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Friday, October 31, 2014

Last minute Halloween costumes!

It's snowing. At least, it was as of 30 seconds ago and... Still is. At least, it was as of 5 seconds ago. So, the start off my post, because ITS SNOWING. WHITE FLAKES OF COLD AND ICE AND AWESOMENESS.
"If you've designed your kids Halloween costumes to go over snow suits, you might live in Michigan." I just wanna add onto that and say "and if you've had to use it." You're welcome Jeff foxworthy. He has a whole series of Michigan jokes, but that one is perfect for today.
My Tink costume is a little too short and cold for today, so I'm going to be captain America. Boom! But if you aren't like me and the whole halloween thing hit you by surprise. ("Hey man, when did the joker start going to our school?" "Dude, it's halloween." "Oh. OH! Crap!" Legit: at school someone dressed up as the joker.)
IF Halloween surprised you and you don't have my closet (tink costume, DBZ scouters two different looking captain America sweatshirts with hoods, Spider-Man sweatshirt, two pikachu sweatshirts, link hat, superman shirt.... And more.) I have last minute Halloween costumes for you all! Here's some nice tricks to get your treats!

1: TMNT: wear green, and paint a tin cookie holder thingy green, cut eye holes into a small blue/purple/red/orange peice of fabric and if you really want, cardboard weapon that corresponds to the color eye band thing. Bonus if there are four of you.

2: doctors 9-11: 9- leather, psychic paper with your costume identification and sonic screwdriver. 10: tie, best, trench coat, glasses, sonic screwdriver. 11: fez and bow tie because fezzes and bow ties are cool and sonic screwdriver. Bonus if you have a companion, tar dis or river friend come too.

3: book characters, I don't know how to cover them all.... Heroes of Olympus: CHB or SPQR shirt if not, armor and a sword. Bonus if: seven or you dress as a specific one instead of just from the book. June: high ponytail and other than that, basically like furturistic Reyna. Tris: black and her famous tattoo. Katniss: braid, hunting outfit and bow. Gallagher girl: school uniform Bonus for all: another friend as a character from the same book.

4: scooby and the gang. If you have a dog, take him, and either wear.... Guys: jeans, white shirt, orange ascot or brown pants and a green shirt. Girls: all purple or all orange. If purple, fashionable. If orange, preppy or sophisticated. Bonus if you have them all.

5: anime characters. Maka is just a red skirt, a trench coat and a white shirt with a green tie. Hinata, purple coat and dark pants, whitecontacts or something. Miu: school uniform, braid, glasses. Madame red, classy red outfit. Lucy, blue skirt, white top preferably with some blue on it, fairytale symbol, KEY RING. Bonus if you can get other anime characters.
Guys- Naruto, orange sweatshirt, black pants, and you can probably get someone to sew a headband or something...?, death the kid, white stripes in hair, black suit type thing... It's a suit. Kenichi, white shirt with a yin-yang  pin. Gray, just go shirtless with a Fairytail symbol. If you're really ballsy, just in blackgym shorts with the fairytale symbol. Please, don't go any further! Ciel, eyepatch and black dressy clothes.

6: pirate. All you need are black or brown pants, a white shirt and boots. Some accessories include; bandana (required if you don't have a hat or eye patch) hat, eye patch, sword, compass, FAKE pistol, gold and various other treasures.... Bonus if you dress up like a ghost pirate or one of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

7:  an OC, or character you create. You're writing a book? Be the character you created! You aren't writing but reading and created an OC, or took a quoted quiz and liked their OC? Dress up as them! You really like superheroes and fantasize about being one? Be one! The sky's the limit. Does your character wear a mask? Hat? Glasses? Eyepatch? What do they look like? What trademark accessory or weapon is theirs? It's a great way to show off!

