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Saturday, February 28, 2015

bully by three days grace AMV

I'll elaborate more on this tomorrow, but evens today made me think of this video. Tomorrow you'll get a real explanation, but.........
If anyone ever needs to talk...
Ya know, that speech.
Here for you


Friday, February 27, 2015


So, I was talking with someone about twisted fairytales and it gave me inspiration for my own; different, not twisted. Don't worry! Here it is: rag-Punzel.

Once upon a time there was an Orphan named Rapunzel. While still too young to remember she was left in the church of a small town. This town held beauty in the highest respect. Women wore corsets to be thinner, dyed their lips with berries to be redder and carried umbrellas to stay pale. These were the beautiful things to do, and the beautiful thing to do was valued in that town. Rapunzel never did any of these things while growing up, for she was just a child, but even at the age of ten the townspeople could see she said becoming beautiful. She had flawless skin, silky hair and perfect posture. The women in the town, even the ones far too old to be pretty any longer grew jealous. If she was like that as a child, they could only imagine her as an adult. So they began plotting. They set Rapunzel to work as a maid.
Eventually her posture grew slouched and sideways from working, and her skin became so ridden with dirt she looked like coal. No one in town found her beautiful anymore. But no matter what they tried, Rapunzels hair grew a beautiful gold. Tired of being mocked, she grew her hair. Hair was the one most important factor in beauty the town believed. Her hair grew like a beautiful, golden river, soon the longest in the town. The women grew jealous again and started calling her rag-punzel. But they knew she could be more beautiful than them if she tried. Thankfully for them, Rapunzel didn't try anymore. She made up her mind to be kind to everyone she met, never to be jealous, and never to lie.
One day, when she was 16, a prince was visiting their town.  The mayors wife had every maid in the town come to serve the prince. Rapunzel was overjoyed. She wanted to hear his stories of travel, somewhere away from the superficial town. She wished to go there herself, and dreamed of leaving. When she finally met the prince she simply braided her hair, and felt she was bland and looked as every other maid there. "Surely," she thought, "he'll notice a more beautiful women." She kept her hopes, however, and went to serve him dinner. Throughout the night, whenever she stole a glance, she noticed the prince looking at her. She blushed and was overjoyed. Another women noticed it too. When the prince asked her about Rapunzel she replied, "oh? Rag-something-or-other I'm sure. Has she done something to upset you? I apologize for her incompetence and beg your forgiveness, but you need not concern yourself with such small matters as an uneducated and ill mannered maid." The women herself hoped the prince would take her for a bride. The prince said she didn't do anything wrong, and she was actually quite nice. Then he announced he would be staying a few days. The rest of the night he watched Rapunzel, and after dinner he talked to her until she was called away for work. The women grew jealous.
Later that night, she was going to ask the prince if he wanted to walk in the gardens when she heard the prince mention the maid to his advisor. "That girl will not steal my throne!" She decided. "Why, she isn't even that pretty anymore." But she knew Rapunzel, even dirty was beautiful. "If I can take away her hair..." She realized. When Rapunzel was asleep, the women came into her room and cut her hair. When Rapunzel awoke she sobbed, thinking her hair was the one thing that was still beautiful about her. She doubted the prince would even let such an ugly wench serve him, since she was stripped of the one thing about her the town still considered beautiful.
She hung her head in shame when she went to serve him again that night. The women smiled in defeat. With Rapunzel beaten the women was the prettiest in town. She thought there was no way the prince would choose anyone else; for in that town, only beauty mattered, and she was beautiful. But to her surprise the prince looked at Rapunzel more than he previously did. Whenever she tried to start a conversation with him, he seemed to be distant, still starring at her. Although they didn't speak again for the rest of the time he was there, he still stole glances at her whenever she was near.
When the day had come for him to announce his bride he stood up. The women sat up straighter. She was sure he would choose her, but when he began his speech she became puzzled. "This town is full of gorgeous people starving themselves and painting themselves to look more beautiful. Except for one person. A person who cares only about beauty can make mistakes, judge too quickly and be too stubborn. But one who knows there's more than meets the eye will do things for others, will know not everything is as it seems and do not care about what others think of them as long as they're doing what's right. I thought I would never in a million years find one with these traits. I certainly never thought I'd find one in a image obsessed town. But I did and she is more beautiful than even the richest women in this town." And with that he took Rapunzel as his queen. And they lived happily to the end of their days, with Rapunzel as the most beautiful and wise queen to ever rule.

