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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Last day of 2013! Well, unless the doctor needs more help. Anyways, most likely it is the last day of 2013. Review of the year:
Good books that came out: heroes of Olympus. I dunno if the new divergent book will be good, but I think it will be. Wow, only those two? Youch.
Good movies that came out: percy Jackson 2 (they messed up the ending, it was still good though), despicable me 2, hobbit part 2, catching fire (wow, all sequels so far), the second/newest wolverine, frozen, um...... That's all I can remember off of the top of my head... I feel like there's more. Huh....... Oh yeah! Iron man 3, Thor 2 and maybe more. Good movie year! Total count: 8+
What happened this past year: took Japanese, Washington trip, mackinaw, St. Louis, tutoring, grandpa died, Phoenix got arrested, Trenton can't legally see him, counseling, a weekly trip to the library....... Wow. Just a very, very packed year.
Things ((m)ovies and (b)ooks) I'm looking forward to in 2014: blood of Olympus (b, HoO), maze runner (m), captain America 2 (m), the amazing Spider-Man 2 (m), hobbit part 3 (m), hunger games 3 part 1 (m), divergent (m)........... That's all I can think of, more maybe added. Total: 7.... +
Happy new year! (Almost....)
Raven DeWitt

Monday, December 30, 2013

Types of annoying girls

So, today is a youtube day. As always, sorry for any swearing, pervy ness, pruple, insulting stuff, yada yada yada. I have no clue which ones I am. Maybe the hurricane one, but I do not do anything with any of them. Ew. They are literally family. And if I did do anything (ew!) it would be if they weren't going out with anyone. Cause I'm not a slut.
So..... Silent hurricane?
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mall of hyrule

I was watching bones and my dad walked down just as they found a body. That was impaled. Some people are crazy. I really love this show though. It can be a bit creepy, but every show can. Anyways, so yesterday, we went to the mall, and believe me, this is a story. So, I was looking at books when I found a book made just for me. Legend of Zelda, Hyrule Historia. I bought it. So, when we were buying it ,y brother and Trenton were waiting by going up and down the escalators. Finally they got bored and started going up the down escalator. They approached my dad and he said I don't know you so Trenton shouted I don't know him! Then they started going up the down escalator and a lady who worked there told them to stop and said she usually only had to tell five year olds that and then asked Trenton what he was gonna do when he fell and he said get his mommy to kiss it better. They came down when we were leaving and my mom said I don't know you, so my brother shouted mom! And ran after her. XD. I love my bros.
Official nerd
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tear in time and space

So, I have been playing assassins creed  III for the past three days. Ever since Christmas, with my big bro. I officially hate the British back then. They totally started everything. I mean, they pushed me so I push.... Or stab them back and they totally over react and like fifty people try to kill me. And then I beat them. Both are kinda sad facts. Anyways, my brother has a theory that it's in Michigan. Too cold, too hot, lots of forests and water. And lots of totally awesome Indians. I totally wish I was an assassin back then. It would be so cool. That's my dream job. I mean, is it too much to ask that my ancestors be assassins, and the animus be real? Of course, one of my ancestors was a Freemason or something. Cool right? I totally need to watch national treasure again. And find the animus. Or the doctor and his tardis. Sitting here, waiting for an adventure. A alien in a bow tie or john smith and his psychic paper. A tear between universes where I end up in hyrule or konowa or even east city. Maybe planet vegeta or namek or gallifrey. Camp half blood, new Rome, the fire nation, the earth kingdom, water tribe or the air nomads, Narnia or hogwarts. Anyways, so in assassins creed, it's before the revolutionary war, like right before, like literally George Washington just refused the truse right before. So, in the game we had to find an Indian to find a treasure that could help win the war. There was a rabbit on screen so my brother started chasing the rabbit. With his sword. He then said he would probably do that in real life too..... -.-" um..... My family's not completely crazy..... There's the dog........ And now we're exploring secret tunnels underneath the city. I wanna do that in real life too. Anyone know any good secret passage ways?
All fired up and ready to go!
Super chu
Raven DeWitt

Friday, December 27, 2013


Hi. I spent like five hours shopping with my dad for a suit for him for his dad's funeral. Boring. Bored boring, bored of being bored because being bored is boring. So, in short, I don't like shopping. Especially not with my dad in a clothing store for suits for three hours. Of course when we came in he joked about getting a bow tie and I said yeah, cause bow ties are cool. Ya know, fezzes are cool too. Anyways, that lasted about four hours and I couldn't even go to a video game or book store afterwards. The two things that really matter, huh ;p. last night me and my parental units and friends went to cirque dreams holidaze. It was really cool, here's the video for it! Not the one I went to, but same concept.
In a captain America sweatshirt....
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Um... Hey. So... Yesterday, after the post we sorta went to hospice with the rest if my dad's side family. Cause my grandpas there. I got to meet my new cousins baby, Everest. Like the mountain. My grandpa barely woke up and we basically just sat and talked for a few hours. Phoenix held Everest most of the time and then we came home and played assassins creed a few hours. Then we ate dinner (salmon ^^ mmm!) and watched dispicable me 2. It was super cute, but I liked the first one better. Oh, and all the romance was getting on my nerves. Really? It's a kids movie. Can't you just like.... Not? Althought I totally agree with the guys life dream. I wanna play video games for a living too! Yay! Or watch movies/youtube videos/tv shows. Or read books. Or review food. And since no one wants me as a critic, what I'm gonna try to do is write or design video games or write/draw anime/manga or test video games or something in those lines. You know, the usual nerd dreams. Anyways, so yesterday was an amazing Christmas. But... Well this morning my dad got a call that his dad, my grandpa died last night. So, yesterday was literally the last Christmas we would have with him. Wow. So...please pray for my family, especially my dad.
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's Christmas time

Merry Christmas! And bro, if you ever had any reasonable doubt in your mind about me being a nerd, lemme tell you about today. Great way to start off a post, right? You tell your friend about my cool blog and she finally goes on and sees me talking about how big of a nerd I am. Well, yeah, I'm a nerd. So, I gave my bro assassins creed III. And we're playing it now! :D yay. And I got three captain America fashions, two manga books and candy in a stocking. Okay, that's the well, me version of twelve days of Christmas, but I got much more. Like headphones, socks, gloves, jeans, hats, despicable me 2 (which I haven't seen yet :D), two pairs of earrings, one of which is captain America ones, the other of which are these like spikes black ones, I also got a captain America tshirt and a sweatshirt that is literally exactly like caps costume. Including the hood. Yay! Manga books, one is fashion and the other one is animals. I also got a bunch of nail polish and candy, an iTunes gift card, a DVD player, two ornaments and a reading light. And that's just this morning! Today at twelve thirty we are going to visit my grandpa in hospice for our family celebration, like my dad's side. So, that's gonna be fun. We made chalk boards for em, and I decorated the chalk boards. They're prettyful. So, it's going to be a very merry Christmas. Filled with video games and movies and drawing and the good captain. Seriously, everyone in my family (mom, dad, brother) agreed that captain America is one of our favorites, if not our favorite. Phoenix said he's tied with the hulk, in my book he's tied with tony stark. Tony is a bit like me, captain is like... Well, super hot guy. With a perfect personality. And he's a superhero. So, my dream guy.
Santa's little captain super-chu
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

'Twas the day before Christmas and every creature was stirring. Even the Raven, excited for what tomorrow would bring.
I had to do that. Cause I can. And it is the day before Christmas, so happy Christmas Eve! I love Christmas, I love it to death! I love opening presents and giving presents, I love sledding and snowmen and snowball fight and anything to do with snow (including Jack Frost). I love hot coco and Christmas cookies and candy canes. I love friends and family and Christmas specials and Christmas movies and most of all, the nativity! Of course, one thing that always ruins Christmas for me is when people feel like nockin on the nativity. The wise men would've arrived two years later and it was actually in the middle of summer and the shepards would've been chicks (yes, I heard that once) and Jesus wouldn't have been white and yada yadayadayada oh my gosh, just shut up! No offense, but you're an idiot. A) how does that change the story? And b) what if you're wrong.  What if the wiseman saw the star two years earlier? And since when did Jesus's color matter? What, if he's middle eastern he must have been lying, if he's black he can't do miracles? Only white people can be the savior? Sorry, but how Effin racist are you? Nope. Good bye, the nearest exit is anywhere, just use it. See you never! And my aunt heard on the radio that in all actuality, the Christians might've celebrated Christmas on December 25th waaayyyyyy before the pagan holiday. Boom! And anyways, they're on the other sided of the world, where summer was winter and winter was summer. So, if that's true, wouldn't it have been in have winter rather than in the summer? Cause, it's warm all year around anyways, so the shepards are always out. Seriously. So if you feel like saying anything in the nativity isn't true, I have some lovely places to hide your body. Have a nice day.
Merry Christmas Eve
....happy Christmas Eve?
Which one?
Super chu
Raven DeWitt

