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Friday, February 28, 2014

Fun questions game

Had a delayed start today. Whoo. Well, Whoo if you take away the wh and put a b. I hate delayed started. On the bright side, chem club! :D. Also July's on a robotics club mission. Wish her luck! Found these on my friends Hilda's blog: http://hildald.blogspot.com/2014/02/fun-friday-questions.html   And I decided to do them!

1. If you could write a script or sketch a storyboard for a movie or TV show, which one will it be?
One that I make up is yin-yang detective agency (you can ask about it, but no stealing the idea) for an actually show superwholock mash up episode (supernatural, sherlock and doctor who) or agents of shield and movie, well... Percy Jackson/heroes of Olympus (any)

2. Which would you choose, free tickets to Disneyland or free tickets to any concert?
DISNEY LAND!!!!! I love my music, but a lot of noise and people isn't my thing. Plus at my kind of concert, mosh pits. Šøõöōôòó not my thing.

3. Do you have a favorite YouTuber? If so, who? YES. First off, honorable mentions of cinema sins, awe me, hishe and screen junkies, but my all time favorite is team four star. Love ya guys!

4. Do you like tea or do you just drink it to follow the trend?
I like tea. And no, I'm not hipster, but I was drinking it before everyone else. I actually enjoy tea, especially chai, before it was popular. If you don't like it, well don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya honey! (Hollywood whore reference!). I actually drink them for pleasure, and I will before and after the trend passes. Screw you if you just follow trends and don't have an actual personality. Dude, if you were beauty and the beast, it would be called "and the beast". Beauty, you need to actually exist for yourself. Whaddup iisuperwomanii reference!

5. What is your least favorite meal?
Lasagna or tacos. Hate both of those, sorry.

6. If you could sneak into any place and spend the night there, where would it be?
Movie studios, museums, libraries, malls, everywhere. It'd be fun to be a nomad and do that.

7. If you were chosen to create a new fragrance, what would it smell like?
Anything but teenage boy and cigarettes, cause I live with those and boy, do they need some axe!

8. Who are you most afraid of, the doctor or the dentist?
I'm not really afraid of either. I mean, why would I be?

9. Two new neighbors moved into your neighborhood. One house on your left and the other on your right, so you live between them. Who are your new neighbors? (Anyone you wish).
My best friends. Since I already live near them, I guess an anime/manga artist on one side and a reeeaaaaalllllllyyyyyyy hot guy who loves anime, manga, video games, superheroes and all those things on the other side, who's my age (or a year or two older)

10. What are your three current favorite songs?
I actually have a four way tie
1) Hollywood whore by papa roach. I know, it probably sounds like a terrible song, but it just seems so true nowadays. Plus, it's reeeaaallllyyyy catchy.
2) lowlife by theory of a deadman. Another song with a bad title, but reminds me of people I know. Maybe I don't know the best people, but hey, I love em.
3) rounding off the bad title trend, loser by theory of a deadman. I know, sounds bad right? But it's so true, it's main verse being "girls don't want a gentleman, they want a loser like me". I want a gentleman, and I know some people who do, but let's face it, between Sam and Dean everyone chooses Dean. The gentleman is Sam. Between Sasuke and Naruto, everyone loves Sasuke when Naruto is more of the gentleman. Peeta and Gale, in the book everyone loves Gale. He isn't a gentleman, he's a war crazy illegal hunter. Peeta? Cute baker. Who no one notices. Do I really need to list more?
4) game over by falling in reverse. This ones title is the best out of the four, but let's face it, another downer. Game over? That doesn't sound good. But it's true. Like, reeeaaalllllyyyy true. Plus it's upbeat. And about video games. See why I love it?

You can take this, but be sure to give Hilda credit!
Hollywood whore's lowlife loser has a game over
Had to mash it up

Inverted pyramid!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

How does it feel when tears freeze when you cry? (ETF)

You know how yesterday I was talking about how unnaturally cold it is for how late in the month/season it is? Well guess what happened today. Śñøw dåÿ. Because like the blood in my veins, in Michigan it's twenty below (not good enough for the truth in cliche by escape the fate reference). I'm kinda glad. I get to have a nice cozy day devoid of school work. I'm very happy. I'm thinking of watching the losers later. That sounds fun. Oh, and my colds getting better. Yay. It's still there. Not yay. Plus I have a slight burn on my hand from woodshop yesterday (my glove got caught) and the burn would not be fun with like below zero degree weather to run through. Well, I hope you all have a good day. If you don't, I'm not gonna give you that crap about it being your attitude and blah blah, but if it's a bad day, it can't be any worse so go talk to the hottest guy (or girl if you're a guy) in the room. Can't get any worse if they reject ya and it's already a sucky day. Not helping? Well.... That's why there's youtube, y'all have fun.
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Too cold for ice fishing

