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Friday, January 24, 2014

Snowday fairy tale

First up, snow day! Ÿåttā! Ÿãÿ! Whøöhòô! I actually wasn't expecting one. So, I'm happy. Thank you Jack Frost or Elsa! And secondly, my evil brother introduced me to the anime fairy tale and guess who finds it totally awesome? Me. It's really funny and exciting and violent and cool and HE EATS FIRE! Not to mention grey, who always in explicable ends up in his underwear. Then there's Ezra, the violent and totally cool strong female main character other than Lucy, who's a bit annoying, but very like able. I also like happy, who's annoying and dumb, but also smart. It makes sense in an insensible way. That leaves the guy who eats fire, nastu, who reminds me of Phoenix. Stupid, strong, tough, cocky, not going to back down from a fight. They're all quirky weird and love able characters. Plus the story. They're all wizards, in the strongest guild, helping people, going on missions, what could be more exciting. I would love any of the wizards powers. Ugh, I so wanna be in an anime world.
What would I be like in anime? It'd be cool. I wonder which anime I fit best in?
Raven DeWitt


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