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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spoiler alerts

         Yo. So the evil high schoolers got let out early because of some stupid gas leak. I mean, come on! Couldn't they have let the middle school out early? Some kid said the actual yad wons, and if we don't get one we all blame him. Even if you live in like Florida or something. Blame him. It's all his fault. Okay now after that whole just saying part I'm going to be reviewing thing's I've seen and/or read
          Review for Beastly, WARNING spoilers: So, I finished the book. I totally called that Will would be their teacher until he got a good job. Totally didn't see the whole Magda being the witch part, but hey, I'm not psychic... All the time ;-p. Although, I mean, it's honestly weird how her family is crows.... It's just weird.
          Review for the mentalist season I think 3 or 4, WARNING spoilers: Technicly Jane didn't commit a crime when shooting "red john". Other than illegal weapons charge, Red John threatened Jane. So it was Jane acting in self defense. He did nothing wrong... except break into bulldog face, I mean LaRoach's house, and again illegal possesion of a weapon. And I totally called the whole red johns mole being the irish guy engaged to Vanpelt. Sucks for her though, I liked her, but she belongs with Rigsby. And I am really wondering how do they continue in the next season?!?!
        Review for the first episode of person of interest, no spoiler alerts. I totally knew who the bad guy was gonna be, and the main dude is awesome!!! Although the nerdy main character is that dude from lost, so I expect him to be evil......
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My very bad terrible no good day.

Today was a terrible no good day. It all started out fine. Actually it was an amazing day. But then Mel ruined it. It was really an amazing perfect day. It was going so well that the only thing that could make it better would be if Jack Frost came here to Michigan. I'm serious. It was just that perfect. Then on the bus, there was this one girl who asked to sit with me. I thought I saw an open seat, like nobody sitting there, and said "isn't there an open seat", she said "really?!?!" and sat in a seat with two people aready in it. Then I saw that there were already people in the seat that I had previously thought was open. It's not like I could say "oh, heh, sorry I didn't see those people, I have room", I thought that would be akward so I just didn't say anything. And everyone glared at me like I killed someone. I don't know if this had anything to do with that but Melanie, Mel for short and one of my only friend who goes to my school, at least in my grade (I only have like 5, seriously I can count them on one hand...) said "You need to stop being like that". I asked "like what?" and she said "You know what I'm talking about". Yes, thats why I asked what she means. I just said "No, I don't" and she said "Well a bunch of people compain about you, and someone even called you a B****".  Then she refused to tell me who said it and when I asked why, she said that person X (the person who called me the b-word) told her that I back talked to a teacher. Actually a student teacher, in D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read). she said her friend told her that "He said you weren't there and you said 'yes I am'". Last time I checked telling someone I was there wasn't talking back. I'm so sorry if my personality bugs you. Next time I'll just be fake, that way the people at our school can stay consistent. Cause who doesn't want to go to a school full of fakers? Gosh I wanna switch schools. Or be an exchange student, but I would hate not seeing my brother and friends for a year, but I've gotten used to never really seeing or talking to them. I love them, but I don't see them much. On other news, about to go get ready for my performance tonight, Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!
Angry and nervous
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Drama :p

Hello people of earth. I just got back from an ortho appointment and the brace crap tastes terrible... I got like five new bracets, snd my mom got me like five new library books. I get to read for the next like twenty years yay... naw joking I read a lot actually, but I've been really busy lately, I guess... anyways last night was drama at my church and the night we are going to be performing is tomarrow! Tomarrows theme is talentless talent show and so, we are going to do a thing not as an act, but an introductory. 
In our performance, we are going to do a fairytale theme, but instead of you know people expecting it, it's going to be something crazy and funny happens, we have a grand total of three. the first one is Little red riding hood.  Like the classic fairytale, little red is skipping through the forest picking flowers and the wolf comes out and goes rawr. Then unlike the classic, she takes out a gun and shoots the wolf. Then in the one I'm in, cinderella (me) runs off stage and loses her glass slipper. Then Taylor Swift comes on and goes "hey, I've seen this before, the prince finds the glass slipper and falls in love with the princess..." then she starts jumping on the slipper and singing "you belong with me" then I go up there and start saying "OH MY GOSH WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT THAT WAS EXPENSIVE!!!!" and for the last part, Whendy from peter pan goes "yes peter, yes I believe. Faith trust and pixy dust" she jumps and doesn't fly. Here are a few that were rejected cause of lack of people: Sleeping beauty is alseep, then a prince tries to kiss her and She punches him and says "why does everyone keep on doing that, it's the fifth time this week can't a girl get some sleep around here?!?!", and a few others I forgot. If you see these this Wendesday, then you go to my church and Hi! If not sorry, you should.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, January 28, 2013