In Japanese class (which I'm in right now, I just finished for the week) we are talking about the weather. And oh, what weather it is. Now, I know, a post on weather is -5000 on a scale of exciting-ness (rated 1-10). But seriously, it's February. Coldest month of the year. And guess what? It is freezing. Jack Frost abandon ship because he was too cold here. Too bad for him, the lake froze over. The cold is even bothering Elsa over here. Now, I love the cold, but it's about a month from spring break. With six feet of snow pilled around my house. And more coming. And a cold. What kind of spring is this? They already have shamrock shakes at McDonalds, but they actually feel warm compared to the snow outside. I'm not complaining, just stating. And may I just say, I love it. While it may not be the funnest to walk half through (believe me, it's not), it's simply amazing. Of course, in Japanese class, while doing weather, everywhere else is sunny, rainy or cloudy. What is my city?
Raven DeWitt

And speaking of Japanese じゃ、 また

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love languages

I'm still sick, still learning about bullcrap called evolution in biology, still not wanting to have a full week of school. On the bright side, I didn't have tutoring today, now, that may be sad and give my Japanese a bit more hard work (although I'm trying hard already), but my mom still picked me up. Because if there's anything worse than being sick at school, it's being sick on the bus. My mom then went to pick up my brother and company. She then brought me to mcdonalds cause I have a sore throat. Then Jessie came over and painted my nails in different colored pokeballs. Green (emerald), red (pokeball red), green (turquoise, not emerald), hot pink and silver. So, that's good. And then I saw a post on a blog, about the five love languages. My mom has a book on them (and one on personality types, I'm something or other random). My love languages (1 being the most important, 5 the least) are...
1) gifts. I feel so loved when given a gift, no matter the gift. Well, the gift does matter. Shoes? Hat? Fandom/geek stuff (books, videogames, anime/manga stuff, superhero stuff ect.)? I'll love ya forever and treasure the gift. But if you get me something that's just... Not my kinda thing. You know, not me. Like giving a football player who hates school a book, or giving someone who hates sports a soccer ball. It's a "do you even know me?" Type thing. Anyways, you get it, moving on.
2) quality time. I feel good with quality time. Like, just talking and chilling and you actually care enough to spend time with me? Aw, love you too.
3) words of affirmation. Like with the gifts, it has to be something that's me. Telling me I'm good at video games or drawing. Complimenting my clothes (I pick them out, and they are very me) or nails (best friend does them, I pick what goes on them. Usually.). Not telling that kid who hates sports he's really great at baseball or that guy who hates school that he's really smart. That's like telling me I'm pretty. Thanks, (if your a guy double thanks and a phone number, haha) but like, who cares.
4) acts of service. Doing something nice for me. Aw, you actually care that much?
5) physical touch. I mean, thanks, but for me it's usually awkward. Unless you're a really hot guy. And then it still is, but it's also kinda cute. If anyone else, I just feel weird. I mean, I know it's some peoples love languages, and I respect (and tolerate it), but I don't know, it feels so... I dunno. Weird?
Raven DeWitt

Monday, February 24, 2014


Hey. Happy Monday. Not only is the temperature steadily falling (that's right, falling, going down, colder), but we have a full week of school, the first one in forever I also got sick. Like, yesterday, or this morning or something. My nose has been running aaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day and my throat hurts. Plus everywhere else hurts. Plus Akinator.com is being just as evil as ever. So... What's new with you? Hopefully not feeling like blah. Cause I do. And it's miserable. I know, you all soooo wanted to hear me complaining about how sick I feel. Sowwy. We don't have cough drops either. We do have tea though. Bleh. Well, sorry for my little sick rant. Hope all of you are doing well.
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, February 23, 2014


I was using a website called akinator (akinator.com) and IT IS PURE EVIL FILLED WITH EEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! Seriously, it has guessed everyone. It's annoying. It has guessed Erza (fairy tail), link (legend of Zelda), Naruto (Naruto), Mma Romatswe (number one ladies detective agency), soul (soul eater), Jensen (losers), Annabeth chase (percy Jackson), son goku (dragon ball z) and iisuperwomanii (youtube) it's sooooo annoying. You try it! It'll get your characters (well mostly). Happy Sunday!
Although, in retrospect, my people aren't that creative...

