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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Frozen doctor

Hey! I went to see Frozen yesterday. I loved it! Even though it was epic it wasn't as Tangled. Although, it is really hard to compare to Tangled. I loved Frozen. Her sister rocked, it was an awesome storyline. The music was good, but forgettable. I loved it though. Especially "let it go" and "For the first time in forever". And of course the "Do you want to make a snowman". I loved Kristoff, but my bestie, July, who I went to see it with, has dibs. Aw. I always feel weird calling dibs on guys that are taken... So I have Jack Frost! Mwahahahahaha! Anyways, there are two really cute guys and a cute snowman, but the two kinds of cutes are very different. It was really good and it had a really cute, well whole thing. And it was kinda sad. I loved it. And I totally relate to like... all the main characters minus two. But it was really good and would be a nice present when it comes out *HINT HINT* Oh, and the song "For the first time in forever" from Frozen is just like "For the first time ever" from Tangled. Seriously!
And today I went to Doctor Who club with my friend. We watch the fiftieth. Which contained people and things I didn't know. Which sucks cause spoilers. But there weren't too many. Yay. It was good. And we made Doctor Who lip balm, which I didn't like because I hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttteeeeeeeeeeee lip balm. And there were the box thingys. No idea what they're called but they're boxy people. So yeah.
Doctor Princess
Raven DeWitt

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

Hi! :-) whazzup? It's Black Friday and I am not murdering people just so I can get a good deal on some more stuff that I don't need. Seriously, I know someone that hot bitten last year on Black Friday.  Over a laptop. A fudging laptop! Yeah, and I know that this is the cheesiest thing vert but really? A day after thanksgiving we kill people over stuff? And I mean, as if Black Friday isn't bad enough they're starting on thanksgiving, like seriously? You're missing the point. If I was a store I would open at like ten so people would sleep in and come. I'm not waiting all night for some stupid deals. I'm very lazy. And I watched a supernatural episode in an insane asylum. Because I needed more reason not to go crazy that just made me crazy. But I'm insane. Or in-Saiyan! Haha, dbz/tfs reference!   But I mean, we live in one of the weirdest worlds ever. Anyways, this is a Black Friday post. I got nothing. My brother went to the mall for Black Friday last year though. He ended up walking five miles into grand rapids. I think. Or somewhere around there. He walked all the way there at five in the morning. With his ginger and redneck friends. Thanksgiving was awesome, and here was lots of good food, including a apple crisp made by yours truly. It was yummy. Then I watched the avengers. I'm sure something else happened yesterday but my mind went blank about five second ago........... Seriously, I don't get Black Friday.
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving. Giving thanks.

Happy thanksgiving! While most family's will have a traditional thanksgiving with turkey and stuffing my family is a bit.... Untraditional. We will be having mashed potatoes, as per usual, and jello and this weirdly awesome marshmallow stuff. But, for the main dish we are having salmon and crab. I love salmon and crab but don't like turkey, so I'm not complaining, I just think our family is a bit weirder than we let on. And let's face it, we're pretty weird on the surface. I think I'm going to like thanksgiving this year. Yay! And I've been helping cook all day and made an apple crisp. Yummy! I've been playing video games with my brother all day too :3 yay! And here's some stuff I'm thankful for...
July (the person, not the month)
Video games
My blog!
Super Heros
Online friends
Paper and pencils and drawing materials
Free will
Being unique
And everything inbetween
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hey! Guess what came out today? Frozen! Yay! So, here's the trailer, I'm gonna try to go see it ASAP,  and I'll tell you about it, Kay? Kay. I think it's awesome that the main characters name is Anna, cause I know a lot of Anna's. Elsa's a common name too, like I know someone named Elsa, I think, and that's also pretty cool, u mean, I know people named jasmine, but I don't like them and one of my friends is named Anna, and anyways, here's the trailer.
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lord of the rings, hobbits dwarves elves and kings! (Stolez that line from paint)

So...... I won't have enough time later, so who wants to see honest trailers or HISHE or something?
If so, you're welcome
If not, seriously, why are you here?
Sorry for all swearing purple and all that bad stuff
Hobbit at heart
Raven DeWitt

Monday, November 25, 2013

Quick update

Hey, short post no YouTube, and I might not be able to post tomorrow because I have school then tutoring then orchestra rehearsal and I barely have time to breathe in between. It's from for thirty to seven or eight thirty, depending on how evil the teachers are and I have it today and tomorrow. Or well, right now. It's sorta annoying though, I mean it should be done around seven, but it might be done around eight thirty too. Like seriously? What are you the cable guy? So either my parents are an hour early or a hour late.
It's starting
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Catching fire

So I had this whole post written about catching fire but then it got deleted. Joy. Fan-freaking-tastic. But it's okay, cause now I have a few days after words for my movie high to have worn off, or me being super duper like omg that movie was awesome! It was awesome though. They did the outfits perfect, and the characters even better! Of course with Finnicks outfit, the one where he's wearing only a knot, they did it different. Thank god! Now, the next parts might contain some spoilers, but only if you haven't read the book. If you haven't, why are you here online? Get to reading! Anyways, they still did the sugarcane scene. And the elevator scene with Jo Anna, which so could've been left out. I mean, aka-awkward. Of course, that was in the book too. I loved the arena, I mean, it was awesome. And they did it all perfect. Although the monkey o'clock looked a bit too wizard of oz for my taste. But it was perfect and I am sooooooooooo in love with Josh Hucherson. Okay, not in love, but it's pretty cool. And he said all the icky love lines but it was like perfect and I'm usually not into all that romantic crap but... He's so hot! And he did the lines perfectly. And it was an awesome movie. Although it didn't feature some things, like the relationship with the team that fattened her up for the oven, or well... Cinna. It didn't feature that relationship, even thought it was pretty important. They featured every other important part though, including -sadly- the love V. It's so annoying. I don't like love triangles, they're so annoying. I love him. No, babe, I don't love him. Of course I love you. What? I never loved him. Ugh. Make up your mind, break one of their hearts, before you break em both. Unless one of them is a time lord, then you'd break all three. Anyways, lose one before you lose them both. Or he turns psycho and falls in love with your six year old daughter. Either way, it's not the way you wanted it to happen. Of course, I'm sure everyone in the theatre enjoyed me and Mel talking. I mean, a eye roll whenever Katniss and Gale had a love v moment and Peeta and Katniss had a moment like "yeah, you totally don't actually love him even though" and there are many things I can add there. Like how there's no one else she'd rather be with in the hunger games. And stuff like that. No, you don't love him at all. Other than that it was amazing, I loved when Peeta announced her pregnancy and she was like "oh, I'm pregnant? I guess I am." It was kinda funny. They went almost exactly by the book but added in one character. Snow has a granddaughter. Who wants to grow up and be just like Katniss. Cause that's what snow needed, his granddaughters hero is his enemy. Well, that just great. So she wasn't in the book, but it demonstrates what Katniss did to even the people in the capital. She inspired them. And it was funny. I mean, seriously, just the best :)
So, I loved the movie
I volunteer as tribute!
Girl tribute
District 1-13
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day of the doctor