Slender man and lost

Hey, so this is like my first post back from camp.... And am super scared right now, cause July decided to show me slender man. If you've played it, it's at least creepy right? If you haven't YOU ARE SO LUCK DO NOT PLAY IT!!!! I REPEAT DO NOT PLAY SLENDERMAN!!!!! Okay I'm gonna stop bossing you around, but you still shouldn't play it..... I know it's really really really creepy and it scared me...... I don't know why. And July, it's voices NOT  people slurping through straws.  It reminds me of lost... The part where sayid or whoever keeps on hearing voices in a dark forest, when there's like nobody around, and then the part with Slender man reminds me of.... I forgot what it was, but it was a tv show.... Or a movie.... Where someone sees someone who's just a silloutte, and then they look again and he's gone.... It just is creepy. I cannot be alone again till I stop thinking about it......
On other news since I'm thinking of lost, I'm gonna start re-watching the Lost series..... I used to like that show and re-watching it could be fun.........
I also have been hanging out with Jessie and July all day, but mostly we've just been watching once upon a time...... And I made a new friend on Skype. One thing I think is weird is that this society judges and depends on looks, so people who are nice to you online might not be so nice in real life, at least not nice to you in real life just because of the way you look or dress.
Still really scared
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Forgot One Thing

Sorry. Dreadfully sorry.
The quote that Raven has at the top of the screen is a little off still.

"Ma'am, there's only one god, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like that." ~Captain America, Marvel Avengers

Sorry and thanks,
Captain Jessie

This is the Captain Speaking

Captain Jessie to be exact. 

Hello people of earth, how is your lives?

Remember me? Raven's pretty much insane, super hero-loving, and completely awesome BFF? I did a post not all that long ago, Not All That Random, and I didn't quite finish it. Well, I did, but I didn't. Any way onto my post. I didn't do laughs last time, so I think I'll put some pics on here that make and made me smile at one point. Thanks to Google, Pinterest, and a small number of other sites for these images.

Ok, seriously, how true is that?

Sometimes those capitol people just don't understand the way life is everywhere else.

If you've seen this movie you would know why this makes me laugh. Love superheroes.

Does anyone else ever have this?

Alright, that's pretty much all I'm doing as of right now. I might do other posts in the near distant future. That is, of course, if you still like me. I have things that I need to get done. You guys are all pretty much great.
Captain Jessie

Does This Work?

Checking if this even works.

It didn't work last time.

Crossing my fingers....

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Okay if my post today is weird or moody or mean, I've had a bad day. Like really bad. I'm tired, it should've been a snow day, and other reasons I shouldn't or won't mention. So don't ask.
On the beastly book, I like it but first of all, the main dudes... Well what he wants is in too great of detail. Like WAY to much detail. And apparently the non pretty beauty is. So now I'm pissed about that too.
Tomorrow the post will be by Jessie, if she remembers (-_- I'd advise remembering Jessie) so today is probably the last post from me for the next few days (like Sunday or Monday).
Just really pissed off
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flashdance and stupid school

Sorry if I'm a bit mean today, but I didn't sleep til like midnight, and I get up at 5:45. Well my alarm clock goes off at 5:45, sometimes I get up before that. But I ALWAYS get up when my alarm goes off. I never have and probably never will sleep through it. I can't say the same for Phoenix though... he always gets up late, making the rest of us have to do more work making us late while he nags us to go, when it's all his fault. So sorry if it's like, rude or overly mean. I should've had a snowday today....
Anyways the reason I went to bed so late last night was cause I went to see Flashdance. Let's just say it was a different kind of flash than I thought. It was a good play I guess... Although half the scences took place in strip clubs or makeout scences. And there was ALOT of suggestive stuff. I mean like ALOT. It was also really predictable, and not very good dancing. I thought "oh they're just saving the good dancing for the end". Nope. Wrong. Nada. Negative. They thought dancing was turning around really fast and running your hand throught your hair. I mean, I could've done half the dances in there. The best dancers were actually the backup dancers.
I am going to youth tonight and the theme is lost.I was supposed tto do a skit with drama but...
 I am also not going to do a beastly reveiw thing today becuase I didn't read much because it wasn't a snowday and I had school.
Still a better dancer
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I remembered what I was saying yesterday before my stupid computer crashed. So, my mom got me two books at the library, first Beastly as suggested by July, and the other is Legend as suggested by Jessie. I am reading Beastly first, so I will update what I think about the book so far, and the same with any other books I read. So I am at chapter four of part four.  
Okay so this being my first one it might sound ranty and very weird, just go with it. It is a good book so far, well mostly. Other than the fact that well the main character is sorta a man whore. I mean like honestly I could do without all of that... well let's just say not every fifteen years old or whatever has purple (guys=blue girls=red... you geet the point). I could read a book without that stuff. And there's some minor language, but appariently people don't have morals anymore. And don't think that I love romance novels and am all like "oh my gosh I read all the twilights and oh my gosh team edward". I don't really like romance where it takes them like five hundred pages to date, when they liked each other the whole time.
 Another thing that I find weird is that it's about "inner beauty" yet if he gets "true loves kiss" he becomes REEEAAALLLLYYYYY hot. Again. And the witch who put the curse on him so that someone has to fall in love with him for his "inner beauty" transformed from a over weight goth chick (Thats how she was described, not MY desciption), into a form of herself thats pretty. I mean, it's just a bit unfair that everybody becomes pretty. It's like, a book about "inner beauty" and yet all the characters turn into hot people. Not fair. I really like it other than that. Intresting though right?
I also think that the movie looked nothing like the book. I mean from the preveiws I saw (on mute...) the beast looked more like a cancer patient than a furry, fanged, clawed beast. Well not a beast, more like a totally awesome animal-like thing. I doubt I would be scared. Okay I might but I would try to befriend it. And then the girl he falls in love with isn't supposed to be a really pretty girl. Just average, frizzy hair, no make-up and not a popular freak (sorry from the ones I know, popular people are the worst people imagniable). Then the actress who plays it is a pretty slut. But then again, everbody on tv is a anorexic, slutty, plastic pretty person (yes plastic). Making the world hate the way they look and try to overwork themselves or starve. I mean everyone says "it's what's on the inside that counts" yet they are starving, getting surgery and going on diets to look better. Pretending to be perfect.
I also love the chat rooms full of fairytale characters. It's just the best!!! I am trying to figure out which fairytale the bear is from. I mean... WHICH ONE!?!?!?!?! Psychologically bugged forever.
Love fairytales, so if you know of any tell me. It can be modernday, or original fairytales, I would still love to read the book.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, January 21, 2013