Happy clap wen from everyone's (or at least my) favorite captain!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

top 25 creepiest things in legend of Zelda

Part 2 in honor of getting the crap scarred out of you! Top 25 freakiest legend of Zelda moments in honor of Halloween. If youre on mobile and cant see it.... part one and part two. Hope you like em and hope you don't get nightmares.... Although, it's more creepy than scary. Sorry for language and being freaked out (if you do).
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

top 25 most freaky things in legend of Zelda part 1

Hello! I have no news.............   So... Youtube! Top 25 most freaky things in legend of Zelda. Part one. In honor of All Hallows' eve. Part 2 will be tomorrow.
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dreamy days

Hello! Okay, so... I had a dream last night (I've got dreams like you, no really! Just much less... Touchy feely) but seriously..... Basically here's how it went.
I was for some odd reason put into some weird training program for... I dunno what. I dunno if I forgot or was just never told (I'm 90% sure I was never told... I don't think I knew in the dream world). Anyways, it was with Soul from Soul Eater and another guy... I don't remember the other guy. I doubt he was any anime character, but I didn't realize Soul was Soul til I woke up. Anyways, the training program was by his parents and Soul and... The other guy (he was a brunette) were in the program longer than me and I was totally a rookie, new person, the person who doesn't know anything and can't do anything right... which I hate the feeling of. Doesn't everyone? So, anyways, training, then we had to submit a report but Soul had a hot older famous brother (Like in the anime/manga! Nice subconscious!) and literally the streets were filled with fangirls. I had just figured out it was another test for my training when... I woke up. Another reason I doubt the brunette was an anime character; he drives. He was driving through all the fangirls. Seriously, I know Soul and his brother are awesome musicians, but I didn't know subconscious me was such a fangirl. It was by no means my weirdest dream, but it was kinda cool. I just thought I'd share. Carry on.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, October 27, 2014

hishe bonus bundle

Hi! How's life! Anyways...... Youtube? Youtube. HISHE, extras. So if haven't seen one movie, you might've seen another......
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, October 26, 2014

book update

Books books books! Ah, books. Books, I love you. And I'm going to update you now!
Fifth grave Last the light: I love fifth grave, but I'm getting really annoyed by how much purple-y-purple is in it. Ew. Gross. But I'm still... Tolerating it. I could stand it in the other books, but now.... Just ugh. Of course, I really love the line where jealous son of Saton says "yeah, my dads pretty famous too." Best. Line. Ever.

The blood of Olympus: wow. I love love love love love love *one eternity later* love love love love it! A) Percy Jackson. B) Leo Valdez. C) I am Annabeth Chase. Also, isn't it a great thing how percy and Annabeth are the ones to *spoiler* I mean... I'll talk about it when I review it... I'm almost done. Btw... Magnus Chase is the next series. Chase is not a coincidence. Yay. Insert absolute glee here. Add some happiness and wanting to get to know fictional character me's relative. So..... More yay.

That's my book-y update.
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, October 25, 2014

top five lessons Disney princes taught us

Hey! So, today I said I was gonna do the top five good lessons Disney princes taught well, everybody. Now... Let's go! After a short announcement. In the past 24 hours I got five new movies, four boots (two pairs... 2x2=4), three articles of clothing, two hotdogs and a partridge in a pair tree. Sorry, but that just worked too well... I got winter boots, goth boots that remind me of maka's shoes from soul eater, X-men: days of future past, all four Shrek movies, Frozen leggings (Elsa and her awesome magic) a red leather jacket (I look hot in leather. Actually I never look hot, but I look as good as I can get), and a sweater with polar bears on it. Gotta love you some polar bears. Now, good lessons, good guys.
1: If you're in love you should be willing to change everything about yourself, but you shouldn't have too. Some of the princes (Aladdins my first thought) pretend to be who they aren't, but the person who loves them loves them for who they are. Boom!

2: It's okay to let the girls be heroes sometimes. This is something complained about frequently in real life. Guys won't let girls pay the check or are overly masculine. Disney guys? Sure, sometimes they fight dragons (or huns or evil sorcerers or whatever), but sometimes it's the girls saving the world and guys just step back and are like "Kay, go save china, fight the guards, call me if you need me..."

3: You don't have to be a "bad boy" to get girls. I mean, short of Aladdin and Flynn, all the princes are good, nice, pretty cool and not a "bad boy", and let's face it, Aladdin and Flynn are good guys on the inside. Bad boy type is never gonna be the prince type.

4: You should be willing to fight dragons for the one you love. Literal and Figurative. Basically be willing to die.

5: Animals are some of the best friends you'll ever have. Name a Disney movie where there isn't a loyal animal friend. I dare you.

Raven DeWitt

Friday, October 24, 2014

5 good things we learned from disney movies.