I know, that's not  the best fairytale ever; in fact it's not even that good, and it's much better if you just summarize it in like, six sentences, but I like the theme and stuff... Anywho, tell me what you think!
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

IIsuperwomanII types of crushes part 2

I had this whole post I was going to do but.....
Okay, let's face it; no I didn't. I do have a lot going on today.
So... Youtube. :-)
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

big cartoon frames

Ah, Tuesday. Big hero six came out today. And robotics (an INDOOR thingy) got cancelled. Due to weather -.-" Michigan. But hey, it's been a good day. Oh! We also got pokemon in orchestra, we're playing cartoon music and our teacher said anime music was acceptable as long as it's well known. Have you ever seen pokemon? Yay! I also got frames for all the posters in my room and put them in frames. It's kinda funny seeing something as important and classy as a frame with supernatural or marvel posters in them! Anywho.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Goodnight, sleep tight...

Not even a YouTube video...


Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hello friends! I have been cleaning my room ALL day and need this much needed break. Hhmmmm, what to talk about..... Well, first off, time had been moving at an accelerated pace but it's finally slowing down back to normal. Well, not normal as normal isn't an actual thing; it's more of an idea. Anywho, I've been doing Wednesday's, robotics and school for the past who knows how long, then there was a japanese issue, the disney trip... I'm just exhausted. So, so, so tired. Thankfully our robot is done, we're going to competitions soon, so that's down to just a few hours a week and not a few hours a day. Whew. Other than that, everything stays it's just... It felt sooooo overwhelming when added to everything else. I still got it done but, like, downtime. It's essential. Needed. Badly. I think soon I'll finally have some. And I am so ready for it. I am so tired and so so ready. So, that's been my life. Anyone else getting my vibes or am I just crazy?
Slowing down


Saturday, February 21, 2015

nigahiga- expectation vs reality: action movies

Hello! I as usual now, have nothing to post...... I mean, stuffs been happening it's just been too dull and non-descript to share over here. So.....
YOU know....
I know....
Raven DeWitt

Friday, February 20, 2015

honest game trailer: super smash bros

Snow day! But, I also have an orchestra party tonight in honor of disney, so....
Smashing bro


Thursday, February 19, 2015

how xmen days of future past should have ended

Um... Busy....
I can see the future!
I'm herd to stop you from destroying my planet!
(We already did that...)
... I knew you were going to do that!
Okay, not the youtube thing I'm showing you, but it reminded me of it....
Future and stuff
TFS girl
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Marvel Madness!!!

Hello! For lent (lint? However you spell it) I am giving up youtube and Netflix. I guess telling my own abandon corner of the universe I feel like it'll help. *Shrugs* Anyway, giving up youtube does NOT mean I won't be posting youtube videos for you guys. Sorry, it's just... life. I have a life now. Weird. Anyways, I got IronMan 3, which was the only marvel movie to have come out in the past 20-25ish years I don't have. I now have:
-Spiderman 2
-Spiderman 3
-Fantastic Four
-Fantastic four: The rise of the silver surfer
-Captain America: The first avenger
-Captain America: The Winter Soldier
-IronMan 2
-IronMan 3
-Thor: The Dark World
-The Incredible Hulk
-The Avengers
-The Amazing Spiderman
-The Amazing Spiderman 2
-Xmen 2X
-Xmen 3X: the last stand
-Xmen origins: The wolverine
-Xmen: the wolverine
-Xmen first class
-Xmen: Days of Future Past

And, in 6 days, when Big Hero 6 comes out on blueray (Febuary 24) I'll have all the ones. Then age of ultron and the new fantastic four which will have to be added. Yay! I feel like that list is missing one, but I definitely have all the Marvel movies that have come out since I dunno... 1990? 'Bout the last 25 years. Boom. Nerd power!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Monday!

I have NEVER done man candy Monday, but, hey, why not? With my fictional crushes from Saturday. Nothing dirty, just pictures. And yes, some of them are cartoons: cartoon guys are awesome. So shove it.
1- Captain America -Captain America, Avengers, captain America 2, five minutes of Thor 2.... 
2- Dorian Havillard -Throne Of Glass (he's a book character so... This is what someone drew based off the description in the book...)

