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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Youth and cas(sie)

Yesterday was the first day of my new church group for the next few weeks. Wood shop. When I arrived I was a bit late. Thankfully there was more people signed up than when I looked at the sheet on Sunday (there was three... Including me!). Me and Indiana were still the only girls. Well, I arrived and Indiana said they were just talking about me, probably about me being late but I was still going to say something sarcastic when a guy I knew from drama in seventh and eighth grade (church drama, with mama cook) said "oh, that Raven!" And everyone was like "yeah, that Raven. Who did that one thing. With that one person. That one time." I chimed in saying I loved that one thing, and then someone said "well what Raven were you expecting" and then he explained about how we were in drama. It was the first day so we spent it talking and the whole getting to know you night. There was a kid who signed up but wasn't there. He's just one person, but he's that type of guy. Sexist, hot, flirty, player, hangs out with girls and still has that male ego fueled by testosterone and abs. The kind everyone hates, dated and dumped your best friend, sister and cousin, you absolutely can't stand him, but if he asked you out you would say yes faster than my brother can finish sweet'n'sour chicken (seriously, he eats fast). The only thing that bugs me more is the kind of girls he hangs out with, that fuel his sexist hot ways. Short shorts, fashion, need guys help for everything that doesn't involve hair. The popular kind. Since they aren't in wood shop I'm hoping it won't be to bad, but everyone was warning us he's a major sexist. Which means I'll either end up being good friends with him or trying not to kill him. Of course, being that type, his little brother is even worse. But I can get into him another day (remind me!). After talking, we cut some wood on the bandsaw so he could show us how. He drew a line for people to follow, and the block of wood ended up looking like a sword. I asked if I could make one more cute and make it completely into a sword, and he let me. It wasn't a knights of the round table sword, but more of a katana. Or samurai sword. I think it was shaped like ichigo's from bleach. The old, big black one. It was fun.
Then today, before school, I saw my brothers friend, Cassie. She was wearing a red cloak. Like, red-riding-hood, middle earth, princess, Narnia cloak. A real cloak. I, thought it was epic. She said it was because it's her last day of school (she takes online school and is done with all her school credits ever), let's clap for Cassie! She also said I needed to kick Phoenix's butt for not talking to her lately, in which I totally agreed. She's awesome. People were walking by and making fun of the cloak, which pissed me off. She didn't care. I wish I had that. I don't mind comments like that unless they're behind my back (grow a pair and say it to my face) or directed at my friends (hey, they're nice, I'm not, I deserve way more criticism and hate than they do!). So I was a bit mad at them. But hey. It was nice talking to her, because I'm really close to all of my brothers friends. I missed her, like I do ginger demon spawn, snakebites and everyone from last year. I loved all those guys. No pervy jokes (at least not directed at me or my friends), and they were funny and nice. And now that I think about it, not sexist or creepy like a few of his friends this year. So, I liked talking to Cassie again. She even knew one of my friends who used to talk the online class in the room Cassie did, until she caught up and was put in regular school. It's also nice to get info on what happens in the room. I mean, I usually get a skewed opinion from Trenton (please, pray for him and his family!!! Mostly his mom, for the hard times she's having with the family and Trenton for his... Situation...). It was a nice use of my morning.
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  1. What's going on with Trenton?? If you don't wanna say here, KIK me!

    1. I'm at school, and don't have my iPod, I'll KIK you Sunday! Sorry, you're gonna have to wait! (Sorry)


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