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas epi-post

Hey! So, I'm watching bones and I just selected the next episode and ITS A CHRISTMAS EPISODE!!!!!! I like it a lot so far. I also should watch the psych Christmas episodes. Tomorrow. Along with the black butler/kuroshitsuji Christmas episode, I love it cause it has Ciels fiancé, and I like her, she's really cute. I like how she's just head over heels for Ceil and is in love with him, completely, and would do anything to see him smile. Even if she is a bit spoiled and loud and energetic, she brings out the best in him. And she loves him, so she should be proud of that. Honestly, they're one of my favorite anime couples, next to shikamaru and temari, or Edward and winrey. Seriously, I ship em to death. I am very obsessive over my ships. Anyways, I also love Christmas episodes of well... Almost every show available. On quotev, I'm working on a bunch of Christmas one shots, all romantic, and I would work on them faster, but my iPad is glitching a bit. Anyways, here's the link to the few stories: http://www.quotev.com/story/4175628/Christmas-one-shots/1/
You're welcome! I might also make a Link (legend of Zelda), avengers, xmen, lord of the rings, pretty much anything nerdy I will make one. You can request something if you want. Sorry, they're all a bit cheesy. Requests will be made just as cheesy. I am so excited for tomorrow! And the day after tomorrow! :-)
Wishin you a merry little Christmas
And a happy new year!
Super chu

Sorry, another opposite half pyramid.....

Sunday, December 22, 2013

'twas the weekend before Christmas.

Cookie party

Hi! Only like three days til Christmas! Yay! I got my brother some totally awesome stuff and I really can't wait and I gave my friends their gifts yesterday at the Christmas cookie party, so I can tell you about what I got them. Well I got two of them journals and the other two earrings, but I made necklaces with fairytale charms, and they're like super cute! I bought two for myself, one that says "slay your own dragon" and one that's like a locket, but it it doubled, so it has three slots for pictures. Anyways, yeah, super cute! Yay. Yesterday I had a bunch of my friends over and we made cookies all day. Which is seriously fun. I do it every year. July usually makes an army of ginger bread men. This year she made an army of sheep. We decorated cookies then we spent the rest of the time just hanging out. We played M.A.S.H. and I totally have to kill Trenton (remind me later) over it. It was really fun (other than my mash life) and July said that she shipped me with a kid who she and Jessie call sheep. They seriously call him sheep. I don't know why. Apparently, July ships me with him. WHY? I don't even know who he is... Eh, whatever. Then they went home and Trenton, my brothers friend, had my brothers other friend over and my brother was gone for the weekend... So, two of my brothers friends came over, went to church with us then hungout at our house until midnight. Until midnight. Like, I'm cool with them, but it's not like their my friends and they stayed until midnight, which is a lot later than any of my friends have ever stayed, unless they were at a sleepover. And Phoenix wasn't even here. And now I'm very pissed off at him. But that's today, and I really don't feel like talking about it. Anyways, so they were over for like five hours. What the heck? Then I ate frosting with m and ms mixed in. Yummy!
Sugared out
Super chu
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, December 21, 2013

HISHE doomsday

Cause it should have. I'm sorry, but if don't like rose. 
Time lord
Raven DeWitt

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas party

Christmas casual

Christmas casual

Superfine skinny jeans
$410 - harveynichols.com

Black boots

Punky Pins necklace
$16 - truffleshuffle.co.uk

Snice day luck

Hey guys! Guess what today is? Other than Friday the 20th, five days till Christmas....... Can y'all guess? It was actually a snice day! Wait.... I think I just realized something..... I never actually said snow day, so I couldn't jinx it! I said snice day! Whoo-hoo! Great way to start off Christmas break. Çhrïštmåś brēãk. Yay! Yatta! I'm really happy, and it is actually a really good day. I never have this good of luck. Seriously, I'm off of Minotaur and onto thinking they'll create the hunger games and draft me in it. In the honest twenty four hours. Or I'll be kidnapped by a spy being the daughter of a princess and not knowing it and they'll need me to go back to their kingdom and rule it, but then I get kidnapped again for ransom. Or the avengers coming true and I get magically transported to New York. Except the avengers aren't there to help. Or I get stuck in the Demi-wars (heroes of Olympus reference). Maybe I'll even get to go into soul eater and have one of medusas snakes in me. Lucky me. Seriously, I'm beginning to worry, anyone have goku on speed dial? I mean, they would all be pretty cool, but with my before-luck-streak-luck I would die, thus ending my lucky streak. Although I've never died before. Maybe it's like the Lone Ranger. Of course, I don't have a crazy Indian dude played by Johnny Depp. Maybe I'm the crazy one. Either way, if tomorrow I don't post, start looking up real life hunger games and princess ransoms and passage ways to alternate universes and camp half blood and new Rome and the DWMA and bulma briefs (cause your gonna need the dragon balls, and she has the dragon radar......). That probably is just a small list, but hey, it's a start. So....... In short, I'm not crazy, just cautious and lucky. Extremely lucky. Seriously, anyone have any celestial bronze?
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Suspiciously good

Hi! Hi. Hey. Whazzup? So, today I gots all my Japanese stuff.... Well.... Sorta finished with a few technical bugs. Way more annoying than real bugs, but I won't complain. Mostly cause if I write a rant about that, I guarantee it will glitch, close the tab and not save my rant. And then there's the next rant I'll write that the same thing will happen to before I get fed up and throw the iPad across the room. So, no complaints. And I'm doing this post during fifth hour. One day til Christmas break, if we don't get a snice day tomorrow. Which, it was thought we would, but it seems that for once everything is going my way. So, I'm probably going to get attacked by a Minotaur soon. No homework today, we finished (and failed) our orchestra concert last night, finished one of my two tests today, two tests tomorrow (if no snice day) and a movie tomorrow (ditto). So, everything is pretty amazing, especially since I totally know my stuff for all the tests. Tomorrow would also be chem club then Saturday is my ccp. Christmas cookie party! Tonight I have to go to my brothers bball  game. Go.... I think they're the warriors....? Or knights..... Or they played against the knights last week...... I dunno, they're one of the two. The next big thing is Christmas Eve. So, right now I'm busy but happy. And everything is going my way. Until the Minotaur attacks. I'm on the lookout for him. Or dementers. I hate those guys, but I think they left the last time they attacked. I mean, I never have a good streak. Especially this long... Ooh! Another good thing! I got my class ring ring today! I have my name in the middle, in the middle of the stone an emerald (from my birth month, may............). All around em both is little diamonds (I don't know if any of the stones are real). It's all in silver. On one side is a cross, with a bible below it, the cross over whatever those plants are, because I am a Christian and want to keep my faith strong and keep getting stronger. Above it is the year I'll graduate, 2017. On the other side is "on to adventure" written on top of these stars, and my schools initials ZEHS. (Don't go lookin up my school, y'all hear?) I got that one cause that's something I've always wanted. To go on an adventure. No instructions, no "you're doing it all wrong", just getting to figure stuff out and explore and helping people, even if nobody knows it. Being an epic hero (but that's a post for another time....) and doing something extraordinary. On the inside is my name
Raven L. DeWitt

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


So.... It's been like a few weeks since nano, and I wanted to post my published piece. It's a a bit pervy and I definantly mock one direction in it, so.... Sorry if it offends anyone. So.... Here it is.