3- Phillip -pirates of the caribbean 4: on stranger tides
4- Link -legend of Zelda series
5- Jack Frost -rise of the guardians
6-Soul -soul eater
7- Marshall Lee -adventure time

8- Derek -teen wolf

9- Jak -Jak and Daxter
10- Zuko -avatar the last airbender

Raven DeWitt 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

expectations vs reality: romance. Nigahiga

Hey, I just wanna say that, like so many other days, youtube is there for me. And you. So... Hi. Ga. Higa. Ryan. NigaHiga?
Super chu
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, February 14, 2015

top ten fictional boys I'm in love with

Happy Valentine's Day! On this day of love and couples I... Totally feel left out because I'm me. Me is forever alone. Forever alone isn't fun on Valentine's day. So, I'm gonna donate an entire post to my fictional boyfriends. They're perfect and aren't real so they can never meet me and say they don't love me. I can just think "oh, they'd totally love me" and no one can ever disprove it. It's perfect! Also, I don't feel like thinking about real life crushes right now. The only rules are they have to be fictional and (at least where I am at in whatever they're from) single. So, here we goooooo..........
Top 10 Fictional boys I wanna date 

1- Captain America -Captain America, Avengers, captain America 2, five minutes of Thor 2.... 
Well, if there's anything hotter than a sweet, funny, good lookin, evil fightin super hero, it's a Christian, sweet, funny, good lookin, evil fightin superhero. Especially if he's played by Chris Evans. And a good person. And in the scene in the first Crain America right before he gets his operation he's packing his suitcase not with clothes, but with books. He reads. And he's a Christian. *sigh* 

2- Dorian Havillard -Throne Of Glass
I'm not sure what I could even begin to say about Dorian. He enjoys sword fighting (which is a very hot trait, hint hint boys! ;p), LOVES reading (yet another very hot trait!), he loves animals, is nice and charming, and willing to be a good person and stand up to his evil father, even if he's scared. Dreamy! Also, he's a prince. Dreamy-er!

3- Phillip -pirates of the caribbean 4: on stranger tides
Christian. Fair and loving towards all, helps people, and, again Christian. I also admire how he always knows the right thing to say. No wonder he was a missionary!
4- Link -legend of Zelda series
Hey, he goes throughout an entire world fighting all these monsters in all these temples, traveling to every single distant corner for who he loves. Plus, sword fighting is hot. How can (some games-es) zelda not love him? (Some games zeldas do, others don't...)

5- Jack Frost -rise of the guardians
Funny, playful, caring, gentlemanly, charming, plus he embodies winter and I LOVE winter so much!

6-Soul -soul eater
There's the classic doesn't-give-a-crap attitude while he cares so much underneath and, of course, the being able to turn into a weapon. Plus, there's something about anime guys's hair. 

7- Marshall Lee -adventure time
He can play guitar, sing, he's funny and flirty and a vampire. What more could a girl want?

8- Derek -teen wolf
He's maybe the only "bad boy" type I actually like. Sure, some of the other on my list might seem like bad boys, but they aren't. Dorians just flirty, Marshall Lees just playful, and they're all good people (including Derek) but he's tough, a great leader, and cold calculating smart. Just imagine the chliche evil chess matches he could have! Also, while hes a "bad boy" he isn't the drug doin, smoking and drinking cheat on you with every girl on this side of the Mississippi bad boy, he's the tough kind that while he has emotions, doesn't let them get everywhere and ruin everything. Which, sadly, emotions tend to do and more people have more emotions lately!

9- Jak -Jak and Daxter
So, while he's a toughie he isn't really as bad boy acting. In fact, he's a hero. Who goes on awesome adventures while being the serious tough type. All for his annoying best friend who reminds me of my brothers best friend, Trenton.

10- Zuko -avatar the last airbender
Determination. Tough with emotions deep down, relatable and I mean, his whole life he's been brought down but he still is a super tough super good lookin guy who changes (something I hold in the highest honor- redemption!) and helps someone do what's right even if it means giving up what he loves. Let this be a lesson boys; being a good person is hot. *wink wink*

In love
With fictional characters.....
Dang it Cupid!
Raven DeWitt

Friday, February 13, 2015

top 5 least romantic songs

So, you have your fictional date location, but do you and your whoever (most likely imaginary if you're still reading this this week) have a song? Well, since I've already done my top five most romantic songs, it's time for the least romantic songs. In case you really want your relationship to fail. Badly. Here ye go! (*warning* some of these songs contain scandalous stuff, such as bad language and suggestive material. They have bad parts, but I still like them, sorry!)
Top five least romantic songs.

