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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The last Jedi predictions

Hiya! I’m going to see the last Jedi (Star Wars episode VIII) on Friday (opening night). It, obviously, isn’t out yet, but I’ve been marathining basically ever episode before it (including prequels). Some speculation and fan theories have been passed around, and I’m like yo, why don’t I bet money on which theories and speculation will be true or untrue? Then I realized I don’t have free money to bet. So why don’t I just speculate on my own? Spoilers for episodes I-VII. No spoilers for episode VIII, and if you get mad about it then you’re a scruffy looking nerf herder.

Snoke's Identity won’t be revealed yet
Okay, this is a very base prediction, but I’m guessing that that will be revealed in episode IX, as they’ll want to save some mystery for it. I do not have any strong predictions for who Snoke is, but I’m thinking it will be a completely new character.

Rey’s parents will be revealed, and she will most likely be a Skywalker or Kenobi
I personally don’t want Rey to be a Skywalker, because ugh, but there’s a 50-50 chance she will be. I prefer her being a Kenobi, or a completely new character’s kid, which I think is also decently likely.

Kylo Ren-Rey past connection
I DEFINITELY don’t think there will be a love arc with these two, or sure as heck not on Rey’s side. I do think that there’s a strong possibility Rey did go to train with the young Jedi, and Kylo couldn’t bring himself to kill her, so he left her on Jakku, mind-wiped of course. There’s a theory about this, if you’d like to explore more, with lots of YouTube rundowns with evidence.

Kylo Ren Redemption arc
Obviously this won’t be in the last Jedi, but in the third one. If anything, this one will show Kylo going down a darker path, and being stronger in the dark side.

Somethings fishy about Han’s death
There’s a theory by “Jon solo” called “Han committed suicide?” Which could be it, (I think the theory states Han pushed the button himself, not Kylo) or that Han Solo knew Kylo was going to kill him, and knew that it would be better for Kylo that way. Whether you think Kylo is going full dark or its going to push him towards the light, is another debate.

Rey + Finn = Love
This is personal preference, but I ship it so dang hard.

I don’t know what to expect for the last Jedi, all in all, but I’m excited to see where it goes, because the force awakens tried to be very mysterious.

Raven DeWitt

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Elder Zelda's: Skyrim of the Wild

I'm not sure if anyone reading this is going to know what I'm talking about at all, but Breath of the Wild is the newest Zelda game and nothing has been this over-hyped since Frozen. No offense, Breath of the Wild.

Let me start this whole rant off by saying I love Zelda games and Breath of the Wild is no exception. I'm an avid Zelda fan and Breath of the Wild is definitely a fun and exciting game. This rant is just gonna be... it's a fun and exciting brighter colored skyrim. Not a good Zelda game.

First complaint: some small stuff that really stacks up for me.
 You can't name Link. He's always been meant to BE the player (and yeah, complain it's always a guy but I mean, I'm a straight girl and that doesn't ever take me out of the game. I don't actually want a female Link, and I feel like if you actually care about the games that doesn't matter too much). If you can't name Link it feels like he's going to be less of an Avatar for the player (like he's always been) and more of a character of his own (and I love games like Uncharted, but Link shouldn't be a character like Nathan Drake is). Also, almost ALL the voice acting is pretty good except for Zelda's. Zelda's is the worst. It's just bad. And it's the one that SHOULD be BEST. I also don't like how there's not heart pieces. Treasure chests just feel much more "meh, okay" than they used to. It's like, it's either money, an expensive item you can use for upgrades or a type of weapon. It just feels... pointless. Which brings me to...

Second complaint: The whole story is just... pointless.
Yeah, you can do the memories to beat the game, but you don't have to. You can do the divine beasts, but... you don't have to. They're part of the "main quest" but they're not required in any shape or form. The only thing that's really a necessity to beat the game is the plateau and calamity Ganon. Everything past that isn't required and feels ultimately pointless. You can label it "main quest" but it's belongs under the sidequest tab.

