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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

if it works it works

Hey! Whew, I feel worn out. And it's only halfway through the week! And I had a snow day! And I don't even have robotics tonight. I do have japanese. And Fuel. There's a parent meeting because of all the changes happening in fuel. Whoo. I don't really like change. I'm more of a "it works? Keep it!" Type of chick. Now don't confuse that with someone with a stick up their butt, who hates spontaneous ness and always has to eat the same exact thing in the same exact place listening to the same exact things type person. It's just if it ain't broke don't fix it. I mean, TV shows try to do that too, after a certain season they add in crap to make it more exciting and this crap just ruins the show for me. You don't bedazzle footballs or put a triforce on your Xbox, so don't add drama into your action show/movie. Don't change what makes stuff what it is. So.... I have a problem. Hopefully I will be more optimistic after the meeting. Fingers crossed!
Raven DeWitt

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