It was a dark cold day. Not unusual for fall, but what was unusual was the silence. They never stayed silent for that long. Especially this late. It was 4:42. They were usually out all hours of the day. The most were out around three to anytime the sky was dark and the feeding was good.
“Angel! Come back, we only have like twenty minutes to get back to camp!” My best friend Alice shouted at me.
“One minute, I want a higher view Ace,” I stared up at the tree I was standing under. It went maybe thirty feet high. Very deadly if I fell. Even deadlier if a zombie saw me. Heck yeah I’m gonna climb it.
It didn’t take long to get to the top, but I almost lost my balance, and my gun a few times. When I finally got to the top it was 4:46. There was no zombies within miles. It made me very suspicious. I could see the base.
May our medic was sitting by the door with a gun that looked way too big for her small frame.
There was Jamie, looking through the forest for animals. Hunting was getting harder. We might have to move soon.
Graeme was walking back to base, even though we had almost 9 minutes left, give or take 29 seconds. There was no more movement in the rest of the universe. Or the part we could see. Which was not much. I looked around again and saw a bit of movement to the right, but mostly in front of us.
I pulled out my radio, and called May. “Hey, I see something to the right, I’m gonna go check it out.” I climbed down and ran over there, with Alice following behind. I got to the bushes at the edge of an abandon park and crouched down.
There were five forms at the other end that looked humaniod. Two of them we half dragging half holding up one of them. The other two were limping but not like a zombie. Like they were wounded.
Zombies couldn't be wounded. They didn't feel pain. They didn't feel anything. But they had memories. There was a consciousness locked away in there, but the disease took over the actions. The disease ate away at the brain while keeping them alive. The thing it ate last was their memories and consciousness. While it was eating it had control of the body. By the time it was done it was the body. It was a single command; eat. Kill. Spread. Take over. I shivered. The person was gone, but they were the last to go.
"I recognise them," I said. I didn't remember from where though. They were only twenty feet away, and it was obvious they weren't full zombies yet. I came out from the hiding spot and held up my handgun, a beretta 9M. "Who are you and where do you guys come from?"
A really hot one looked up. "It's been a long time since people haven't recognized us. We're from Britain, but we were here on tour. We escaped Detroit but just recently."
Alice stood up wide eyed. "OMG YOU GUYS ARE ONE DIRECTION!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!"
I recognised them. Before the apocalypse Alice made me learn all their names. The hot one who had spoken first was Harry. Harry and Liam were dragging Louis. And Zayn and Niall were in the back. Niall smiled and spoke, "it looks like we have a fangirl who hasn't died yet."
"You guys have fangirls? Why?" I questioned. I didn't know whether it was to      piss them off or if it was just because who would actually like that crap? "Wait, unless all your 'fans'" I made sure they saw the big air quotes, "had friends like me, who aren't... Well... They actually know how to fight and no, that does not include slapping, how would any survive? Speaking of which, how did you? Ooh, maybe falling in reverse or escape the fate or three days grace or a day to remember or five finger death punch did! That would be an epic zombie apocalypse team. And I wouldn't mind adding in attack attack----"
"Anyways, Louis looks wounded. We should bring him back to base so May, our medic, can help him," Alice said cutting me short. "And getting Angel started on a rant about her bands is not a good idea. Same with anime, video games, superheros, books and most weapons other than guns. You know, nerd things." Alice rudely interrupted. Probably to get back at me for insulting her celebrity crush Niall Horan. Did she ever learn?
"C'mon guys. Nail, Skunk hair, here's some guns," I said and pulled a riffle out from my coat and a handgun from my bust. Limited hiding spaces, okay?!?! I offered them to Zayn and Niall.
"Oh, you know... Neither can handle a handgun, I'll take it," Harry volunteered.
"You wouldn't take advantage of a girls limited hiding spaces would you?" I played the innocent card.
"He would," everyone except Harry and Louis who I'm pretty sure was out like a light said.
"Even when she's holding two guns?" I said, and cocked the pistol. I held his stare, both of us challenging the other to say something.
"Um... I hunk Louis is kinda dying... So.... We should go, don't shoot Harry, Angel!" Alice said.
"Whatever," I lowered the gun and pushed the button on my radio to call May. "May-flower? We found some people. One of thems dying I think, and you'll be happy to see him. In general, but you'll be pissed off if he dies. Just don't scream, okay?"
Silence. It worried me. Finally the radio crackled to life. "Who is it?"
I pushed the button a few times while saying "uhh breaking up..... I'll... Be there in.... A minute...." Everyone stared at me with eyebrows raised.
"Reeeeeaaaaaaallllllll mature," Harry said.
"I don't caaaarrrreeee. Let's gggggoooooooo," I said, glaring at Harry. We walked back to base with Ace flirting with nail over there.
"Raven, I know he radio wasn't really breaking up. Why didn't yo-----" she stopped short and stared at our company. "OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe it's really you! I mean, I've never seen you in real life, I always wanted to go to one of your concerts and oh, poor Loui! He looks hurt, bring him in ASAP!"
We brought him into the base and into the medics station. Harry and Liam set him on the table. May got to work furiously. I turned and glared back at the boys who weren't dying. "Ace, what should we---" I started but then noticed that Alice had left to lock lips with Graeme and totally ignore the rest of the universe. Ugh. "Okay, never mind then..." I looked the boys up and down critically.
There were a total of eight of us already in the base. There was a total of six bedrooms. There was also a living room, a kitchen, the hospital or medical room and a weapons/fighting room.
Where could we fit five guys who we just found? We were going to leave soon, but we have to wait until Louis was healed. Dang it One Direction! I barely liked them before the apocalypse.
We were scouring the country in search of survivors For what none of us knew. Leave no man behind. Same with women and children. We just had to find them. We picked up the mean girls a few towns back. We started in Ahmeek, MI. In the upper peninsula. We were now around a town called Zeeland, in the lower peninsula of Michigan.
“Where are you from? Like, I know you guys are from Britain but where were you when the apocalypse started… or spread. Or whatever,” I said.
“Detroit. We were there for a concert,” Zayn said.
“Remember? Me and Ace were trying to drag you there?” May said. Ugh, I remember, they were going to, but it was a school day and for once I refused to ditch school. It would've taken hours to drive there and back anyways, and it was only a few hours of crappy singing. Then I would get into the car and get to listen to a few more hours of their crappy CD.
"But Detriots a heck of a long ways away, how did you get over here?" There was something off.
"Well, for the first few weeks we stayed in Detriot looking for survivors. We couldn't find anyone, I think almost everyone was zombies or long gone. We ran too and have been running this way ever since. We got attacked by one a few miles back but not of us got bitten," Harry said. That made sense. There were no survivors in Detriot then... Even if there were they would be hard to find. That made sense too. Big cities were more packed together and it would be harder to find and fight zombies. You would probably turn or die. So were shouldn't spend as much time in big cities, if at all.
"Okay. So, we already have three people in one room, although I'm sure they would love to take you all in too, that's enough. That leaves five rooms with just one person, and two more empty rooms. The other rooms are the kitchen and this room, and no one stays in those. Here are four or you because Louis can't really well..." I glanced at him. "Let's just say he's the exception for not staying in here."
"So... We have to stay in the two empty rooms?" Zayn asked.
"Uhuh. They're the living room and the fighting-weapons-training room. And I come in to train usually when I wake up or if I can't sleep. Sorry if you guys happen to get woken up or killed," I said and started walking out. When they didn't follow me I turned around and glared at them, "you guys coming?"
They followed. Liam and Niall agreed to sleep in the living room, but there wasn't enough room for anyone else. I turned to Harry and Zayn, "Looks like you're stuck in the fighting/training/weapons room."
They looked at each other. "No offense..." Harry started.
"...but we really don't want you to kill us," Zayn finished.
"I wouldn't kill you unless you were in my way or I missed. I never miss," I responded briefly.
"There's a first time for everything," Harry said.
"I might be tempted to miss because you guys are there but that will make my aim worse. I can't afford to be sloppy. I just can't. Besides, I do need a moving target. Wait..." Before we found then there weren't any zombies out. There weren't any zombies out the whole time we were dragging them back to base. Where were they? "How long ago did the zombies stop chasing you. Or you 'lost' the zombies?"
Zayn and Harry shared a look before Harry spoke. "I don't remember the zombies stopping.  When we found you is he first time I registered that they weren't on our tails. It's almost like they disappeared..."
"So... They just disappeared and that didn't strike you as weird or suspicious?" I yelled.
"Because a zombie apocalypse starting isn't already weird. Plus we were just glad to finally have a chance to breathe," Zayn said.
"Thanks for all your help," I said in a bad British accent. I could do way better, but I wanted them to get the point that I was mocking them.
Okay, so since no help was coming from them, I had to figure it out on my own. Zombies were attacking constantly. At least until yesterday. We close the base for the night at 5:00. We go out in the afternoon around 12:00. When we came out today there were no zombies. That left a 19 hour window. So at most the zombies were 19 hours away. That begged the question; where and why?
"Did you just---" Zayn starting interrupting my thought. The only mature thing to do was interrupt back.
"Yeah, I did! So what?" I stared at him so he got the impression I wasn't going to back down.
"So what? So--" he started before Harry interrupted him.
"Guys! We still need to figure out where we're going to sleep and you need to explain yourself," he said and pointed at me.
"Bossy now aren't we," I countered but complied. "May needs to be alone because she gets up frequently to take care of the dead or dying. Or any other medical emergencys, and you guys cannot distract her or Louis will probably die. The room with three people is out which leaves my room, Jamie's room, Ace's and Graemes room. Take your pic."
"Who's Jamie? And Graeme? And Ace?" Harry and Zayn asked.
I sighed and started walking. "Ace is Alice, the girl I was with when we found you guys. Graeme is her boyfriend, and Jamie is the other girl with us. Well, other than the mean girls. Sadly the main plastics name isn't Regina, but she did date a guy with the last name George... And they don't call themselves the plastics or the mean girls."
I was going to find Ace and Graeme when Jamie ran up to me. "Angel there..." She stopped and stared. "Who are they? They look slightly familiar but this far away from our town without us already having seen them?"
"We don't know them personally thank god, but they should be familiar. They're one direction. Or," I had a slight smile on my face. "1D. They kinda proved that. Anyways, boys or things or whatever you are. Maybe it's. This is Jamie."
Jamie was tall, blonde and pure awesomeness which would explain Zayn not getting on my case about the "1D" line. Doubt they would've gotten it anyways. I'm just saying, they set it up with their name. Harry, however, was still staring at me, but he seemed to have gotten my joke.
"Really? It's not like we chose to be called 1D and they don't mean it like that," Harry said.
"Sucks to suck," I said. He glared at me. I grinned. “So… That’s Jamie, one of four choices for roomies,”
“I’ll take it!” Zayn said quickly.
Jamie raised an eyebrow. “Don’t I get a say in it?”
“Sorry love. What do you want?” Zayn said.
Jamie stared for a second. I saved her from an embarrassing decision, and spoke up. “Zayn, if you aren’t too busy falling in love with my bestie, we need to get the rest of the crew together for this decision. Come along, children."
"Really Angel?" Jamie said, but followed. "So... Are like all of them here? Cause I haven't heard any fangirling from Ace or May yet. And lets not even start on the mean girls."
"Who're the mean girls?" Asked a voice behind me. Dang it!
"Um... They're these people who were with us in the beginning... But they died before we met you... Wait, how much of the conversation did you hear?" I asked, turning to face none other than Marissa, head of the mean girls.
"Not much of it but... OH MY GOD, YOU'RE HARRY STYLES!!!! I like, love you guys! I mean, who doesn't?" Marissa said.
"Apparently some people do," Harry said, staring at me. Cause it wasn't obvious who he was talking about.
"Well those people are idiots! You guys are perfect! Especially you Harry," Marisa said.
I tried not to laugh at her "innocents" . Please. I looked at Jamie and mouthed "I betcha she wouldn't last a day."
Jamie giggled and mouthed back, "ha, as if she could last an hour."
I was about to respond when I noticed Harry glaring at me. "Um... Marissa, why don't you go get Jasmine and Hannah."
"Okay, why?" She inquired.
"To decide what to do with the totally amazing people we picked up. Now go," I said. "I'll find Ace and Graeme cracker."
"What do you need us for?" Asked a voice behind me. A medium voice that has a sweet edge too it. I turned around to find the blonde haired blue eyed boy and his blonde haired blue eyed girl. Graeme and Alice.
"Placement of our unexpected guests. On second though, get May, Niall and Zayn too, after she's finished with Louis though. We'll reconvene in the living room... So just take the boys and the... Marrissa, Ashley and Hannah to the living room," I said. "I'll get May."
I started walking to the medical room when a deep, sexy British voice called, "I'm coming which you."
I turned and glared at Harry. "I can walk myself to the medical center, thank you very much."
He came over and picked me up. "I can walk you there too."
"Put me down!" I said and he shifted me to the bridal position.
"Feisty, aren't you?" He grinned and leaned close, while walking and almost crashed me into a wall.
"Do you have any idea how many times that line has been used on me?" I said.
"At least once? Judging on how hot you are, probably a bit more," he said and smiled.
I rolled my eyes and looked he was about to turn left, when the medical room was to the right. "Wrong turn, try again," I muttered. He rolled his eyes and turned the right way. Literally, hahaha. "Put me down, I can walk on my own."
"Many girls would love for me to carry them like this," he said, but set me down. He still kept his arms around me.
"Well I'm not many girls. Lucky for me, because many girls are zombies out to kill everyone and everything right now," I turned and started walking when I felt a force push me into Harry. Again.
Harry caught me, his face next to my ear, his hot breath was on my ear. "I knew you couldn't stay away."
I shoved him off. "Ha! As if. El Diablo Perro did it. He apparently ships us."
"So do I."
Insert epic eye roll here. "I don't. I ship me with someone a little more... Not you. C'mere Link!" I shouted and started whistling for our pet wolf. He survived the apocalypse, and was a very good hunting dog. He was about the size of the average person, and about half the height. I forgot to introduce everyone to him. The evil cutie with a thing for killing good for nothing zombie scum ran up. "Harry, meet Link, aka El Diablo Perro, aka your wingman, our dog."
"Hey puppy, thanks for that," Harry said and pet him.
"Hey, Angel, Harry, what are you guys doing out here? All alone?" May said. She gave me the look and I resisted the urge to tell her off.
"Making out, what do you think? We were getting you for a meeting about where everyone's going to stay," I responded.
"Uh uh," May said unconvinced.
Harry mouthed "making out" and winked. He winked.
I rolled my eyes and started walking, Link on my heels, same with Harry and May. When we reconvened everyone was there, but Ace and Graeme were by themselves in the corner. I walked in and started. "So, as you can see, we have new members. Five, but one of them is dying in the hospital. So, what are we going to do with the other four?"
"They can stay in our room!" Hannah suggested.
"We already have three, we barely have enough room for our shoes," Jasmine sighed. "Unless you gave us a bigger room..."
"No, we were planning on leaving this place soon, anyways," I said.
"Well, Liam and Niall already volunteered for the living room," Harry said,
"Well, there is enough rooms without roommates, I don't want to stay here if I can stay with a actual person in an actual room," Niall said.
"Yeah, why can't we?" Liam volunteered.
"Okay, there's five rooms without roommates, only one gets her own room still. Or his," I said.
"May should have her own room," Alice said. "She is our nurse and has to get up all the time to take care of the wounded."
"So, that leaves four rooms. We'll all take one," I calculated.
"I call yours!" Harry said.
Marisa turned a big red. "Harry, couldn't you at least stay in our room? Or we could take turned with all of you boys!"
I started fake coughing something that sounded like slut. Then when I finally felt okay I said, "Marisa, I'm not too happy about being stuck with him either. I would love for you to take him."
"Well... Zayn already volunteered for my room..." Jamie said. Zayn agreed quite happily and I swear he drooled a bit too.
"So that leaves Niall and Liam. Ace, why don't you take Niall, put the two food maniacs together? That leaves Graeme and Liam," I said. Everyone agreed and we convened for the night. I went to go make dinner.
Harry followed. He managed to stay quiet for a little bit and actually help, but then he got all chatty and sappy. He started talking. "You know, you're kinda mean."
"Niceness doesn't win wars," I muttered. "Now hand me the rice."
"Nobody wins wars mate," he said.
"People win wars. People start wars and win them, people kill and people die. People started this and people will end this. Nobody does nothing, he just sits on his fat butt all day," I groaned. "Now the rice please."
He handed it to me with a look on his face I hadn't seen in a long time. Hope. "You plan on ending this?"
"Of course. With everyone I've gathered and everyone I'm going to gather. And with everyone I've lost," I started and fingered my locket. I quickly pulled my hand away. There's a reason it's called a locket. It's meant to stay locked. Lock + it.
"Who have you lost?" Harry asked, seeming to not have noticed my emotional spasm.
"People. Hit that red button, dinners ready," I stated.
"And yet you won't talk about whoever you lost? Must've been close to them," Harry said and hit the button. I sat down for dinner.

