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“Home is behind, the world ahead” – Edge of night, LotR song

Friday, January 31, 2014

Quick overview

Hey. We didn't get a snowday today. Sad. We do have chemistry club today, or at least I do. Why am I saying we? If you go to my school, you have chem club today. Oh, whatever. Along with chem club (which should be totally interesting), my mom had a physical therapy conference thingy (she's a physical therapist btw...) in I think grand rapids, which in the streets current condition, with a hour or two or three or less drive, has gotta suck. Today when going to school with my dad we saw an accident and yesterday with my mom we were nearly in one! I love my mom, but it's slippery and we are very over dramatic people who know about my moms slight crash from one of our cars into the other in our own driveway. And at the beginning of the year, every morning when she took me to school, we crashed into one of our cars (just a scratch, not badly), or the trashcan. So, needless to say, it jolts me awake every icy road morning. Please pray for her safe return in this weather! She also has ladies night with her friends from bible study, and my brother has a basketball game. It's are for a Friday, but whatever. My mom will miss it, because she'll be at ladies night. My brother is then going to have I think a sleepover at his friends house. My night, will be chem club, Phoenix's game, dinner either before or after then pure bliss in the form of I'm thinking Star Wars. Probably the second or third one. I like the cool arena with the beasts, but I also like general grievous and oh, decisions decisions.
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Who are you?

First day back at school. Oh, whoa is me. I guess I had to go back sometime. And now I don't have the pit in my stomache. I did after winter break, dragging my feet in the ground, not wanting to go back. Chem club tomorrow, but everyone says we won't have school tomorrow, cause we're supposed to have a blizzard tonight. I don't really believe it. Speaking of not believing, biology. We're writing a paper about nature vs nurture. What makes us who we are. We did a genetics sheet in class today too. Can you roll your tongue? (I can) what color is your hair, eyes, lip thickness, can you taste Ptc or pct or whatever (yes. I can. It's disgusting!). There are many characteristics which I share with people. The bitter taste of pct (not nessisarily in that order) on my rolled tongue between my thick lips. But that doesn't make me who I am. The people with genetic similarities aren't exactly as much like me. I mean, I am friends with three of them and tolerate the other two, but I don't think I'm a lot like them. Having a cleft chin or dimples or long eyelashes doesn't mean you're nice or mean or smart or stupid. Doesn't affect your personality, which is more of you than your genes. DNA test can tell who you are, but they can't tell who you are.
That's my philosophic-ness for today

Inverted pyramid

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Introducing.... The villian pub!

Hey. So, Nother snowday, went to hangout with July and were so productive. Meaning we did nothing. Then I got home, and we're playing naruto. Meaning I'm so beating them. Anyways, point being, nothing post worthy and no time to write a post, cause I get to play soon, so.... YOUTUBE!!! I love the villian pub, as a differ from superhero cafe and it has the main villian from each of the superheroes who are constants in the super cafe. That's creative.
So, what'd ya think. Villian pub or supercafe?
Super villan-hero

I cannot be e only one who likes inverted pyramids

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's a pirates life for me

After nutting out over conspiracies, I decided to watch the ultimate movie to go along, not including national treasure (because as far as conspiracies go, national treasure is the pay load!), pirates of the Caribbean. The fourt one, my favorite. Nobody else likes it as much, which I don't get, but whatever. I like how she used to be a nun, and there's the missionary, the Spanish Catholics, so while they have some facts wrong, it still has a Christian feel, much more than the other ones. I'm still wondering what happened to the missionary. A mermaids kiss gives you the ability to breath underwater and she kissed him, she where did they go. Into the light together. I wonder if it will get resolved in the fifth one. That's right, the fifth pirates of the Caribbean. According to imdb it's named dead men tell no tales. I cannot wait until it comes out. There's a youtube thingy of it, where there's a wedding, to Jack sparrow, look it up if you want. It's funny. I wonder where they got it, or if it really is part of pirates five. I love the ending scenes especially between Jack and Angelica, and the one with the fleet. With the goat, the trumpet and the man who can go like this.
I know a man with a goat
I can go like this

I really am a sucker for inverted pyramids

Monday, January 27, 2014

Crazy little nutter

Hey. So, if you were reading my blog last year, or just know me well, you'll know I am a lunatic. A raving, gullible lunatic. One such item that makes me destine for the loony bin, is that I am a conspiracy theorist. Which leads me back to last year, when I stumbled upon a conspiracy theory website. I love conspiracy theories, and sadly I have not re-found that website. But a week or two ago, my mom read a book about George Washington's spies during the revolution. Then last night I started watching youtube that definantly was conspiracy linked (mermaids and sea creatures caught on shaky, amateur camera with terrible sound) and then I watched white collar and the episode had to do with the revolutionary spy ring, and it's modern day descendants. My mom read the book, so she knew all about the historical value. So, not that I've been anti-conspiracy for a while, but I've been lacking in my conspiracy practice. Is it a practice? Obsession? Hobby? Point being, I haven't been on any nutty websites with weird theories but strong facts. Some of it is bollocks, but some, is so reasonable.

Nother inverted pyramid

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The paradise

Hey. So, recently my moms cousin introduced suggested us a show that my mom then bought and we've watched called the paradise. It's about the first department store and while I'm usually more into action or anime, I love the paradise. It's interesting with lots of awesome characters, a few questionable ones and a few highly hate able ones. Overall, it's a good show, with some scandalous parts, especially for a show in the 1800 or 1900. Where stuff was considered more scandalous. Of course, everything seems a lot less scandalous now. And Hollywood doesn't help. Ah, well, I can't help all that. Anyways, the main character is a country girl with a knack for good ideas and sales. They stay in apartments in the store, and the main character stays with her best friend, a very happy girl, who's very nice and "dallies" a lot, and a girl who, I didn't like until the end of episode three, when I guess I can tolerate her. She's cruel and mean and jealous and greedy. The department store owner, a smooth, charming man who I can't decide if I like or dislike, and the lady who is in charge of all the sales ladies, who is strict and bossy, but I like her. There's many other characters, but those are a few of the main ones. It's an interesting show, and I like it.
Sales girl
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hishe Star Wars the empire strikes back

Good morning! So, yesterday my brother got me addicted to fairytale (which is an anime, about wizards and if you like fighting and comedy, you'll love it! It's amazing!) which I love. The my best friend Jessie did my hair, and it reminded me of a princess, so, I began to think Star Wars which then led me to think of Disney's new Star Wars coming out! I'm excited, though not much info is available  on it. But, hishe has a bit for Already made Star Wars. So, yay. Maybe I should've saved this for Father's Day..... Oh well, you don't mind a little repeat?
Raven DeWitt

