bigger on the inside as always) and tries to use the stones power *HALFWAY -ISH POINT, SPOILER TERRITORY I GUESS* she fails and explodes, Drax calls the bad guy who brings his army and gets the stone. Gamora and Starlord are captured, they're all at their worst. But Starlord comes up with part of a plan, Gamora agrees so she can die among friends, Drax still wants his revenge, Groot is groot and Rocket is standing like an idiot. They're all standin like idiots, ya happy? There's the whole huge end battle, Drax learns a thing or two about revenge and everyone learns about friends and family. They decide that while imperfect losers (I mean like, people who have lost stuff) the galaxy won't protect it's self.

THOUGHTS: I really liked how big a part music played in the movie, especially since music isn't what you're expecting to be big in that kind of movie. It was really good, plus the movie was funny. I love funny things. I loved all the characters. Drax was funny, and while blinded by hate, pretty tough and instrumental. Gamora was tough and smart and strategic. And doesn't need no man (as we found out in the almost kiss scene, although I'm not so sure a kiss from Starlord would be that bad). Starlord maybe be a player, but he's sweet and loves music and is totally more than a little bit dorky. Rocket is 110% sass which is always a good thing which leaves me with Groot. The friendly floral colossus is tough and a totally awesome fighter, while still being innocent and nice. So, naturally, while I love all the characters Rocket and Groot are my favorites.

RATING: 5/5 (it's not my new favorite, but I really liked it, so...)

Oh, and Floral Colossus (Groot's species) are actually extinct save one (I'll give ya three guesses) and can regrow from even a single As I think I put in like, this post last week-ish (over last week) so I totally knew he wasn't _____ and if any of you read that, hope you remembered that little part!

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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Going to see guardians of the galaxy tonight and might go to batism too. A couple of my friends are getting baptized tonight, so.... Fun!
But guardians of the galaxy...
Movie nut


Saturday, August 16, 2014

The cousin games

Cousins here! My video game skills aren't DX
He's like, killing EVERYONE
In video games...

Friday, August 15, 2014


So, yesterday was the going away party from the intern at church. There's an intern at church like, every summer, but I like the one from this year soooo much better. I mean, he knows about anime and video games -which just gives him so many points it... Wait for it... OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- and is a movie fanatic. Seriously, it's like he's future guy me! Okay, no, personality wise he's not, but c'mon... Anime, Video Games and Movies! So, honestly, I am kinda sad he's leaving (like the Tardis, kinda's bigger on the inside). But, the party yesterday was super fun. When I first walked in the tables were lines up together, and I was like ten minutes late but there was only ten people there and they were all guys. I was super nervous when that happened, but it ended up being fun. So, there was a card there and me and this other chick (she came in after me) thought he bought it for himself, he just put it on the table and told us to sign it. Since I'm not a feelings person, I just signed my name really small beneath the message that was printed with the card (everyone else wrote a whole blurb, so mine feels insignificant, but I guess I kinda like feeling that way... dunno why) and then later he teased me about it asking how I got the pen to write the message (it was in a different color) and we were talking about our favorite comedies and I said Grandma's Boy which, while pervy (kinda, not a lot) and a total stoner movie, I love it (I also considered saying Scott Pilgrim vs the World but I didn't know if it was a comedy. I suggest both movies with some warnings) but like, dude, I think the intern guy actually watched Grandma's Boy which is surprising, but cool. I was wearing an awesome pair of heels (wedges? Like I know stuff) but I still "played" gaga ball. "Played" because I'm so uncompetitive I don't even like, move the entire game. Because who actually cares that much? Anyways, I had a lot of fun, but then I had to dip out because Japanese (sadly my tutor is leaving soon DX) and he was doing something so I didn't say goodbye so I feel kinda bad, (the same kinda as earlier) sorry dude. But there were like a gazillion other people saying goodbye, I doubt he really cares.
And, also, TODAY! my cousin from New Mexico is coming! Yay!! Yay times like a gazillion!
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Hey! Listen! I'm never going to stop doing that, am I? I'm going to a going away party for the summer intern at church at like 12, and after that I'm going to Japanese tutoring (on a Thursday, I know. She was in like, one of the Carolina's) and I'm not even done with all my work... I should probably get on all that. Anyways, I have like, no real thing to post about today. I was gonna post one of those opinion posts but I really should be getting to Japanese.......... Any second now.
I swear I will


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Turtle Mutant Ninja Teenagers Review

Hey! Listen! Haha, I had to. Anyways, I had a dream last night. It was kinda like a mix between Transformers (literally there was bumblebee in it. I bought him...) and the robot sentry things fom Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword...
That one. Yeah, 'cept they were houses. And my brother died, but then he didn't really die, it was one of those fakeout deaths that they do in movies. Gandalf, Nick Fury and like a gazillion other people did them. Anyways, my brother, death and dreams about any of my fandoms seem to go together (remember the supernatural dream I had a while ago). Anyways, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles review...

