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Friday, January 10, 2014

Super psychic

Hey. Whazzup? So, today is officially lucky. I'm gonna go sit quietly and wait for a plane to crash into my house. Haha, just kidding. Me? Sit? Quietly? I'm gonna be singing on the table waiting for the plane. Anyways, Chen club today! Or, referred to by me as blowing stuff up club. Yay. Tomorrow Mimi and papa, my grandparents are coming (double yay). The new naruto episode came out a day or two ago (yayX3). Today in math, we were in groups. We were supposed to pick groups of three, but me and my friend couldn't find a third person so she put us with another group that couldn't find a third person for a group of four. The group of four was me, my friend, my crush and his friend. Yay overload. Okay, I sound like a girly girl or something with all those yays, but I'm in a good mood, have a free fifth hour and am listening to music on my iPod. Right now it's low life by theory of a deadman. Sounds goth. Ah, whatever. So, anyways, in the group we lost our first marble. We were trying to balance it on the top of the ramp, but then it fell off the opposite side. We spend like the whole time looking for it. Well, they did. After we couldn't find it I blamed it on different dimensions as usually and started missing two Kunai knives I lost to that very thing. *sniff* then I started looking at tfs -my favorite youtube channel's- website. They have tshirts I totally want. Then we finally got started (the teacher gave us a new marble), and my friends iPad has a red case with a crackle/scaly design on it, and the inside is a gold color. My crush's friend asked if it was Spider-Man. She said no and I said it looked more like ironman anyways. He then said no one cares about ironman, and I said he was the best (well, second best) and then he disagreed but said batman who is the actual best (sorry, love you ironman and captain America). He then said that no superheroes have parents and my crush said that that wasn't true because Spider-Man has parents, but technically his parents are dead and so he doesn't have parents he has uncle Ben and aunt may. But, I finally thought of a superhero that does have parents. Thor. Seriously, no other superhero has a whole family. I ain't counting spidey cause he just has an aunt and an uncle. Thor has two parents and a brother, and he's a king. Like, wow. Family guy. Hahaha, as if. I do like Loki, but I'm not a fangirl. I also don't think Loki is bad, okay people! Anyways, I was thinking about it before fifth hour and I look up from my table (of freedom) and see him printing papers. Dude, I am so totally psychic! ;p
ばい ばい
(It's bye in Japanese)
Just call me psych woman
Or super-chu
Raven DeWitt


  1. LOL when i read the part "lost our marble" i thought you meant "mind" until i read further.

    1. Lost all our marbles haha, no, it was for rolling down a ramp. I lost my mind a long time ago ;p


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