Friday, January 24, 2014

Snowday fairy tale

First up, snow day! Ÿåttā! Ÿãÿ! Whøöhòô! I actually wasn't expecting one. So, I'm happy. Thank you Jack Frost or Elsa! And secondly, my evil brother introduced me to the anime fairy tale and guess who finds it totally awesome? Me. It's really funny and exciting and violent and cool and HE EATS FIRE! Not to mention grey, who always in explicable ends up in his underwear. Then there's Ezra, the violent and totally cool strong female main character other than Lucy, who's a bit annoying, but very like able. I also like happy, who's annoying and dumb, but also smart. It makes sense in an insensible way. That leaves the guy who eats fire, nastu, who reminds me of Phoenix. Stupid, strong, tough, cocky, not going to back down from a fight. They're all quirky weird and love able characters. Plus the story. They're all wizards, in the strongest guild, helping people, going on missions, what could be more exciting. I would love any of the wizards powers. Ugh, I so wanna be in an anime world.
What would I be like in anime? It'd be cool. I wonder which anime I fit best in?
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, January 23, 2014

January something

Guess who had a snow day? My brother. Guess who else had a snow day? My best friends. Guess yet another person who had a snow day? Every town surrounding mine. Guess who didn't have a snow day and was stuck learning all day? Me. My school and me. Me-sa stuck in school-sa. Last night was very snowy, but now it's sunny, so I guess that's why. I again, feel bad for superintendent junior, who has to listen to all this crap about how it should have been a snow day. Honestly though, if he were my good friend, I would tell him to bribe his dad. Say he'll wash his car or something. In the middle of the winter. Of course, it would be my friend, so I'd be highly sarcastic, but I mean, it would still be a bit annoying. "Your dad should've called a snow day." "Why didn't your dad make it a snow day?" "You should've told your dad to make it a snow day." Oy vey or some French word that's just like oh gosh, really? What does oy vey mean? Anyways, if that were me, I would tell them to shut their big trap. If they really had that big of a problem with it, they can grow a pair and ditch class. No offense, but I am nice, not afraid to stand it for myself. There's a difference. Not that I'm saying the kid is, but that's why my personality is a bit bold, but in a lighter color. Or maybe it's very light in a Dark color. Dunno. Anyways, that's why my dad isn't the superintendent. Plus the fact that my dad's an engineer not a school board person. But anyways, it isn't snowy in the extreme, so I personally don't think it should be a snow day. Not to say that I don't want a snow day, (I would love one!) but it's not the right weather type. Not the right weather amount. Of course, I am slightly glad to be in school today (just like I'm slightly a boy, slightly dead and slightly 100 years old. Aka, not really at all), because in two whole hours, I'm watching a movie. Plus Japanese which is 6th hour now, which doesn't start for a day or two. The movies are sea biscuit, about a horse starring spiderman (the one who fit the profile for Peter Parker and danced in the street with venom), and gattaca, which I totally called everything, and it's old, but futuristic. Like starwars and Star Trek, but without the cheesy special effects. It's really good special effects for a twenty year old film. Like Jurassic park! Wow, didn't realize that before. Anyways, unfinished but someone better pick up the phone, cause I freakin called it! Boom! Tfs line, whazzup!
(S)no snowday
Haha, punny!
Stuck in school
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Happy Wednesday! Wow. It's Wednesday. Everyone's hoping for a snow day tomorrow, but I don't think it's cold or icy or snowy enough. Got seats in class which was nice, and we watched a movie in science. Gattac or whatever, about faking DNA and space travel and stuff and there's lots of shirtless guys and we had the awesome sub I had in ELA a while back. I like him. So, that's my news for the day. So, yeah, happy yad wons or school. Whichever happens (no school pretty please!)
Snow cold (haha)
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wibbly wobbly day with only a bit of Timey wimey

Hey! I was totally going to post, but I got slightly side tracked. By slightly I mean like how the tardis is small. *its bigger on the inside. Anyways, first off, today was the start of something new, it feels so good, to be here with you. Haha, high school musical! Cause I'm sure there's a questioning of my nerdyness power. Anyways, different hours, classes and people. Well, like here new people, but the ones I've had since middle school weren't in my classes last term. Or, some of them. One new class, but two others have new hours. So, basically the only big change was from civics with release the krachenburg to Econ with smallvilles neighboring town, Summerville. (Pirates of the Caribbean and smallvilles reference packed into one sentence? Hecks yeah!). Then, it was tutoring as always, where my mom and Mimi picked me up, but Mimi and papa had to leave to the airport before I got home home, so I didn't get to see them off *snivel* ばい ばい。 (bai bai or bye in Japanese). Then it was the famous Phoenix's basketball game, in whichever hey lost by two points in the last like two minutes! The agony! It was a close game, but it ended at eight. Then we went to dinner at a new Chinese food restaurant. レストランとー。(Restaurant in Japanese). It was yummy. And that leads up to this moment, spent in the bloggy world at nine thirty-ish give or take five to nine minutes, recapping my day where I had many opportunities to blog, but took few chances. And by few I mean, I considered it three times, did it once. Tada. But I love you guys, don't worry ^_^
Off my school groove
And watching the emperors new groove a bit too much
Raven DeWitt

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fun questions tag

 First off, no school today! Doing my happy dance! And secondly, my bro Hilda (she's a girl, I just call everyone my bro....) has a tag, called the fun questions tag and I thought, I have nothing else to post. So, here's the link to her blog: http://hildald.blogspot.com/2014/01/fun-questions-tag.html and here's my answers!

1) When is your birthday? May 15th. My facebook and email say something different, but that's cause I didn't feel like using my real birthday. (Sowwy!)

2) What are 3 of your favorite colors? Black, blue and purple (no, I am not goth)

3) What are your 3 favorites quotes?
"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost." -alchemy's law of equivalent exchange, from fullmetal alchemist

"I had a professor once who liked to tell his students that there were only 10 different plots in all of fiction. Well, I'm here to tell you he was wrong. There is only one: 'Who am I?'" -teacher in amazing Spider-Man

"A heart full of emotion, a soul full of dignity," -soul eater

4) Are you addicted to YouTube? Double yes with a side of yes

5) What are 3 of your favorite shows on TV or YouTube or both? Youtube: teamfourstar (love you guys! :3), hishe and honest trailers (love you guys too, but I am a tfs addict!)

