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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Exams, day two, some number of galactic numbers and what not, followed by some number of galactic whatnot and yada yada. I had an English exam and then two hours of orchestra. That was reserved for studying because the teacher had to be at her classes she taught at the middle schools. So, we got an evil sub. My friends say she's professor umbridge to a T. I don't think she is, she's lacking an obsession with cats that made umbridge more human. And umbridge is less human than daleks (Boom! Two references in one sentence!). She's like pure unadulterated ugh. Like a bus driver I had one time who made us all sit straight forward in our seats, with our backpacks in our laps and gave someone a pink slip because they sneezed and yelled at another kid for zipping up her backpack. And that was elementary school. We weren't even ten, calm down. But, now we're high school and have that bus drivers evil twin. Rebellion? Duh. Any way I wouldn't? Forming the DA. Not really, but I have Japanese finals and should study their culture. Aka, manga and Nintendo until she yells at me. I was just studying. It's actually true. It is actual studying. Who would've guessed. Anyways, wish me luck on my exams tomorrow! And wish me luck to survive defense against the dark arts with umbridge studying for O.W.L's..... I mean orchestra! And exams. Cause like pssshhhhhh, I don't go to hogwarts..... Haha, cause that would be ridiculous. So don't try to prove it. You have no proof. Muggles can't see it!
I.. I can't be a... A wizard
I solemnly swear I am up to no good
Mischief sooo not managed
Raven DeWitt

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