I sighed as the hot water cascaded over my body. I shut it off and dried myself off. I wrapped myself in my towel as someone knocked on the door. "What, I'm taking a shower!" I yelled.
"Just wanted to join you," said a British voice.
"Harry!" I shouted. "What do you want?"
"I just said," he responded and I could almost see his grin.
"I mean, why are you knocking on the door when I'm getting out of the shower?" I growled and started putting on my pj's.
"Because I'm staying in your room and need to know where it is," Harry said. "Also, do you have anything for me to sleep in, or just the clothes god gave me?"
I shivered at the though. "Ew! No! I think there are some clothes in the back room, I'll get them when I get out, now wait patiently!"
"You know you take long showers," he stated.
"Maybe so people like you don't bug me."
"Just tell me to bugger off."
"Would you listen?"
"Probably not, but it's worth a try."
"I'll pass," I opened the door, and Harry, who was leaning against it tripped and fell. I laughed and he grinned at me.
"Aw, you're blushing in my presence," he teased.
I rolled my eyes. "Laser tag, seventh grade."
"Seriously? How many other people have hit on you?" He asked.
"Less than you'd think, mostly it was just idiots messing with me," I explained.
"Idiot? Well aren't you just an angel," he started but then realized what he said and corrected himself. "Well, I mean you are, but not in the... Ugh, nevermind."
"No, please go on," I said and held back a laugh.
"Let's just go, shall we?" He said, got up and put out his arm like an escort to a ball in every cheesy fairy tale ever invented.
"We shall," I stated and walked away, leaving his arm hanging in the air.
"Well then..." He said and ran to catch up with me.
I walked to the end of the wall and opened the door. I turned the light on to reveal a room with drawings covering the walls.
There was a bed in one corner, under a percabeth fan made poster. There was a closet, a desk, and a dresser in the remaining four corners. It would've seemed like a lot, but unpacking and replacing was a pain. Of course I would've had to pack up soon too, if not for Louis.
"Whoa, who drew all these?" Harry asked.
"Well, I drew most of them, but some of the older ones are from..." I started but trailed off. How could I tell him! I barely liked thinking about it myself. "Other people."
"Well, they're really good," he said.
"T-thanks," I croaked and fingered my locket. I tried to keep them at bay but tears started streaming down my face.
"Did... Was it something I said?" Harry asked concerned.
"No, I'm just way to sensitive," I said and wiped my tears hurriedly. I walked towards the closet and opened it. "The clothes are in here, they should fit you."
He cupped my face in his hands and wiped my tears softly. "You have a right to cry. You've lost people. We all have. Important, close people. You aren't too sensitive. You just feel like you need to be too strong." He walked into the closet and I closed the door so he could change.
I closed my eyes in an effort to stop the crying. It wouldn't help. Nothing could raise the dead, as every show that every was invented reminds you. As if we needed that. Nothing can raise the dead, with great power comes great responsibility and don't talk to strangers. The one thing the doctor and dean agree on and 1/3 of the things genies can't do. Dead means dead.
Harry walked back out and I took a deep breath and wiped my eyes. "So... Why do you have guy clothes in your closet?"
I sighed. It kinda made me look like a slut. Actually, more than kinda. It really did. "I would tell you, but I really don't want to. Anyways, it has to do with reasons. I don't like reasons and they have nothing to do with your nose so keep it out of my business."
"It doesn't have anything to do with my nose, but it does have a lot to do with my flat mate. Tell me," Harry said.
"I really hate flashbacks..." I warned.
"You also 'hate' me too. Give us both a chance," he said.
"You won't like it."
"I think I'd like anything to do with you."
I don't know why that annoyed me. I'm scared I guess. It couldn't happen again. It couldn't. I glared at him and snapped, "I had a boyfriend, okay?"
He looked a bit surprised by my outburst, then hurt. Told him he wouldn't like it. "Oh. What... What happened to him?"
"He died nossy," I said and jumped into bed and pulled up the covers. "Now good night."
Harry slid in next to me. "I'm sorry."
"Don't sleep here. In my bed," I snapped.
"Then where?"
"What? Why?"
"Because I don't wanna sleep with you. I hate sharing beds and the other kind is only for marriage."
"Ooh, you're a good girl aren't you."
"I will shoot you. Now sleep on the floor and good night."
He didn't say anything and I heard his breath eventually steady as he drifted off into sleep. I tried to sleep for hours until I finally just decided to stay awake. As always. I silently got out of the room and grabbed a monster from the fridge. I walked into the weapons or training room.
"You can't sleep?" Said a voice behind me. I grabbed the closest weapon -Kunai knife, medium sized- and put it to his throat. He put his hands up. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."
I rolled my eyes. "You're awake too."
"Just to make sure you aren't killing people in their sleep or dying or something," he responded.
"Well, I'm not, good night," I snapped.
"To make sure you don't?"
"You're just grabbing at straws," I muttered and grabbed three more kunai's and walked to the wall. I pressed my back against it and took a deep breath and threw one Kunai, ran up the wall and threw one more. I landed in a roll and threw the third. I looked up, all the Kunai were lodged in the targets heads, as per usual.
"Whoa. Like seriously, wow. I mean, that's just amazing!" Harry said.
I rolled my eyes. "It's not that exciting..."
"I can't do that."
"You can't do anything. You can't even sing well."
"Wow. Thanks. Why do you hate us so much?"
"You guys stole day of the doctor."
"You really hate us just over that?"
"Yep," I took the Kunai out of the targets and put my back against the wall about to start.
"Can... Can I try?" Harry asked. I stared.
"Really? You actually want to?"
"Sure, why not."
"Okay, we should just start on hitting the target in the right places before we work on the moving around and crap."
I handed him the Kunai. "Aim for the heads. Hold the Kunai parallel to the target and swing your arm, let go when you're perfectly lined up to the target. I'm gonna stand over here, behind the bullet proof glass."
After two or three hundred tries he finally started hitting the target.