Anime (I count it as tv, but some people don't): Naruto, black butler and either soul eater, fullmetal alchemist or legend of the legendary heroes

TV: psych, doctor who and supernatural
In all those categories, I love many more and am always open to suggestion of what to watch from people :)

6) What are 3 qualities you like in a best friend? I don't know. There's not a lot of things that I require. I guess just loyalty, open minded-ness and not taking stuff too seriously

7) Do you like your name? Yeah

8) If you have the choice to pick your own name, what will it be? Griffin. I know, from weird to weirder, but I like being a bit different

9) What is your fantasy dream? Middle earth and hogwarts and camphalfblood and new Rome and every anime and book and fantasy world combined with every character from them. With dragons and elves and wizards and hippocampus and tailed beast and shiganami and stuff like that and I would be able to travel between those worlds with powers in each one, my own clan, my own life but I'm still me. That would be perfect.

10) Do you wear makeup? *hisses* keep that away from me!!! (In other words, no makeup. Ever, if I can help it)

11) If you could write a book, what would the title be and what would it be about? Well, I'm in the process of writing several books. A kids of the avengers, a genderbent avengers, a teenage girl Sherlock Holmes, yin yang detective agency, modern day Alice in wonderland, 1D zombie apocalypse (at request of friend), dragon necklaces, rise of the brave tangled dragons and many, many others. If you want to read any of my books, suggest a book to write, or find out what they're about, email me, comment, contact me on Facebook or Twitter and ask. You can use my ideas, but you cannot directly copy my work, or say I stole your idea. I will not be happy about that. -.- not happy. But feel free to ask or suggest or use (no steal!) :)

12) What makes you cry? Anime and video games and books and tv and movies (mostly anime and books and video games)

13) What makes you angry? Anime and video games and books and tv and movies

14) What makes you happy? Anime and video games and books and oh, you get the point!

15) What is "Fangirling?" Me. About what I mentioned above. It's being in love with the characters and plot and everything they say and do and think and loving every moment of it until the end.

16) What are your 3 favorites snacks? Ramen, beef jerky and Nutella

17) What are your 3 favorite foods? Ramen, general tzos chicken and teriyaki chicken (my mom makes a special kind)

18) What are your 3 favorite drinks? Mountain Dew, monster and amp

19) Can you tell us a little about yourself? Um... I'm a hardcore fangirl. About what I love, and I will stand up for it. I'll stand up for everything I love. No matter what.

20) What are 10 random facts about you?
1) my full name is Raven Leigh DeWitt
2) Yesterday at church we did random facts about you, but with however many skittles you took, when you took a handful of skittles
3) I have a dog I call doggie
4) I have two turtles I share with my brother
5) the dog does hasn't tried to eat the turtles (yet?)
6) the turtles are named Raphael after teenage mutant ninja turtles, and blastoise after the starter Pokemon evolved form in Pokemon
7) my favorite movies are all superhero movies, rise of the guardians and pirates of the Caribbean four (yes, my favorite one is four)
8) I am currently reading the minor adjustment beauty salon (a no. 1 ladies' detective agency novel), the book thief and rereading the first percy Jackson book.
9) today is the last day my grandparents are here in Michigan
10) I just had the most epic marbles game

21) What are your 3 fun things to do? Read, watch tv/anime/movies and play video games

So, like yeah.
That's me.
If you want this tag, you can have it, just tell Hilda
Fangirl nerd
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saving mr banks

So, I watched saving mr. Banks yesterday. I didn't like it. It's about creating the movie Mary Poppins. A movie about making a movie. I didn't like any of the characters, I don't remember seeing Mary Poppins, so that didn't interest me. Most of all, it was the fact that it was based on a true story. I don't like those types of movies. There aren't any dragons, magic, superpowers or happy endings. I know, it's reality, there aren't any happy endings, or not many, but it's nice to see in movies. Everything's normal and happy and perfect. No loose ends, no sadness, not feeling like you forgot to read the last chapter. In real life, there is no last chapter. You're always going to feel unfinished. Cause it's always going to be. There is no real ending. Anyways, that's how I feel about saving mr banks. It wasn't that funny in my opinion, but everyone else thought it was. Including the couple sitting right in front of me, making out. Like every five minutes. I wanted to put my feet up inbetween them just so they'd stop. They should have a car or a home theatre, nobody wants to watch you guys make out instead of the movie! So, get a room. Seriously, why pay ten bucks to go make out?
Not mr banks
Super chu
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shut up, this helmet is fabulous

So, throughout exams I was talking about wearing what you like cause then you'd feel fabulous, and do better, and it just made me think of this. The fabulous part is the you're wearing the helmet of he man who killed your mother and then the shut up, this helmet is fabulous part. Love it. I also love mortal frenimies.
And remember,
Mutant and proud
Raven DeWitt

Friday, January 17, 2014

For the first time in forever.......

