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Friday, January 3, 2014

Into darkness................

Watched Star Trek into darkness like.... Just now. Literally, then I went to make food for Trenton. He was being annoying so when he wasn't there I put six pepper blend in it and spit in it. So, boom. Haha, payback. Anyways, my thoughts on Star Trek.... It was... Interesting. Kirks a jerk (okay, had to do that rhyme) and Spok is a robot and Kahn actually had good reasoning firebug a psychopath. I mean, it doesn't mean you should go around killing, but still. And why the heck did that blonde sout change her clothes in the middle of the ship? With the pervy manwhore captain sitti right there? And why can you beam someone down but now beam them up? It was a pretty good movie though. Oh, and when they're in the middle of a deadly mission is the perfect time for a relationship debate. *Insert epic eye roll here*. I mean, sexist! Of course they turned it into that, and of course the girl started it. And all the girls wear short skirts, that makes sense and is totally easy to fight in. But we're helpless girls, we can't right. And if you aren't being sexist, I'm sure all girls have got it down fighting in short skirts. I mean, totally as easy as it looks. *Insert another eye roll here* it's a bit.... Ugh. Anyways, overall good movie. But very confusing.
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Raven DeWitt

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