Inverted pyramid!!!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Everything wrong with Jurassic park

So.... Youtube! Sorry for all pervy-ness and swearing.
Have fun!
Raven DeWitt

Friday, February 21, 2014

Varsity tryout competition

We got out of school twenty minutes early today. The roads are /that/ bad. Anyways, a blogger I follow was doing a post about trying out for varsity tennis. She was really freaked, so if you will, pray for her to do well. Now back to me (that doesn't sound egocentric at all *eye roll* sorry! I'm not this queen of the universe in real life...). I don't get why tryouts freak people out (well, I sorta do, but not like super-panicky), I don't get the big deal about JV and varsity and I really don't get competitiveness. And because I'm here, you're going to get my views on it. Well, my science class illustrates it perfectly right now....
We were doing a survival/adaptation stuff. It was "life" or "death". The thing I cared about was the starburst we got out of it. And I walked casually and didn't care. I mean, everyone was getting super into it. My getting "into it" was laughing at the people going once I was done. And in orchestra, the teacher kept on saying "you'll do really well because you're all really competitive" so I bombed the thing on purpose, just because she said that. I guess I'm anti-competition to a point where I'm actually competitive about it. Oh well. I don't tryout for stuff, and when I do I just play at over-confidence for everyone else. That way when I think of it by myself, I tricked myself into being at least a bit less nervous. It usually works. Or I am completely apathetic. That's usually my strategy. As for JV vs Varsity, I really don't think they'll care if you mess up. Plus, at my school at least, JV and varsity goes by grades, with good reason. When you're a freshman, you still have four years to get better. Plus if you're a senior, you have more years of practice than the freshman. I mean, if a freshman is better than a senior, then they'll still get two years, and the senior will still get two years. But, what's the big deal? It's the same sport for the same school. I just don't get it, sorry.
Can someone explain it to me?
Competitively uncompetitive


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Romantic action

Hey. I just had a ortho appointment. Last time until braces off! Yay! And retainer days. That should be fun. Phoenix's game is tonight. Which should be good. So.... That's new. I have to sing a song in Japanese (fun fun!). My moms reading alligent (however you spell it), the third in the divergent series. She warned me there's purple. I hate it when they do that. She asked why they would do that in a teen book. The answer: cause it's for teens. Of course, it still annoys me. It's like, I can see in romance novels, but I mean, who's reading an action book and thinking "dang, inbetween killing zombies I wish she had a love interest!"
Romantic at heart
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hey! Yesterday, I hung out with my brother and Cassie. My brothers hair was getting long, so my mom let Cassie cut Phoenix's hair. His expression was priceless! Plus it was a pretty quality haircut. I mean, it was great.  Priceless. I mean, he's apparently in love with his hair. It's kinda pathetic. But I love my brother. In science I was sitting on a lab table and knocked over a stool when getting off. Right next to my crush. Very embarrassing. Mortifying. Funny. Made pens in youth. And targets. For a potato gun. Yay! Cause what's better than shooting high powered potatoes at rickety targets made out of wood and hot glue. Plus hot glue comes in gun form. Which, you probably shouldn't trust me with. There was also a camera crew there. Which, is another thing that you probably shouldn't trust me with. I don't like cameras. But I do like acting. Anyways, that lead to wrestling and shouting and more embarrassment. I'm going to go hide in a corner out of shame.
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Everything wrong with the hunger games (it's a lot)

Happy snow day! And if you don't have a snow day...... I'm almost sorry for you. But I have a snow day. So... Sorry. I really am. Buuuuutttttttttttt I have a snow day. So, I should be more sorry, and I guess I am, but I'm glad I'm not you. #sorrynotsorry #didIreallyjustuseahashtag #haveIevermentionedhowannpyinghashtagsare I have to make banana bread today. Plus I have tutoring. So.......  Everything wrong with! Sorry got all swearing and purple.
Busy bee
Raven DeWitt
Now it's a regular pyramid! :D

Monday, February 17, 2014


Sorry about yesterday's serious post. I usually don't do serious. I'm not good at it, ever. I'm highly sarcastic, always, no matter what. Seriousness doesn't look good on me. So, here's youtube. I loooovvvveeeeee this video, malk by Julian smith.
Not serious
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Serious post