Hey. For the first time in forever, EXAMS ARE OVER. Well, mostly. Like that guy who's mostly dead in the princess bride. One exam left. One. And, my friend who took the class a year or two ago says it's easy. Easy peasy pudding pie. Whew, yay, mwahahahahahahahahahahaha, yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss! I don't know my results for other classes, but in Japanese I only got two questions wrong, and it was matching, so they aren't worth as much sand whew. Makes sense though, cause I'm wearing my captain America sweatshirt and feeling fabulous! Totally think of hishe whenever I say that.... I'll show you the video tomorrow! So, today, after school, I am going tot he mall with Mel, my parents and my grandparents to have dinner in the food court then go see frozen. Yay! Me and Jessie decided she's Ana and I'm Elsa. It makes sense. I can totally relate to Elsa, but my socially awkwardness and clutzy-ness are more of a Ana level. But hey, I like Elsa. Someone on Instagram said they saw it and almost started crying in the beggining because they were worried that would happen to her and her sister. I get the feeling. I saw that and it made me feel sick with sadness like what if that was my brother? I don't know who it would be worse to be. Ana, her best friend all of a sudden leaves and she doesn't see her for years, but she's right there. She begs her to come and play, but eventually, she just gives up on her. She's all alone for years, wondering what she did. Why does it have to be that way? Or Elsa, knowing she's making her sister, her best friend feel that way, but she can't make it stop. Because she will hurt her sister, her sister could die if she comes out and plays. Sitting there, day after day for years knowing that. And then, she knows when it stops, that Ana has really given up on her. Depressing. Ah, well, anyways, happy no exams! :)
The snow queen
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Exams, day two, some number of galactic numbers and what not, followed by some number of galactic whatnot and yada yada. I had an English exam and then two hours of orchestra. That was reserved for studying because the teacher had to be at her classes she taught at the middle schools. So, we got an evil sub. My friends say she's professor umbridge to a T. I don't think she is, she's lacking an obsession with cats that made umbridge more human. And umbridge is less human than daleks (Boom! Two references in one sentence!). She's like pure unadulterated ugh. Like a bus driver I had one time who made us all sit straight forward in our seats, with our backpacks in our laps and gave someone a pink slip because they sneezed and yelled at another kid for zipping up her backpack. And that was elementary school. We weren't even ten, calm down. But, now we're high school and have that bus drivers evil twin. Rebellion? Duh. Any way I wouldn't? Forming the DA. Not really, but I have Japanese finals and should study their culture. Aka, manga and Nintendo until she yells at me. I was just studying. It's actually true. It is actual studying. Who would've guessed. Anyways, wish me luck on my exams tomorrow! And wish me luck to survive defense against the dark arts with umbridge studying for O.W.L's..... I mean orchestra! And exams. Cause like pssshhhhhh, I don't go to hogwarts..... Haha, cause that would be ridiculous. So don't try to prove it. You have no proof. Muggles can't see it!
I.. I can't be a... A wizard
I solemnly swear I am up to no good
Mischief sooo not managed
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Top 5 exam tips. Mostly scientifically proven by me.

So, I have been doing exams and while I'm no expert studier, I have exams, two extra hours this morning and a hour at lunch. So, I decided to maybe help. Maybe. I know, it's a bit late for some exams, but you can still try it I guess...
Tips for exam studying:

1) wear something you like.
Seriously, don't wear that itchy sweater just cause you want to match your best friend. Don't wear that unusually short, tight dress just cause your going to be in the same room with your crush for two hours straight. Wear your favorite shirt, comfy jeans and a nice warm sweatshirt you love. Seriously, it makes you feel comfy and relaxed and so you'll be feeling fabulous.

2) music/gum/smell/color/joke link up with brain.
Seriously, chewing gum or listening to a song or wearing a color while studying sets off this one thing in your brain. Like when you hear captain Jack, if you watch doctor who you think captain Jack Harkness! If you watch pirates of the Caribbean you think captain Jack sparrow. Or if a place you like has a certain good smell and then somewhere else has it, you're going to immediately thing of the place you like. It's just how our brains work. Same with the joke. Or saying. Could you remember PEMDAS or parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction? Nope. Well, not easily. But please excuse my dear aunt Sally? That you'll remember. So, you're welcome.

3) tv or game to let brain go "argh-arg-arg-a ooh! Cupcake!"
Studying constantly can be just as damaging as not studying at all. This goes with number 2 a bit, and letting your brain make connections, but it also is just relaxing. Take a game break, or if you know you'll get to distracted and not stop, watch tv while studying. The game makes your brain relax and get ready for new info, and same with the tv. I know watching tv helps me because A) background noise and B) my mind when it gets to wibbly wobbly Timey wimey, can just relax and watch Shawn make fun of lassie for the next few minutes before going back to cramming.

4) writing, speaking, seeing learning type
Everyone is a different learning type. If you learn better by hearing stuff, yen get someone to ask you questions, or even study out loud by yourself, so that you can hear the questions. If you do better by seeing, stare at the paper for a few minutes then take it away and answer all the questions. If you learn better by writing, write every question and answer five times. It helps, believe me. Maybe even try all of them.

If you fail he worst that can happen is you can't get any job except at a scientific center as a test subject, they give you a serum that you have a allergic reaction with and turn into a zombie and either turn every human into a zombie or eat them, making humans go extinct. You see how crazy that sounds?  I mean, it could happen, but you'll probably be able to get a job anywhere else if you fail. Most likely, nothing will happen, life will go on, you will go to your new class next semester with new people and new teachers and new subjects and life will go on and you won't be responsible for the extinction of the human race. The test subject they do have however.......
So, gots to go to examy time now.
Have fun
Not responsible for the extinction of the human race
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Exams and teenage troubles

Hey. Guess what today is? The day before exams. Ugh. Some Shakespeare or whatever kind of play line about how something something and stay there or stay here and something and let me die. Specific. Anyways, so Phoenix has a basketball game today, he had one yesterday, Mimi and papa are here. So, a lot is going on. Mostly exams and games and family, but for me that's still a lot. Yesterday in fifth hour I was doing Japanese and guess who came in? My crush. And guess which computer was the only one open? The one right next to me. Aka-awkward. Okay, not awkward, pretty epic, but that's just cause I'm boy crazy and stuff. I don't get why people don't want their crushes in their class or next to them or to talk to them or to notice them. I mean, those are the things I live for, other than my Besties, anime, video games, books, action movies and superheroes. So, those are 1/8 of the things I live for! Anyways, we went to the basketball game yesterday and there was Trenton, my brothers friend Casey and my parents and Mimi and papa, my brothers friend Cassidy, and me when my brothers other friend the ginger showed up with two new people. Who I didn't know and while they had met my brother, they didn't know him. But Phoenix had a personal fan club. Who-hoo. One of the kids the ginger brought was kinda cute with a really cool eye shape. The other one was yet another ginger, which was kinda awkward when I was calling the ginger "ginger" with his ginger friend right there. He was kinda cute too. Ugh, boy crazy! Anyways, exams. A fellow blogger wrote tips for surviving exams, which I think is brilliant beyond a doubt. I'm not going to copy, but my posts are going to be rants and for the next three days because all my brain energy is being wasted by the evil exams. Here's the link: http://seanajvixen.blogspot.com/2014/01/how-not-to-die-exam-edition.html
Brainy gone insane-y
Raven DeWitt

Monday, January 13, 2014

Epic heroes and their epic requirements

So, for English class we have to write about the Odyssey by Homer, from way back when. We read the story in class and must prove that Odysseus is an epic hero. I, personally, disagree, but that's not an option. First off, according to my English teacher, here is the traits of an epic hero:

*unusual birth or upbringing
*extraordinary strength or intelligence
*sent into exile or goes on a quest in search of something important
*endures many trials/tested many times
*supernatural enemies
*aided by divine beings
*travels to places ordinary humans cannot follow
*embodies the values of his culture/society
*glorified on return

I don't want to spend my whole post complaining about Odysseus, so I'll just spend my whole post talking about epic heroes who I do like. Top 5.