It's unfinished, sorry....
Aspiring writer
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas surfer candy

Whoa. It's Tuesday. The Tuesday before Christmas break. Heck, before Christmas! Christmas is in exactly one week. "Nope, Raven, you are going crazy. It can't be a week till Christmas." But it is! (Yes, I just did diolaugue, playing your part in Shawn's high pitched eighth grade Jules voice.... Psych reference....). Whoa, I love Christmas but it can't be in one week. That means one week. Seven days, 168 hours, 10080 minutes, 604800 seconds. In one week it will be Christmas. Whoa, I totally have ta watch elf! I haven't watched it since last Christmas. Whoa. I sound like a surfer "whoa dude!" But I mean.............. It doesn't seem like it should be a week til Christmas. Well, guess all ya'll should send me your present today! Hahaha, joking! ^w^ unless you really want too..... Okay, anyways, it has been snowing nicely this year, thank you Jack Frost. Love ya! (Cause we all know Jack Frost will read my post) There have been no snow days which is sad, but it isn't hard or slick enough to send us home cryin. Unless your pathetic. Or apparently a kid at my school. So, same thing. Haha, kidding! I like... Like five of you. Anyways, the superintendent came in today and gave us all -guess what?- -have you guessed yet? Cause I dint think you have yet- -seriously, you gotta guess!- - ~_~ you still haven't guessed yet have ya? Okay, enough lowly gagging and delays- Smarties! Cause that's what we are! My friend said it was better than dumdums. I should've said or suckers, but he gave em yo us in bio, where we are learning about.... Cells... And genetics.... Which involves reproduction.... At a public school, so if you don't get the point, lucky! Anyways, his kid (who I may or may not or definantly may not like......) was in the class and completely ignored him! I mean, thankfully unlike the last superintendents kid (who was in a bunch of my classes too.... Who I may or may not have liked too........... I mean, none of your business!) he doesn't say everything that ever happened and have conversations with the teacher and is just a loud mouth like that, but c'mon, kid could've said something to his dad (and maybe earned us extra smarties.......). Of course, it would also kinda suck to be him at times cause not only the embarrassment of your dad hanging around or at least everyone knowing your dad, you also get all this crap about how it should've been a snow day. Cause everyone in this school is so hardcore unless it involves doing something, and not just talking about it. Anyways, poor kid, but I mean, if he's there, at least acknowledge your dad! There's some more stuff I could add, but I've been notified that my blog posts are "books" by an source who I shall not mention *cough cough trenton*
So, you must miss out on more of the smarty story cause I had to do Christmas from a surfer
Christmassy surfer chick
Raven DeWitt

