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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Super Zelda

Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy. I gotta do the ultimate gay guy hhheeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy so..... that was that. Anyways, this post is going to be overflowing with Legend Of Zelda and Superheroes, but it will have a theme for everyone if you'd just... Listen! Or well, read, but I mean, c'mon guys it's brave. Anyways, so, non-nerd, hang in there. So, anyways, in LoZ there is the triforce.
 While it is usually gold, I chose one where the triforce told you what each section meant. The triforce has three pieces that make a triangle. Each piece represents a different thing. Power, Courage and wisdom. Along with the pieces each having a different power, they have a different person too.
Ganon (this being the Skyward sword version Demise, but that name ain't foolin anyone) with power, Zelda with Wisdom (needed for a princess) and Courage with Link (hero. Fits. Actually, they all fit into their role but anyways).

Still along the lines of Skyward Sword, it's the triforce with their helpers instead of them. Anyways, while I could spend posts and posts and posts talking about the triforce alone (don't even get me started on the whole LoZ universe) that isn't what this post is about. Anyways, so I was on Facebook (Yes, people still go on that) and I saw a picture of Link with his triforce glowing and a bible verse under it about courage. I LOVE that picture. It's my ipod lock screen now. Anyways, it inspired me to draw each of the main LoZ characters and the triforce and put a bible verse that has to do with the power of their triforce piece by it. I did well on Zelda and Link's, but I couldn't find a good one for Ganon's. I mean, I wanna do a bible verse about power, but it can't be one about power being good, because Ganon well, isn't. Which brings me to superpowers; with great power comes great responsibility. I mean, everyone says that line is way overused but oh my gosh, it's annoying how many people don't even think about it. They're just like yeah yeah, can spidey fight green goblin yet? I mean, cheesy yes. But... MEGAMIND! Perfect example of this! He's infused with power and what does he do? Steal, try to kill people and destroy the town. Evil. I mean, even in man of steel he has his power but if he'd never used it? Well, the whole world would probably be destroyed and evil aliens would be out destroyin stuff. Ya know, the usual. What if Ironman stopped being a superhero after he saved his own butt? Well, needless to say, terrorists, whiplash, fire. Not only from his own movies, but LOKI. I know all ya fangirls were waiting for this. Loki would've WON had Ironman not used his great power kinda sorta responsible. Hear me out; they wouldn't have been able to track Loki, there would be more chitari out and about without a hero to fight so, less alive people and he wouldn't be able to get rid of the missle in the end, New York would've been THE NEW GRAND CANNON! Seriously. So, as you can see, Even not using power is bad. And, of course, using power badly is bad. But there's also the fact that power corrupts. Not always, but sometimes. It would take a while, so..... That's a whole 'nother post. As usual. Sowwy. But hey, the whole things up there was good. Right?
At least, I hope
Raven DeWitt


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