1) Perseus Jackson! I'm using his title like the monsters do. Anyways, this, includes any and all demigods and saytr/fauns and creatures from the percy Jackson or heroes of Olympus series, at least, the good ones or the main ones. Or a combo of both. Only they can get into camp half blood and new Rome, they're kids of Greek gods (or mythological creatures) so the unusual birth and magic places with a big red "no humans allowed" sign is covered. Being the kids of Greek gods or goddesses or being mythological creatures comes with perks, including that of special powers like strength or intelligence. Let's not even count every single quest, because I don't have an eternity. Let's just say it has happened, and every quest includes a great trial so check check. Supernatural enemies: Kronos and Gaea, give me something hard. Embodies values? Funny, sarcastic, loyal, brave, all our heroes and cultures are alike. Glorified on return? That kinda happens when you save the world.

2) Link. From legend of Zelda. Epic? Yes. Hero? Duh. Saving Hyrule a few hours and times will do that. Unusual birth or upbringing: he never has parents, but I don't know if that's too unusual. Maybe they just died or disappeared or whatever. Huh. Some games Link is a child, and in the middle of his upbringing, so weird, I guess..... Hero chosen by the goddess could count as strange upbringing, extraordinary strength (it is!) and his aid by divine beings. Also, depending on the game, he is aided by Gorgons, zoras, sages, all types of not human -and usually magical- Creatures. In one game he is even taught by a spirit that comes to him, and let's not forget his companions, midna, fi, ghost Zelda, navi and many, many more. His quest in search of something important changes game to game. Spirit tracks it was the tracks, skyward sword it's Zelda, twilight princess it's the links to the twilight world (mirror of shadows and stuff). I consider each temple a trail or test (check it, bag it, wrap it in a bow), supernatural enemies; Gannon. Or gannondorf, if you like longer names. Travels to places mortals cannot follow? Skyward sword it's the untamed land below sky loft, in twilight princess it's the twilight. Embodies values? Brave, strong, persistent, loyal. Glorified on return? Every temple he saves, every person he helps loves him for it.

3) Naruto. Unusual birth or upbringing? His parents died the day he was born, sealing a tailed beats into him and he had to raise himself. His parents are the hokage and the previous jinchuriki. Unusual? No dip. Extraordinary strength? Well, he has the tailed beast chakra, so yeah. But his intelligence is a *little lacking. (*its bigger on the inside). Quests? In the ninja world they're called missions. And he goes on many, but one that prevails thought it all is to change his best friend Sasuke. Endures many trials? Have you seen the akutsuki? He fights them all, and then some. Plus making everyone like him, changing people and controlling a tailed beast. Trails a plenty watashino tomodachi (my friend). Supernatural enemies? Between the akutsuki, orumachu, nine tails (at least for parts of it) and the bad guy on every quest he's on, I think we have that covered. Aided by divine beings? Well, ninjas from his village, the tailed beasts (they all help later) and help from his parents (they're consciousness is locked in his tailed beast chamber and.... Oh, just watch the show) that's another point for the orange hokage. Travels places others cannot? Tailed beast chamber. Embodies culture? Outcast just trying to make people accept him, funny, strong, persistent, never gonna give up on any task or any person. Loyal. Um, duh, he does. Glorified upon return? From every mission, every person he changes, every for he beats. He does get a lot of lovin.

4) Sam and dean, supernatural. Unusual upbringing. Well, how many of you were raised hunting monsters? Check. They don't have extraordinary strength or intelligence but they're vessels for being technically angels, and Sam has special powers.... That are spoilers, so just you wait! Goes on a quest. You mean like fighting monsters, saving people, defeating lucifer? Checkity check check. Endures many trails. Like nine seasons of them! Supernatural enemies? They're actually called episodes, one per episode or five. Divine beings aidin them? Well, angels, God, even a demon or two.... Lucifer kinda helps em cause he needs Sam.... And that's just the scratch of the surface. Travels to places people cannot follow? Well, Dean went to Hell (the place not the word) and back, literally. They both went to heaven and back, so hmm, kinda. Embodies values? Strong, brave, peristent, loyal, saving people, killing bad stuff. And they get praised on every done mission

5) the avengers. From what'd ya think? Unusual birth or upbringing. Tony is the kid of a super genius, captain America is from WWII, Thor is a prince god with a ice giant brother. Boom. Extraordinary strength or intelligence? Superpowers. Sent into exile or quest? Every movie, but all together, New York. Many trials? Loki, fighting amongst themselves, every individual movie. Supernatural enemies: Loki, frost giants, aliens, big red guy, every individual movie villian. Divine alies? Gods (Thor) and they're kinda superheroes who help each other. Travels to places ordinary people can't. SHEILD helllacarrier, frost realms (Thor), future (good ol' captain) stark towers, Tonys mansion I guess..... Ya know, the usual. Values of culture or society. Funny, sarcastic, loyal, strong, brave, smart, hard working, persistent. Glorified on return. Um, have you seen the end of the avengers? Those people were in love with the guys, between the interviews, street art, vidual thingys, they pretty much have all the glory for saving New York one group of hotties can.

So there yee go yee mateys (pirate speech haha), my heroes, are epic. And I love them. Maybe Odysseus was a hero of his time, but he's outdated. And someday even my heroes are going to be too (sniff). But they're who I consider epic heroes, and I will until the end of time.
Epic hero
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Questionnaire of da instagram

Hey. Whazzup? So, we picked up my grandparents last night. Yay. So, they're here. And......................... Yeah. So, I'm gonna do a question thing I found on Instagram, but I'm gonna say em all instead of comment a number crap. So... Here we go.
1) something I regret: I don't regret stuff, cause like why bother
2) celebrity crush: Chris Evans or Dakota Goyo
3) do I have a boyfriend: um, really? With my personality and looks and just me, do ya think? Aka no.
4) favorite food: um, anything Chinese or Japanese food...... Well, mostly anything
5) sweetest thing someone said to me: chocolate
6) tell about someone I love: um.......... 
7) what I did today: went to church, got McDonalds, made no bake cookies, did Japanese work.....
8) something I really wanna have: art skills and superpowers
9) favorite drink: Mountain Dew
10) 3 people I miss: my old home group peeps.
11) my favorite book: how could you even make me choose?!?!
12) how I want to be married: in a church, but who cares
13) the thing I am most insecure about: my looks
14) what would I do if I could go back in time: explore, meet famous people....
15) the happiest moment in my life: there's a lot of happy moments, I can't choose just one
16) what would I buy if I had a million dollars? Manga, anime, drawing books, actual books, drawing stuff, fandom stuff, tshirts, stuff like that
17) the last time I cried and why: don't remember
18) what I hate most about people: they can be so confusing and fake
19) how am I feeling right now: happy I guess
So, yeah. That's me......
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Doctor what?