To undo the evils I realised into the air yesterday, I am going to have two posts; ohe today, one tomorrow, on good lessons disney has taugh us, using princes and princesses on the days, five each. Today, princesses!

1: you're in charge of your own life. No, this isn't only from brave. I love brave. Merida is ginger, athletic me! But, before her... Mulan, saving all of China, choosing not to be mrs perfect trophy wife. Pocahontas, well, something about not being savages and colors and wind... I've only seen that movie like once (let the purge begin now!), Belle, saving her father and trying to teach the beast to be unbeast. Rapunzel, leaving her tower.

2: you can be anything you wanna be, if you just dream and work at it. My biggest example is not Cinderella, like the dream would lead you to believe, but Tiana. She wants her dreams to come though, and she wants to work at it. Kudos.

3: you don't have to be just like everyone else to be perfect. Some princesses are more like everyone else than me, but they all have one thing unlike everyone else; kindness. But also, Mulan and Merida? Total tomboys. Tiana and Cinderella? Hard working and poor. Not what society prizes. But they're still some of the best.

4: true love conquers all. Cheesy, I know... But true.

5: not everyone knows exactly who you are. Mulan, when in the beginning everyone at camp is mean to her... Then she goes and saves all of China. Jasmine? She isn't some prize to be won. Rapunzel? She is tough enough to handle herself out there. They aren't what everyone else said they were.

Yay for all that. And stuff. And things.
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, October 23, 2014

top 5 bad disney lessons

Hi! So, I totally love love love love love love love love love disney. Seriously. I am a fanatic, as I am with most things. Anyways, I totally love disney, but a while ago I saw a post on top ten bad lessons disney taught me or something like that. And, while a cute idea, I completely disagree with the list (for the most part). So, I'm doing an top 5 bad lessons from Disney.

1: you can do anything you want if it's for "true love". Get married after one day (No, this isn't only frozen, but Enchanted, Sleeping Beauty, even Cinderella was just one night before "hey, I wanna marry this chick!")? run away and make a deals its a witch (yeah, I'm talking to you Ariel!)? Whatever you want, whenever you want, all for true love (until they... Aren't. Cough cough frozen, enchanted, Pocahontas... Yeah, that's... That.)

2: you have to change everything about yourself for a guy. Um... No. Although that would explain why I don't have a boyfriend.... Seriously. Ariel, well, self explanatory. Aladdin did, but he did it for a girl. Same concept. Cinderella, (she didn't tell him she was poor). I totally had another example then I forgot it.

3: princes are hot; villain are not. Okay, the only ones this doesn't apply to beauty and the beast or brave (three non-hot batchlors), but every other disney film..... Princes are all hot, Flynn, charming, naveen, Aladdin, Eric.... Villains are soooo not. Ursula? Mr. Voodoo? Jafar? Ick, no thanks!

4: listening to your parents is bad, it's your life they shouldn't affect it. Brave, the little mermaid, Aladdin, tangled (I know, her moms psycho, but still......), sleeping beauty, Pocahontas.... So, everything turned out well, but that isn't always the case, sometimes rules are there because your parents love you.

5: evil is obvious and punished, while good isn't punished even if they do bad things... Okay, this is two squeezed into one. Evil is obvious and always punished; every disney movie ever. But that's because movies suck if the good guys lose and the bad guy wins. But if good does something bad, it isn't as bad as a bad guy doing it. Because... Good guys! Just think about it... I don't have time for an example....

Okay, so I Love Disney and am in no way saying you shouldn't let your kid watch it, disney ruined you yada yada yada... I'm just saying, it does have bad parts. Anywho...
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Longboard fixes

Hi! So... No longboard pics today. It's... It needs some touch up, so you'll get the pictures when I post them to deviantart and/or instagram, when my longboard is completely done. So... that's that. I like it though. This week I'm probably shaping it, then next week grip and trucks... I think. So it might be a while til photos, sorry. It's just... I need to get off some extra paint, which I'm slowly but not really surely working on, and a bit of sanding on the wood burns, wiping off soot, ect. at least before I go to woodshop. I'm excited for woodshop though... yay.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

long death boards

Hellllooooooo :-) so, I finished the bottom of my longboard last night, which includes a quote, and the picture. I have not finished the top, so you will not be getting any pictures yet, but soon.... Tomorrow-ish? Thursday. At latest. Probably tomorrow. There is a 80% probability. Maybe. Probably. Anyways, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, bottom, almost done I just need quite a bit of touch up and clean up. Then the top, which I have the paint for. I should be done by tonight, but pictures will have to be tomorrow. That's about it... Oh! Also! I got to the first deaths of heroes in the whole blood of Olympus book so far. About halfway (or more) and only four heroes have died. And they all died at the same time. I dunno about Hylla. I hope she lives. Also, anyone else think of Legend of Zelda whenever they hear Hylla? No? Just me? Okay, moving on.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, October 20, 2014