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dreamin in a winter wonder land

Had a really weird dream Saturday night/Sunday morning. Actually three of them. One was a guy kept commenting on my blogs. I don't remember how that turned put, but it was a dream, so not normal. Then there was one where I went to a school, like in soul eater, the dwma. Deaths weapon Meister academy. For those of you who don't know, in soul eater there are many types of people, but two that go to the dwma and live in death city. Well, probably more, but two that they focus on. Weapons and Meisters. Weapons are people who can literally transform into weapon(s they may only transform into one or they can transform into many, depending on the person). Then there's the Meisters, people who can control that weapon. They have to work together and everyone gets assigned a partner to match their soul wavelength. That's as much as I need to say for my dream, cause if I go into any more detail it'll sound psycho and I swear it's not. Plus it's irrelevant. So, I went there, and my crush went there too, and my teacher who I had two years in middle school taught there. It wasn't the same person but I knew it was her.... It was weird, like dreamland type thing. I was a weapon. I don't know why, but she was out to get me, meaning she was trying to kill me. My partner knew and was helping me stay alive. But then the other teacher decided to experiment and have different partners for everyone. The teacher was still trying to kill me and I got paired up with my crush and I don't remember anything after that. It was cool though. In the next dream, it involved my brother, and a kid from my school, who's in orchestra and a bunch of other classes with me. So, they both went to tech center which is like a place where you go to do stuff.... My brothers in the welding program, and it's hands on and he welds three hours instead of sitting in a classroom learning. Well, only juniors and seniors can do it, but somehow the freshman from my class was in it and they were somehow friends and there were guys messing with them, and they were fighting back and.... It was really weird cause my brother, who made a bigger dent in the car than an actual car hitting it, who has anger issues (it's true, not to be mean, he's my bro I love him...) didn't want to fight back. But freshie orch dork kept telling him too. Which, if you know my brother, is pretty weird....
Then there was Friday night dream, where I was at a Pokemon convention where we all got new games and it had the graphics of like first generation Pokemon, which is basically only blue and white. My crush was there with a guy who was apparently his brother and he helped me out with talking about how antisocial I am to my friend, who didn't believe me. Then he left and so did my friend and it started inside and then everyone was wearing pikachu sweatshirts except for me. In the game there was this game where your six Pokemon were scrambled out in your half of a 12 block board. You chose one of them as a Pokemon to use. On your turn you can either turn over another Pokemon, leaving that Pokemon exposed, but you can use them in battle. You can also attack an open Pokemon, or a blank square that if you attack it enough times it uncovers that Pokemon. You never know which Pokemon you'll uncover, any method you use. You only get one move per turn. It was weird, and bad graphics but a good idea.
Sandys little helper
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's been a long long weekend......

Busy day. Busy weekend! So, I've had some dreams which is gonna have to be a post soon. Three last night and one Friday night or maybe thirsday night........ No, it was Friday night. Four dreams in the past two days. Anyways, that's for tomorrow. Yesterday, I volunteered at my church and it was like... Parents can come and pay a little bit of money so they can buy a bunch of gifts for their kids for only five bucks they get like five gifts. And their kids go and buy a few gifts for them. It's for families that can't get anything for Christmas. I helped wrap with parents. It was fun. Then I went to sky's one with the youth group, which is like a trampoline park thingy. I played endless games of dodgeball almost the whole time. There was also a foam pit and just a playing only trampoline part. Then I went to a Christmas concert with my mom. So no free time from 7 am- 9pm. Whew. Tired. And then today was church then I went to the mall to finish Christmas shopping. For my brother I got Assassins creed III (shhh, don't tell!). I also got a new Pokemon game that I bought myself. I love them both. I can't wait for Christmas. I've already finished shopping for my Besties, and I got a few things for my mom. She'll probs get the stuff for my dad, cause it's usually socks and power tools for him. I love power tools, at least better than clothes, but it's not easy to shop for the person who has every power tool in history of the universe. I was shopping for hours. Now it's time to start Pokemon ^w^ yay.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The hobbit.... Early morning review.....

Hey! Went to see the hobbit yesterday! Today I have like, a bunch of stuff. First I have volunteer work at my church, helping kids and parents who don't have enough money get gifts for their family. Then until like five my church is taking high schoolers to sky zone, which is like an indoor trampoline park, walls, floor, everything made out of a trampoline. Then I have to go to a concert. So, busy busy busy, sorry for the early post.... Wow, something I've never said. Anyways, onto the hobbit. I didn't like it nearly as much as I thought I would. Special effects, cool, good story. Problem was it wasn't the books story. We didn't go to see your amazing filmography, if you wanted us to go get your own ideas! They added waaaayyyyyyy to much stuff. On the bright side, as long as they are adding some stuff, eye candy named Orlando bloom isn't the worst thing to add. But a like, awkward love v type thing.... That is the worst thing to add. It was pretty funny, with nonstop action and don't even get me started on the characters. I loved them. Of course, I'm still a bit angry that they added too much, and the ending.......... Cliffhanger. I wanna kill the dude who did that. But if I did there wouldn't be the next movie...... DX decisions decisions......... *sigh* overall I'd rate it like 3/5, and advice people to see it, but don't get your hopes up too high. I mean, I still liked it, but...........
Or wood elf.....
Raven DeWitt

Friday, December 13, 2013

Hobbit the thirteenth

Hey! So, there are two things that are special about today. A) the hobbit part two came out today. Yay! I am so happy about that and I get to go to it tonight with Jessie. That's fair. I mean, frozen with July (haha, frozen in July.... XD), catching fire with Mel, desolation of smug with Jessie. Cool, right? Best movies with my best friends. Ooh, that sounds kinda catchy. Anyways,  hobbit. Yay. With both actors from the British version of Sherlock. John and Watson. Sharing fandoms. Hehe. Best buddy's. I wonder if they really are... Anyways, I love the hobbit, but sherlock just died but he's not dead, they gotta fix that up soon! A bit of a fixer upper. Haha, frozen song... Anyways, part b....
B) it was Friday the thirteenth. And judging on the fact that my house is still standing and I'm not a ghost, I'd say it was a pretty Good Friday the thirteenth.... Actually, a almost perfect one. I wore my black Thalia boots, favorite blue peacock skinny jeans, my creep-tastic tshirt that I got from my brother with a tree made that's a spine and a moon that's a skull, my dragon necklace, my leather jacket, a bell necklaces and my "dear Santa"/"it wasn't me" earrings. So, awesome outfit, Friday the thirteenth, snow, cold, week til Christmas. It was amazing. And that's part of it. So, all my hours were pretty normal, I got to draw in third, in fourth I got to chill for like half he hour and my group played pretty good and in fifth hour I had all my work done, and there wasn't a table open so I went to my usual computer. It was before class had started, so a bunch of people were printing papers. My friend was in there so I got to talk to him a bit, and he watches doctor who and Merlin, so you know he's epic. He said I reminded him of Morgano or whatever from Merlin.... I'm going to watch that, but I seriously need to know who that is......... And then a table finally opened up so I moved to it and my crush from last year who I may or may not like came in and was printing something off. I know for most people it isn't a big deal, but for me it was like major anime blush.... I caught him staring once or twice, and then he left and I got to watch music videos mostly an anime version of them and finish up homework. Then my this year crush came in and printed stuff up at literally the end of the hour. So, needless to say, it was a good hour. In my opinion. Very very good ;p
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Hey! Sorry for the sorta late post, but my brother had his first bball game. Whoohoo! Go Phoenix! Their jerseys say warriors, so I'm like 19% that's their team thingy. The other 81% is basically just really hungry. And making fun of guys hair. One has hair like Zayn, from one direction, (I'm sooooo sorry to know that.....) and it looks like a ginger skunk. Says just looks like a normal skunk. Another has normal curly hair medium length, but he put in in a pony tail on top of his head. Like no. Biiiiggggg mistake. Guys, don't do this. At all. Anyways, they lost. And then we went out for pizza. I had chicken wings and pineapple pizza. It was yummy. So.... Sorry for the late post!
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