Happy day of the doctor! And if any of you disagree and say its 1dday, no bye, screw you. You can leave, we kinda beat you by fifty freaking years. Like, I'm sorry, but no. Just no. God no! It's not even a important day for one direction. Wouldn't next week or last week or tomorrow be the same exact thing? But not for doctor who. This is the day it all started. And someone did the math, it was the exact same day of the week too. So the same day, same month, same week day. Same exact day. Fifty years later. Can one direction same the same? What's so special about this day to them? Sorry, it just pisses me off. 1Dday can be the day one direction was formed, but they better back off of today. Anyways, I had to go to an orchestra thingy from like nine to one and my back and head hurt and I'm so tired I keep on crying for no reason. Out of pure tiredness. I am having a doctor who marathon in honor of day of the doctor. Of course I'm not completely caught up so I won't be watching the fiftieth special, with the new doctor. The twelfth doctor, I think. Right? Anyways, I'm close to finishing up the episodes on Netflix, but not on time for the fiftieth today, sadly. It should be good, my friend Indiana will watch it and totally obsess over it. I'm on the second weeping angels episode. I love doctor who, but it's really kinda dramatic, and I don't like dramatic shows usually. It's also kinda sad, and I love crossovers with doctor who, and there's some really cute Disney crossovers. I would show m to you, but I don't know how to. Sorry. They're on some Disney accounts on Facebook. So, happy day of the doctor and
Raven DeWitt

Friday, November 22, 2013

Catching fire on da tardis!

So, today rocks! No homework, cause I finished it all in fifth hour just like yesterday. Yay! I had time to spare and started working on a genderbent anime avengers, I have a picture to go off of, then I'll add my own touches. My own flair. Cause let's face it, my flair is needed to make the world a better and much weirder place filled with people who look like the normal ones from the hunger games with a few thousand cups of nerdy mixed in. Anyways, so I was in the middle of that when I got summoned to the counselor suffice, for the how's your freshman year going chat and future career stalking. Then I went to sixth hour and there was an assembly at west, cause they have like a championship game or something, and my last hour is at west. So we got the last like fifteen minutes to do whatever we wanted. I got to draw the whole time and I drew a vampire. I mean, a vampire not a sparkling fairy from twilight that's in love with Bella. Cho Chang is probably jealous. ;p anyways, I mean a vampire, like eats people, hates sunlight sleeps in a coffin. I drew Alucard, from Hellsing. Cause he's awesome. Most girls vampire crush is Edward, a sparkling guy who walks out of every stupid cheesy love story in history. My vampire crush is Alucard, a guy who kills everyone who gets in his way and cannot die no matter how many pieces he's blasted into. He also doesn't trick girls into the forest to have purple with them, or getting hem pregnant and still refuse to turn her into a vampire until she almost dies. Anyways, that was just school. When I got home it was really creepy and I was home alone and I heard banging downstairs. It was weird! I grabbed the katana but no one was there. Aw. And I'm going to see the hunger games two: catching fire tonight. I have about a gazzillion posts I can do about every single hunger game thingy ever, but I just won't. Cause The internet can't hold every single opinion about it. Anyways, I'll review movie two Sunday, cause tomorrow's a certain day belonging to twelve certain people and all their companions. Official doctor who day :)
The doctor
And tribute
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teens reaction to after ever after

Hey! I finished my homework in fifth hour when I was done for the day and on the bus. So, yay! No homework! Like, I do have homework, but it doesn't count. I saw Cameron today too! Other than that and a new lab partner nothing really exciting happened. On the bright side I didn't murder the new lab partner. And it's not chemistry. And you know the video I showed you yesterday? Well, today is a follow up video, and it's basically people's reactions to it. So if you haven't seen it, go look at it now, I'll wait for you.....

Okay, so my reaction to the video was a straight face the whole time like hhhmmmmm, I might wanna put this on my blog and the last line Pocahontas says, like when he's doing one line from them all I was like wait what!!! My friend who showed me just started cracking up. It was sorta funny. Anyways, so here's regular people who aren't freaks with blogs like me's reaction to the video.
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Paint- Disney movie medley

Another no homework day! Whoo! Fudge yeah! But it was a busy day, sorry for the late post.... Now I gotta show someone this!!! I love Disney and sorry for purple, swearing and ruining Disney, but I found it funny. And the guys not too bad either ;-p
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday the 17th plus two but still on Tuesday

Hey! Sorry for the late post, I literally just got home. First I had school, and I have no homework today! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, of course it's epic! Doing my happy dance! Okay, not really, I don't dance nor do I have a happy dance. But anyways, that's already a good day. So, yay! And then I had tutoring and my Japanese is going well. バッコパッコは あかです。First person to translate that won't get anything. Sorry, but I will love you forever! Hint: first part is in katakana with the hiragana particle wa spelled ha and second part is hiragana. I'll be posting the answer in my post tomorrow so don't be late! You have one day ;p. So after tutoring me and my mom we in the library and I got a book about everybody's favorite grim reaper Charley Davidson. I got the second book, second grave to the left. The third one is third grave dead ahead, fourth one if fourth grave beneath my feet and the fifth one is fifth grave beyond the light or something like that. There's also a book not in the series but I think still about Charley, called for I have sinned. So, I got that and it should be exciting! :D! Then me and my mom went shopping. I got some things for my BFFs for Christmas that I wanna talk about but they could read my blog and I don't want them to see spoilers! I swear I'll blog about it during Christmas. Or well, anytime after I've given them their gifts cause I sooooo need to share! It's super cute! I will say this; "every good fairy tale needs an old fashion villain," -Morarity from BBC's Sherlock Holmes. That's your clue peeps! But what ins it? Is the quote the clue or the person who said it or Sherlock Holmes or BBC or even the autocorrect? O.o btw Moriarity autocorrects to morality and I spelled villain v-i-l-l-i-a-n and it auto corrected to Golgi apparatus. Huh, who would've thunk. Now begin your investigation! O.o ........... I need to watch less Sherlock Holmes. I think prolonged exposed drove me sane.
Yes I do realize what I just said.
Sass-lock Holmes
Raven DeWitt