Everything wrong with transformers 4: Age of Extinction part 2

Everything Wrong With Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, as promised... Part 2. That's right, they were so bad there are two parts. OH! In my orch class there's a chick named ASHley Ketchum. That is seriously her real name. Cool, right?
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, October 19, 2014

reading Sunday.

Hello! Book-y-book-ness. Starts...................................................................................................... Now!
Fifth grave past the light: um.... Well, spoiler territory. Reyes is gonna die, his sisters lighting the world on fire and........... I haven't gotten that far since last week. But cook hasn't killed anyone so.... That's good :)
The blood of Olympus: spoiler territory... I guess. Um.... Annabeth and Piper just fought the anti-Hephaestus, who I feel like is totally Annabeths worst enemy. She is all plans, no emotions.............. Well, she has emotions, she just doesn't trust them because plans are more stable than emotions and I find it so cute how Reyna acts towards Nico. It's really cute. But what the heck does HTK mean? HTK............................................... Seriously?!?! Explain!!!
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, October 18, 2014

everything wrong with transformers 4: age of extinction, part 1

Happy Saturday! I got nothin... I'm pretty tired, despite getting like twelve hours of sleep... Which is way more than I've been getting lately. Anyways...... I've still got nothin. I blame.... I have no idea. So... Cinemasins!
Part one. The movie was very sin worthy. But the dinobots are pretty cool... And don't show up til part two. They are literally in the movie for like five minutes. Anyways, I'll do part two Monday, cause tomorrows my book-y day. Just yeah... Anyways, sorry for all the swearing, inappropriate stuff and just plain weird stuff.
Raven DeWitt

Friday, October 17, 2014

think before you slogan

It is finally Friday.do you know how long I've been waiting for this?! It's actually probably only been like, a week, but close enough. Anyways, we watched the boy in the striped pajamas in English (spoiler alert, it SUCKS. Depressing + boring = kill me now) and then in history (right after English) we started talking about movies and me and this one kid started talking about the incredibles. Because it's awesome. I said incredibles two was coming out and somehow the underminer was mentioned and he said he had an incredibles game boy game featuring the underminer. I think I used to have incredibles for GameCube, featuring the plot of the movie, but anyways. So, the underminer probs isn't the next movie, cause like, it's about 5-10 years later (or less. I dunno.) but I'm excited for incredibles two. And want the underminers game. AND may we take a second to remember how much the underminers slogan sucks? It's like "I am beneath you, but no one is beneath me!" Okay, so in villainous terms it might mean he's ruthless, terrible and there's nothing he won't do, but to me it basically is like saying he's the worst villain ever. Basically predicting his demise. It sounds like "no one is as pathetic as me! Free win! I can lose so bad it'll raise your self esteem!" It's kinda like how on the St. Louis trip a guy said him and his ex girlfriend said their "song" was I miss you by blink 182. While an awesome song by an awesome band I love, totally sucks for a "our song" type crap. Seriously, some of the lines.... "Hello there, the angel from my nightmare/ the shadow in the background of the morgue/ the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley..."
"My indecision to call you, and hear your voice of treason..."
"Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head..."
Adorable! No, really, soooooooo cute and relationship-y. So, moral of the story.... Don't have you and your girlfriend/boyfriends song be I miss you by blink 182 and do not have your slogan be "I am beneath you, but nothing it beneath me!" Unless you just really really wanna be the very worst.. Like no one ever was. To fail them is my real test, to suck is my cause! Okay, seriously... Don't.
Although, good idea for a blog post.... Top ten least romantic songs. Because a) ew, romance, couple-y stuff.... Bleh. And B) I'm me. I listen to lost of uncouple-y songs. I'm good at being forever alone ;p
Beneath you


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Perks of being a complete and utter nerd

Ya know the nerdy stereotype I really hate and have probably ranted about before? If you don't, you are either really cool or living under a rock. Or any combination thereof. Anyways, I am terrible offended Abby one stereotypes and how everyone resents nerds. So, here are the top 5 things about being a nerd:
1- cosplay. If you don't know what cosplay is, it's basically dressing up as your favorite character. The thing that's so good about it; it's like Halloween whenever you do it minus the candy and you never are "too old" to cosplay! Score! Ooh, and this helps with crafty stuff! You make your own costume so you learn how to sew, cut, make stuff.... It's all good!