Hey! Church was.... Interesting. *WARNING: serious post, some material may not be suited for children. Or teenagers. Or adults. Not for the week of heart* In my high school service we met in the chapel with middle schoolers and parents. Then the guy proceeded to talk about some serious bad stuff (boyfriends, girlfriends, cutting, family time) and some seriously awkward bad stuff. Like how some girls turn to sex because they don't feel like they're good enough. I'm so glad I'm not one of those people. I mean, if I feel like I'm not good enough I start playing a video game. Some girls have sex with everyone in the world, I save em. Who's really winning here? Anyways, seriously, it's sad. Like, sob story sad. I mean, why in the world would girls feel like the only way they're pretty is if a guy wants to purple them? The only way to get rid of pain is to cut themselves? I know lots of people who did it. And, in all honesty, some of the, are really close friends. Some are guys, some are girls. Some listen to metal, some listen to pop. I mean, as annoying as it is all the stereotypes about people who listen to metal, pop has it's own stereotypes. In all my time listening to metal, rock and screamo, not once have I felt a need to kick puppies or steal candy from children. I haven't worshipped satan or tried to speak with the dead. I'm just a (mostly) normal girl, and most of the music I listen to isn't all "kill kill kill, kill them all dead" and if you play my music back words it doesn't say "praise satan, praise satan". Annoying as that stereotype is, what annoys me more is when bands and shows feed that stereotype. I was trying to find a song, clicked the wrong thing and got a song that's lyrics were mostly (not even lying) 


to whoever wrote that song, you, yes you, deserve to get killed by Sam and Dean. Seriously, I have met demons who I like better than whoever wrote that song. But, people who listen to pop music are girly, shallow, populars. Stereotypically. I never thought of that. Course, your stereotypes are fueled by Hollywood fever my dear pop-listener. But that's another post. Anyways, I think the world is basically insane. Getting screwed over, seriously surprised the world hasn't turned into fallout yet. Anyways, DO NOT WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO UNLESS YOU CAN STAND IT. ITS VIOLENT AND SWEARS!!!

Metal freak
Non-devil worshipper
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Hope y'all had a happy valentines day. If so, yay! If not, aw :/ that sucks. Hopefully next year. Mine was great! As per tradition, we ate crab (my family loves seafood). I made a desert with pound cake, strawberries and pudding stuff. It's yummy. Plus my brother had his friends over. Two until three when a girl came over. Who gave him heart shaped cookies when he was sick. So, I'm sure just a normal friend. The other two friends are pretty chill. I like them. I also got lots of chocolate. Ÿûmmÿ!  I love me some chocolate baby! Tonight I'm going with my parents to my moms friends sons hockey game. Go hockey... Whoo. So.... Yeah. That's what's new.
What's new with you?
じゃ また

Inverted pyramid! Plus, tier two, じゃ また means see ya. I think...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Forever alone day

Forever alone day

Polyester shirt

Panda legging

Hot shorts
$40 - cherrycherry.com

Panda hat


Valentines day! :)

So, I found these Disney valentines online, and because you probably don't want to hear me rant about guys, heres some Disney valentines I found here. Without further ado...
The Kristoff one is one I would definantly want to give to a girl, like best friend haha, type of thing. NOT OTHER STUFF you little perv! *If you didn't think anything wrong, then ignore that comment*. Probably Jessie. Whoo-hoo for you and your unmanly blondeness.
Captain Jack Sparrows would go to like a boyfriend, when I get one.
Flynn Riders I would give to a guy who awkwardly tries to ask me out. But like in all shows, thinks I think someone else.
Kuzco's  is someone who can take a joke, and I can be rude too. Probably Trenton.
Timone's is a guy who is totally friend zoned. If I think they like me or something. Or a new friend. Just like, a normal person. Okay, not normal, but not like specifically something. That sounds offensive too... Sorry. I think this shalt be dedicated to Hilda. She's a blogger I follow and she's nice. I was not trying to be offensive with the normal person stuff, you know what I mean!
Woody's would go to someone who is my friend, but I don't always get along with. Dunno who.
There's others on the site I couldn't upload, I'm going to do a blurb about them, sorry if you don't want to go to the site. If you're Mel or July, I didn't forget you, I just couldn't upload any more pictures.
Onsite: Belle's goes to Mel. She's totally strange. (She also wants a sweatshirt that says I have issues).
Ana's goes to July. A) Inside connection ('bout the name of certain elements in that movie) B) Frozen OBSESS
Genie's would go to a boyfriend who I like just started going out with (as always, if I get one). It's true.
Lovey-dovey girly-girl sayin
Happy Valentines day