1- I miss you -blink 182
I already touched on this; at first glance it may seem nice, but it's really not. Shadow in the background of the morgue? Unsuspecting victim? Voice of treason? 

2- out of time -a day to remember
Yet another guy fallen under the spell of a stuck up pretty little princess. At least, that's the vibe I'm getting. From someone who gets everything right, everything's about them... That's the vibe I got.

3- over and over -three days grace
You try not to fall in love with someone, someone doesn't even try to get them to, and -while you could argue this is sweet, it's really kinda bad- what's good for them isn't this person, (but they don't care...)

4- gone forever -three days grace
Well... Feeling better whenever they're gone forever not the makings of a lasting relationship. Just sayin.

5- fashionably late -falling in reverse
If you even need an explanation of why this is super horrible for a couple song, you need counseling. And your SO needs to break up with you. No offense.

So, if you want your relationship to crash and burn, or are just super forever alone, there's a good ol' song to help you with that. 
Finally right


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Top ten fictional date locations

Valentine's day week post! Now that you have your SO, you need to go on a date. Judging on the fact that this is my blog, and I only have a chance with fictional characters, here's my lost of top ten fictional date locations.
1- Rivendale -Lord of the rings, the hobbit
It's a really pretty place, and Would be kinda fun to explore. Especially with certain Elves ;p

2- skyloft -legend of Zelda: skyward sword
It has so much to explore and do, and is SUPER pretty. Plus there's so much potential to what you'll find or where you'll go. 

3- Konoha (village hidden in the leaves) -Naruto
It's basically a normal japanese city, but a bit less technology centered (while still having really advanced tech) and I think it'd be a really great place to go on a date. Especially a ramen stand!

4- Narnia -Narnia
It's a magical land filled with adventure, spiritual growth and pretty scenery. Sign me up!

5- camp half blood -Percy Jackson, heroes of Olympus
It's cool and there's so much to do! There's a beach, Pegasus, fighting... All totally couple-y things!  ;p

6- castletown -Legend of Zelda
It's basically the coolest thing ever. There's the awesome Hyrule castle right there in the center/back edge, the fountain in the square, all the shops and stuff, plus the star challenge! And, so many animals!

7- hogsmeade -Harry Potter
I had to use this one. So much to do, and it's magic. Also, Ron and Hermoine. 

8- the Tardis -doctor who
Anywhere in time and space. Doesn't that sound like the best date! Technically you could do any date if you did this.

9- the air temple -avatar the last airbender
It's really cool with SOO much to explore! The wind tunnels... Other stuff.... And it's pretty, with a pretty view right on the edge of a cliff (or dangling in the air... I prefer the western one...). This isn't actually a good date; it's a good honeymoon. Hey, future husband..... ;p 

10- Naboo -StarWars
It's pretty, and Anikin and Padme. Also, always the perfect temperature with perfect weather... Well, at least that's what it looks like.

Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

top 5 ways to a girls heart (mentally. Physically- rib cage.)

Since valentines day is coming up, and 90% of people are all like "ugh," or "single awareness day!" I'm gonna let you in on a little secret; how to get the girl. Well, not normal girls, but girls more like me. So, if your crush is an exact carbon copy of me *snort* or you actually like me *laughs self to death* or you wanna waste a few minutes of your time, here's the top five ways to a girls heart (*warning* the girl has to be a heck of a lot like me to work!)
1- give her a library
C'mon, the beast did it and he got Belle. Also, I want a library dang it!

2- chocolate
Its a must. You can also tell if you're about to date a crazy psychopath by giving it to them; if they say they don't like chocolate, they're a crazy psychopath. You're welcome!

3- be funny.
Who doesn't love funny guys?

4- read.
I have no idea why reading is so amazingly hot, but boys, it is. Actually, just be a nerd in general; despite popular belief, being a nerd is HOT. Told you this list only applies to me and girls who're exactly like me....

5- be interested in her
Not what she looks like, what she says. Or at the very least pretend to. Pretend to the point of being able to have a conversation. Or just do 1-4 on the list and ignore this one. But if you can't do #1, this one is required.