2- video games. Okay, general subject, but hear me out; while I love video games the good thing about them is that they help you with a list of things.... Problem solving, hand eye coordination, slows aging (I don't know how, I just read that... Weird, right?), improve eyesight, pain reliever, strengthen muscles..... it's like I'm actually into sports *snort*

3- you'll totally have a lot in common with about 1999182746482% more people, proven! Okay, maybe not that many, but you'll have more in common if you can spend hours making secret fandom references with each other than talking about how amazingly hot Channing Tatum is and who's dating who, cause like..... (Doctor) who cares? Plus if you casually make a fandom reference and nobody gets it, no one knows you make it! Unless you're like me and point it out......

4- knowing stuff. This is great for anything; great pranks (that're exponentially better than peanut buttering something) hacking stuff, outsmarting criminals, robbing banks.... Seriously, nerds know it all. If you ever commit a crime, do anything that requires more than 2 IQ points or need revenge, recruit a nerd!

5- being a good reader makes you a better writer. And if you're a better writer, you'll make more money than popular/hipster writers. Also, like said above, nerds know how to do stuff no one else knows. Hack a system? Spy stuff? Other countries? Murder mystery? Any mystery? We (nerds) totally know it waaayyyyy better than non-nerds. We know which chemicals to combine to make stuff explode ;p
It also mean you probably shouldn't anger us
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wolf Longboard

Wow, Wednesday already? I am totally not ready, despite keeping on thinking it's Thursday, it totally doesn't feel like it should already be Wednesday. Wow. Anyways, longboard.... decided the top, but on the bottom.... I'm gonna put wolf link and Midna on the bottom, but I can't decide which picture.......

This one is pretty cool. Also, pretty hard to draw....
Another cool yet hard to draw one.....
This one's more cutesy/Chibi than cool, but being chibi it's easier to draw....
Probably easier, but still less cool, more cool than Chibi...... yeah.....
Cool, cutesy-ish.... And probably easier to draw....
Cool and easy to draw...
DEFINATELY easier than most others
Cool, probably not easy to draw.
Totally cool, has the potential to be easy to draw (I'll try drawing all these in the next week or two or however many) and did I mention cool? Sadly it features less wolf link than I'd like my longboard too.... but for that, I could sacrifice...
Anyways, what do y'all think of them? Favorites? Suggestions? Additions?
Raven DeWitt


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Heeeelllllllllllllooooooooo............. So, I'm reading BoO, HoO book 5, and I have PJGG, one is narrated by Percy, and the other narrated by... About seven different people. Maybe more. Anyways, In PJGG Percy made a Doctor Who reference, meaning he watches Doctor Who. I'm still fangirling over that. Anyways, then Leo mentioned something about watching Doctor Who. Oh. My. Gosh. Take me to CHB!!! Hot, sarcastic, Doctor Who watching guys? SIGN ME UP!!! Anyways, I couldn't wait until Saturday to fangirl over this. My two favorite guys in the entire Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson series combined watch Doctor Who. Also, someone from TFS watches Doctor Who. They aren't made up characters from Rick Riodan, but I love them also, and they're Whovians. Whovians. Whovians everywhere. Also, today, it was pouring, ONLY while I had to walk between schools. I'm still cold, but I changed because I was dripping. I got soaked TWO HOURS ago. Seriously?!?!
Raven DeWitt

