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Monday, February 3, 2014

Commercial reveiw

Hey. Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, and had a few good commercials. I don't have youtube for them (yet), but I loved both Doritos (time machine and rodeo kids), #bestbuds with the horse and puppy, music app with goldilocks and three bears, mafia m&ms, movie commercials, Hyundai with the kid who always crashes into stuff (that's me), esurance or whatever with Jim from the office and a bunch of others I can't remember. The Seahawks, who I was rooting for, won. Whoohoo! It was almost sad how badly we beat them. But we did. Yay. There was also lots of really good food. And no blackout. Actually, last year when the blackout happened I was on Twitter and it was really funny. I liked it. It was very funny. So, did you watch the Super Bowl? Who did you root for? What's your favorite commercial?
Haha, no
Raven DeWitt

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