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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines day! :)

So, I found these Disney valentines online, and because you probably don't want to hear me rant about guys, heres some Disney valentines I found here. Without further ado...
The Kristoff one is one I would definantly want to give to a girl, like best friend haha, type of thing. NOT OTHER STUFF you little perv! *If you didn't think anything wrong, then ignore that comment*. Probably Jessie. Whoo-hoo for you and your unmanly blondeness.
Captain Jack Sparrows would go to like a boyfriend, when I get one.
Flynn Riders I would give to a guy who awkwardly tries to ask me out. But like in all shows, thinks I think someone else.
Kuzco's  is someone who can take a joke, and I can be rude too. Probably Trenton.
Timone's is a guy who is totally friend zoned. If I think they like me or something. Or a new friend. Just like, a normal person. Okay, not normal, but not like specifically something. That sounds offensive too... Sorry. I think this shalt be dedicated to Hilda. She's a blogger I follow and she's nice. I was not trying to be offensive with the normal person stuff, you know what I mean!
Woody's would go to someone who is my friend, but I don't always get along with. Dunno who.
There's others on the site I couldn't upload, I'm going to do a blurb about them, sorry if you don't want to go to the site. If you're Mel or July, I didn't forget you, I just couldn't upload any more pictures.
Onsite: Belle's goes to Mel. She's totally strange. (She also wants a sweatshirt that says I have issues).
Ana's goes to July. A) Inside connection ('bout the name of certain elements in that movie) B) Frozen OBSESS
Genie's would go to a boyfriend who I like just started going out with (as always, if I get one). It's true.
Lovey-dovey girly-girl sayin
Happy Valentines day

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hey hey hey, I have dibs on Kristoff. And also, the pictures are too big for the post :(

    1. Oops! Sorry! Check out the website then... And you can have kristoff, but not his card. You aren't blonde! Plus, I gave you Ana's!


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