Monday, October 13, 2014

the ask and the answer review

Hullo! Oh, oh, the ask and the answer review..... Warning: this is the second book in a sequel, so.... Spoilers.
Basic plot: Todd apparently becomes Rapunzel and gets locked in a bell tower with the old Mayor- he surrendered at the thought of an army. Viola, meanwhile is getting healed and then becoming a healer. Of course, Viola and Todd don't know what's going on with the other one during like, the whole book. The whole time. Anyways, then a group called the answer start blowing up buildings and Viola's teacher is the head of it, before they disappear. Viola is left to take care of the house of healing, and be questioned by President Premtiss. *halfwaish point?* viola runs away to joint the answer, and gets a crush on a guy named Lee who loves her.... Love triangle. Ugh. Todd actually becomes friends with Davy and starts learning how to control his noise, which the mayor can use as a weapon. Also, he killed the spackle and I totally called the fact that it wasn't the answer....  And then they beat the evil mayor and the ship crashed.
Thoughts: But anyways... I was so glad when Viola and Todd finally found each other again and well.... Stayed together. I also love love love love how the mayor had to work for years but Todd could control it as soon as viola encouraged him. I know this is cheesy but.... Love trumps all. Now, back out of the girly zone, back to me...... Also, I was totally inspired by the book for the top of my longboard. I'm doing twilight princess (legend of Zelda) on the bottom... But on top... One silver A, and a capital A, and in between, "we are the choices we make". Cool, right? When it's completed I'll put a picture of it on here... I hope. But hey, that basically sums up the book in my opinion.
Rating: 5/5 I loved it! I even liked it better than the first!


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Book-y things

Hello! So, Sunday, reading.... Stuff? I dunno, books.... Weekly progress?
Fifth grave past the light: wow. *I am a little into the book... So.... * I love it, but um....... Wow. I want to kill Jessica, I betcha the cop guy who Gemma sees is either her crush or the psycho or both. Also, totally called it that Reyes was the cook. Also, I'm still sad about Rosie, but that explains Niccolette.
The ask and the answer: I finihed it, review soon.....
The blood if Olympus: I just got it in the mail, I am planning on starting... And potentially finishing it this week. Because goodbye PJO forever..... Or until the next Greek world ending catastrophe. Or I reread the series(es). Or both.
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, October 11, 2014


So, I had a church thing during the day, which was pretty fun.  Then, tonight during dishes I mentioned my hot haul, (stuff from hot topic) and Trenton said that there was a package on the door then Phoenix said he told mom and assumed we'd already got it. I quite literally ran and jumped tithe door.... But doggie was on the same path and we had a head on collision. Yowch. Sorry! And ten Trenton got the package and... It was!!!! Yay! Happy Saturday everybody!!!! I also got the Heroes f Olympus, blood of Olympus book yesterday!!!!! Pros: PERCY JACKSON, ANNABETH CHASE AND LEO VALDEZ!!!!!!!!!! AND WELL..... EVERYONE ELSE!!!!! Cons: last book in the series.... Sigh.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Top 5 most common offensive stereotypes

So, this post is inspired by CinemaSins and cracked (not crack...) because they both mentioned something that got me thinking about it.... CinemaSins TFIOS video, cracked stereotypes in commercials. If you wanna watch them and question my sanity or low standards for inspiration. Either way....
Anyways, this post is about top 5 seriously common stereotypes in almost every tv show, book, movie ect..... Anywho, in no particular order....

1- Christians are godly freaks who think everything's a sin, sing all the time and are going to hit you with a moral lesson if you so much as dislike a certain type of candy, and shove their opinions down your throat every chance they get.
Oh. My. Gosh. I am a Christian and while I do go around singing, it's disney or rock songs. Yeah, I am a Christian but I sin, I let people believe what they want to (even if I do want them to convert I'm not going to try suffocating them with Christianity) and while I do like giving advice, I am not some wise, perfect angel who will think the world will come to an end if you don't do the right thing. Oh, and while I am a freak, most Christians are normal people. Actually, no ones normal, but they don't go around looking like a freak, acting like one and basically being stereotype and me like. They fit in with human beings.

2- if you're a genius, you're completely emotionless, believe in evolution and are a whore (or man-whore).
Seriously? I get the emotionless part, but there are smart people in the world who do not believe in evolution. Plus the fact that smart people don't have sex with every other hot guy who's "in love" with them. A- it totally complicated things. B-there's a number of things that could go wrong; std, pregnancy, they could be a pervy creepy loser, serial killer.... Just sayin. C- if you're a girl at least, your brain releases some chemical that whenever you give birth, breast feed or have sex, you become attached to whoever was b up there, forming an attachment for the rest of your life you can never get rid of.