Third complaint: the divine beasts.
Okay, this one I'm actually gonna start out by saying I kinda loved the divine beasts. They were AWESOME. I love that you could manipulate the divine beasts to solve puzzles -- much like one of my favorite Zelda temples of all time, inside the goddess statue, from Skyward Sword. HOWEVER, beyond manipulating how the temple worked, it didn't feel like a puzzle. It was mostly just a game of "where's the thing?". And it was fun enough to do, but gamer does not live on one puzzle feature alone. Plus they took away dungeon items (I understand why) and it's like... oh. So they all just feel the same. No varied puzzles either. Semi-boring boss fights (get to that in a second). And non-varied enemies. Not even minibosses. Just like, this guardian scout, this guardian scout and some malice. But... that's it. Boring puzzles and limited enemies. And ultimately, yes, we get the champions skill, but... unrewarding. Then there's the bosses...

Fourth complaint: the divine beast bosses.
These are their own category because this is just so big. The bosses all feel the same. Yeah, waterblight Ganon  (btw, spoilers, I guess? I get confused on what exactly people consider spoilers...) throws the ice blocks cryosis can destroy, and thunderblight Ganon drops metal pillars your magnesis can pick up and use to break his defenses. But they're unvaried. You beat my personal favorite boss, the one in arbiters grounds in Twilight Princess, using the top you gained in a fun and creative boss fight. You beat the one in Skyward Sword's Ancient Cistern (spoilers, again, I guess) using the whip to break down Koloktos and FIGHT HIM WITH HIS OWN GIANT SWORDS. But Breath of the Wild? I shoot him with an arrow and hit him with whichever arrow I have equipped. There's slight variance in each fight, but not enough to make them seem new and exciting and different. You need dungeon items for that. Seriously, the most fun fight in the game that could be considered a boss fight is fighting the leader of the Yiga clan. That's a fun, interesting boss fight that takes more thought than continually hitting y.

Fifth complaint: Yamcha weapons.
Yamcha, as in the guy that gets pwned every story arch. Saiyans? Killed before they even fight them. Androids? Hole in his chest before you even meet the giant ginger designed after the mad doctors son (yeah, look it up). The weapons in Breath of the Wild? Broken. Hit a Bokoblin with it? Badly damaged. Use a shield to block an arrow? Breaks next attack. Bow? Breaks in the middle of a korok challenge. I mean, yes, that's an exaggeration of their in-durability, but... there's no permanent weapons, and you basically have to constantly find more. Even later, when more powerful weapons are the standard, they break so easily that it's just annoying. And it feels like you're wasting a weapon whenever you use it on something that's not worth the power -- korok challenges, getting scales, talons and fangs, (oh my!) from the dragons and Stalfos. Higher durability or, honestly, a unbreakable but low powered weapon would be pretty much perfect for this game, please?

Also, perhaps the BIGGEST complaint, the most horrific... you can't pet the dogs. Give me a petting dogs feature Nintendo. Do it. Do iiittttt. Dddddddoooooooooo iiiiiiiittttttttttt. Pretty please with I got the DLC on top?

All that being said I do enjoy the Zelda-Skyrim game. It's fun and I've kicked all the butts at all the sidequests. Except trial of the sword. Who has the time to go through 90 rooms without saving? I can't wait for the next real Zelda game though.

Hylia's Heroine
Raven DeWitt

Friday, September 1, 2017


After my two very weirdly depressing posts, here's another happy one. I swear, I'm not bipolar or anything, I just...
So, being a pilot in First Steamworks this year was pretty much the best part of my high school experience. Not sure anything about Steamworks and actually care to learn? Here's your basic guide! Okay, now, for me being all gloaty and stuff :-)
The pilot gets to be in the airship, but only two out of the three alliance teams get to. It was amazing being up in the airship. Plus, I got to hangout with the drive team, a group of five other awesome people. They were a talented drive team too, and it was an honor to build robots with them. We're going to create a robotics team called the shop goblins when we're done with college, so I'll get to do that again.
We were the team captains in our first competition and won second place overall. At state we won our field. I mean, we weren't perfect, but not to shabby if I can say so myself ;-)
For now, he's one of the awesome jobs we did together as a drive team. First championship win in state. I'm the chick dressed ridiculous in the airship in the middle of the field. You can see my blue mechanic shirt that says BOB on it.
I don't know how exciting this is to watch, but it was exhilarating being part of the competition. Go blue alliance!