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey! Whazzup? You know how yesterday's posts was me int he middle of cleaning my room? Yeah, that kinda didn't get done. I mean, I did put all my dirty clothes in a laundry basket as opposed to my floor and bring them down to be washed, but I'm been meaning to do that for like a week now. Let's just say input the pro in procrastinate. But don't worry, I'm taking care of my procrastination issues, just wait and see. Hahaha, I have like a million more of those, but there is a time and a place. Kinda. Wait, is there? Not the point. Anyways, so.... I lost my train of though. Oh well. I had the hiccups earlier. Like Hiccup the Viking. First Viking who wouldn't kill a dragon. First to ride one though. Oh! I should get to work on my big four story! And then big four in hogwarts. WAIT! Just thought of something; famous hogwarts. A hogwarts filled with superheroes, movie and tv show characters, bands, actors. Like Jack sparrow meets the doctor meets Harry potter meets BVB meets Zelda meets batman. Like just a bunch of people, al thrown into a group together. Kinda like an idea for the 50th doctor who special, get every actor who has ever played a doctor, companion or other main role in doctor who, stick em on a giant tardis set and tell them not to break character. Record it all. My story would be like that, just with a whole bunch of people from every fandom! And then maybe camp half blood. Ooh! Big four in camp half blood! What other stories can I make? Big four in SHEILD! Big four in supernatural okay, I need to think of ideas. And along with the big four I could also do just a bunch of things. Okay, I officially looovvvveeeee crossovers. BIG FOUR IN VARIOUS VIDEO GAMES AND ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, that's the most epic one of all!
Happy writing, hope I inspired some ideas
Sorry if you never heard of/don't like half of these
I think I'm gonna make a list and post it when it's done
Or when it gets reeeaaallllyyyy long
Your welcome
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Never the same

Hi! So, I'm supposed to be cleaning my room right now... Oops! I mean, I was, but then I got side tracked and then I though it was mean to make you wait forever for my new post. Cause we all know you guys just live for my posts ;p. Anyways, today at church Troy Evans spoke. He runs a church in Grand Rapids and used to be part of a gang. He's a pretty good speaker. He spoke at a church camp I went to a few years ago, NTS or never the same. I loved that camp. I think it was the best camp I've ever been too. It was amazing and perfect, and if I could relive any week it would be that one. Okay, while it was good lessons and had fun games and it was a nice campus with good food and the schedule was good, my favorite part of the whole thing was my friends. I loooovvvvvvveeeeedddddd my friends there. I mean, if I didn't have any friends there it would've been amazingly fun too. But my friends were epic. My favorite part was free time which was usually spent with my friend Ron. Aka my church crush. I haven't seen him in more than a year, other than a few weeks ago. And that wasn't even closes to talking to him. I miss him DX. Well, all that is gold doesn't last. I wish it did. Anyways, I don't even remember what we talked about the whole entire time. I just remember sitting there talking. I swear it was the best time ever. I played gags ball with him a lot. And it was super fun! I sound like a broken record, but I loved it. It was fun and we talked and hungout and it was perfect. Then on the last day it was raining. I was wearing my gym shorts and a team USA sweatshirt, from the Olympics whatever year. It was raining and I was out in the rain dancing like an idiot with all my friends and it was so fun. Well, friends other than Ron who was boring and sitting inside. I was dripping wet when I went in for the lesson. I sat in the isle and since I was dripping I sprayed water on a few of my friends. Then we went on the bus and I wasn't sitting by anyone. Anyone at all. So Ron came up and sat by me. I mean... It was kinda cute and super sweet. I know, I'm cheesy. It was in Indiana and we had to come back to Michigan so it was like a three hour bus ride. The kid who sat behind us was an annoying loud kid who is a few years younger than us. We were like "oh no, he's going to be annoying the whole bus ride." And he had pop so Ron was super worried about that. He thought he would be even worse than usual, but he crashed for almost the whole ride, till the last hour or so. Throughout the bus ride we watched lord of the rings three; the return of he king. It kept on skipping but it was fun. Me and Ron talked about the fantastic four and xmen movies. I hadn't seen the first fantastic four and he hadn't seen any of the xmen. Then when the annoying child woke up and it was in the end of the movie, so it was when there were all the icky kissing sciences and emotional scenes that took like five hours. Whenever two people (including guys) were really close, like hugging or whispering into someone's ear he would yell "kiss him! Kiss his ear!" And stuff like that. It was really annoying and when the leader finally told him to shut up I told Ron I regretted not saying "nobody cares about what you and your boyfriend do." I wonder if that would've shut him up. It was fun and it started on my brothers birthday and we got home at midnight after my dad's birthday. I loved it. And it's silly the little stupid cheesy details I remember. I mean, let's face it, through this whole post most of this stuff people wouldn't remember for two years. I guess people would. But, I mean, it's cheesy stupid sweet details that aren't important. I think about it a lot though. Whenever I'm wearing my shorts or USA swearshirt or watching fantastic four or dancing in the rain like an idiot or Troy Evans speaks or there's something about his church or sometimes it's just a random moment in time I remember the camp and I keep thinking about it, because while I may be a tomboy sometimes my brain can just be a crazy stupid romantic. And I guess the camp was right
I was never the same
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The winter soldier

Hi! Konichiwa. Actually it's Konbanwa. Nevermind, sorry for the late post. I was doing manual labor all day then watched Captain America on the laptop cause I love him. And since it's a late and boring day and I haven't worked on nanowrimo in a few days, so, for this post, WHO WANTS TO SEE A TRAILER WITH THE HOTTEST SUPERSOLDIER IN THE WORLD?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!??!?!? AND IT'S THE SECOND ONE!!!! WITH BUCKY!!!! YAY!!!!! CAUSE BUCKY LIVES!!!!!!! If you think I'm completely insane then go see the movie for yourself.
I hope this is the right one
Super Soldier
Raven DeWitt