Hey! I've been cleaning and cooking all day, but last night I spent an hour watching YouTube videos and I decided to watch some of the epic charlieissocoollike 's videos. Other than being cute, he is a nerd and loves doctor who, and he's in a band that plays doctor who music and I've had this song stuck in my head all day and I love it!
Time lord
Raven DeWitt

Friday, January 10, 2014

Super psychic

Hey. Whazzup? So, today is officially lucky. I'm gonna go sit quietly and wait for a plane to crash into my house. Haha, just kidding. Me? Sit? Quietly? I'm gonna be singing on the table waiting for the plane. Anyways, Chen club today! Or, referred to by me as blowing stuff up club. Yay. Tomorrow Mimi and papa, my grandparents are coming (double yay). The new naruto episode came out a day or two ago (yayX3). Today in math, we were in groups. We were supposed to pick groups of three, but me and my friend couldn't find a third person so she put us with another group that couldn't find a third person for a group of four. The group of four was me, my friend, my crush and his friend. Yay overload. Okay, I sound like a girly girl or something with all those yays, but I'm in a good mood, have a free fifth hour and am listening to music on my iPod. Right now it's low life by theory of a deadman. Sounds goth. Ah, whatever. So, anyways, in the group we lost our first marble. We were trying to balance it on the top of the ramp, but then it fell off the opposite side. We spend like the whole time looking for it. Well, they did. After we couldn't find it I blamed it on different dimensions as usually and started missing two Kunai knives I lost to that very thing. *sniff* then I started looking at tfs -my favorite youtube channel's- website. They have tshirts I totally want. Then we finally got started (the teacher gave us a new marble), and my friends iPad has a red case with a crackle/scaly design on it, and the inside is a gold color. My crush's friend asked if it was Spider-Man. She said no and I said it looked more like ironman anyways. He then said no one cares about ironman, and I said he was the best (well, second best) and then he disagreed but said batman who is the actual best (sorry, love you ironman and captain America). He then said that no superheroes have parents and my crush said that that wasn't true because Spider-Man has parents, but technically his parents are dead and so he doesn't have parents he has uncle Ben and aunt may. But, I finally thought of a superhero that does have parents. Thor. Seriously, no other superhero has a whole family. I ain't counting spidey cause he just has an aunt and an uncle. Thor has two parents and a brother, and he's a king. Like, wow. Family guy. Hahaha, as if. I do like Loki, but I'm not a fangirl. I also don't think Loki is bad, okay people! Anyways, I was thinking about it before fifth hour and I look up from my table (of freedom) and see him printing papers. Dude, I am so totally psychic! ;p
ばい ばい
(It's bye in Japanese)
Just call me psych woman
Or super-chu
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ship wars

So, inspired by a post I saw a few weeks ago, I'm dedicating this post to my ships/otp's. If you don't know what that is, it's the people, from books, shows, movies whatever that you put together, like in a couple. And now, for the ships. (I'm only doing my top 10. I ship way more, but we don't have time for that)....
1) percabeth which is comprised of percy and Annabeth from the percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus, who I have literally loved together since book 1 of pj.
2) Katniss and Peeta from the hunger games. Yeah, I like her with Peeta, because I do not like how every single time the best friend is madly in love with the best friend. Which is annoying, cause can't a guy be friends with a girl without them dating? If I dated all the guys I'm friends with, I'd have dated at least 15+ So, more than 15, and that's just what I can think of at the moment. Anyways, before I go on a whole rant about that, reason number two is she does love him. At the end of the book it said something about holding his hand and dreading the moment she'd have to let it go. The next book, she says Peeta had to live over her, and then freaks out in the end when he didn't come with her. When the capital got him. I mean, deny it all you want, but I don't do that about guys I don't like, sorry.
3)  Luna and Neville from Harry potter. They're both a bit odd and quirky and totally love able. They're cute.
4) black widow and hawk eye aka Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton from the avengers. Black widow went and pleaded with Loki for him. It was an act, but I still find it cute, and in my opinion they have really cute moments. Well, not cute, more like awesome and ship able.
5) Link and Zelda from legend of Zelda. Chosen hero and the princess he saves, time and time again? He goes thought so much just to save her... And hyrule.
6) Jack Frost and Merida from rise of the guardians and brave. I ship them together because jacks winter and ice and cool and wants people to notice him and wants to know who he is, and Merida is summer and fire and hot and wants to be invisible and wants to change who she is. They're opposites, which in my opinion is a very good match
7) temari and shikamaru from naruto. I ship them because temari is a feminist and tough and shikamaru is manly and thinks he has to protect girls and he's smart. I mean, temari is too, but they're both not the stereo type for their genders and a bit opposite and she saved him but he saved her and, just wow. I love them.
8) Brennan and booth from bones. They bring out the best in each other and just like... I dunno. I like em. They have lots of cute moments
9) Medusa and stein from soul eater. They're similar psychopaths. But steins good and fights evil and insanity. Medusa is evil, but has a fascination with stein and feeds his insanity. It's weird, but cute.
10) ash and misty from Pokemon. Misty actually had feeling for him in the Japanese version of the anime. Plus they're both super serious trainers and travel together and stuff.
I have like fifty others, (of course, some are a bit confusing cause I love them and one person, but they deserve someone else and ugh! Why?!?!), but I don't have that much time, so.... Whatever.
I don't care
I ship it ;p
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Future questions game

I'm doing this from my friend Hilda's blog, but the one on her blog got deleted. Maybe because I'm doing it a few days after, but whatever. So, anyways, in other news, first day back at school. Dang. I really need to freeze the door shut on his house tomorrow. Oh, well, I guess I got a sufficient break. By my count 19 days or something.

"Future Questions" Tag

1) Do You want to get married or stay single?
Get married, but far in the future, cause I'm still in high school. I'm even in my first year of high school, and it haven't even had a boyfriend yet, so I want to get married, but in the distant future. Not the not too distant future.