Youtube and stupid computer crashes

Hey so I was just in the middle of a post when my computer crashed and if it crashes again I'm gonna be pissed. Anyways today it snowed today so, if you're reading this, thank you Jack Frost. I also love you Jack Frost <3.
So I was hanging out with July and Jessie today, and we went outside. The snow was to light and fluffy for sledding, but it was perfect for snowball "fights". It really reminded me of the scene from Rise Of The Guardian, but it was missing a really hot invisible dude. Who is also perfect. And Jessie and July, YOU GUYS HAVE TO GO SEE THAT MOVIE WITH ME!!!!!
I completly forgot what I was gonna post CAUSE THE STUPID COMPUTER CRASHED!!!! But now I thought of something, First: does anyone know any good Fanfic sites that I can post a fanfiction on? Cause I really want to write fanfiction. Second: Does anyone know any funny, clean (well mostly clean, there can be a few comments that are mostly ignorable) youtube videos that I will post on this blog as soon as I figure out how to? If you can think of any, please Email me at RavenDeWitt1999@gmail.com or find me on facebook or twitter (picture posted on the sidebar) or comment on this blog, and I will post the youtube video on this blog.
Just chillin
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Hey! It's Sunday, but I don't have school tomarrow and neither does Jessie or July!!! Which is surprising to me because they go to the same school, but I go to different school, which I swear is a lot worse. I mean, sure it has some good stuff... like... that one thing... at least... okay the best thing that I can think of is that I only have to suffer through eight hours of it. I would die in boarding school. Staying there constantly, with a bunch of people I will most likely not like.
 Anyways, I will be going to church camp next week so I will ask July and Jessie (if you guys are reading this, this is counting as my ask) if they'll like, line up guest posts or post themselves (Jessie can finish her not so random).
Still need comic book ideas but nobody has any ideas *death glare* and anyways you guys should've told me already if you did...
So... yeah.
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jessie, July, comics and paper Mario

Yo. Appariently according to July I'm a "social butterfly" online. Offline, I'm more like.... Well Carlton Lassiter from psych (not that psycho. But that weird/antisocial). I was hanging out with July, and watching once upon a time, and I accidentally spoiled it.... But I thought that she predates saw that part!!!! Sorry July!!!!!! Yesterday me an July finished the last two Harry potter movies, and my brother girlfriend did his make up. Yeah, Phoenix had makeup on. And the eyeliner didn't wash off. He shouldn't piss me off until the eyeliner washes off :-). I was hanging out with Jessie yesterday (which explains her whole guest post with the misleading tittle) and we watched Hawaii 5-0 the one where Chin Ho Kelly gets married. <3 they're so cute together!!!!!! Althought I really hate the blonde   chick who I wish would slightly get hit by a car and go into a coma, that she never wakes up from, I really like the new season. My favorite episode is when she leaves.
I still need comic book ideas, email me or find me on Facebook/twitter, or comment. PLEASE THINK OF IDEAS AND. DON'T SAY YOU HAVE NO IMAGINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also finally finished the level I was stuck on in paper Mario and the thousand year door. I was stuck in the glitz pitz, I am not good at steering the paper airplane Mario. I mean those guys give you the best curses ever!!! And I never would've guessed what happened in the end of the glitz pitz!!!!!! And now to chapter... I think four?
Just chillin
Raven DeWitt

Friday, January 18, 2013

Not all that Random

Hello People of Earth,

This is Jessie, Raven's bestest friend ever. I'm doing a guest post on this wonderful blog of hers. Whatever you've heard about me is probably totally true! Well, at least the good stuff. ;) I wasn't sure what to do this post about so I'm gonna wing it and do whatever comes to my head first. *Thinking* Got it! (Not really...) Drawings! Books! Writing! Lollipops! Movies! Laughs! Lollipops? Well, that's my brain for you. I'm practiacally insane, kinda...

