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Monday, January 27, 2014

Crazy little nutter

Hey. So, if you were reading my blog last year, or just know me well, you'll know I am a lunatic. A raving, gullible lunatic. One such item that makes me destine for the loony bin, is that I am a conspiracy theorist. Which leads me back to last year, when I stumbled upon a conspiracy theory website. I love conspiracy theories, and sadly I have not re-found that website. But a week or two ago, my mom read a book about George Washington's spies during the revolution. Then last night I started watching youtube that definantly was conspiracy linked (mermaids and sea creatures caught on shaky, amateur camera with terrible sound) and then I watched white collar and the episode had to do with the revolutionary spy ring, and it's modern day descendants. My mom read the book, so she knew all about the historical value. So, not that I've been anti-conspiracy for a while, but I've been lacking in my conspiracy practice. Is it a practice? Obsession? Hobby? Point being, I haven't been on any nutty websites with weird theories but strong facts. Some of it is bollocks, but some, is so reasonable.

Nother inverted pyramid


  1. I am so confused.... Do I wanna know? Haha

  2. What's confusing? Revolutionary spy rings, dragons, mermaids, conspiracies.... Sounds pretty clear to me ;p


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