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Chocolate advice

Today, when walking into school, I saw my brothers ex-girlfriend. Which is aka-awkward. Especially when I like some of the ex's, but she is just... No. Baaaadddd relationship. That's another post though. Then, after third hour, I saw my and my brothers friend Jordan. So was wearing a black butler tshirt, so we started fangirling over that. Well, just like oh my gosh that so cool, not squealing. So, that was nice. But now, for the real post. So, being the day before valentines day, I'm going to do love quotes. But not just any love quotes, ones from chocolate wrappers. That's right boys, if you wanna impress a girl, take the chocolate wrappers advice. We love us some chocolate. Perfect man is a tie between Channing Tatum (haha, I love some others more but, ya know...) and a man made completely out of chocolate. Anyways, here's the chocolates advice:
"The best things in life are chocolate."
"Believe in those you love."
"Savor small romantic moments."
"Remember your first crush." I remember him. It was kindergarten and we talked about the lockness monster. 'Nuff said.
"Be a little mysterious."
"Express what's in your heart."
"Exercise your heart today."
"Do something spontaneous."
"Go where your heart takes you."
"Listen to your heart."

Boom, inverted pyramid!

Pretty in pink valentines day

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why valentines day is annoying iisuperwomanii

Two days til valentines day. So, YOUTUBE!!! I mean, I guess I could make an actual post, but I'll do one tomorrow and of course, valentines day. So, totally romantic post for the next few days (haha, like me romantic). Here's iisuperwomanii's video. Sorry for all purple, swearing and stuff. Hope you enjoy it!
Hopeless romantic

Inverted pyramid!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hunger games HISHE

So, today was a home room day, but other than that nothing really happened. Phoenix is sick, so that's new. Other than that.... Zip. Zero. Flatline. In glorious need of some filler episodes. Which is why I give you HISHE. I think hishe is usually (if not always) clean, sorry if it's not!
Painting camo, camo
Raven DeWitt

Monday, February 10, 2014


Hey. Wow, I'm just sitting here after school completely free (Yeah, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free!), typing on the laptop. I mean, seriously, I usually have a busy day or procrastinate or use the iPad. I totally feel good. "Like an old suit I never have an occasion to wear" (TFS). It's just comfy and nice and great. School, as always was boring. I gave you a quick version of camp, so it didn't have a lot of details, but at the same time, it wasn't super exciting. It felt more like a day than a weekend, but it was really fun. And I loved it, but at the same time, two-three days straight, of people. Then school. Thankfully it's only a four day week, having a four day weekend starting on valentines day. The maze runner comes out on valentines day (In Jessie's words "FINALLY!!! Something nonromantic" in which I couldn't agree more). My mom will take me Saturday.  Well, hopefully.  I, personally, do not think it has come soon enough. I just realized the irony in a non-romantic movie coming out on valentines day. I can use a four day break and a valentines day filled with non-romantic movies (but involving hot guys), chocolate, ramen and anime. Perfect valentines day. Not to mention me in my pj's all day. And it being snowy and comfy. Can't wait. Now I just have to survive the week.
Waiting for V-day
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hey! I'm back (don't run off screaming "oh no!")! Miss me? You bet you did(n't). So, my very unexciting weekend of tiredness... A) straight from school to subway to church, where we drove to camp. Which wasn't fun. It was very busy. I still loved camp though. B) we made a euphemism (word for some other word) of going to the bathroom called "fighting terrorists in Montana". The terrorists were very bloody. If you don't get it, lucky you. If you do, that makes camp funnier. Doy. And then we had a dinner of awful pizza, had a session (band and teaching), and small group, the free time til sleep. I chilled with Indiana and my friends sister the whole weekend. Session was LOUD!!! At least the band. It was loud, so we sat in the hallway, and it was like a super stereo on full volume. AND THATS THE HALLWAY!!!!!!!!!!! It was annoying and very headache-y. Then, when playing apples to apples I was Barney Stinson (how I met your mother), getting handsome and legend(wait for it....)dary! The next day we played apples to apples again, and I got desperate and awesome (c'mon guys, I'm awesome, why do I have to be desperate?) and my friend joked I was still Barney Stinson. I also went horse back riding on a horse that bites other horses (like the one in front of me). There was swimming, and tubing (snow tubing and spinning and ramps and three people and fun!). I braided my hair. Well, Indiana did. Then there was dinner and session and I made a leather bracelet for Phoenix. Then there was today and I packed abs hungout and stuff. So........ Yeah. It was kinda boring.
But it was fun and too short and I LOVED it.
Raven DeWitt

Friday, February 7, 2014

Fictional life - real traffic jam

Well, I found this today, on my best friends blog, http://julyaemmance.blogspot.com/2014/02/fictional-life-tag.html     And I decided to do it. Mostly cause I love the fictional worlds I circulate every living moment I can. In other news, I kinda sorta have winter camps this week and other than this post, will not be posting until Sunday. Or Monday, depending on when I get back and how much homework. So, I will be MIA until --nday. It will be a nday that I get back on. Don't worry, my fine non-feathered friends! Now, I am an obsess. So, in my little fictional works, they'll be a tv-show/movie, book anime and maybe (video game) category. Hopefully you'll understand at least one.... Ish. If not, I'm crazy so you should run. Y'all have fun!