Basic Plot: April O'Neal went to journalism school to do something but instead what's she doing? Boring, mindless shows that no one actually cares about. But, while investigating the gang that controls New York -the foot- she gets into a hostage situation, and gets rescued by the best news they've gotten in a while, a Vigilante. When trying to get the scoop on the biggest story she's ever had, she follows them and finds out they're... Turtles. Mutants, ninjas... And teenagers. But April recognizes them, and more over... Their names... She looks through her dads stuff (her dad was a scientist who died in a lab fire) she notices that the names they used were what her dad's test subjects -four turtles and a rat- were named. To make it even weirder, they were "lost" in the lab fire, before they could see the results. *Halfway-ish point, so like... spoiler territory I guess* 'Cept they weren't lost, as in loss of life... April saved them, and they went into the sewers and then were raised to be Ninjas and Shredder wants the mutagen stuff in their blood. To do bad stuff and make money like all villains want to. He also has a super cool samurai suit. And I ship April and Mickey 'cause like, I can

Thoughts: I LOVED it. I mean, it was cheesy and there was some awesome action sequences and it was just all out good. Seriously, I loved it, and I know I already said that... But it was super funny and cheesy and it was so good. Seriously, the turtle mutant ninja teenagers were funny, Splinter was the Gandalf or Dumbledore or Professor X and like, ya know, the sage wisdom dude and I liked him (although lots of people thought that his computer editing was terrible, which was like dude, he's a six foot rat, cut the guys some slack) and the chick was pretty BA and tough and I liked her. I can't think of like, ANY bad elements (at least any that I remember) and there wasn't like anything that I really disliked.

Rating: 5/5

Well, I'm a teenager...
Not really a turtle
Kinda mutant and kinda a ninja...
but not really
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Hey, I'm back! As I said yesterday. Speaking of which, didja look up the song Trenton said I was like? It's "pray for you" by Jaron and the long road to love if you haven't. You shoud, it's really good! Anyways, at camp, it was well, quite literally camping. Seriously, it was really fun. Except, I was feeling sick the whole week and didn't feel like going swimming. But we went to the beach maybe 7 hours a day (with shuttles and stuff) and gosh, I really didn't want to. We buried my friend and made her into a mermaid, and we failed at making sandcastles and we just had a lot of fun. Of course, it wasn't all fun and games...
One of the nights we were telling ghost stories. I love ghost stories. I absolutely love them, and have a few creepy experiences of my own. Seriously, real things that have happened to me that I can't explain and they freak me out. I'm still scared about them. And they were honestly, probably me going crazy (really, seriously, crazy, not the funny kind you are with your friends... Not that I'll admit it in real life) but I'm scared because I think they're real and I know it wasn't just people messing with me. Anyways, after the scary stories I changed (before they were over. I love them, but I honestly don't care that much) and I get back to the tent. Two of my tent mates come in and one of them's freaking out over the scary stories (the guy who started telling them even specifically said they aren't real, they're just for fun, there's nothing to be scared of and even if I'm still scared, I'm not that scared and I know saying that didn't help, but... CALM DOWN GIRL!) anyways, so I told her to pray because that's what my mom and brother always tell me to do and She kept freaking out so I might've said it a couple times cause, I mean, while it sounds like "how's that gonna help?" It does and c'mon, God is way stronger than anything, so I mean... Anyways, then her friend muttered something to her and it might not've been about me telling her to pray but I think it was and that kinda hurts and it's like seriously? You're making fun of me for telling her to pray away her imaginary fears at a church camp? She's afraid of something that isn't even real!!
Then, we were in a car with the pastor, the intern and three people not including me or the previously mentioned people. There was a guy, smoking waiting for the caravan (seriously, there were like ten cars we all pilled in) to go by. He was frowning (cause like, who naturally smiles?) and then the intern smiled at him, and he smiled back. Then the pastor and the intern were kinda talking about smoking and joking about how smiling and smoking don't go together and how he's smiling because he has more time to live and it was funny but it hurt. I love people who smoke but I don't love they smoke and what the pastor and the intern were saying was legit-ly funny, but it also hurt and I mean... I dunno. It was funny, but it hurt and it wasn't the good kind of pain, it wasn't the good kinda or the kind that's tolerable or the kind that gives you adrenaline or the kind you can laugh off. It was like the pain of the first thing, were it hurts deep and I kinda get both sides but it hurts. Why does the world hurt so much?
Anyways, sorry to share those it's just... they hurt and I didn't know who to share them with, because well... Who else would get it? But the weekend was super fun. Actually, yesterday I was wearing my Naruto shirt and Pikachu sweatshirt and I got to talk with people about anime and video games and the day before I talked with people about Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers 4 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And is there any greater purpose in life than  all of those?
And like, people too, I guess, but mostly those.
Speaking of TMNT Phoenix and Trenton went to go see it last night and I'm going to go see it today. With youth group. I'll review it tomorrow!!! :-)
Nerdy pain