Starting with drawings. You know how Raven likes that manga and anime stuff, right? I think it's fun to draw. So, I drew an awesome picture of Raven, from the side, and she looks totally cute! I would put it on here but Raven's idenity must be kept at the top secret. Maybe not, but she can show you on a diffenerent post one day, if you beg.

Next to books. A good book to read is Divergent. It's so good. It's dystopian and action-y and super awesome! You'll love it, if you like that type of thing or even if you don't. Read it and comment and tell me what you think. Because, I know you'll love it.

Writings, now. I love writing so I'm asking your opinion on this piece I'm making up on the spot. "I looked over at him and tears welled up in my dry eyes. I blinked them back and glanced away. I knew the police would be here soon, how soon, though, I couldn't be sure. I regretted knowing what happened and I regretted meeting him. I had to get out, this thing went all wrong. I couldn't change what had happened, I knew that, and that hurt even more. I turned away from him and took off in a dead run. My mind began to numb over as I got farther from him. I was just going to get away and I'd figure out what to do after that."    -Jessie. What do you think? Tell me what happened?

I'll go on to lollipops and movies. Lollipops, because I love them, of course. Who doesn't? Movies that are good to see: anthing superhero, like Marvel's X-men, Avengers, and Fantastic Four or anything else. Along with that the DC comics are good too, like Batman, that's the only ones I've seen by DC. Also, the Pirates of the Caribbean. Those are AWESOME! I love pirates and Captian Jack Sparrow. I want to be a pirate captian. I will now be: Captian Jessie. I'd suggest watching some, with permission from your parents.

I'm going to be done now, the laughs will come next time. I love you all... Kind of.... Welp, anyway, bye.
Captian Jessie

Thursday, January 17, 2013

nothing ruins your Friday like realizing it's only Thursday

Hey! I thought it was Friday today like five times but it's Thursday..... *sigh* I'm sad about that :-(
But tomarrow's Friday!!!! I still wish today was Friday, but hey.
In other news today was the official hug day for me. I hate hugs. Well I wouldn't hate them if they were from certain people, but........ It's none of your business. Anyways first Phoenix (who HATES hugs as much as me) hugged me, and it was weird.... then Trenton who was there tried to hug me to, then he said "I'm not letting go until you hug me back".  Awful. It was still very weird.
Not alot is happening or happened today, so....... yeah.
I also need comic book ideas still, and Jessie came up with the names (there, there's your credit awesome best friend!!!!), They will be posted in the side bars, but if you want to know what a Anthro is, you have to look it up yourself. To give me comic book ideas, either Email me (RavenDeWitt1999@gmail.com) or find me on facebook (Sorry, I haven't been on lately) or Twitter (@Raven13DeWitt13). PLEASE THINK OF SOME!!!!
Hug hater
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

twitter and comic books

Hey! So I am on Twitter, but now I'm posting at the same time. On twitter Jack Frost @FunIsMyCenter (if you have a twitter follow him for me) dedicated his 2,000 tweet to me!!!!  Jack Frost, (specifically @FunIsMyCenter) if you're reading this, Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! And also, Jackson @NotASnowman still think you're evil.
It's Wendesday so I am going to youth group but I will be so sad to leave twitter where people actually talk to me, but I might have a friend at youth group, like a real life person. But hey people talk to me on twitter. It's awesome!!! And I make people laugh. I mean it's just hahaha but hey it feels good not to be the real me, but to really be me.
Lastly if anyone has comic book ideas I NEED THEM!!! email me or find me on twitter/facebook. My email is RavenDeWitt1999@gmail.com and my facebook and twitter photo is on the side bar. Please suggest comic book ideas, the other posts should have all the characters and names (I'll post them on the sidebar), and yeah.
Twitter obsessed
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

sleeping in and comics books

       So today was just a boring usual day... but today was the last day where I have to get up early for the rest of the week. I have like... delayed starts, so I basacally just get to sleep in then go to... well that stupid place that nobody likes and you actually don't learn in, but tomarrow is basically a half day... we just have the other half of the day. Although I do have to take an exam. So that sucks. But at least it's Wendesday. So two pluses about tomarrow. That's good enought for me ;-).
      I am currentally watching bones, but I've already seen this episode. "Hand in a bear" or something like that... it's a really gross episode... Ick! I've already seen it though.
      I still need comic book ideas (email me at RavenDeWitt1999@gmail.com, twitter or facebook, the photo for both is on the side, just look up my name), and you should just view other posts for the characters (I don't know which ones, sorry).
Gonna sleep in tomarrow
Raven DeWitt