Raven DeWitt

Pyramid :-)

Thursday, July 27, 2017


"Everything is changing, and I can't stop it" Vin said in mistborn. Sorry if that's a bit of a misquote, I don't have the direct quote here in front of me.
I... let me start out explaining my vague opening of a post after about a month of "I'll be posting again!" *doesnt post*
I got a job. Yay. Actually, I like it a lot.
Also, my brother moved to North Carolina a week and five days ago. I found out exactly two weeks ago, and he had a bus ticket by then and he left Saturday.
And... he's still my brother, he's called and everything, but... I miss him. And that's why life's been busy and also why... well, everything is going to change and I can't stop it. And I'm scared.
I know this is probably depressing and sad and... well, yeah, but I had the most amazing red fury dog named Max. And... he had to be put to sleep in October. It's been about 9 months but... I still miss him. He was old and grouchy and... gosh dang I miss him. And I miss my brother too, and... I graduated, like two months ago and that scares me too, especially because, well... there's so many friends whom I love so much and... we're all leaving, all going our separate ways. And I don't want to lose them. And I'm just... not sure what to do.
But, as in the song "The Call" by Regina Spektor, "just because everything's changing, doesn't mean it's never been this way before. All you can do is try to know who your friends are as you head off to the war". And... I guess I will. I'll tell y'all how it goes and... I'll try to be here too.
And to finish the mistborn quote, "Well then mistress, enjoy it". And I guess I'll do that too.
Trying to enjoy it
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Moana Life Lessons

Sorry for that depressing post last time. There's more where that came from, believe me, but I do not like being unhappy. Especially not when it's pointless. And so, I have a tiny anecdote from my Chicago trip to share with you.
We were all listening to Disney music in the back of a car when a song from Moana came on. One of the girls in the front seat groaned and said "What's even the point of that movie?". Well. Let me tell you girly.
FIRST of all, just because you don't necessarily like something doesn't mean people can't like it (and if you dislike Disney it's probably because you're a dark psychopath or sociopath. Or you secretly like it but like people thinking you're manly/tough/edgy and think that you should say you don't like Disney to feed your ego). Like, seriously, is it so hard to wrap your head around the fact that someone else may like something you're less inclined to? Some idiots dislike Skyward Sword, or Twilight Princess or, dare I say, Harry Potter and Star Wars. And if  you question why adoring masses love all those things, I will be happy to tell you in GREAT detail.
After punching you.
A few times.
Don't insult my fandoms, m'kay?

So, after that long intro, may I introduce you to: Top Ten Lessons (one may, if they choose to gain) From Moana:

1: You are what makes you you
Let's get the obvious one out of the way. Moana straight up says this to Maui, so if you somehow missed this point, I think you need to pay better attention to the movie next time you watch it. And there WILL be a next time. But I digress. Maui did all the work of his heroics for people, for their praise and love. But their praise and love isn't what made Maui Maui. He is. He couldn't shape shift when he was doing it for their praise and love, for their acceptance. He could only do it when Moana said maybe HE was what was worth saving, he was Maui no matter what.

2: That voice inside is who you are
"And if that voice starts to whisper, to follow he farthest star, Moana that voice inside is who you ah-ah-are". Maybe "But nothing on Earth can silence, the quiet voice still inside you". Or perhaps "It calls me... And the voice isn't out there at all it's inside me! It's like the tide, always falling and rising!" Either way, it is definitely a point of this movie. I believe everyone is firmly drawn to something they love -- Doctors to helping save people physically, Engineers to innovation and new ideas, Moana to the see. And maybe, just maybe (I was born to break the silence?) that isn't some worldly calling or push for them to be rich and famous, maybe it's who they're meant to be, maybe one should embrace the voice that tells them to follow the farthest star, because perhaps that's how one can truly learn what they're meant to do in life.

3: The ones you love will never really leave you
Okay, as if this hasn't been in every Disney movie since the beginning of time. Every movie, every book, every story perhaps. And with lines like "The the people you love will change you, the things you have learned will guide you" or "I will carry you here in my heart, you'll remind me, that come what may, I know the way!" you know they affect you a lot. And although people we have loved who have died haven't started reappearing as manta rays, I believe that Moana's line fits a little better. I will carry you here in my heart. They won't physically be there, but... You've still learned from them, and they influence what you think, what you do. Cheesy line -- they'll always be a part of you. But, really. Your experiences make you you. The people you love make your experiences. They're intertwined in who you are.
Image result for grandma tala gif

4: It's okay to give up
Here you might be thinking "You talk a big game about watching the movie for someone who thinks the movie was about giving up". And I do. Because it's 1/10 lessons. And honestly, the movie isn't. But it's a lesson that comes from the movie. "It's not your fault. I never should have put so much on your shoulders. If you're ready to go home, I will be with you." No judgement. No "you should've been able to do it". Just simple clean I understand, and I love you anyways. Which is pretty much one of the best and most underused lessons. It's okay if everything is too much for you to handle. The people you love will still love and support you through it.