Friday, November 15, 2013

Blew crap the heck up

Hey! So, I had chemistry club today. We blew stuff up. Seriously, more than the usual level. It was literally called will it burn week. If the school board asks, it was combustible matter. I called it blowing crap up week. Sadly we couldn't lite Colten on fire. Everything else was a go. We lit crayons, hand sanitizer and sugar and a lot of chemicals with big words for names. They turned pretty colors. I wanna light more things on fire. Okay, today is official piro day, who wants to light stuff on fire? Or blow stuff up? And we talked about how at barns and noble or any book store like in bars how guys buy drinks if you wanna hit on someone buy them a book. Like seriously, I would so marry you if you did that. Right on the spot, but dude, I'll do a rant on it tomorrow. Anyways we lite stuff on fire and crayons make good candles. And some people have the same opinions on certain people I do and my friend has a store clerk impression that sounds exactly like my bro waffle head, it's awesome!!!
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hey! So my bro Hilda at http://hildald.blogspot.com did a thankful Thursday post, and I wanted to do one too. I don't know why, it must feels good to think of everyone and mentally thank them. Plus it's November, and thanks giving is this month. On thanks giving it will probably be a shorter blurb about each thing, but a longer list. Here's the link to her post; http://hildald.blogspot.com/2013/11/thankful-thursday-link-up-so-much-love.html?showComment=1383845966469#c4709609651304753484

So, numbero uno: I am so very thankful for my brother. Hey bro! In case you didn't know his name is Phoenix. I say brother, but he's more like a best friend. We are super alike, personality and look wise. Which is odd because we both are super like each other and almost nothing like our parents. Same color hair, same color eyes. Same color natural highlight (but only in certain light). And according to one of his friends, we have similar facial expressions. After he said that we both made an expression that was the same. We also both love anime and manga, and we suggest them to each other and watch em together. We also both love video games, mostly the same ones too. We both draw and he has a whole wall in his room covered with only drawings he thinks are good enough to go onto his wall. They're all really good, I agree, and I am proud to say some of my drawings are on there too. We like the same music, rock, metal and screamo, and we use each other's iTunes accounts to share music. Half the music on my iPod is off his account. It's pretty cool. We like the same YouTube videos, both of our favorites is team four star or TFS an anime abridged parody. They have Hellsing Ultimate and DBZ not there. Other than our amazingly high amount of similarities, he's really fun to hang out with, he usually agrees with me and doesn't zone out during my rants. He gives good advice and is protective of his little sis, but not over protective. He's the best older brother ever.

Ni (Japanese for two): I am thankful for my friends. Well, friends is a very general subject, and while I love all of them, this rant is for my best friends. July is awesome, really nice and the geek, like me! Books and tv shows and social media. She got me into most of the sites that I use. She also got me into blogging. Arigato! She also likes animals and we watch each other's dogs whenever we go on vacation. It's really fun! She's an aspiring writer, I would say like me, but she's good and gets things done and actually writes. I seriously need to work on nano! Then there's Jessie, who is honestly the girly half of me. She's a tomboy, with a flair for style. Seriously, she's a nerd and into really cool shows and is a good artist, but whenever she's over she has something new to try out on me. Whether it's a new hairstyle or make up or she just wants to girlify me, I always end up looking like I actually have somewhere to go with actually people. Seriously, can't my crush see me after that happens? Anyways, she's really fashionable and good with hair and makeup, so I think she's going to be a fashion designer.

Three: My mom. Mum. Mummy. Are you my mummy? I want my mummy! What-up-doctor-who-reference! She cooks really good, and reads. We also usually watch a show every night and she buys me stuff. Not like all the time, but she bought monsters university and she always buys enough snacks to feed all of Africa. Then the teenage monsters come over and the foods gone and we have to fast until Tuesday. It happens. (Okay, maybe not all of its gone... They left the vegetables). She's pretty cool, and is usually chill about stuff. Like, she let me, my brother and my dad burn my Halloween pumpkins every year. I ditched school with her last year for a chiropractor during second hour and we went shopping and to a movie. My new favorite movie, rise of the guardians. I don't know if I had my blog at that time last year. If so, I probably ranted about it cause it's like one of/my favorite movie. It's amazing! Anyways, just some stuffs he's usually pretty chill about, and it's really nice. Plus sometimes it's nice to talk about guys to people who aren't guys. And other girl stuff. Cause, let's face it, I may be a tomboy but I'm also still a girl.

Quattro: boys. Let's face it, without them the world would be boooorrrrriiiiinnnnnnngggggg. They are funny. And yeah, girls can be funny, but I don't know why, guys are funnier. Not saying there's no funny girls out there, or that all guys are funny, I'm just saying, I generally think guys are funnier. Although sometimes they can be a little obnoxious. And boys can be idiots. They can be first rate, unadulterated idiot. With a sprinkle of dumb. But I still love them and I still love them for it. Of course, I can get mad at some of them sometimes, but usually I have a right. And I usually make up with them. Or the ones worth making up with, at least. And while guys still have drama, it's not nearly as bad as girl drama. I still hate it though, and they have less, but not none. And I generally get along with them better. And c'mon, let's face it ladies, without hot guys life would suck. I mean, Neil caffery or whoever the actor is that plays him, Channing Tatum and let's not forget my personal favorite, Chris Evans. If none of them existed where would I get to see hot guys?!?! And I couldn't live without hot guys!!!! This includes my crush <3.

Go or ご: my regular friends. Not nearly as close as my Besties, but c'mon, let's face it, I need them. They're funny and nice and caring and I can't have my best friends in all of my classes. Sadly. But hey, as long as I don't I might as well have some friends, in any form. Arigato!

Six: social media. I love it! It's fun to express my opinions, and not everyone has to know its me! I can be myself and people with like me for it. Sure people can judge me and be mean, but I can block em. Not that I would, I would probably think it was hilarious and social media everything else about it. And anyways, I have friends there. There are people in the world who are exactly like me. And even if they aren't, I get along with them so much better than most people in real life. I mean, real people can be awesome, but there are some... And anyways there are so many inspiring things and fan fictions and everything. It's like a whole new universe to explore. And youtube videos. They have everything from parodys to songs to tutorials for everything. I mean, sure I'm not going watch one direction music videos and makeup tutorials, but people like that stuff and I except it. As long as 1D stops stealing and insulting doctor who, cause they stole our official day. We sorta beat you too it by fifty years, sorry. Anyways, that rant has another day (like tomorrow). There's still drawing tutorials and BVB or ADTR or three days grace or aa or ff5 or stuff like that music videos that I love. And don't get me started on the parodies.