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, August 11, 2014

It's back

I was told the song pray for you by Jaron and the long road to love. Oh, and me and my brother are back
Raven DeWitt

Friday, August 8, 2014


Teenage mutant ninja turtles is out in theaters today! Sadly I have camp :/ but there's always next week!! :)
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hi and bye!

Hey! So, this week has been so busy/exciting/holy crap what is even happening?! that I totally forgot to tell you I'm leaving! Tomorrow, but still, LEAVING! Til like, I think Monday. So, I'm not dead or mad at you or forgetting about you, I'm just on a beach with no internet devises. And people from my church who I love. But more importantly, no internet. So... Yeah. And, on Monday, when I get back, since my brothers been gone all summer (well, since like June... He's been... Kinda away...) anyways, he gets back the day I do. And, since he was gone on his birthday, we're going to celebrate his birthday! Me and my mom are (probably) going to make an ice cream cake for him (cause I'll be gone all weekend). On Monday he's going to open his birthday presents (in case I haven't fangirled and talked enough about it I GOT HIM A BOXED SET OF LEGEND OF ZELDA MANGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Of course, I got him a boxed set which doesn't include Twilight Princess or Skyward sword, which I love both, so it's a little sad but whatever, and I obviously got the English version cause Phoenix doesn't speak Japanese (unlike me!) and I am super duper excited. Plus, I drew him a card and my Hyrule Historia
Has the Hylian language so I wrote happy birthday in hylian (and Japanese...) and I'm just totally excited for it all. Oh, and for his birthday we're going out to eat, probably with Trenton, and yeah, I am SUPER excited. So, a church camp, a late b-day and whatever else happens.
Plus the past week has been.... well, the past week. BUSY!
Remember, maybe tomorrow then definitely not til Monday
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction

Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction review... Coming up after the break! Actually since this is a blog and not a tv anything, imagine a commercial.

Plot: You might want to look on a different website (I'll post a link in a minute, after I pretend to know what I'm talking about). Umm.... There's a dude who played Balefire/Neil in Once Upon a Time. His best friend and business partner is Tuffnut from How To Train Your Dragon and his daughter is the average annoying slutty teenage girl who wants nothing more from life than to be hot and have an even hotter boyfriend and lay around on a beach making worse decisions than the average parolee (more on her later). Anyways, Balefire is a broke inventor and he buys a truck to fix up, and guess who that truck turns out to be? Lemme give you a hint; IT'S A LIVING TRUCK!!! Tuffnut is all like "Bro, there's a law that says we have to call the government, because THEY'RE DANGEROUS KILLING ALIEN ROBOTS!" (Not an actual line, but basically what he says, so.... yeah.) And he's like "But I mean, Me = Inventor. Transformer = Seriously great piece of technology. Me + Transformer = $" (Not an actual line, but hey, it's funner this way). He fixes Optimus Prime (the truck, for all -4 of you who didn't figure it out) and the governemt (As usual, governments evil) comes to his house. Balefire's daughters secret boyfriend then comes and saves them. *SPOIER ALERT I GUESS-ISH. I MEAN, LIKE THIS HAPPENS 'BOUT HALFWAY THROUGH THE MOVIE....? 1/3 WAY THROUGH?* Tuffnut dies, other autobots come and yeah. Stuff happens, explosions, death, super cool tech, sadly Balefire's daughter didn't die, Optimus prime beats the badguys...... Yeah

If you want a REAL description, here's IMDb's summaries and you can get to the synopsis at the bottom of the page.

My thoughts: I liked the movie, loved the autobots but there were only two characters I actually liked, the guy played by Balefire from OUAT and the chick in charge of the Chinese division of the rich inventors company. They were literally the ONLY characters who didn't turn into complete and total pansies at least once. It really annoyed me how stupidly and scared most of the characters (other than the two above acted). It's like guys, GROW A PAIR AND MAKE YOUR MISERABLE EXISTANCE WORTH SOMETHING!