5: Every path leads to where you are
Yeah, maybe the song, for the most part, sounds very rigid and non-metaphorical. But just like let it go's "I'm never going back, the past is in the past!" Where you are's "Every path leads you back to where you ah-ah-are" doesn't mean a physical place. Your job, your success, your future situation doesn't really make a difference on where you are in an abstract sense. Those who are happy with anything will, no matter which path in life they go on, be happy. Those that are unhappy will, no matter if their path leads them to mind numbing fortune, will be left wanting. It is very likely and possible that you yourself change. But it isn't the path's job to change that. It's your own. Because the paths lead you back to where you are -- You change where you are.

6: You can find happiness right where you are
"Now you're just making all your lessons quotes of Where you are, Raven" You think begrudgingly. Or maybe you don't. Maybe you're hungry and trying to figure out what to eat. Either way, not the rest of them are going to be like that. Not from Where you are at the very least. But it's true. People think happiness is the light at the end of the tunnel, something they'll obtain as a reward for beating this side quest or it's just sitting by the road at this mile marker. But it's not. It's a tiny little animal trotting along next to you waiting for you to see it. It's just right there beside you, no matter where you are or what's happening in life, "if we're only brave enough to see it" (No, that quote is not from Moana. Deal :p )

7: Sometimes our strengths lie within
*Hei Hei coughs up rock and goes back to trying to eat it* "Far beneath". Yeah, maybe she just said that one throw away line about Hei Hei, the worlds dumbest rock eating chicken. And if they're eating rocks, Hei Hei does not have heavy hitting competition. But if he wasn't there, Moana would have failed. Multiple times. Maybe eating rocks doesn't seem like a strength, but he helped Moana when it counted. Hei Hei, the real hero of this story!
Image result for hei hei gifs

8: Your parents do try to help you
"Braski, she literally spent the whole movie doing the thing her dad told her not to do," I put as dialogue from you even though, who the heck says "Braski"?
And yeah, she did. But even Ms "I'm his mother, I don't have to tell him anything" said "You are your fathers daughter, stubbornness and pride, mind what he says" and even if you remember, you may hear a voice inside and that voice maybe be who you are, she still says that yeah, what he says matters. And Moana's mom? He doesn't want you going out on the ocean because he was you. He couldn't save his best friend, but he's hoping he can save you. The dad bad at all, heck, he helps go back to way-finding. He was just trying to save his daughter. Like, really man, you can't blame him for that and it's pretty legitimate. So, seriously dear readers, mind what your parents say.

9: It's what's on the inside that matter
Okay, not as prominent here as other Disney movies, but c'mon, the villain is the one who sings about how looks are the only thing that matters. And maybe not everything villains says can automatically be dismissed as untrue, but when you think you agree with them you might want to take a step back and say "yeah no". Maui makes a big deal about how the ocean's crazy for choosing a little girl like Moana, and Moana makes the point to Maui about how maybe the ocean saw someone worth saving in the child no one wanted. And Moana sees how Te'ka is really -Spoilers- te'fiti. As if the scene of the teenage girl standing up to a giant lava monster isn't awesome enough. Image result for te fiti gif

10: What defines who you are?
I've already done the "who you are" thing in not just one but TWO points so far. So gloss over this one, lump em together and say I'm short on points (and then I'll just bring in some of the stuff that was cut from the film to make a point. Unstoppable and More anyone? ;-) ). But this has more to do with Te'fiti than it does with Moana and Maui, the previous points in the huge overarching theme of who you are. "I know your name, they have stolen the heart from inside you, but this does not define you, this is not who you are, do you know who you are?" Sometimes people don't know who they are. Sometimes they become twisted by things like grief, like lies, like stealing their green stone heart. But this does not define them. This is not necessarily who they are. Sometimes all people can see of
themselves is Te'ka, and someone has to be able to recognize the Te'fiti. Usually that's the best way to help people, and only permanent way -- restoring Te'fiti.
Image result for te fiti gif

Well, thank you for indulging my ramblings and love of Disney's Moana. I'm willing to do this for other things too, and might even. Tell me if y'all want it. Or don't and I probably will anyways. Thanks either way :-)
Raven DeWitt

Pyramid, whoo-hoo. :-)

. I never should have put so much
on your shoulders.
If you're ready to go home.
I will be with you.