Fictional Life Tag.

1.What fictional world would you live in?
Tv-show/movie: doctor who universe (with my own personal tardis, thank you very much)
Book: Gallagher academy (Gallagher girls series)
Anime:I'd be in the fairy tale guild (fairy tale)
(video game): Hyrule (legend of Zelda)

2. What fictional being would you be?
A super-chu! Haha, seriously.........
Tv-show/movie: superhero (avengers, doc, don't care, love them both DEAL WITH IT.)
Book: Demi-god (percy Jackson/heroes of Olympus)
Anime: wizard (fairy tale), alchemist (fullmetal alchemist) or shiganami (bleach)
(video game): kajit (or however you spell it... Cat anthros in skyrim)

3. What fictional animal/creature would you keep as a pet?
Tv-show/movie: wolf (no specific show...)
Book: dragon (mostly the one in heroes of Olympus)
Anime: ninja dogs (naruto)
(video game): a dog from fallout, you know, that one dog...... Seemore? I dunno.........

4. What fictional couple would be your Mom and dad?
Tv-show/movie: the doctor (11) and river (doctor who)
Book: percy Jackson and Annabeth chase (percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus)
Anime: Minato and Kurena (naruto)
(video game): link and Zelda (legend of Zelda. I don't care, I ship them.)

5. What fictional characters would be your brother and sister?
Tv-show/movie: Stiles (teen wolf) and Luna love good (Harry potter)
Book: Harry (Harry potter) and Lisiel (the book thief)
Anime: Naruto (Naruto) and Erza (fairy tale)
(video game): daxter (jak and daxter) and midna (legend of Zelda twilight princess, she's... Not exactly human....)

6. Which fictional character would be your best friend?
Tv-show/movie: tony stark (the avengers)
Book: Hazel (heroes of Olympus)
Anime: Temari (Naruto)
(video game): the rival (Pokemon. You can choose his name, so there's no specific one)

 7. Choose 3 fictional characters to be your close girl friends?
Tv-show/movie: Marceline the vampire queen (adventure time), Kim possible (Kim possible) and Juliet O'Hara (psych)
Book: piper (heroes of Olympus), red (isle of swords) and Kat (curse of the spider king)
Anime: Lucy (fairytale), winry (fullmetal alchemist) and Maka (soul eater)
(video game): there aren't very many video game characters (but cool items and worlds and beings are a-plenty) so I guess the girls at the knight academy in skyward sword (legend of Zelda)

8. Choose 3 fictional characters to be your close guy friends?
Tv-show/movie: shaggy and scooby (I know it's two, but they're practically attached so they count as one), Dean Winchester (supernatural), the doctor (all) (doctor who)
Anime: Bard (black butler), Natsu (fairy tale) and grey (fairytale)
(video game): same as above, except the guys in the academy and this does not include groose and his band of followers

9. What fictional character would be your boyfriend?
Tv-show/movie: Steve Rogers (the avengers, captain America, just marvel in general) or Derek hale (teen wolf)
Book: Leo Valdez (heroes of Olympus)
Anime: soul eater Evans (soul eater)
(video game): jak (jak and daxter)

10. What author would pen your story?
Now, this one I'm only doing book because it's not like I know anime artists, game creators or tv/movie writers. I do know companies.... Plus, everything else can be based off of a book. So, the author I would want would have to be Wayne Thomas Batson, author of the spider king chronicles and the isle of swords series (followed by isle of fire), and (I think) the door within. His books contain lots of action, and violence which is a very cool thing to have your life be. Not only is he an action writer (with very little romance, if any. If there is some, it's not cheesy or makes me have psychopathic tendencies, it's nice, cute or cool, without any purple) but he's also a Christian writer, which would be very nice. First off, I always think books are better with a Christian theme, plus it will not portray the main character doing immoral things every other chapter, which I personally love, because I'm not that type of person. Violent, psycho and rude, sure, but I still have morals. And I'd like my life to have a Christian theme. "Cause if I'm here for nothing..... Least I can say I stand for something!!!" (A day to remember, all signs point to lauderdale)

On another note, my mom caused a traffic jam. With a bus. Yesterday, she was picking me up from the bus stop and her car got stuck (before the bus arrived). We're the last stop, so it's not like any students were help up, but anyways..... So, some cars stopped to help shovel us out. One car (belonging to my best friends dad) took up the side of the road blocked by us, which the bus has the use to get out. That's a Michigan traffic jam for ya. A cars gets stuck, people help and block a bus. The bus had the back all the way around the circle and it was funny and embarrassing. Welcome to Michigan. Where I shall not be posting from tomorrow, remember!