Monday, January 14, 2013

ghost post and mysterious dogs

      Okay so I am scared half to death. I got home from school, Phoenix wasn't riding the bus, when I got home and my mom is at work. I am completally alone at home. I was cooking ramen, and I heard the garage door open. Not just my imagination, I HEARD IT OPEN!!! Then I heard voices, a girl and a guy. At first I figured it was just my brother home from school, with one of his friends. Then when nobody came in for more than five minutes and the voices continued, I went to check it out but there wasn't anybody in the garage. I am totally freaked! I know it makes me sound like a scardy-cat or whatever, but I'm not. I'm actually not scared of much. But I am scared half to death of this. I'm not crazy either. Just... observsant?
      There was also this dog that interupted me in the middle of my ghost post section, like litterally in the first sentence. My dog just started spaztastically barking out the window, so I looked and there was a white dog, with a faded red and blue collar on, standing there staring at my dog. I opened the door and Doggie (again, my dog) started freaking out. So I dragged him into the bathroom and closed the door. I started to pet the white dog, and then I checked his collar. His collar had one tag on it. One tag, and it was a rabies shot tag. No name, phone number address... Anyways he kept on trying to get into my house when I was petting him. I wouldn't let him in, but I came outside. He kept on running around, trying to get me to follow him. I went inside and got one of Doggies rope toys, to play with him, (Doggie has two). I gave it to the dog, and he tried to get me to follow him. I started to, but then I turned around to makwe sure I closed the door and he was gone. I feel really bad, giving some randomly appearing dog MY real dogs toy, then he runs away with MY real dogs toy. I feel terrible. Anyways bodyless voices, and disapearing dogs... it's a weird day.
     I also still need comic book ideas, but I have the new names, (view yesterdays post for the rest of them) the names are:  Spider-guy is Atlas (greek titan who Zeus punished to hold the world up on his shoulders), the insect/bug looking one is Cronus (father of Zeus, but the name does sound bug-like), and lastly was Hephaestus (Greek god of the forges and fire, which is PERFECT!!!). Anyways I still need a story-line so please, email me at RavenDeWitt1999@gmail.com, or look me up on face book or twitter (Raven DeWitt or Raven13DeWitt13).
Paranormally paranoid
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, January 13, 2013

sunday and comics

Hey! Sunday, the last day before school comes right back. Yay... whoo-hoo? I like Sunday, even though it's the day where I have to do all my homework (which I'm procrastinating....), and the day before I go back to school. Today. in church in the youth we were talking about our talents. It is a very common subject, and in my opinion, annoying subject. I mean, yes God created all people with their own talents to serve him with, but what annoys me is that everyone knows their talents, everyone is good at something. I have absolutaly no idea what mine is. I mean, when asked what my talent is I didn't know and my small group leader was all well your smart right? Yeah, all A's and sometimes (but rarely) B's and in advanced math (with like fifty other kids), but I mean I'm not exceptionly smart like Tony Stark or Einstein. I'm just average smart, lots of people smarter than me, and lots of people who care more. Who could use my brains more. I mean, I'm smart, but it isn't a special talent like sports or life skills. I'm not even one of the best people for using smarts. Well, God knows what he was doing, even if I don't...
In the regular church service/the big house/grown up church/not the youth, I was sitting with Pheonix, Trenton, and Josh, and Trenton decided to just keep on texting me Tt, T, t, Gg, G, g, Hh, H, or h. It was weird.
Lastly I'm gonna work on a comic book. If you read my blog, you'll probably have read that I need ideas for my comic books subject. I have eight characters now, an upgrade from my old five... anyways like half the characters are anthros, or human looking animals, kinda like someone with cat ears, fur, snout, a tailand other cat features, but human figures, a human face, and human fingers/hands. It's like that, or look Anthro's up on google. Okay, so the characters are as follow, good guys are: anthro guy tiger, anthro girl lion, anthro girl fox and anthro girl cat. Jessie already sugested names for them all. names are as follows: tiger Ares (greek god of war, maybe not so much him...), lion Enyo (greeek god of war and peace keeping, in my opinion perfect), fox Nyx (greek goddess of night, I think the names good, but the meaning...?) and finally kitty/cat Ariadne (greek goddess of passion and mazes, I like it, but for the cat...). I like them all, but I might switch them around a bit. The bad guys are as follows: anthro guy wolf, there aren't any anthro's left that I know how to draw. The rest of the bad guys: human upper half and spider legs guy, insect-human like blue guy, and lstly the usually common giant. Jessie sugested a name for the anthro wolf, the name being Zelus (greek god of dedication). I think I might switch the Tiger and Wolfs names, but other than that I pretty much like them. I think for the spider guy, insect guy, and giant I think I wanna stick with greek names (HINT HINT Jessie), and other than that I would like a story line/idea for the comic book, if you have any ideas please look me up on Facebook or Twitter or please email me at RavenDeWitt1999@gmail.com and please at least think about it!!!
The artist
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Chillin and building

Chillin with July and watching Harry Potter 7 part 1. I mean it's not like I'm a Harry Potter nerd... Or a naruto nerd.... Or a super hero nerd, or an anything nerd, I just know a bunch of random facts about everything I like. Like did you know, Nagini (voldemorts snake) was the snake Harry released from the zoo on the first movie? That's what JK Rolling claimed, but there's a lot of controversity about that and my thoughts are THE WRITER CLAIMS SOMETHING AND PEOPLE DISAGREE!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT ARE YOU STUPID?!?!?!
Lat night I was chillin with July (she didn't sleep over though :-( ) and we watched the movie brave. The movie brave is all about destiny. Changing it, finding it... I have my own personal opinions about it. The future is set written in stone, yet unknown and unwritten. It's not something you can change or fix or break. Not something that'll ever be different. That's my theory about time machines too. That they couldn't mess with the future, because everything you do has been done before. It's impossible to change anything, just make it happen the way it did before. There's something to think about.
So I have a play structure and me and July (and maybe Jessie and Mel, after I ask them) are going to add locking shutters, a locking door, some type of flooring, and paint it an make it super nice. I also want to add a pulley system or something to bring doggie up so he can have fun with us to. That'll be fun.
I also still need ideas for a comic book, so please find me on face book or twitter (the photo should be  in the thing with all that stuff), or email me at RavenDeWitt1999@gmail.com
Gonna do lots of work this summer
Raven DeWitt