Nana or なな: God. He should be the beginning, but he makes more since as a grand finale. Well, he should be numbers one through seven, actually through infinite. He created everything and gives us everything. He created and gave me everything I'm thankful for, and he can take it away. But he isn't. He isn't taking away my food or my water or my air, because he loves me. He loves everyone, even if you don't believe in him. Which, even if you are "too smart to believe in god" you are an idiot if you don't. Because you may be Allah out facts, but Christianity has the most facts in its whole religion. And while I'm a Christian and encourage everyone to be, you don't have to be. But to me the stupidest thing is atheism. There was nothing and then there was something, or there was so much nothing it created something. How does that sound more realistic than God creating everything? You can believe whatever you want, but Christian doesn't mean stupid. It means smarter than you. But, enough, that's a while other post. So.... Tomorrow. Sorry day wars, you're gonna have to wait. Anyways, thank God for God.


Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jack Frost rant

So, in honor of it snowing Monday, (which is pretty made my week) I'm dedicating a post to my favorite guardian, one of the big four, JACK FROST!!!! I've probably done posts on him before, but some things I could do so many posts on I would still be able to blog if I go to heaven. Or down under, and no, I ain't talking about Australia. But that's a whole other post. Anyways, so his weekend I was having a big four marathon/rise of the brave tangled dragons marathon. Because I need to start writing that book. And I personally love hiccup and Jack Frost. I love Jack more though, sorry Hiccup. He does have Astrid. Anyways, Jack Frost, the hot. Even though he is amazingly cool. Hahaha, terrible pun. But true. He's cool and funny and caring and sweet and a totally fighter and hot and yeah, I love the way he looks, but I also love his personality, his past, everything. He's awesome and always comes with snow and cold and I LOVE snow and cold!!!! And snowball fights. My favorite holiday is Christmas which is in the winter. I love winter and everything about winter, the hot coco and sledding  and ice skating and snow and everything snow and the holidays and the breaks and it's just perfect. So, it makes sense I'd love the winter guardian. He is winter embodied, and I love winter. He's sledding and snow and ice and ice skating and even the heat things I love like the hot fire and hot coco, go along with winter. And it never said Jack Frost was hurt by heat. It never said he couldn't go by a fire or drink hot coco. So boom. He's the perfect husband and I won't settle for anything less. Haha. But since I'm not in rise of the brave tangled dragon, my ship in that group is Jack babe and Merida. And for all you people who ship Hiccup or Rapunzel they have an actually couple/boyfriend/girlfriend. I can see a ship with hiccup cause he isn't actually dating him, but they are kinda a thing. So, I don't ship him with anyone, but other people can. I just HATE Rapunzel ships. Especially with my Jack Frost. Dibs btw!!! Like, Rapunzel is married. You can't ship someone who's married. And they are a reeeaaaallllyyyyyy boring ship. I mean, seriously? Can't think of anything more exciting. Really. Oh, and I follow a lot of RP Jack Frost accounts on twitter. So, last year I was talking to one and my throat hurt and I said something about it and he said he "put his hand to my throat and used his frost powers to help my throat" or something like that. I swear, right when I got that tweet my sore throat started freezing, and it was like oh my gosh he's real!!!! So, if I ever see him I love him!
Mrs. Frost
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thor two: the dark world

So I went to see Thor: the dark world today. And may I just say......EPIC AWESOMENESS IM SURPRISED MY BRIAN DIDNT EXPLODE FROM HOW COOL IT WAS!!!! I loved it, as I do almost every movie. Okay, every movie short if romances and movies that are nonfiction. Cause reality's reaaaallllllyyyy not my thing. So, naturally I loved Thor 2. Of course Thor two featured the normal people a Thor movie would, Thor, Loki, their mom and dad, Thor's band of merry men. It featured Darci and Jane and that old dude they hangout with. It also had a special guest appearance from my favorite avenger; Captain America. Loki was with Thor and talking too him and Loki decided to mess with Thor by turning into people. He turned into Captain America one of the best avengers ever, and along with being awesome he is also my favorite avenger! :D. I loooooovvvvveeeee Captain America and his actor, Chris Evans! Btw if either or both or if there isn't a difference he ever sees this post, you're the best actor ever! (Cause we all know famous people view my blog. Cause I'm just cool like that). But anyways, other than my favorite avenger being in he movie, my favorite non avenger that's not really a hero was in there! Loki. He wasn't the bad guy. Or the only bad guy. He was still bad but good and I don't think he's bad and..... Okay, so here's my thoughts on Loki: Yeah, he shouldn't have gone on a rampage and killed like half of earth. Dick move Loki. But at the same time, I like him. Yes, he did kill people. Yes, he did "destroy" (I don't think it's destroyed) a while realm. Yep, that's his fault. But it's also his dad's fault. You know, for kidnapping a kid, raising it as his own and setting up his kids so that they are rivals and raising them both saying they can be king but only one can be and SERIOUSLY LOKI AND THORS DAD, YOU MESSED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously? In the first movie guess who Loki was trying to impress? HIS DAD. And in the avengers, guess who told Loki he would be king? HIS DAD. Yes, Loki did kill people and supposedly destroy a realm, but Loki's dad is the one who raised him and made him think he should, think he should do that to impress him. They both contributed. And then there's Thor. Thor is of course a good guy, but that doesn't mean he always was. Before he met Jane Foster he was a arrogant jerk, who "courted war". He was stuck up and just fought for fun and killed and was a war addict. He wasn't king material. Loki wanted to be king and his dad wouldn't let him. But then who literally changed a day ago is all perfect. Yeah, Thor loved his brother and didn't want him hurt. Or evil. But dude, Thor was a jerk then he changed. And he's good now. But, he wasn't good. And guess who still favored his brother? His freaking dad, who I personally don't like. Because he caused it! Seriously, HISHE and honest trailers agree. Seriously what the heck was he thinking? My favorite line ever was when Thor and Loki's dad said that they weren't gods. Like thank you so much! I still don't like you that much, but that is my favorite line from a Thor movie, probably in the top five lines of any Avengers movie. Anyways, I liked Darcy in this movie too, even if she says he s-word like twice. Which is aka-awkward when watching with your mom. Same with the like two or three kisses that last like ten minutes. That intern wasn't even all that hot. Neither was the guy Jane was with in like the scene that she first appeared it. He was SOOO not cute. But Thor on the other hand... And Loki. They put the hot in psycHOTic. Okay, maybe just Loki and barely even, but Loki and Thor are still cute. But neither is psychotic. Just hot. Anyways, the old scientist dude streaking and pants less was soooo not a highlight and.... It was just gross and awkward and ew!!! And there's some stuff I'm a bit confused about but..... SPOILER ALERT: Loki at he end.... Did he kill his dad? Or where was his dad at that last part? SPOILER ALERT OVER.
Raven DeWitt