Traffic jam causing superhero-wizard-demigod-alchemist-kajit-shiganami
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Youth and cas(sie)

Yesterday was the first day of my new church group for the next few weeks. Wood shop. When I arrived I was a bit late. Thankfully there was more people signed up than when I looked at the sheet on Sunday (there was three... Including me!). Me and Indiana were still the only girls. Well, I arrived and Indiana said they were just talking about me, probably about me being late but I was still going to say something sarcastic when a guy I knew from drama in seventh and eighth grade (church drama, with mama cook) said "oh, that Raven!" And everyone was like "yeah, that Raven. Who did that one thing. With that one person. That one time." I chimed in saying I loved that one thing, and then someone said "well what Raven were you expecting" and then he explained about how we were in drama. It was the first day so we spent it talking and the whole getting to know you night. There was a kid who signed up but wasn't there. He's just one person, but he's that type of guy. Sexist, hot, flirty, player, hangs out with girls and still has that male ego fueled by testosterone and abs. The kind everyone hates, dated and dumped your best friend, sister and cousin, you absolutely can't stand him, but if he asked you out you would say yes faster than my brother can finish sweet'n'sour chicken (seriously, he eats fast). The only thing that bugs me more is the kind of girls he hangs out with, that fuel his sexist hot ways. Short shorts, fashion, need guys help for everything that doesn't involve hair. The popular kind. Since they aren't in wood shop I'm hoping it won't be to bad, but everyone was warning us he's a major sexist. Which means I'll either end up being good friends with him or trying not to kill him. Of course, being that type, his little brother is even worse. But I can get into him another day (remind me!). After talking, we cut some wood on the bandsaw so he could show us how. He drew a line for people to follow, and the block of wood ended up looking like a sword. I asked if I could make one more cute and make it completely into a sword, and he let me. It wasn't a knights of the round table sword, but more of a katana. Or samurai sword. I think it was shaped like ichigo's from bleach. The old, big black one. It was fun.
Then today, before school, I saw my brothers friend, Cassie. She was wearing a red cloak. Like, red-riding-hood, middle earth, princess, Narnia cloak. A real cloak. I, thought it was epic. She said it was because it's her last day of school (she takes online school and is done with all her school credits ever), let's clap for Cassie! She also said I needed to kick Phoenix's butt for not talking to her lately, in which I totally agreed. She's awesome. People were walking by and making fun of the cloak, which pissed me off. She didn't care. I wish I had that. I don't mind comments like that unless they're behind my back (grow a pair and say it to my face) or directed at my friends (hey, they're nice, I'm not, I deserve way more criticism and hate than they do!). So I was a bit mad at them. But hey. It was nice talking to her, because I'm really close to all of my brothers friends. I missed her, like I do ginger demon spawn, snakebites and everyone from last year. I loved all those guys. No pervy jokes (at least not directed at me or my friends), and they were funny and nice. And now that I think about it, not sexist or creepy like a few of his friends this year. So, I liked talking to Cassie again. She even knew one of my friends who used to talk the online class in the room Cassie did, until she caught up and was put in regular school. It's also nice to get info on what happens in the room. I mean, I usually get a skewed opinion from Trenton (please, pray for him and his family!!! Mostly his mom, for the hard times she's having with the family and Trenton for his... Situation...). It was a nice use of my morning.
Chatty Kathy
Wood building willy
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Relaxed Raven