Friday, January 11, 2013


Hey, The like two people who actually read my blog (and should tell all their friends to HINT HINT!!!), it's Friday! And I am not that one annoying person who every time Fridays mentioned starts singing Friday, mostly because I hate that song, and partially because I hate singing, especially in front of people. But still that song is the stupidest song ever invented... well actually you don't know your beautiful is stupider, but I still hate that song. Sorry if you like it, I didn't mean to insult deaf people (especially people who are deaf AND can't read the lyrics). But it's friday and I'm always so busy on my weekends!!! Yeah, tonight I'll be watching Brave. Even Rapunzel from Tangled has more of a life than me. AND SHE LIVES IN A TOWER WITH INLY A PSYCHO WHO CLAIMS TO BE HER MOTHER!!!!!!!!
So, tonight I'm doing, tommarrow I'm... doing nothing, and Sunday, I'm going to church then guess what? Doing nothing. I have no life. Like none. And then, this one girl in my drama was all like "Oh yeah, I have no life". Really? The only time when I hang out with people who aren't forced to, like church and school is.... My family. Who can leave at any time.
Okay so this post wasn't started to rant about  me not having a life. Thats what my dog's for. He never talks back. Just looks at me like I'm insane.....
I forgot what this post was gonna be about.
No life and forgetful
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday, Dollar isle, and History

Thursday!  I thought it was friday this morning. It was awful! "Nothing ruins your friday like realizing it's only thursday" -unkown. That happens to me all the time though, I think it's some other day, when it's really whatever day (not always fridays, once I thought it was wendsday like 3 days in a row...).
 Like the rest of my class, I am now addicted to Dollar isle (dollarisle.com) on my school ipad. it's really fun! Itgot blocked from the internet for a while, but then we got it back. Yay! The reason it got blocked was because some people a tendency to actually tell teachers stuff about games they play when they play it during class. Snitches.
In history class, we are learning about the political partys. I'm really wondering why the democrats have the donkey as their symbol. No offence if you're a democrat, but I think it's because htey're the other word for that (yeah, mean and sorta bad but true right?). So anyways we are doing debates with someone else role playing Thomas Jefferson and.... Alexander Hamilton? I think.... anyways, there are only three girls in my whole history class (out of like twenty five to thirty), so of course I got paired up with a guy. It's not bad, but you know, statistically or course. He was cool. I couldn't take him seriously, and kept on cracking up during the debate, good thing it was only the two of us. I also had no idea what he was saying... but it still was pretty fun. He also gave me a... that one like really sour thing. war head or.... sour something..... I don't know. He was saying that it's so sour and he spends like five minutes licking it to get rid of the sour. I took mine and just popped it into my mouth, and he was speachless, and his friend just stared at me and said "Can we get some kind of reaction". It isn't like killing me from the sour. He popped in his mouth and started jumping around, It was hilarious.
Immune to sour
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Drama Queen

Hey, so today, after my post, I realised I forgot to tell you about all the drama stuff.
First off, we wrote our own scripts, and the week we shalt perform it, the theme is Lost. Our youth gruop has different themes, like movies, apps, and this year, TV Shows. So, we wrote the script for Lost. We don't have a script, cause nobody talks except for the announcer (I think...), and we don't have a definant script... or parts. But if we have a grimm reaper in it, then I get to be the Grimm Reaper!!! We wasted the whole class playing pool (in the high school room), and telling jokes (in a mansion, the lights go out, choose from like a million doors, and choose electric chair or off with your head, classic). So no progress got done, except the fact that if there is a Grimm Reaper in the skit, I'm the Grimm. If no Grimm, then I get to push people out of their chairs/cars (don't ask).
So tonight is Youth Group. And I especially love going there because it's the one place (other than my house) that I can hangout with my friends. Correction, friend. Yeah, my one friend. But hey, someone actually willing to talk to me. And it's not like anyones paying him to (I'm slightly paraniod about not having any real friends).
Gettting my tin hat back on (JOKE. NOT REALLY THAT PARANIOD) ;-)
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

shampoos and body wash

This may seem a bit random, (as if none of my posts are...) and this whole post might seem really wierd, but I have a very flakey scalp. It litterally as bad as that commercials where the guy with the leaf blower is blowing off the guys flakes during a meeting, in the commercial  for flake shampoos (which dont work). So my grandma in New Mexico asked her hair dresser, who said that there is this shampoo -that only hairdressers can buy, awfully convenient ;-P- and my grandmother got some from her, and the only problem is that they have too ship it. Which means I'll still be flakey (haha flakey! Get it?) until it gets here :-(.
So I shower at night, because my whole family showers in the morning (so if I sleep in I'll be late cause I have to wait for them to finish showering, and the waters freezing cold). Plus it's not like I'm doing anything while I'm sleeping that makes me have to shower again. But I get to pick out a new body wash :-) which we usually get at bath ands body works. I love that place!!! I almost always smell every new thing for whatever season. It's just amazing.
So it's my usual tuesday, like Monday but with out the drama (haha!!! You know my drama class?). I am totally addicted to Once Upon A Time again, but I won't spoil it for July and Jessie (who are gonna be forced to watch it ;-).
Gonna smell like bath and body works
Raven DeWitt