Here are some of the stupidest lines (in my opinion)

James Savoy: "My face is my warrant."         Wha-whaaaaa (the sound it makes in classic Video Games when you die. It's also in a cinema sins video about another stupid line)

Shane: "I like to smell fresh when I'm making out with your daughter."     He's gonna smell fresh when HE'S KILLING YOU FOR SAYING THAT YOU IDIOTIC IDJIT!!!! What guy would actually say that? And if guys did, wouldn't there be more dads in jail and less living guys in the universe?

Hound: "That's a bad idea. But then again I'm all about bad ideas."   That line was a bad idea. Can't someone have a good idea in some action movie?

 Joshua Joyce: [to Cade] "I may have started the apocalypse, but you brought your family. And that's, you know, terrible parenting."    Okay, it might be bad parenting to bring your family to the apocalypse, but the other option was to let her die or leave her at their house... which was blown up. Or leave her with the government who want to kill her. I would've been fine with that, but ya know...

 Joshua: "I can't believe I'm putting my life in your hands!"
Cade Yeager: "You want the alien gun? Take it!"
Joshua: "No, I don't want the alien gun!"        Either stop being such a pansy or stop complaining. Either way, the solution is you growing a pair and shutting up.

Hound: "I'm a fat ballerina who takes names and slits throats!"       Same wa-waaaaaaaaa as the first quote

Cade Yeager: "Teenagers..."
Optimus Prime: "I went through the same thing with Bumblebee."           First off, don't think all teenagers are as annoying and stupid and slutty as your daughter and also, Optimus, funny line, but WHAT?!?! Alien robots totally have teenage girl problems. I'm sure Bumblebee had a secret boyfriend and mood swings. Plus was Bumblebee EVER a teenager? Don't get me wrong, funny moment... but seriously?

I don't remember the line exactly but I do know that Tessa's first line is something like "three more weeks of school then it's time for getting tan and getting wasted". I know it's impossible to get even worse after that, but the movie tried it's hardest and I absolutely HATE her. Guess they just chose the old "there's a girl in the movie. Make her as hot, popular and slutty as possible and all the guys in the audience will love it!" route. Seriously, Michael Bay (I think that's his name. He makes transformer movies and will be making teenage muntant ninja turtles movies) Apparently is meant to be in the century that a couple creeps I know are meant for too; when girls were only good for cooking, cleaning and kids (making and care taking). I mean, I do manage to dislike girls in most action movies (mostly transformers, but I also dislike Gwen Stacy from every Spiderman ever created) but I love Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson, She-hulk, Merida from Brave, Rapunzel from Tangled, Astrid from How To Train Your Dragon, Bones from Bones, Kono from Hawaii 5-0  and June from Legend. And probably more. They're awesome, have heard of pants, and while they can't do everything themselves and do need some saving, they don't need saving every time. They have fears but they don't let it make them stupid. They're not perfect, but they're about twenty gazillion times better than all the girls in all the transformers movies. Probably combined. Tessa is no exception.

Of course, one of the characters I did like (one of all two of them...) was a girl. And she was pretty cool. I think all the feminist websites (I still support and agree with them) kind of forget about her, but she isn't a very big part. Tessa is the main female lead and she was... Not who you want your daughter looking up to. You don't even want your daughters friends looking up to her. Not even your daughters frienimies or associates or worst enimies or pet hamster! The other girl (all one of them in the entire movies with more than one line) is a smart, serious business woman who does manage to beat up like five bad guys. She kicks butt and is totally cool, so I guess Michael Bay did through a girl in the movie who is pretty cool. I liked her, but what I didn't like is that in the end, she falls in love with the annoying rich inventor because all nobody was shipping them together and in the end of a movie, you can't have anyone who's still single. Everyone needs a significant other! *Insert eye-roll here* In cinema sins words "you can't have a business-minded hot girl who doesn't want to date - that's nonsense!" (Sins of DragonBall Evolution).

OVERALL:  I guess it's a pretty good movie. I loved the action and the dinobots were AWESOME. I guess I'd rate it a... 3/5?

Real Review (WARNING: Christian website. DON'T FREAK OUT!)

And while the character (human, not autobot) may have annoyed me, at least the action was good and there was a scene that Optimus Prime said "The legend Exist"/"The legend is true" or something like that in another language (this one website said Japanese. FANGIRL MOMENT! Yay japan! :D) and it was totally the coolest screensaver ever (hey, cinema sins, I found another sin! They said that in another one of their videos so...) And it was epic.