Fifth hour. No homework, except reading (which isn't bad enough to be called homework). Drawing, blogging, conspiracies and dandelion necklace by say we can fly. (Sweetest lyrics ever!). Click here to see the lyrics. Video should be on youtube. Could I ask for a better day? And that's not all. Today is fuel. My church group. But, today's the first day of a bible study. I signed up for woodshop and sermon questions. We basically just build stuff and talk. I'm all superheroed up in batman earrings, superman tshirt and captain America sweatshirt. I didn't wear my superman shoes though.... Maybe next time I will, but with my ironman tshirt. That'd be cool. It's sunny now, which you might think is nice, but I do not like the sun. I mean, I know we need it to live, but we need rain, and whoever died from a few feet of snow (don't ruin it). Of course, the sun isn't too bad. I don't mind it. Other other news, manga website (You can have this link too) and manga section in my school library (small, but still there) and at hmmm-hmmmmm library, there's a whole wall of manga. Overall, feeling really good right now. Today's a nice day.
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hey bloggy people. So, my Japanese class is sixth hour. I am (mostly) finished for this week. So here I am. Listening to crash by paramore in the abandon library. When I was in fifth hour, there were two guys taking German, a teacher, a girl and her tutor, and people coming down to print out papers, or work on computers. Now, it's empty. Even before the hour. I used to come in right after lunch and there were people finishing eating, working on the computer, y'know, all that good stuff. It's February, which means soon my nails will be pink and red and white, I'll be busting out the chocolates and watching my version of romance (captain America, iron man, Thor. Undeniable romance, I mean, they all get the girl. Except for the captain. He had her, then took a long nap......). It also means that the backgrounds on my iPod and iPad are cute-sy couples. On my iPad, the lock screen is young minato and kurena, Naruto's parents. It says "I didn't want to lose you". Really cute love story. The home screen is two random people, but it says something about how "I wanna be the girl staying by your side". On my iPod, the home screen is grown up minato and kurena, ans the lock screen is link from legend if Zelda holding an incomplete heart container saying "you're the last piece". It makes sense if you've played the game. You collect heart pieces and when you get enough it gives you a extra heart container and replenishes your lives. In other news, I think I found the manga section in the library. So, I'm going to go check it out. Wish me luck. I may never be back from the perilous journey. Ooh, hobbit! The second one could work for valentines day...... Even if it wasn't in the book..... -.-" anyways!
Happy February.
Month of love.

Inverted pyramid!!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Commercial reveiw

Hey. Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, and had a few good commercials. I don't have youtube for them (yet), but I loved both Doritos (time machine and rodeo kids), #bestbuds with the horse and puppy, music app with goldilocks and three bears, mafia m&ms, movie commercials, Hyundai with the kid who always crashes into stuff (that's me), esurance or whatever with Jim from the office and a bunch of others I can't remember. The Seahawks, who I was rooting for, won. Whoohoo! It was almost sad how badly we beat them. But we did. Yay. There was also lots of really good food. And no blackout. Actually, last year when the blackout happened I was on Twitter and it was really funny. I liked it. It was very funny. So, did you watch the Super Bowl? Who did you root for? What's your favorite commercial?
Haha, no
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

Hey! While I'm scouring the internet looking for hats with long glove/pockets, people are driving hours to the stadium, watching the pre-game, preparing food for the party and stuff. That's right, it's Super Bowl Sunday! So, here's top ten Super Bowl commercials according to Watchmojo.com on youtube. I hate go daddy.com, and wish it would go burn, but other than that, I like most of these. Sorry for the stupid go daddy crap. :/

Sport (or not.)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Life in the day of a teenage super-chu

So, today was very busy. My grandparents who live in New Mexico are alive and healthy, but my grandparents who live here, on Michigan are no longer with us. I slept in til nine, then did a few chores and watched supernatural. Then, we went to my grandpa's old house (he lived with my uncle, who lives there now and I don't really know what's going to happen to it....), to discuss and divide up the stuff. The grandparents who are earthy gone were on my dad's side, and my dad has two older brothers. My dad is the youngest, and I'm the youngest cousin (on both sides). The ones on my dad's side are older and most are married, so there's lots of people to discuss who wants what. If we gave it to our grandparents, then we automatically get first claim, other than that, we'll have a lively debate between the three children of said grandparents to sort the rest out. Today was take note of what you want, and claim gifts day. That took a while. Then we went to the mall, because yesterday I lost a piece to my spikey gage/body piercing earrings, (seriously, they're that style... With spikes on the end and the little bar and everything!) so, I had to get a new one, plus I wanted a new hat. Not just any hat, the hats that have the sides hanging down, and form into little pocket/glove things (does anyone know what they're called?!). They're cute and I wanted one for a while, and my friend said that they had Pokemon ones at hot topic. Alas, they did not. But they did have earrings at Spencer's, with the same type of back, and it was buy one get another piece of Jewelry for $1. That's right, numbero uno dollars. Ichi dollars. Juan, one, less than two but more than zero. I got a cool necklace that's a sword with dragons wrapped around it, and a ruby (not a real ruby) on the hilt. I like it, and now to go scour amazon for the hat with the long sides.
Raven DeWitt