Read more: http://www.springfieldspringfield.co.uk/movie_script.php?movie=moana

Monday, June 26, 2017

Hate and secrets and posion

I don't think I have some great, majestic, important opening line for this post.
I guess I can start with this; everyone kinda knows that hate is bad for you. It has a quote that says it's "the poison you drink to kill someone else". It doesn't do anything to the other person. Hate all you want, but the one the poison will affect is you, not them. Whether you straight up tell them you hate them or let them figure it out for themselves, or fake the heck out of it so no one knows, they won't be hurt by it nearly as much as you are. If they're hurt at all. If you hate, that's on you, and you're the one who's going to be twisted and angered and almost consumed by it.
On a similar note, and something that isn't a universally acknowledged phenomenon, I believe secrets can do that too. Minor secrets or major ones, they're a little like hate. They mostly twist you, instead of someone else. Even minor secrets feel like a burden to keep and bear. The worst part, I think, is that hate is something that you can see it working from the outside. When people hate you notice it's not good for them. When they're that consumed by anger. But secrets? It's like the worm on the inside of a fruit, eating it's way out. You don't see it until it's done it's damage. It's an inner wall of blocking out those you love and those who love you, and keeping you alone. It's a barrier, but not a protective one.
Sorry, that was depressing. It's just... I get kind of frustrated with people keeping secrets, or swearing me to secrecy and... Don't you see that it's pointless? No one cares. The only thing it does is close you off -- the people who love you will love you just the same, no matter the secret. Argue against all you want, but for every secret I know about one of my friends, it's true. I don't care how dark you claim your secret is. How weird you think it'll make relationships. The people who love you love you, and I don't think almost anything can stop that. So why do you make yourself locked into the tiny little box of secrecy and lonesomeness?
That was serious. And I apologize. I mean, I think some of my posts will be serious, but I hope to mostly keep it to the usually sassy, sarcastic me and not serious me, because being serious is boring. Also, depressing. I'm just... frustrated, and because this is my blog, this is where I'm putting all my being frustrated and stuff. Deal? What do I care, it's not your blog :p

Seriously, thanks and sorry
Sarcasm next time, m'kay?
Raven DeWitt

Monday, June 19, 2017


I just got back from a mission trip in Chicago. Well, by just I mean late Saturday night. It was... okay. It felt more like a campaign than a mission trip. More "look at the brokenness. Doesn't it suck?" than "let's do what we can to help, even if it's for these few days". I get what their point was -- we're not permanent and they're not here to give us warm fuzzies from helping people who can function perfectly well without us. Their point was this is what's happening, and this is how we're working to fix it. You are temporary and, no offense, unnecessary. Don't feel like a savior just because you volunteered for a week -- some of us full time live here.
I get their point and agree. But, we're still volunteering and trying to help. We didn't come here for your political campaign.
But, overall, it was enjoyable. Friday, after helping at a food pantry to sort the food, we went to the shed aquarium. I got to pet sting rays. It was pretty awesome.
Then, on Saturday, we went to six flags. Which is an amusement park. That's heavily DC themed. I didn't know about that, but it was AWESOME. If I'd known it was DC, I think I'd have brought more money and worn my DC comics Bombshells T I made. And my Harley Quinn shorts. I went on a ride called the joker, Image result for six flags the joker ride
Which is that. Right there. It's the waves. The carts, are two next to each other connected to the thing that is connected to the tracks by one point it pivots at. If you way more you'll spin and flip upside down more. Almost every cart will do that least once I figure, though. I liked it a lot.
And then I came home and my dad was sick on Father's Day. Fun times. And now I'm here. So, hello.
I think that's about it...
Raven DeWitt