Monday, November 11, 2013

Doctor vampire that I always see

Hėłłõ. Whåžźüp? Okay, I had to do those letters. They're awesome! So, yesterday I started a rant about the rug of fate, which proves I watch waaaayyyyyyy to much brave. Anyways, that led to the people you see everywhere. There are two of those at the monument; Cameron, the guy I saw at the fuel beach party. And at fuel. And at the library. Like seriously, everywhere! And it was only a month after I thought I'd never see him again. Screw you too universe. It was too much to hope for. And then there's my school crush, Jordan. Other than having him in three of my classes, I see him in the library during fifth hour and stuff and seriously, I run into a bunch of people randomly and it's so annoying! Can I not see people freaking everywhere? And, other than that, I have today and tomorrow off and tomorrow I'm going to the mall then watching Thor! Well, Thor two: the dark world. With a villain, guess who? Loki! Hard to believe, right? He's like, never the villain! I like him and he's a cool villain, but way overused. And didn't he die? Then get captured? What the heck! How can he still be the villian? If he isn't I'll tell you, but he is on all the commercials and billboards and movie posters. Safe bet he's in the movie. And he's always a villian. Always. Every single time. And it's my day off, but it's also snowing! Yay! Happy dance time! Might not snow this year my butt! Yay. And let's see, there was something else.... Oh, yeah! I was watching My babysitters a vampire (another little kid show with some unlittle kid material) and there was this Halloween episode and some kid dressed up as a "doctor when". Wow, that does sound like any nerdy tv show I love. But they didn't have a tardis, they just time travel. Doesn't sound at all like my nerdy show. Hahahahaha.
Companion vampire in the snow
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Okay, so everyone is always freaking out about how angels in supernatural wear tench coats. They always illuminate the trench coat. Well today in church I saw this one guy wearing a trench coat. I was like oh my gosh! It's an angel! Apparently the trench coat is a big deal. And he was wearing a trench coat. I was like oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!! I saw an angel in a trench coat! Or just a normal guy, but I mean, it was kinda perfect coincidence. So, thank you trench coat guy. That made my day. After first service I was going up the stairs and the stairs are in a cross way and just as I walked in I saw my church crush going out. I haven't seen him in over a year, not counting today. I miss him. I didn't even get a chance to say hi, but I saw him which is better than the past year. Okay, so I hardcore crushed on him seventh grade, and then it was like normal crushing and now it's back to hardcore. Dang it brain! Whenever I think I'm never going to see someone again, I see them like the next day at least. At most it's like a month. Seriously, there's something weird going on here. Like in brave, when she says something like "some say our fate is like a rug, intertwined with many others". I think the line goes something like that. Anyways, I seriously wonder why my "fate" is intertwined with some people. But take even one thread (or person) our and it wouldn't be the same, no matter how unimportant the person. But it was kinda weird, how I see some people everywhere, but that's a whole other post. But seriously, it's a bit odd. And when I finally accept Ill never see them again, I see them yet again. Ugh. Wait, our fate is woven together and there's a red string of fate.... OH MY GOSH DID I JUST MAKE THAT CONNECTION?!?!?!?!?!?! Anyways, why? It's weird and confusing. I guess the rugs not finished yet.
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nanowrimo zombies

Hey! Whazzup? So, today I went to pamcakes, which is basically just pancakes at one of our youth leaders houses. Her names Pam. Anyways, so I went there and we ate pancakes and bacon and oranges and talked. Pretty exciting, huh? Then I went to Indianas house and we watched doctor who. And the doctor lost Donna. Then I got home and my iPad got kidnapped for Hellsing. Or course I got to work on my nanowrimo peace first. Yay. Here's the fist part, it's in the description on Their website. I'm also posting it here, so there's nothing different between the two.

It was a dark cold day. Not unusual for fall, but what was unusual was the silence. They never stayed silent for that long. Especially this late. It was 4:42. They were usually out all hours of the day. The most were out around three to anytime the sky was dark and the feeding was good.
“Angel! Come back, we only have like twenty minutes to get back to camp!” My best friend Alice shouted at me.
“One minute, I want a higher view Ace,” I stared up at the tree I was standing under. It went maybe thirty feet high. Very deadly if I fell. Even deadlier if a zombie saw me. Heck yeah I’m gonna climb it.
It didn’t take long to get to the top, but I almost lost my balance, and my gun a few times. When I finally got to the top it was 4:46. There was no zombies within miles. It made me very suspicious. I could see the base.
May our medic was sitting by the door with a gun that looked way too big for her small frame.
There was Jamie, looking through the forest for animals. Hunting was getting harder. We might have to move soon.
Graeme was walking back to base, even though we had almost 9 minutes left, give or take 29 seconds. There was no more movement in the rest of the universe. Or the part we could see. Which was not much. I looked around again and saw a bit of movement to the right, but mostly in front of us.
I pulled out my radio, and called May. “Hey, I see something to the right, I’m gonna go check it out.” I climbed down and ran over there, with Alice following behind. I got to the bushes at the edge of an abandon park and crouched down.
             There were five forms at the other end that looked humaniod. Two of them we half dragging half holding up one of them. The other two were limping but not like a zombie. Like they were wounded.
             Zombies couldn't be wounded. They didn't feel pain. They didn't feel anything. But they had memories. There was a consciousness locked away in there, but the disease took over the actions. The disease ate away at the brain while keeping them alive. The thing it ate last was their memories and consciousness. While it was eating it had control of the body. By the time it was done it was the body. It was a single command; eat. Kill. Spread. Take over. I shivered. The person was gone, but they were the last to go.
             "I recognise them," I said. I didn't remember from where though. They were only twenty feet away, and it was obvious they weren't full zombies yet. I came out from the hiding spot and held up my handgun, a beretta 9M. "Who are you and where do you guys come from?"
             A really hot one looked up. "It's been a long time since people haven't recognized us. We're from Britain, but we were here on tour. We escaped Detroit but just recently."
            Alice stood up wide eyed. "OMG YOU GUYS ARE ONE DIRECTION!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!"
            I recognised them. Before the apocalypse Alice made me learn all their names. The hot one who had spoken first was Harry. Harry and Louis were dragging Liam. And Zayn and Niall were in the back. Niall smiled and spoke, "it looks like we have a fangirl who hasn't died yet."