3- if you're a nerd, you are a socially incompetent loser, who had never talked to the opposite gender, had friends or dated anyone.
Okay, just because that describes me ('Cept for the never-talking-to-opposite-gender thing, cause most of my friends are guys) doesn't mean it describes all nerds. I have lots of friends who are nerds who are social, have dated people and are actually pretty societies version of cool (my version is either nerdy or deadly or anycombination thereof). In yo face!

4- if you're a cheerleader you're rude, stupid, slutty, popular and your role model is Regina George from mean girls.
Wow. No. I personally dislike cheerleaders (pep, short skirts.... Not my thing, mostly cause I'm chill and like guys....) but I have a couple friends who are cheerleaders and one of them isn't stupid, they aren't popular or rude and they don't shove their tongues down random hot guys throats. Seriously.

5- if it's a kids show, all grown ups are lonely old cat ladies, have an IQ under 1 or soulless, terrible people. If it's a grownup show, all teenagers (or kids) are nerds (stereotype ones above), brats or sluts and their life aspiration is weed and.... Get money from doing nothing but smoking weed.
Not every teenager wants to be a druggie with their life, I've already talked about nerds, and there are teenagers who aren't trying to get pregnant or don't think they're the queen of the world. Seriously.
And grown ups? They've gone to school and lived life over ten more years than you, they aren't stupider than you (for the most part) and if all grownups were  lonely cat people, you'd have never been born. Kids wouldn't exist if all grow ups never found a match. Logic. And for the rudeness... There are some nice grown ups out there.... Some.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

driving woodshop bombs

Well, yesterday was awesome. It was the first day of wood shop, so we sadly didn't build anything, just introduction to everything and stuff. And things. Anyways, this semester (term? Whatever) we are making... Drumroll please...... Longboards (I have decided to paint it LoZ or Naruto.... But which?!), pens (again. Yay!) and bowls. Now, I hangout with people who enjoy less legal activities than fighting and fangirling (not nessisarily in that order) and they use things called bowls to do their less legal activities, and while we aren't making those kinds in wood shop (DUH! I don't think you could even use a wooden one of the less legal kind) I keep on thinking of that kind whenever I say bowls. Anyways, I will also be making real bowl(s), so yay. And actually, in my small town, on one of the bathroom stalls was carved a threat to blow up the school. It was nothing serious, and nothing happened, but still, freaky... Of course, if they're stupid enough to carve it on a bathroom stall, they probably aren't smart enough to build a bomb or get it into a school and into position and yada yada yada........ In more freaky news, my moms going to be teaching me how to drive (again) today, before tutoring. Stay off ALL roads from now til 4. It might not be pretty otherwise.
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


'Ello poppet. How's life? I don't actually have my iPad.... Or laptop........ So, no YouTube..... And I don't have anything real to post.... I am building a longboard, starting tonight. Yay. :D
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hot haul; Halloween

Hey-llo! I have no idea. I need new greetings. So... That happened. I am not proud of it, but I'm not changing it. Anyways, it's finally October. I'm about a week late, but don't worry, cause I have enough creepy for Halloween along with enough immature and socially awkward to dress up and am skinny enough to eat twelve pounds of candy. Hmmmmm.......... I also carve pumpkins. I don't know what I'm doing this year, but a dragon would be cool. Or........... MIDNA (legend of Zelda: twilight princess). Twilight, creepy.... It works. Anyways, ooh.... I have to figure our what I'm painting on my longboard..... I feel like...... ~loZ~Naruto~Fairytail~soul eater what are your thoughts? Ooh! Or sky rim, Jak and daxter, Marshallee...... Ugh! Me and my fandoms! Sooo many! Anyways, I totally got costume stuff from hot topic, for Halloween, here, including....
Naruto headband! Sadly, the guy isn't included ;)
Same thing, showing you what it is, but the symbol doesn't show up in this picture....
I also got a DBZ scouted, but I can't get a picture to upload to this blog... So... Sorry. Google it if you really need to know.
And now, the price de resistancè (or however you say that. Is it even the right context? Anyways......)
The big thing...
Drumroll please!

I'm gonna be tinkerbell!!!