Movie reviewer


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Movie month

I have to say, I wasn't really expecting to see Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. Don't get me wrong, I am a complete and utter nerd with the capacity to geek out about anything, and Transformers is no exception. I mean, I wanted to see the new movie but none of my friends really like transformers and I 've only seen the first half of the second and third movies (that's right, I've seen exactly half of both movies. That counts as seeing 2, right?) but I really did like the first, so... Plus who doesn't like big robots hitting other big robots (I know super-transformers nerds just died a little... This post might kill ya if you're one. I know that's not what it really is...) Seriously, I really wanted to see the ... Dinobots? Whatever they're called. Anyways, I wasn't thinking I'd get a chance to go see it. But my church group is going and I decided to tag along (congrats, they gained a free loner!). I will probably review it tomorrow. On the Guardians of the Galaxy notes, I'm waiting til my cousin gets here (his flight was pushed back) so I can go see it with him and Phoenix. After that, you will be getting a full review of the new marvel sensation. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I don't know when, BUT I do know I'm going to go see it, and will review it too. Tomorrow though, (most likely) Transformers 4: Age of Extinction.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, August 4, 2014

Stabbings at the shire

So, I live in a small town that's almost as safe as the Shire (hobbit's wouldn't be there if it wasn't ssuuuupppppeeerrrr safe!). Seriously, there's a murder once every 15 years (at most!). Recently though (literally this week!) there've been two people stabbed in the chest. One died instantly, thee other one, the one that I know, was stabbed in the chest but it missed his heart (sadly it punctured a lung). Both stabbers were arrested, but the freaky part is that one was like 16 and the other was 14! Anyways, the one that I know (or so I heard) was with two others, (Named by me as other ginger and cool eye shape. I was told by ginger. Original ginger) and they were all sitting at a picnic table. Other ginger left to go find wifi and a random guy ran up to the table, stabbed Anthony and ran away. He's still alive, in the hospital and can't have visitors unless he calls them, which he can't do, CAUSE HE WAS STABBED. So... yeah. Please pray for him. Since no one in my little shire has been killed in FOREVER (okay, there was something a couple years ago, but it was over a girl) it's seriously weird. People are saying it's gang initiation, but gangs aren't made of only two people (who are both now arrested) so... That's pretty dang freaky. Anyways, pray for Anthony
And do not expand the list by killing people


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Please pray!

My brothers friend, Anthony was stabbed a couple days ago, and it would mean a lot if you would please please please please please pray for him.
I'll give a few more details tomorrow.
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday, August 2

Well it's Saturday....
I haven't seen it yet. Have you? Is it good (trick question, it obviously is!). Anyone wanna see it with me?
Cause guardians.
And galaxy.
If you use the word "galaxy" you're already epic
Like Star Wars
Coming 2015
I think
Raven DeWitt

Friday, August 1, 2014

Guardians of The Galaxy

I have a Marvel encyclopedia.
Guardians of the Galaxy comes out today.
I'm a nerd.
Do you see where this is going?
If you don't just... read

Occupation: Adventurer
Base: Mobile
Special Powers/abilities: Rocket is an evolved raccoon who stands on his hind legs and speaks. He is an excellent combatant and tactician.
Occupation: Adventurer
Base: Mobile
Special Powers/Abilities: Groot has superhuman durability and strength. He can regrow limbs or even his entire body from a shoot and communicate with plants.
that's the exact picture from my Marvel Encyclopedia^
Occupation: Former assassin, galactic hero
Base: Mobile
Sperical powers/abilities: Gamora is an expert gymnast and martial artist proficient with all known weapons. She has enhanced durability, endurance, strength, and speed.
Real Name: Peter Quill
Occupation: Adventurer
Base: Mobile
Special Powers/Abilities: Peter's half-spartoi heritage grants him top human durability, endurance, intelligence, speed, and strength. He also has triple the normal life expectancy.
The bucket head (he has a star on his forehead) is Nova, the other one is STARLORD
Drax the Destroyer
Real Name: Arthur Douglas (Intimidating! ;p)
Occupation: Former real estate agent; agent of Chronos
Special Powers/Abilities: Cosmic energy gives him superhuman strength, invulnerability, the ability to fly and make interplanetary voyages in a matter of weeks. He can survive for an indefinite time in outer space without air, food or water. He fires conclusive blasts from his hands.

 Exact picture from Marvel Encyclopedia
Of course, I didn't include the entire thing from all these characters, like height, weight, eyes, hair, first appearance, important storylines (for some), status (for some) and descriptions that vary from a couple paragraphs to a couple pages. If the description is a couple of pages there's usually a paragraph summary.
Raven DeWitt