No day like a snow day

Hey! It's final exam time..... Ugh. I totally don't wanna have final exams.  On the bright side they're spread out between this week (some already done whew) and some next week and some after Christmas break. So, I still have here weeks til some but still. Two weeks of those are breaks. And everyone was complaining about how we should've had a snow day today. I honestly wasn't planning on it and I would love a snow day, but it honestly wasn't bad enough. You live in Michigan for goodness sakes! Stop being such a pansy. And then everyone was giving the superintendents kid a hard time in second hour, which was kinda stupid, cause like he said he had no control (other than blackmailing his dad....) and anyways, it wasn't even bad enough for  a snow day. And I have to walk between schools, which I already hate, before it was freezing, and everyone throws snowballs at people and complains about how cold it is. Yeah, we get it! Anyways,  no matter how much I wanted a snow day, it wasn't nearly as bad. Everyone said it was. No offense, but dude, get over yourself. Cry a river, let it freeze and get over it. If it breaks, please let you freeze. Seriously, yeah, the path between schools was a bad idea, and they don't shovel it. Yeah, if we lived in New Mexico if it so much as snows a centimeter it's a snow day. But we don't live in New Mexico. We live in Michigan. So, pull up your frilly little stockings, tighten your thong, grow a pair and DEAL WITH IT. Yeah, I know I'm being more than a bit blunt, and rude, but ITS NOT THAT BAD. Get over yourself. Unless you are Elsa or Jack Frost, you ain't changin nothing. If you really want a snow day, become superintendent. Until then stop complaining and be glad we don't live in Canada in some parts where it's like negative twenty. Calm down. Yeah, a snow day would be nice. But we ain't gonna die if we gotta go to school one more day this year. We'll live. Hopefully. I mean, sorry, I'm pretty mean, but dude, that's all I've been hearing, about how annoying and bad the snow is and show it should've been a show dab and stuff like that and it's like, I love snow and it's not that bad today, now shush.
The snow queen
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas from super-chu

Hi! So, finally close enough to Christmas time to sing Christmas music and fangirl about Christmas without issuing people off. Well, too much. I love Christmas and it really doesn't feel like it should be Christmas time already. I mean, I've been so busy! Between babysitting my older (yes, older) brother and friends (well, not baby sitting but making sure they don't do anything illegal and/or stupid. Well, they always do stupid stuff, but I mean, extrodinarally stupid even for them), the nutcracker, school in general, tutoring, just everything! I mean, super busy. I didn't realize we only had like two weeks until Christmas break. Well, I do. I don't know about everyone else. Still not a lot of time. I mean, I'm used to it seeming too much longer! I already have most of my Christmas shopping done, and my Christmas cookie party planned out, which is a tradition. Me and a few of my best friends make cookies for a few hours on a Saturday. It's a chicks only party, so no boys. Except Trenton, but close enough. I still need to do some shopping, but not a lot. And I of course have to enjoy this snow! Yay! ^^ I love snow and winter and Christmas! In case you couldn't tell. Favorite season, weather and holiday. So that's my take on the holiday season, just a little outline, probs gonna be much much more to say. Oh, and today I wore my superman shirt and shoes with my pikachu sweatshirt so me and my brother started calling me super-chu.
It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's a mouse!
It's electricity!
No it's super-chu!
Super-chu I choose you!
Point being, I am super-chu
Raven DeWitt

Monday, December 9, 2013

Nutcracker and the party

So, I haven't had a real post in a few days. This was mostly due to he nutcracker. Which is finally over. Woohoo! I know I promised those things and they'll come up in a review of the past few days. So, Friday. It was the first day we were playing nutcracker for an actual audience. By actual I mean people who weren't yearbook photographers who need way to many pictures hat catch me in the corner with a weird look on my face. The elementary and middle school got to have a field trip to watch us. It was actually pretty fun, cause I got to miss second and third hour. Then fourth hour was orchestra which honestly, isn't usually my favorite class but my teacher just added it to lunch which was in the gym special for people who were in the nutcracker. So, lunch lasted an hour. Then I had fifth hour, Japanese, which was all finished for that week, so I got another free hour. Next was sixth hour in which I watched a movie. Best day ever! Yeah, Rapunzel, top that! Anyways, I got home super happy and then I went down stairs and my brother and company were there. He has this new friend who's been coming over a lot this year who said he hated me, but the only reason he hated me was because I was such a great sister and sisters aren't supposed to be good. So, basically he hated me because I was so awesome. He totally supports the haters are just jealous or they cant stand how good you are thingy. Then I went and played in the nutcracker. My friend was wearing ankle boots with heels that was way to big on her, and so this one guy (who I may or may not sorta like) wore them and was walking around wearing them. It was really funny. So then I was talking to my friend and he mentioned something about it, and I said that the guy walking around in heels was so hot. He shouted over to him "Raven thinks you looked hot.................................................................................................................. In heels" at first I was like ahh, then he finally said in heels and I was like thank goodness then I said I was glad he added in heels so he shouted over to him "she thinks you look hot without the heels too". I got kinda pissed, but it was also funny. The announcer or narrator or whatever also misread the line and said oh nuts right into the microphone. Hehe. Then I came home and watched anime til I crashed.
Saturday I woke up and had a chocolate chip bagel from panera bread for breakfast. Totally the start to an awesome day. And it was! So, then I played in the nutcracker and then I went shopping. I almost finished my Christmas shopping and bought some stuff for myself. It was pretty great! I also got out my Christmas earrings cause we put up our Christmas stuff (which I think I didn't post about, sorry). One says dear Santa and the other says it wasn't me. So, yeah, I think these are my favorite Christmas earrings. Anyways, I wore those and played in the nutcracker. The person who sits in front of me is really social, which is nice. I mean, I may not be super social and nice, but I like it when people talk to me. And I like talking to people. So, we were talking and it was like a bit awkward like trying to find a subject to talk about and finally the guy asked if I liked doctor who. I was mentally fangirling so hard and it was like oh my gosh!!! Total geek out moment. As always, by yours truely. Then we started talking about doctor who inbetween songs. The dance danced to like five songs before we played. We knew about it before hand and one time someone in the pit burped inbetween songs  and it was funny. Then inbetween songs they started the nutcracker dialogue and caused a hard attack. Then was the after party. Sadly it wasn't that kind of party. Well, for some people it was, but life is like that for them. So.... Yeah. It was fun and there was this one girl making like twelve different phone calls off of one phone, all pranking one guy. My teacher also did dance dance revolution and it was hilarious. And you know that kinda cute guy I mentioned earlier? Well, he was in the small group of friend I hungout with... Which was really fun. We were watching/hanging out with them when they were playing pool. It was really funny, and they all sucked. And this is coming from the queen of suck. I seriously failed it. To death. Well, he was okay-ish. And he burped. It was a pathetic burp, and I was the only girl there so I just rolled my eyes. He looked at me and was like "sexy right?" And I totally gave Trenton credit and said "eh, Trenton can do better" and he said "but me wearing high heels yesterday was" and I sarcastically was like yeah, just sooooo hot. Then the chicks came back and people were leaving but my friend who was my rides dad wouldn't be there in a while, so we were just chillin one of the last few and he was leaving and he hugged her then asked if I wanted a hug and I like shouted no, and he started at me a second. It was kinda awkward, but I seriously hate hugs. Then me and my friend played pool for a while and I sucked. It was fun though.
Yesterday I was meaning to post but then my friend invite me to go sledding and I got shoved off my sled a few times by an annoying kid and scraped up my hip, but it was fun. Then I watched doctor who with her and came home, had dinner, showered and watched most of the hobbit. Cause it's coming out Friday, whoot whoot!
Today my neck hurt really bad. Ow.
Happy and very celebratory
And so not dreaming of dances
But sugar castles and handsome nutcracker princes aren't out of the question
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Honest trailers; thor

As always, sorry for any swearing, pervy ness and just any weird material. I've been very busy, but I have a lot to tell you tomorrow!!!
Like the after party
and this one guy
He's weird
But cool

Okay, it kept on getting smaller, I like had to do that! Seriously though, peace!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Jolly old saint Nicolas

December 6 is Saint Nicholas day. I'm kinda disappointed I missed it, so here's his post. He's like my favorite saint. He punched a guy in the face. He was rich so he was like Robin Hood but he used his own money and not other guys. He's the bestest saint ever. And yeah, I did say bestest. Cause he is. He was Robin Hood minus the stealing and punched a guy in the face. Coolest person ever. Second only to hahaha, nobody. But seriously, I love him. I love him, he's the coolest bestest saint ever! He put gold in chicks stockings for their money dowry so they could get married. Hence the stockings out for Christmas. He because pope and stuff. So, one time he was with some dude. The dude insulted God, so Saint Nick hit him. Best thing ever! Okay, so I'm just very happy about it. He stood up for his religion and punched a guy in the name of Jesus. Awesome, right? So, that's the story of Saint Nick. And it's snowing again and I am totally happy and need good luck for the nutcracker. Wish me any?
I wanna punch someone for God/Jesus
Raven DeWitt