Monday, January 7, 2013

usual monday

Hey! Good to blog again. So I'm back in school and back to my usual schedgual (sorry if I spelled it wrong). My usual schedual on mondays is school (sadly), then when I get  home I'll practice my violin, call my friends to see if they can hangout (which they usually can't), cook ramen (with vegtables), check Julys blog (and now that I have one blog), eat while watching TV, play video games, eat dinner, then go to drama. After drama I'll watch a mentalist, white collar, psych or a 5-0, -which ever one we have new episodes of- while doing homework. then I go to sleep. So, tonight I have drama (at 6:30, with my church), and I may or may not get a part in the skit. If we have enough people we do the same skit different people for the high school and the middle school. We usually add characters to the skit to longate them, or make less lines for one person to memorize by making two characters. I'll tell you tomarrow if I get a part, if so what part, and I'll post the script here. Deal?
The drama queen
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Twitter, Lords of rings, and fake psychics

I have been playing Lego Lord Of The Rings. All day. I am in the middle of the seconds movie, when Frodo and Sam got captured by... is it Farimier or Boremier? Anyways it's in that part, and it's a really addicting.
At this moment in time I am watching The Mentalist. Just finished watching the one where the guy afriad of clowns got killed by guess what? A clown. Cruel. My mom (who's s psysical therapist) keeps on noticing who walks weird. A mental patient and a guy who gets murdered (in the episode I just started). Jane is now working with the annoying other psychic who you met in seasin one (if you watch this show). I can't wait until he proves she's NOT A REAL PSYCHIC!!!!! Let me repeat that SHE'S NOT A REAL PSYCHIC!!!! Why? PSYCHICS AREN'T REAL!!!! You don't need that repeated it should be obvious.
My evil friend July (EVIL!!!!) Made me get a Twitter yesterday. Raven13DeWitt13 with the same picture as my face book photo with Jack Frost in the background. I already have... I think three random followers, but I am the type of person who does follow backs or whatever. Yep.
Also before I forget I have to advertise for a boyfriend for my super hero obsessed, crazy (maybe insane), best friend Jessie (Sorry Jessie, I have too) or we will accept donations for her ex (I'll explain in a minute) so they can get back together.  She broke up with him because ever since he got sent to the hospital with an extreme case of non-existence he stopped talking to her. There is no cure for non-existence, but with your funds we can find one ;-) (it's all a joke. DO NOT SEND FUNDS!!!!)
Now on Twitter
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas party

So... Hi. What's new? Last night I went to my grandpas house, for my Christmas party on my dads side. My grandpas house is on a lake. The lake was frozen so we were ice skating/sliding on the ice. Then my brother wanted to make a snow angel, but he didn't want to get his sweatshirt wet. Or his shirt. So he took off his shirt and his sweatshirt. He was like Taylor Lautner. Shirtless. His girlfriend (who was there) reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy liked it. He was about to make a snow angel when his friend Trenton took of his coat and shirt (no one was happy about shirtless trenton) and said "I want to make on too". Remember these people are juniors? (11th graders). So they both laid down and started making snow angels shouting "Oh my gosh it's so cold!!!!!" Then when they got up, Trenton decided to go on his face to make a snow angel. Again shirtless. I'll never get the image out of my head. So he wanted it recorded, but the first time they couldn't figure out his phones camera, so he had to do it twice. It was funny :-).
At the Christmas party, when opening gifts, I got 2 Lego friends sets, a iTunes gift card, the movie brave, a iPod/iPad pen thing, and UNO attack. It has something against Trenton. I agree with it ;-).
Still in the Christmas spirit
Raven DeWitt

Friday, January 4, 2013

Video games

So on my first day back, when I went to pick up Doggie (that's what I call my dog), and July couldn't hang out :-(. Neither could Jessie :-(. It's too bad. But at least I'm able to play Lego Lord Of The Rings for ps3. It's really fun. I'm going to play Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword, and finish Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess soon. I also have to finish playing Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. I am also in the middle of the series Once Upon A Time. (Spoiler alert): I am at the part where Snow White (Mary Margret, I think) is in jail for the murder of that one chick, when I know the evil which (annoying mayor) murdered her. Well I don't know she did but its her. She has the well what I call the skeleton key (fits perfectly into the lock), ripping out hearts is "kinda her thing" and the chick who died was going to let Snow White and Prince Charming (I don't know their real world names as well). Spoiler alert over.
What I really like about the Lego video games is that you can die, but you don't have to restart the whole level. It really sucks when that happens. But my personal preference is Legend Of Zelda. I love how all of them have mostly the same characters, (same type at least), same temples, but always a different story. And I love the "helpers", you know like Minda (Twilight Princess), or ghost Zelda (Spirtit Tracks). I'm sort of obsessed with video games. Just a little bit ;-).
Video game lover
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Finally home