2) How many kids would you like?
An even number, so 2, 4 or 6. Really any even number but after going girly weeks out of every month, I don't think being pregnant and giving birth is going to be the funnest year of my life. But I do want kids. And this would be AFTER I'm married, with the person I'm married to, being one of he few girls in the world who still have morals, thank you very much.

3) What boy names do you like?
Rafael, August, Phoenix, Daniel, Nick, Chris, Tony, Thor (just wait), Loki (yes, I did it), Alex, Adam, Jack, Apollo, Ares, Neptune, Pluto, Kendal, Logan, Ciel, Alucard, Orlando, Austin, Red, Sparrow, Shawn, Tyler,

4) What girl names do you like?
Griffin, Blue, Eris, July, Autumn, Raven, April, May, Jamie, Aluxia, Angel, Emma, Anna, Belle, Ruby, Esmeralda, Emerald, diamond, Sapphire, Saphira, Ariel, Jasmine, Jessie, Alice, Ace, Scarlet, Indigo, Aqua, Joy, Happy, Precious, Hilda, Finley, April, August, Jackie, Juliet, Destiny, Artemis, bobby, bobby joe, Mayrene,

5) What career or job would you like to have?
Author and video Game designer/tester/voice artist, or author and manga/anime artist/voice artist. If none of those, scientist and author (at least online sites...... Like quotev, cause I'll still use that in ten years)

6) Would you like to move out of your house?
Yes, but in a few years, when I'm out of high school, for collage, and then when I'm looking for a job and stuff

7) Would you like to have roommates or live alone, or with a pet?
Roommates or pet or both

8) Would you like to live outside the country or a particular state?
New York, Japan, Hawaii, Washington (more specifically Seattle), or I want a job where I travel

9) Would you like grandchildren?

10) Would you like to own a car?
Yeah, but judging on Mario cart and grand theft auto, you do not want me driving

11) Say you have a job and good pay, would you go on a shopping spree?
Only if I have enough money and enough anime/manga/videogame/book stores and by slashes I mean and. They are required.

12) If you were in a car accident, who would you call?
Mom, brother and best friends

13) You are 70 years old. Would you live at home or a nursing home?
At home if I'm not almost dead enough too. Nursing homes aren't too bad, but if rather have my own house

14) If you are in your old age and your kids or family have their own life, what would you do?
Have my family over every Saturday, like my grandpa did

15) What if you are old and a young person was disgusted by you because of your age?
.............start beating then with my cane. Cause that always helps

16) Would you respect the elderly? Would you love them?
I respect you if you respect me, and I love you if you love me. So, basically it depends on the person, but I'm not going to change my views because of your age

17) Would you like to be young again? Like how old?
If I could relive a year of my life, it would be 12 or 13, if I could be one age forever, it would be 13, 16 or 18, even though I haven't been 16 or 18 yet, but I mean, they're all the ages of freedom

18) Would you go to college?
Yes. For any of my jobs it would help if not required

19) Do you want to be famous?

20) Would you travel a lot?
YES. That's my dream.

So, future me you better turn out like that
Or else
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

House of hades dead ahead

Apparently, the superintendent doesn't want me back at school as much as I don't want to go back to school. Oh well, I guess he and I are at an agreement. Until tomorrow. Probably. Hopefully not. But hey, today's a snow day. And cause I can, me and my brother are building a snowfort, but right now we're taking a break. Because it's below zero. With a windchill. Of course, that's no problem for us people in Michigan. Cause we live in below zero. Anyways, finished both house of hades and third grave dead ahead, so, double book thoughts.
I loved house of hades! As always, Rick Riodan or however you spell it made an amazing book with excitement, adventure humor and just a bit of  being completely totally awesome. Percy and Annabeth were in Tartarus the whole time (well, most of it) and Tartarus is where monsters go. They die and reform in the very pit percy and Annabeth are stuck in. It was interesting, because in all of Greek mythology, when has Tartarus been described as anything other than where monsters go? And there were good and bad monsters. I liked that, because it kinda focused on one if my favorite things, you can't choose who you are, but you can choose what you do. I loved that! I really hope the peaceful giant and Titan are okay. I love them. And bob says hi. Of course, I didn't like how Nico and Apollo and some other Greek creature are gay, but I mean, it is the actual myth, and I can't argue with it. It's what they really believed. So, I can't hate the book for that, and I think that's the only thing I disliked about it. I really loved the book.
Third grave dead ahead was good, but it still have purple and swearing, which I know is not a good thing to fill my mind with. In this installment, *SPOILERS* Reyes Alexander farrow who has been in jail for years for murdering someone who isn't even dead, breaks out and uses the main character charley as bait for the psychopath who he went to jail for killing. She gets tortured in the end of the book. Which, I don't mind, but I'm not super happy about how then it killed garret but thankfully it wasn't his time yet. And I totally love Artemis and her biker buddies. And let's not forget the psychopathic doctor. Gotta hate his slimy little guts. Anyways, overall, loved the book, and cannot wait for the next one(s).
In other news, one more day until a new naruto, Mimi and papa, my grandparents from New Mexico coming in a few days, like around Saturday. And then staying a week or two, last week finals week, I have a day off the Monday after finals which is the last day Mimi and papa are here, which is kinda cool cause I mean, who doesn't want to spend their last day in a freezing cold state of below zero with me? Hahaha.
Demi-god grim reaper
Raven DeWitt

Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowday of the future

Today, is a snow day. The school actually called this snow day yesterday, which the last time they did that was the great blizzard of  '08, as in 2008, where it snowed a whole no inches, no centemeters, no snow, no rain, nothing. zip, zilch, zero. Not that I'm complaining about a snowday. Since they called it yesterday, I spent half of last night reading and caught up on Naruto. Then almost screamed and started the agonizing wait for the next episode. Of course, thanks to nerds like me, I knew who was behind the mask. Of course, that didn't make me want to yell any less, and the agonizing wait for the next episode is still well, agonizing. I'm almost done with third grave to the left and House of Hades and oh. my. gosh. Seriously, Darynida, Rick, why?!?! I mean, I can check out the next Grave book, but I have to wait til October for Blood of Olympus. And three days for Naruto. I mean, I'm a pretty patient person, but this is just getting cruel. In other news, yesterday I almost died. We were in the car yesterday and it slid into a pole. No crash or anything, the pole just hit the tire and bent the rim, but it scared me. And my brothers friend saying "we're all going to die" really didn't help. In other news, my still living set of grandparents.... Depressing.... Anyways, non-depressing is that they're coming in a little less than a week. Saturday. Five days. From New Mexico, then in May we're going to New Mexico for my cousins wedding. Wow. If I thought last year was busy... Anyways, my procrastination of going back to school can't last forever. Tomorrow I'm going to have to go back... Oh gosh. Please no. !!!!!!!!!!Yad wons yad wons yad wons
Please read backwards if confused. Just the last sentence. Unless you control snow days, then you can be confused.
Busy half-blood grimm reaper
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Man of steel