So, hopefully the girl you like is me *my ghost laughing itself to death* so this list works. If not.... Try your hardest? Maybe? Ish? I'm sure someday someone might kinda love you. Ish.
Nerdy love


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

top five ships

Since it's Valentine's day week, I have yet another romantic cutesy post for y'all! Ready? Here we go!

top five Ships (cannon or non-cannon)

1- Percabeth -percy Jackson/heroes of Olympus
Percy and Annabeth. He didn't forget about her when he was cursed to forget everything -even his best friend and his mom. But not Annabeth. If that's not love I don't know what is. Plus their interactions are so cute! 

2- Jarida -rise of the brave tangled dragons
Jack Frost and Merida. It's really an opposites attract, and I just think they'd go well together because they're really similar and different and I like the yin-yang thing they have.

3- Shikamaru and Temari -Naruto
I really like how they challenge each other and he's the guys-protect-girls type and she's the I-don't-need-protection type. It's another yin-yang opposite puzzle pieces fit better than the same one type thing.

4- Link and Zelda -legend of Zelda
I know I might *slightly (*its bigger on the inside) like Link, but I mean, he's the hero of type, who saves the world again and again for Zelda. He always loves her and theyre super cute together in skyward sword.

5- Nalu -fairy tail
This is one of those friendships that should become something more. They both challenge each other to be better, keep each other in check, help each other and piss each other off in ways only people you like can ;p. They also have the really cute moments which, again, friendship that should highlight the SHIP part.

Sorry if you have no idea who any of these are. I just did my favorite few. Also, don't hate on my ships if you disagree. They're still awesome even if you don't like em.

Raven DeWitt

Monday, February 9, 2015

Top five most romantic songs

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, is whole week will be laced with the lovey-dovey stuff of my nightmares. Bleh. So, out of all my romantic music, here are the top five most romantic songs! Each song is linked to the lyrics -not a video- so, see if you agree! If not, youtube it. It could be catchy!(*disclaimer* some of them have bad words and other stuff I don't agree with- sorry! I just can relate more than I hate)
Top ten most romantic songs

1- like nobody else -my darkest days
Easily the one I can relate to most... *blush* but, well...

2- I hate everything about you -three days grace
It may sound like it isn't cutesy lovey-dovey but would I really be listening to it if it was? Seriously, it is kinda cute and I can totally relate to it to, where someone drives you crazy, which somehow makes you like them. Rude.

3- time of dying -three days grace
Oh, come on, "I feel alive when you're beside me" and not wanting to die unless you're beside them is at least kinda sweet. Yeah, I officially suck at romance.

4- you be tails I'll be sonic -a day to remember
Okay, so maybe the break-up-y feel of this is kinda not couple-y, but it's also nice how they can't forget and are super sad and wouldn't trade the experience off and.... I needed five songs, okay?!?!

5- the rock show -blink 182
It's one of the few songs that actually say they love someone (that I listen too) and they remember the first meeting. And they wouldn't trade the experience even if it hurt. Cause they fell in love with the girl at the rock show

Hopeless romantic


Sunday, February 8, 2015

nigahiga Bromance

A little less than a week before valentines day. Anyone got any plans? Mine is watching movies and reading books with my ficional boyfriends in them because lets be honest, in what universe would I have valentines day plans? I do have youtube. Youtube has Ryan Higa. He's not a fictional crush, just a famous person one. Enjoy!
Forever Alone

Friday, February 6, 2015

iisuperwomanii types of fans

Well, I normally do hate doing this to you, but robotics. Also, I don't really hate it. I just feel rude. Anywho, youtube!
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, February 5, 2015

to do or not to do?

Robotics tonight, but for now my homework is done, gone and bye bye. Well, at least until next hour when my teacher talks for five hours about ONE EASY math problem. They wondered why you inverted it, not how they discovered the world was round and then found its diameter. Seriously. Anywho, I have a serious subject that was brought up like, last week Wednesday and I haven't asked you guys yet (sorry!). I was asked to speak in wood on Wednesday night. We build stuff, but it is still a church group and has lessons. They asked these two girls to speak to a group (usually of primarily guys and while one is pretty cool the other brings girly to a whole new level... She's still my friend and I love her, but her personality is pink with extra sparkle!) and I was kinda like "what?" Because they've been there two weeks, I've been there two semesters. But, they're the leader/talk-y type so I was okay with it and then the guy asked me if I wanted to. Then everyone started encouraging me too, and I dunno. I do not know. I know the plot to all twenty five marvel movies that came out in the past fifteen (ish) years better than I know what I want! So, I don't know if I wanna speak.
On one hand, I don't know what to talk about, but preachers always say they didn't know and God told them too.
It also sounds fun, and I like people there and trust people there and I love it there.
But I also feel like curling up into a ball and crying whenever I think of having to speak in front of more than two people at once. And I'm not a curl-up-into-a-ball-and-crying type person. But I guess I can't punch public speaking in the face if it attacks and ruins me like I can do with people or other things people fear.
So... I need everyone's help deciding. Pray for me, and well, comment or talk to me in real life about what you think I should do. Pretty please with sugar on top?
Indecisive... Or, well... ;p


