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“Home is behind, the world ahead” – Edge of night, LotR song

Friday, January 31, 2014

Quick overview

Hey. We didn't get a snowday today. Sad. We do have chemistry club today, or at least I do. Why am I saying we? If you go to my school, you have chem club today. Oh, whatever. Along with chem club (which should be totally interesting), my mom had a physical therapy conference thingy (she's a physical therapist btw...) in I think grand rapids, which in the streets current condition, with a hour or two or three or less drive, has gotta suck. Today when going to school with my dad we saw an accident and yesterday with my mom we were nearly in one! I love my mom, but it's slippery and we are very over dramatic people who know about my moms slight crash from one of our cars into the other in our own driveway. And at the beginning of the year, every morning when she took me to school, we crashed into one of our cars (just a scratch, not badly), or the trashcan. So, needless to say, it jolts me awake every icy road morning. Please pray for her safe return in this weather! She also has ladies night with her friends from bible study, and my brother has a basketball game. It's are for a Friday, but whatever. My mom will miss it, because she'll be at ladies night. My brother is then going to have I think a sleepover at his friends house. My night, will be chem club, Phoenix's game, dinner either before or after then pure bliss in the form of I'm thinking Star Wars. Probably the second or third one. I like the cool arena with the beasts, but I also like general grievous and oh, decisions decisions.
Raven DeWitt


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