I saw man of steel yesterday. It was epic! So, I usually hate superman movies because let's face it, in any superhero movie if superman was in it, this is what would happen:
In Thor, he'd freeze breath Loki, and lock him up.
In iron man, block bullets and get iron man out into safety
In captain America he'd pick up the ship and throw it into the cold water without anyone in it then fly captain America home for his date.
In hulk he'd freeze breath him till his heart rate slows down and he's normal
In iron man two.... Wait, he broke tony out, there is no iron man!
In spider man he'd smash the lizard so far down when he finally gets out, the serum wore off, and destroy all the other serum
In batman he'd lazier eye the water ware far thingy
And so on! I don't like superman as much because he can do anything! But in this movie he was fighting people who were his strength. And he couldn't just snap his fingers and make his enemy's disappear. Behind bars. Something was in his way that was an actual challenge to overcome, he actually had to work to save the one he loved, instead of just, lazier eye! You're welcome! Fly away. He did more, which is the best thing ever!
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, January 4, 2014

House of hades

So, I'm reading house of hades (duh) and *SPOILER ALERT* percy and Annabeth are fighting Tartarus. Like, not traveling through, not stuck in, fighting. Like a small amount of power made into a fight able form of him. It's kinda funny thinking about how they encountered a bunch of monsters and Tartarus was probably like "okay, this one'll get em. There's no way- dang it! Useless Titan!" I mean, he was probably just sitting there at the end like "you better kill him you useless in- what?!? Screw it, I'll deal with them myself." And the whole rest of the gang is in the house of hades. Hehe, like the title,  but anyways, they're there and it is trippy. Of course, it is house of the dead. Of course, I totally get it now, the doors of death and....... OKAY I JUST FIGURED SOMETHING OUT!!!!!! So, there has to be one who fights off the people around the doors of death and one who holds the button? It looks like Percy is going to stay behind and hold the button, BUT  the other guy, who helped them is going to come, and help and they'll both get out and yay! And I figured out the phrophecy to the best of my ability......
To storm or fire the world must fall: Gaea is the world (cause she IS...) and to storm is percy and Jason, or fire is Leo and frank (his burning lifeline)  (neither side has to die for it coughs cough piper!)
An oath to keep with final breath: maybe, just maybe the bad guy makes the oath. Or it's me wanting them all to live, dang it! That's as far as I got.
Daughter of Athena
Raven DeWitt

Friday, January 3, 2014

Into darkness................

Watched Star Trek into darkness like.... Just now. Literally, then I went to make food for Trenton. He was being annoying so when he wasn't there I put six pepper blend in it and spit in it. So, boom. Haha, payback. Anyways, my thoughts on Star Trek.... It was... Interesting. Kirks a jerk (okay, had to do that rhyme) and Spok is a robot and Kahn actually had good reasoning firebug a psychopath. I mean, it doesn't mean you should go around killing, but still. And why the heck did that blonde sout change her clothes in the middle of the ship? With the pervy manwhore captain sitti right there? And why can you beam someone down but now beam them up? It was a pretty good movie though. Oh, and when they're in the middle of a deadly mission is the perfect time for a relationship debate. *Insert epic eye roll here*. I mean, sexist! Of course they turned it into that, and of course the girl started it. And all the girls wear short skirts, that makes sense and is totally easy to fight in. But we're helpless girls, we can't right. And if you aren't being sexist, I'm sure all girls have got it down fighting in short skirts. I mean, totally as easy as it looks. *Insert another eye roll here* it's a bit.... Ugh. Anyways, overall good movie. But very confusing.
Space pirate
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The dark knight rises

I watched the dark knight rises for the first time last night. Or knight, haha. Anyways, I love batman! And although bane is a great villian, joker was the best. But, let's get past that. Here are my thoughts on the movie; seriously?! Why did batman quit for eight years? I mean, I get that he was blamed for everything two face aka Harvey dent did, but why? Why couldn't they have blamed it on the joker? He's been killing people the whole time! Seriously. Ugh. But that was the last movie. This movie, I'm just wondering why no one noticed that Bruce Wayne and batman disappeared from the world on the same night? Nope. But robin, he can tell Bruce is batman from a look on his face. Really? How does that even make sense? Maybe it looked like Bruce was torn up about the death of his ex and his best friend, but dude, still. Reeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy? Eight years? And then he's a dick to Alfred and ugh! Why would they get the guy who runs the insane asylum to run the town? And couldn't you just refuse to cross the I've if exiled. Be all like hey, screw you, I'm waiting till summer. Except the town would've blown up by then.... Oh. I honestly, agree with all the HISHE. I also didn't like the ending. I mean, you're a dick to Alfred and all that you do is smile at him in the cafe sitting with a girl and didn't he just die? Why didn't anyone notice that batman and Bruce died on the sand night either? Both disappear and die around the sane time? And I liked cat woman, she was kinda cool. I'm not trying to insult the whole movie, I loved it, but it was a bit.... Flawed. Why let out all the criminals? And seriously, how did his hallucination tell him vital facts? No matter how smart you are, you cannot piece that together, I mean, it barely fits! His love could be anybody and vice versa! And anyways, the medical work, was bull crap, as my mom pointed out. Would not work. At all.
Wait, super-chu, duh
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years party

New Years party

Coast party dress
$110 - debenhams.com

AllSaints legging

Gothic boots
$145 - emp-online.com

Diamond ring

Cuff bracelet

Black hat
$105 - black.co.uk

New years

Happy New Years. Finally 2014. Ha, it's gonna take me til 2015 to even think of it as 2014. I don't make New Years resolutions cause usually when that happens I do it I'll keep it up for about a week, do it for two days throughout the next two months, then forget about it for the rest of the year. So, no New Years resolutions. I was gonna have mine be don't die, but hen it thought better of it cause I usually don't accomplish my New Years resolutions. So... That might be a bad idea. Well, happy New Years. Wow, I haven't posted yet this year! This is my first post this year.
Yeah, I'm that person
Raven DeWitt