So I spent all of today on an airplane. Fun fun! Just peachy, you get the point. At least I watched Thor on the first flight. I totally forgot about (Thor walks into a pet shop) "I need a horse" "we only have dogs, cats, birds..." "Then I need one of those big enough to ride" sorry if I misquoted it a little, I'm not perfect... Actually yeah, I am ;-). At the airport you know those moving sidewalks? I hate it when people walk on those. Its like people, your missing the whole point of a sidewalk that moves for you!!! well my family misses that point and I have to walk too, or they'll abandon me. *sigh*
 Things I'll miss about New Mexico: the zoo, how it was the perfect temperature, the view of the mountains, my cousins, my grandparents, my aunt and my uncles. The things I won't miss: the dry air (it felt like that part in Rango when the fish tank breaks and he drys out sheds his skin them drys again), not EVER having alone time, not seeing my friends for a whole like almost two weeks!, the annoying rental car that beeps when you back up and doesn't have a camera (it causes crashes), not watching tv or at least MY tv shows..., people complaining its freezing when its only like 12 degrees and like no humidity (aka it actually swimming weather) and that annoying however many times cousin however many times removed. If it was up to me she would be removed from my presents, maybe even the living (yeah I know mean, but I hated her). I also won't miss either being too busy or to bored. I can't wait to be home!!! I can't wait to see my dog, I can't wait for snow although on texts from my friends, there isn't enough for sledding. But they better hangout tomorrow regardless!!! 
My parents say that that might be the last trip we take as a family. Unless my cousin gets married. His current girlfriend is named Raven, which bugs me. They make a cute couple but I still hate it when someone has the same name as me. Which happens more than you would think. 
I keep thinking that today is Saturday night and that tomorrow will be Sunday and I'll see... *sigh*... Nobody! None of your business!!! Ignore this comment!!!!!!!!
Finally home
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last day

Hey! So this is my last day in hm hmmm hm hmmm hm New Mexico (I leave tomorrow) so for the last day here  I just went to the zoo!!! Sadly most of the animals were gone, because apparently people in New Mexico think that below freezing is cold. Isn't that hilarious? 
My personal favorite animals were out, the cheetahs. I love all big cats and cousins of the dog. I got lots of videos and wanted to kidnap a wolf. I also called Marty to the zebras and one of them started perking up his ears and looking at me like "what?". I didn't see Melman, or any giraffes and didn't call to Gloria or Alex. But hey I still found cheetahs, wolves, lions and lots of other big cats and dogs!!!!! Plus there were 2 birds that talk to my cousin!!! I can just see a new tv show: bird whisperer, starring Alexandria. 
Now I'm about to go to tea, then all the activities will be done. Well actually I never got to go skydiving but you can only do so much ;-)    
Tomorrow I get to go back to hmmm hmmm Michigan. Jessie and July you guys better hang out Friday (it'll be to late Thursday when I get back). Hangout or else ;-)
Animal lover
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years and my Birthday

Happy New Years!!! New Years is a time of new beginnings and New Years resolutions. My New Years resolution is to A) finish my zombie book (only on chapter 5...)  and to B) create a manga comic book. The manga comic book would feature anthros (human looking animals i.e. stands on 2 paws, has hair, muscle, figure, fingers in including thumbs ect.) there are only five anthros I know how to make: guys: Tiger-a fierce ancient warrior- and Wolf-the villain, has an eye patch and large fangs- the girls are as follows: Lioness-a female warrior belonging to a... Indian tribe?- Fox-she kind of looks like a Gorky girl, and I might make her one- and kitty-she wears a shirt that makes her look like she's a sailor or something- along with a story line, I will also need names for these characters. I can make a few animals that aren't anthros but I would use them as pets, and might add them in after I get a story line. If you have any ideas for a story line, comment on this post, email me at RavenDeWitt1999@gmail.com or look me up on face book. I am Raven DeWitt (wouldn't have guessed) with a picture of cartoon link as a wolf from legend of Zelda twilight princess. I'll post it on the blog site. I'll accept all friend requests. Today is also my birthday, so happy birthday to me!!! It's usually ignored during New Years, but hey it's still my birthday!!! Jessie, Mel and July I'll have you over ASAP for a party ;-) I just got gift cards, monster and a portable ping pong table (well the pong pong table was for a New Years white elephant at a New Years party, but New Years is my birthday....), and a few stuffed animals too. Other than that nothing too exciting. My brother got me legend of Zelda skyward sword though. Can't play it til I get home :-( but I also get my Christmas gift from him when I get home too. And then we have a Christmas/my birthday party with my relatives in hmmm hmmm Michigan.

Happy new ears to you and 13th birthday to me
Raven DeWitt