Zombie fighter
I haven't figured out a last name. Hmm.
Raven DeWitt

Friday, November 8, 2013

The curious savage

Hey. I just went to see my school play, the curious savage. It was cool. And boring. Booorrriiiinnnnnnngggggggggggggg. I mean, I liked it and here were some really hot guys in it, but it was boring. It was sorta funny though. It was about a sanatorium where there was a perfectly sane  person who messed with her step children who were just too jerky to be true. And in the end she leaves them. I didn't like that. Of course the rest of it was cool. But again boring. If you have a chance to go see it do, just don't be all.... ADHD or add or whatever. Just don't be expecting something exciting. Because it's about a gazzillion years old, or in days from that time. And it's jokes are almost as old. No offense, it was a good play, but... Again, boooooorrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg.
Like sherlock
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bad day

Today like sucked. Because apparently people need to get hit. By a grenade. Or the fatty can eat it. She can eat anything. So, other than her normal level of being a female dog we usually get along. Although prolonged exposure can give people suicidal thoughts, because she is annoying. And that's what I think when I'm not mad at her. Seriously, she's like that one friend who you don't know why you're friends with. I'm not going to name names, because that would be rude. But if you know her, punch her in her fat ugly face. Deal? Kay, sweet. So anyways, as I was getting on the bus there was someone in front of me, so I can like run on and get a Effin seat. And we have to scan bus tags which gets annoying as heck. Trenton annoys me less sometimes. And I threaten him like a gazillion times a hour. And I have a violin and it's case that is half my size. Then there's my backpack which is twenty freakin pounds. Believe it or not that's not super easy to haul onto the freakin bus. So my friend who was behind me was shouting at me to move and get on quickly and she was shoving me. I'm already not in a good mood because of reasons, and she's shoving me and yelling at me, while I have to haul a bunch of stuff onto a bus and scan my bus tag like a good little five year old. And she already bugs the heck out of me. That already doesn't make me super happy. I'm obviously just peachy. Fan-freakin-tactic. I told her to stop or I was seriously going to push her out the back of the bus. And she decided to grow a pair for once and said "stop acting so high and might I know you won't". I'm already kinda in a bad mood and then she decided to be annoying then grow a pair? I elbowed her, like dude, don't push it. She shoved me again, this time halfway across the bus. My violin ended up hitting some kid on the head. I was pissed. Like, dude, what the heck? I went and hit her on the arm. Not hard, but I so wish I did. She just smirked and said "see? You're not tough". I sat down and got out my head phones. While my iPod was warming up I was sitting there without anything to block out the troll, and my actual friend sat down. She turned to fat ugly and said "When you pushed Raven she hit some kid on the head with her violin" and so then ugly fat troll who actually has a pair -who Effin knew?- said something about how she was busy pushing or hitting or something the -sorry for the swear word, but she called me it and it hurt, and I'm not going to water it down, because this is exactly what she called me "the wicked bitch of the west". It's like dude, WHAT THE FRICK?!?! She started it then she backstabs me. Sadly she still has to backstabs even though I thought she just grew a pair. Looks like I was wrong. Then she turns and shouts sorry to the kid. Not like I'm your friend and deserve an apology. She actually is usually mean to the kid she just apologized too. Well, I guess she's a professional backstabber. Sorry for he depressing post, but dude, worst bus ride ever. And now a feel like a scardy cat, who can't do anything her self. Who isn't tough. On the bright side, I don't have to back stab to feel like I'm worth something. On the bright side I saw Trenton and Jordan today. Whoopdy doo, one good freakin thing happened today. And when I'm pissed I cry, so on the bus I was sitting there crying, like I was sad. No, I'm absolutely livid. And I got that line from TFS, btw.
Pissed and betrayed
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today's guys

Hey, what's new? Today in bio we had a lab where we had to put our hands in ice water for like two minutes. It was awesome and on my bucket list is officially swimming in ice water. Like polar bearing or whatever. This may have been inspired by the fact that I love freezing cold, or the fact that I was sitting next to what I consider one of the top five hottest guys I know. Maybe top two? And then in civics we had to present for class and there were a bunch of skits that we had to do that took place in cars. Mostly that people in the cars were a guy and a girl. ;p. We all know why it went that way. If you don't, guy and a girl and a car is make out time. Which is why there aren't drive in movie theaters anymore. Hey, guys basically just like making out, it's the sad truth. At least all the ones I know. Sowwy if I just ruined guys for you. But seriously, I blame the guys I  hangout with. And little kids shows/movies. Those things are pervy!
Cold blooded
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Hey! Sorry about the late post, but I had tutoring and then Mel came over and the school took everyone's iPad. So.... Sowwy. I still haven't worked on my nanowrimo piece. I did work on my price with Mel, about her dream. And we are going to do a school play in the book. Oz the great and powerful. It should be perfectly messed up by weirdo teenage girls.
Your welcome
Raven DeWitt

Monday, November 4, 2013


Hey! So, I finally figured out what I'm doing for NaNoWriMo! I'm gonna do like a punk One Direction, but a whole zombie appocolypse version of it. I'm not a directioner or planning to be, but Mel suggested it and anything that has to do with punk has got to be cool, even stupid boybands. Plus when you add it zombies it makes it legend -wait for it-dary! Legendary! What-up-how-I-met-you-mother-reference! Anyways, zombie appocolypse with punk 1D as suggested by Mel. You're welcome universe, a punk 1D story from the closest thing to a punk that doesn't almost puke at the mention of 1D. I think that's going to be awesome. And I should really get started with that. Anyways, my iPad got taken away in school, every freshmans did so they can take away our happiness and iPads and all the fun even slightly possible in school. Evil people. Of course that's school for you. Anyways, onto writing, that's my story. If you guys have any ideas for cool things tell me, I might use them. Or awesome names.
Punk zombie fighter
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, November 3, 2013