Sorry if any of the pictures Don't show up!
Raven  DeWitt

Monday, October 6, 2014

Art Prize 2013

'Ello!!! So, one very very very special thing about Michigan is how every year they have art prize.
If you move, so do the hallways... It quite literally looked like you were in that room.
It's covered in clocks.
It's a painting.
Made out of glass. It's really cool, one of my favorites... Next to those horses above.... and the one I'm going to put next. It's three pictures, one piece. And it's really really really really really really really really really really cool.
and the best of one of the best.....
BOOM!!! IT'S A CHEETAH... PANTHER... THING!!!!! Either way, it's awesome.
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Book updates!

Hey! So... Sunday books!
Oh, by the way..... Spoiler teritory...... I am pretty far into the books, so, spoiler probably will arise. Read on if the books are already read or you don't mind spoilers.... Don't be a little jerk about it and complain about spoilers after I warned ya.
Fifth grave past the light: a dead girl appears to charley, but when Charlie goes looking for her...... She's alive. Weird. Charley is usually much better with dead people. Plus she appeared to charley... Dead. And asked her to find her body. Meaning there was a body to find. And the dead blonde girls keep appearing in her apartment, about twenty of them, all ages, all different races, all blonde, all strangled. So... That's happening. And I am very, very, very, very, very excited to find out more.
The ask and the answer: they freed the prisoners, but sadly, not violas love triangle guys family. Oh, my, gosh viola!!! We know you love Todd, stop thinking you have a crush on the other guy!!! Also, I'm slightly sad Todd turned into a jerk to the  spackle, and that Corrine is dead. She was rude, but I kinda liked her, in a disliking way. I still do like this installment in the knife of never letting go better than the last one. I do like them both though.......
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lego movie!

Hello! Sorry, 'bout yesterday, but I was hanging out with July and we watched the Lego movie. I have to say, it was cute and cheesy and funny and predictable and soooo little kiddy it rocked. It was really pretty great, but it was a bit strange. And it must've taken forever to make. Stop motion.... I tried it before, an it was terrible. So, kudos to them. And it featured a bunch of awesome actors like starlord (Chris pines, just look it up), Liam Neeson, Buddy the elf (what's your favorite color! Okay, will feral), and other people... I think in imdb or whatever it said Cobie Smulder, and the guys who played C3PO an Lando played C3PO and Lando. And I'm sure other people, but these are the ones I like in multiple things. Or are just awesome because they're one awesome character that's awesomeness is so amazingly awesome. Anyways...... 4/5, cause it was cute and had many awesome actors, but was still just a little too... Meh. But I did love it.


Friday, October 3, 2014

everything wrong with xmen first class

Oh, uh....... post tomorrow.... So everything wrong with xmen first class!
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cloaked review

Oh my gosh, I am so so sorry I didn't post yesterday! There was a lot of stuff happening... Actually, there has been all week, but that's tomorrow. Today, book review; cloaked. By Alex Flinn.

Basic plot: Johnny has never seen a princess. (Literal first line, 'cept Johnny says "I" not Johnny...) but, who has? Johnny works at a shoe repair in a fancy hotel. And when the hot, rich, hot, drunk, hot, slutty, hot, foreign princess comes to his hotel in love with shoes, he swoons, he sighs, (Why deny it? Uh, oh ~It's too cliche I won't say I'm in love.... Read more:  Disney - I Won't Say (i'm In Love) Lyrics | MetroLyrics )
And when she offers him a magical quest to find her prince brother who's been turned into a swan.... She's not as amazing as he thought she was. She's just messing with him. Or crazy. Or both, but from years of hard shoe-repair work in reality, he doesn't believe her. But then he transports with a magic cloak, talks to a fox and some swans he agrees. If he does, the princess will marry him. And what's better? So he goes on a quest, lying to his best friend about where he's going and chases a small frog along the Florida keys, while getting chased by a witch and her son, making deals with talking animals to help them turn human (again).

Thoughts: well, I have to say, it was pretty good. I love fairytale adaptations (not to be confused with fairy tail adaptations ;p) and this wasn't a exception. But, I have to say, I found it a bit predictable. I knew he would *spoilers* fall in love with Meg who was obviously in love with him, and I totally saw Todd being Johnnys dad *spoilers over* other than he predictability, I really did like the book. Magic is awesome, and I love the geeky kid being the hero of books. I mean, it's soooo great! Who doesn't love geek heroes?

Rating: 4/5, cause predictability.