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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Questionnaire of da instagram

Hey. Whazzup? So, we picked up my grandparents last night. Yay. So, they're here. And......................... Yeah. So, I'm gonna do a question thing I found on Instagram, but I'm gonna say em all instead of comment a number crap. So... Here we go.
1) something I regret: I don't regret stuff, cause like why bother
2) celebrity crush: Chris Evans or Dakota Goyo
3) do I have a boyfriend: um, really? With my personality and looks and just me, do ya think? Aka no.
4) favorite food: um, anything Chinese or Japanese food...... Well, mostly anything
5) sweetest thing someone said to me: chocolate
6) tell about someone I love: um.......... 
7) what I did today: went to church, got McDonalds, made no bake cookies, did Japanese work.....
8) something I really wanna have: art skills and superpowers
9) favorite drink: Mountain Dew
10) 3 people I miss: my old home group peeps.
11) my favorite book: how could you even make me choose?!?!
12) how I want to be married: in a church, but who cares
13) the thing I am most insecure about: my looks
14) what would I do if I could go back in time: explore, meet famous people....
15) the happiest moment in my life: there's a lot of happy moments, I can't choose just one
16) what would I buy if I had a million dollars? Manga, anime, drawing books, actual books, drawing stuff, fandom stuff, tshirts, stuff like that
17) the last time I cried and why: don't remember
18) what I hate most about people: they can be so confusing and fake
19) how am I feeling right now: happy I guess
So, yeah. That's me......
Raven DeWitt


  1. OH MY WORD Have you seen the picture of that guy with the huge "No ragrets" tattoo?? That's hilarious!

    1. I didn't see it but XD yea, none at all.


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