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

if it works it works

Hey! Whew, I feel worn out. And it's only halfway through the week! And I had a snow day! And I don't even have robotics tonight. I do have japanese. And Fuel. There's a parent meeting because of all the changes happening in fuel. Whoo. I don't really like change. I'm more of a "it works? Keep it!" Type of chick. Now don't confuse that with someone with a stick up their butt, who hates spontaneous ness and always has to eat the same exact thing in the same exact place listening to the same exact things type person. It's just if it ain't broke don't fix it. I mean, TV shows try to do that too, after a certain season they add in crap to make it more exciting and this crap just ruins the show for me. You don't bedazzle footballs or put a triforce on your Xbox, so don't add drama into your action show/movie. Don't change what makes stuff what it is. So.... I have a problem. Hopefully I will be more optimistic after the meeting. Fingers crossed!
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

Superbowl Supertalk

Hello! Sadly, my team lost. I was at a superbowl party with my parents at their friends house, and we had to go pick up my brother so we left when the seahawks were obviously in the lead. We pick up Phoenix and get home and... The Patriots have won. URGH!!! And, to add on, most of the comercials were super sappy. Like, dude, no. Just no. But, there were a few totally awesome ones. 4, actually. Only 3 are funny, just a warning.

- Let's get the sappy one out of the way. The best buds budwiser commercial. With the puppy and the horse? SOOOOO CUTE!!!

- The turbotax revolutionary war one. Boston tea party, a battle and the delaware. "But with turbotax, you can do it for free!" "For free?" "For free" "Okay then" leaving, appolagising, litterally putting down weapons and -my favorite part- "Well, then we should go back" and they start going backwards on the Delaware river.

- The skittles usual way one. Both of their favorites is yellow, so they're all like "lets settle this the usual way" and everyone in town starts yelling "USUAL WAY" and droppin what they're doing and it reveals everyone in town has really buff right arms even like, little kids and babies and a dog. They arm wrestle for the last yellow skittle.

- The doritos plane one. A guy is sitting on a plane isle seat next to an open seat and doing all this stuff like coughing and acting sick then saying "oh no... *Sniff* I'm sure I'm not contagious" or clipping his toenails, flossing his teeth. Doing all this stuff. Then he sees a cute girl and sits there normally with a bag of dorios and she sees him and his doritos and smiles. Then the guy in front of the chick moves and you see she has a baby in a front pack. She sits next to him and then shes asleep and the babies eating the doritos.

Those are my favorites. What are yours?
Like Jensen!
If you get that I love you.
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Superbowl Sunday!

Y'all might wanna sit down before I release some big news, sitting? good. DO NOT eat or drink anything while reading my next sentence. Spit takes and choking are NOT as funny in real life as cheesy TV shows make them out to be. They're gross, messy and annoying. Okay, sitting, no food or drink in your mouth? Good. Big news: I'm going to a superbowl party tonight. Boom. This coming from miss... huh, I can't think of anything even remotly un-football to put there. Mostly cause,  well, I don't even know enough about football to make a sarcastic comment. I know, scary thought. I only really watch the superbowl for commercials. I mean, c'mon, have you ever SEEN the doritos and mountain dew comercials? Best commercials for the best products! Although, I have to say most of my favorite commercials are for budlight, even though I do not support them.
I also watch so I can bet on the winner and brag when I win. Also, last year, I was excited for the halftime show. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and NOT Bruno Mars. EW. But, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, last year that factored in. This year, I really don't wanna watch the halftime show. But, well, whatever. I'll probably talk about my favorite commercials Monday, if I have time. Kay? Kay.
Raven DeWitt