My inspiration

Hey! So, I was meaning to post earlier,but then I got sidetracked. And then I got to the page and Phoenix took my iPad. I have to delete ever app that isn't for school by tomorrow when they take away our fun because they're evil, terrible people. And I met River Song, and that's such a sad story. Well from what Indiana told me about it it's a terrible story. And I still don't know what exactly I'm doing for nanowrimo, but I have a few ideas. I should really start writing but it all confuses me. I should go figure it out, so I'll be there in a few. Sorry my life is really boring, I've basically been watching doctor who for the past day. And going on monster high and trying to think of what to write about. I haven't heard from my twitter friends from monster high. Hopefully they'll be on soon. Anyways, I need writing ideas. I'm thinking Disney princesses modern day/Disney high school. That'd be cool. Or like a future where it's all war and anarchy and destruction and ruin. That'd be a cool story or video game. Which means it'd be fun to write about, think about what people would be feeling, thinking, doing. Or the princess ones, take a character and what I think they would do in this situation. Like what would happen? Or change a major avent in history. The south won the war or the colonies never rebelled against Britain. What would've happened? What would my family and friends be like? What would my life be like? That's where I usually get my inspiration for writing. That and all the fan fictions I want to write. Or sometimes it's even a photo. I get inspiration from a picture. Choices and questions like "you can customize a character and go into any anime you want but you'll only go there when you sleep and you'll get transported here with the person you hate most OR you go to the anime world all the time, but you don't choose what world or what your character looks like or age or voice or powers are". For one like this I would make two main characters who would each choose a different choice. So, that's my inspiration for stories. What should I do for nanowrimo? Cause while I can tell you all that, I have no idea what to do! :/
Writers block
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Youmacon sinking into the mud

Today is the second day of youmacon, an anime convention in Detroit, two and a half hours from where I live, forty dollars today, twenty dollars tomorrow, TFS showed sneak peeks of their new episodes at noon and I was sitting at home feeling sad cause I'm missing it. All of it. The live action Mario party, the cosplay chess, everything. It all sounded so fun and I would rather go to this convention than any other convention because team four star, one of my favorite youtubers, were there. Premiering the next episodes in their series. Both of their series. I even had the perfect cosplay outfit, which might not fit next year and I sooooooooooooo wanted to go to youmacon, other than getting out of school and holidays which I always look forward to, this was one of the only things I was excited for this school year. I know I sound really depressing, but dude, it's like a premier of a movie of your favorite book or sequel to your favorite movie where they didn't mess up the whole thing. Where it went almost exactly by the book or it didn't mess up the characters or first story. It's like a concert to your favorite band or your favorite book coming out or your favorite author or band or singer or actor right there in your town or close to it. And you miss it all. Of course "there's always next year". Yeah, that helps. And next year there's going to be some stupid thing that gets in the way of me doing what I actually wanted to do. Or TFS isn't going to be there. Seriously karma, what did I do to you? Sorry for the depressing rant right now, but I'm not Ina. Good mood. First there was that, then I woke up around noon and the latest notification on my iPad was a tweet notification about how they're showing the new episodes at noon. Mentally crying and yeah. It was terrible. I mean, way to rub it in. And then when I was cleaning the bathroom my mom came down and said that dad was calling me. I didn't hear him so I told my mom okay and finished cleaning the toilet cause I can't just leave at that very second. I get up and my dad's yelling at me to get his shoes on, so I run upstairs and put my shoes on and come back down as quick as well, me-inly possible and when I got back he was gone so I started walking around looking for him when he yelled at me to come here and I yelled back where are you? When I finally Rouen him the law mower was sinking into the mud. Yeah, I get that he needed me to hurry to help him, but what was I supposed to do? Magically know where he was and transport there completely ready? I'm only human! Or whatever race he is that I'm apparently supposed to be. Ugh!
Raven DeWitt

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween special-ish

Halloween was awesome! :) well, mostly. I felt like I abandoned all my friend or left them out at least once each. So, Indiana was just laying on the couch while me and my friends were doing last minute candy and decoration detail. Then we didn't get to trick-or-treating until really late and July wasn't going trick-or-treating, everyone was freaking out and saying let's go c'mon let's go, so I just ended up having to go with them and leave July at my house until her mom picked her up, which is till feel really bad about. Then while we were trick-or-treating Indiana wanted to go to her friends house. Everyone else was still trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, so I though we would meet up with them, cause it wouldn't take too long. Wrong. So we kinda left them and now I feel bad about it, cause I didn't want to and I though we'd meet up later. So..... Like that happened. In other news my link costume turned out great, and the hat is awesome. I'm gonna wear it for fun, probably same with the shirt. Well, very very very oversized tshirt, so it's more like a dress on me. Which is why it worked for Links tunic. The cake pops kinda sorta failed miserably, but they taste really good. :D I love the strawberrys, which were covered with white chocolate and given faces with black frosting. Indiana dressed as the doctor, July didn't dress up and the rest were the three pink ladies. It kinda annoyed me, cause my friends love the outsiders book, which I hate, and one of the, was being all like guys, I'm a greaser! First off, pink doesn't really give off the greaser vibe, and secondly like, yeah, but will you stop fangirling over the outsiders? It was a really terrible book, sorry if you liked it. I hated it. And the guys were legit gay. I mean, I get that it was written by a girl, but unless you're a girl who knows how guys think, you can't do that. Vis-versa guys. Like, seriously, don't. You. Dare. Anyways, I mean, they were cute costumes but the outsiders seriously bugged me. Another thing that seriously bugged me; when people dress up as nerds. You don't see me wearing a 1D sweatshirt and backwards hats and being all like lol, I'm a cool person, yolo swag. Because, let's face it I'm not a cool person, like that group I mean. It's just like that. I always hate nerd stuff now,  it that's a whole other post. Anyways, some Halloween costumes that I loved were of course mine, a few Mario and Luigis and I saw a spyro and a minion. I also saw another one that I loved but I don't remember it now. Dang. I just though of something; if people are going to dress up as nerds, next year I'm dressing up as a cool person. Anyways, tomorrow's youmacon, which I don't know if I'm going to, but probably not. I, super sad about that. Please god, let me go! Please please please please please! Today's chemistry clubs Halloween special; dry ice. It's also not November 1st it's October 32nd. And I'm participating in nanowrimo, which is a writing thingy. Anyone have any ideas what mine should be about? Comment!
Girl Link
Chosen hero
Youmacon envier
Actual nerd
Aspiring writer
I'm just a lot of things, okay?
Raven DeWitt