Friday, June 9, 2017

Catching up

Sorry. I think it'll be quite a long time before I stop apologizing for disappearing. But, hey, let's do what this post is named and catch up?
So, let's see, what all do I need to tell you?
So, I got a boyfriend. A year and a half ago. I've liked him for, wow, about two years now. Seven months before we started dating. He's basically a real life version of Link, at least looks wise (minus the fact Link is totally short). He's a nerd, like me, but less advanced (; and, well... I don't exactly know how to describe him. A total dork, likes building stuff and working on projects, just kinda calm and chill and... yeah.
My best friends have stayed July and Jessie, except with the addition of my real life Link. Don't worry, none of them is neglected in pursuit of one of the other friends.
Classes have been crazy. So, I took college Japanese, I took web and game design through the local tech center. And loved it. I can now code basic websites and use gamemaker and basic C++. Whoo. I loved it, but didn't learn a lot. Enough to know I'm not good, I need to work hard, and... I think this might be what I want to do. If not, I'm taking a year off of school (a gap year before college), and... I'm going to work on it during this free year and see if it really is. Well, mostly free year, because work but yeah. Anyways.
What I do know is I love stories and fictional worlds and creating them and... Through maybe books and maybe comics and hopefully games, I know that is what I want to be doing. And coding can get me to the games part. All I need is to learn art -- The industry is made of people who can do it all. I... I have no inkling of an idea what to do if not create stories. Maybe AI and bio-tech. Like cyborg parts. Maybe that's where I'll start my real jobs and just create life as a hobby. It all depends on college and... Just, who knows? Who knows what will happen, because it's certainly not me.
On a less tragic note, I was the pilot on our robotics team this year. It was amazing, we made it to quarter finals of our field in worlds and I loved every minute of the ride. And I will tell you more about all that jazz soon. Don't worry your pretty little heads.
And, really... I think that's all for today. Maybe I'll be able to get to some book, comic, game and movie reviews soon, some top fives or top tens and DEFINITELY some rants. I'm always up for a good rant.

I'm back baby! :p
Raven DeWitt

Monday, May 22, 2017

Hello again

 You know that awkward moment when you get busy, promise to post soon to catch everyone up and then, just... don't? For two years?
I'm sorry. But I'm going to try my best to start this up again. I'm not sure if anyone actually cares, or anyone will actually read this, but, whether you've been here or no, allow me to introduce myself. I've changed a lot in the past few years.

Hello. I am Raven DeWitt. Other than myself and my friend July, out of respect, most people I talk about will be named after a fictional character.

I am finishing my senior year. Or finished, depending on when you read this. I am going to spend a year working before I go to college. I ultimately want to be a video game designer and programmer, but I am okay with just being a programmer, or doing whatever I am called to do.

I have two wonderful parents, a frustrating older brother we all love anyways, lots of family on both my moms and my dads side, a boyfriend (this has changed since two years ago and I'll catch y'all up on him soon ;) ), two awesome best friends from childhood, a group of robodorks I love and cherish and fight with a lot, a group of church friends who I do the same minus the fighting and orcdork friends from when I played the violin. 

I have been duel enrolled at my local college for Japanese (はじめまして), I've taken four AP classes, and I've gone to my areas high school tech center for web and game design (cout << "Hello" << endl;). I've been an active member of my church since I started attending, and I've been an active Christian since I started having the right to call myself that. I've been on my schools robotics team since my sophomore year, and this year (first steamworks) I was on my team's drive team as the pilot, and I was build team leader with my hufflepuff friend. And, if mechatronics counts as build (which it does), with my other friend, NaCl. Salt, for those of you who don't know chemistry. For those of you that do, I've been helping out with the planning for and going to my school's Chem club, as I've been doing since freshman year. 

And if all that sounded like a resume, I apologize. But it is still me. Don't worry though, here's the more me part. I still love reading, playing video games, watching movies, tv shows and anime, just being a general nerd, geek and dork (that's right, triple threat ;) and don't argue they're not different because they are). I write when I can, and with my boyfriend, I've started a few semi-writing but not book projects.
I enjoy drawing, but I'm not any good at it. My boyfriend however? Dang. So, I've recruited him and we've working on a few comics. We're also designing (and possibly/probably making) a few games, and last but certainly not least, doing some animation.

So, I guess that's new me. Still very old me, but... I dunno. Questions? Concerns? Wondering why you just read this or why you care about me?
I don't have an answer to that last one, sorry. But hey, the other two I can address if you ever ask it.
Thank you for your time,

Raven DeWitt