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sup date

Hi! So, I've had a very very very busy few days. Like ugh. So Tuesday and Thursday I had to stay after school for like four hours. I had to stay at school for twelve hours total. On the bright side, I got Chinese food for dinner. On the dark side, it's a certain time of the month that always comes at the most in opportune moments. We did the nutcracker for the middle school and upper elementary schools today, we will be doing it tonight and twice tomorrow. Today I also have chemistry club after school, and it's a home room day due to sharing schools with the school that won state! Whoo hoo! I know some people who play on that team too, :-) !!!! So, very very busy and I've been loaded down with homework. And I'm kinda stressed out by people. Thankfully it started snowing today (YAY!!!) during our practice nutcracker. And I had an hour for lunch, cause the nutcracker for students ended at fourth hour and lunch so I actually had like an hour twenty minutes. So, I'm tired, busy, crampy, happy, excited and very very very ready to be done with the nutcracker. I still like the nutcracker, it's just been playing in my head wove and over for the school year, especially with all he extra rehearsals I have it stuck in my head. So deep I feel like my skull will split in two.
Might say it was a cut above the rest
You could call it a slice of life
Okay, I'll cut you a break
I'm gonna split
I Stolez all those from tfs (but they're funny ^w^)
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I shot the sheriff (yeah, I used the bob Marley song....)

Okay, so in my little town of michigan there are a few schools. My two Besties July and Jessie go to the same school, but I go to a different one. So, I don't exactly know what's going on. Well, yesterday when hanging out with Jessie she said that there was a guy in their school who stole laptops and backpacks. She said he was caught and I was like oh, good. I assumed it was a student or something. According to July, on her blog (which I will not post the address to, thanks to her wishes sorry! If you really wanna look her up its July a emmance, maybe you can just google it...? It should be one of the first few results...) it was actually a guy, age undisclosed, but obviously not a student age. He came into school with the students and when they went to chapel (which is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) he stole a laptop and two purses. And just walked out. I just thought of something, if he guy was carrying two purses, how did nobody notice? Oh, no, that's one of those overly prepared cross dressers. That accounts for two purses. Anyways, (crap, I gotta stop using anyways!) and he just walked out. July actually knew the person who got his laptop stolen. He got caught because after they figured it out the school emailed pictures to everyone and one person recognized him. He was caught and everyone got their stuff back. Yay for happy endings. Yatta! Right? But July brought up a good point in her post, about what if a murderer walked in there? I just want to add, especially when they're in chapel. The whole student body in one room, with a gunman. That's killing many bird with one stone. Okay, that was the worst saying to use ever, but point taken. (Don't take offense, I love some people at your guys school, you are not birds!). But usually, when there's a gunman they're a student at the school. Like I assumed with the thief. Student who usually goes there and is either fed up or in a tight situation. So, people are like oh, hey, I know that kid. Or we him, but they still aren't like whose that random guy walking around in our halls? He at least should be the age where people aren't thinking he's a little old for school and a little psycho for teaching. Which is a hard goal to accomplish. Plus generally people who kill people (especially if they kill themselves afterwards) stick to themselves. With a student it looks natural. Grownup, not so much. And grown ups who kill can go anywhere, so you're never safe from them (sorry for the creepy factor, but unless you're in Washington, D.C. Or in an airport, you ain't safe) but students... While they are allowed anywhere and can probably get anywhere, they'll most likely go to their school. Because that's what drives them over the edge. The cruel laugh after the joke at their expense. The girl who whenever she passes them says ew. Gross, it's them. Most of the time, a school shooting isn't just the person who shot them. Isn't just the person who pulled the trigger. It's the kids who made them. The kids who just didn't know when enough was enough. When they crossed the line from friend to fiend. Even the kids who did nothing. I read a story once that there was a person who committed suicide or was going too (I don't remember which) either they told the person who smiled at them (if someone did) or they wrote it in the note, but they said if one person smiled at them they wouldn't go through with the suicide. One person. You don't even have to know the person or even talk to them. You just can't sit around and do nothing. I know, I'm not perfect at this. Whenever I go too school I sit around and hide behind my iPad and only talk to people who talk to me first. I try to stay invisible. But, what if you could save someone's life from just smiling at them? It takes less muscles to smile than to frown. And it might save more lives than you would think.
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Hi! How's it goin? First of my bestie Jessie came over today :D I haven't seen her in forever.  So, yay!

Hello. This be me. I'm very happy and sorta weird. My name is Jessie. I'm crazy.

Yeah, we both started a post and finished it like......
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HISHE Lord Of The Rings

Hi! I've had orchestra and a very stressful day, so hoping your life is good, here's a HISHE.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, December 2, 2013

lots of thingys

Hey! What's new? Whazzup? Sup? Hiiiiiiiiiiii. I have nutcracker rehearsal tomorrow and Thursday, and it starts at four. As in F-O-U-R. As in only an hour after school. I get home at three thirty. It takes twenty minutes to drive to school. Thankfully across the street from the two schools is Family Fare, Chinese food place and a wolfies, which is like a sub shop. Yummy. Anyways, I'm gonna walk there straight afterschool with my friend. Because I don't have enough time for a blog post. So tomorrow the post will probably be really late, if at all. Sorry! So, I finished nano a few days ago, and I'll show you my thing soon, but it involves copying and pasting a few things and I'm lazy so.... Not today, maybe tomorrow. Let's just say I put the pro in procrastinate. But don't worry, I'm taking care of my procrastination problems. Just wait and see. Hahahahahahaha. Okay. But seriously, procrastinate, so if the world ends tomorrow, you don't have to do it. Procrastinators unite! Tomorrow.........  Anyways! I saw anyways a lot. I need to come up with a better word. Next, onto the next thing, whatever, as I was saying... I dunno. Just hey. Next. Whaddup? Or just awkwardly transition. Because puppys are so cute and we own doggie, who I call a puppy. But he's old. Trentons over. Not Phoenix though, just Trenton. We're having calazones for dinner. It's like pizza, but inside a bread. I know how to say and write pizza in Japanese. I know, random. Well, ish. It was my first day back to school, my mind isn't really all that smarty. I want a smarty. I like candy. SUGAR!!! Gimme some sugar baby ;p. Wow, that's used in so many kids shows and yet its kinda a bit well... I mean, kids freak out over that kinda stuff, but when its fraised gimme some sugar its funny. Weird huh? Kids shows are soooo pervy though! Like, seriously! There's so many references to ssssssssooooooooooo not little kid things! Eck! Ick! Acky. Ucky? Ucky. Mind powering down.
Busy scatterbrained procrastinator
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Hi. Happy Sunday. What's new? Trenton hungout with Phoenix, me and Phoenix's friends Michael and came to church with us. Other than annoying me, it was pretty fun. And now we're all watching tfs. Stands for team four star, an abridged parody of dragon ball Z  series. They also have one of Hellsing ultimate. Which I'm reading the manga online. By the way, THEY HAVE KEGEND OF ZELDA COMICS AT THE LIBRARY IN THE TOWN LIKE RIGHT NEXT TO MINE WERE I GO TO CHURCH AND THERES REALLY GOOD FROYO AND GUESS WHAT IM DOING THIS SUMMER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And there's an angel beats manga on the website!!!! I love angel beats, it's an amazing starter anime. I also want to read a Pokemon manga. I wanna read a lot of mangas. Like kuroshitsuji know in English as black butler, and written on Japanese as くろしつじ. Soul eater and Hellsing too. I also own dragon ball and dragon ball z, which I need to finish. So, yeah, a lot. And that's only a few.... Plus I need to work on drawing and fanfictions and writing and school and homework and stuff. But so, lots of manga for me to obsess over. Speaking of which, at the library there's an anime/manga club, the one in the next town over. I wanna to. I hope I can. I like anime/manga. I'm sorta an obsess. In case you couldn't tell. It's like dream jobs number 3. 1 and 2 are writing and video game design or testing. So........... I don't have enough time, but I'm working on it....?
Obsessed anime addict
Manga maniac
Raven DeWitt