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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bad day

Today like sucked. Because apparently people need to get hit. By a grenade. Or the fatty can eat it. She can eat anything. So, other than her normal level of being a female dog we usually get along. Although prolonged exposure can give people suicidal thoughts, because she is annoying. And that's what I think when I'm not mad at her. Seriously, she's like that one friend who you don't know why you're friends with. I'm not going to name names, because that would be rude. But if you know her, punch her in her fat ugly face. Deal? Kay, sweet. So anyways, as I was getting on the bus there was someone in front of me, so I can like run on and get a Effin seat. And we have to scan bus tags which gets annoying as heck. Trenton annoys me less sometimes. And I threaten him like a gazillion times a hour. And I have a violin and it's case that is half my size. Then there's my backpack which is twenty freakin pounds. Believe it or not that's not super easy to haul onto the freakin bus. So my friend who was behind me was shouting at me to move and get on quickly and she was shoving me. I'm already not in a good mood because of reasons, and she's shoving me and yelling at me, while I have to haul a bunch of stuff onto a bus and scan my bus tag like a good little five year old. And she already bugs the heck out of me. That already doesn't make me super happy. I'm obviously just peachy. Fan-freakin-tactic. I told her to stop or I was seriously going to push her out the back of the bus. And she decided to grow a pair for once and said "stop acting so high and might I know you won't". I'm already kinda in a bad mood and then she decided to be annoying then grow a pair? I elbowed her, like dude, don't push it. She shoved me again, this time halfway across the bus. My violin ended up hitting some kid on the head. I was pissed. Like, dude, what the heck? I went and hit her on the arm. Not hard, but I so wish I did. She just smirked and said "see? You're not tough". I sat down and got out my head phones. While my iPod was warming up I was sitting there without anything to block out the troll, and my actual friend sat down. She turned to fat ugly and said "When you pushed Raven she hit some kid on the head with her violin" and so then ugly fat troll who actually has a pair -who Effin knew?- said something about how she was busy pushing or hitting or something the -sorry for the swear word, but she called me it and it hurt, and I'm not going to water it down, because this is exactly what she called me "the wicked bitch of the west". It's like dude, WHAT THE FRICK?!?! She started it then she backstabs me. Sadly she still has to backstabs even though I thought she just grew a pair. Looks like I was wrong. Then she turns and shouts sorry to the kid. Not like I'm your friend and deserve an apology. She actually is usually mean to the kid she just apologized too. Well, I guess she's a professional backstabber. Sorry for he depressing post, but dude, worst bus ride ever. And now a feel like a scardy cat, who can't do anything her self. Who isn't tough. On the bright side, I don't have to back stab to feel like I'm worth something. On the bright side I saw Trenton and Jordan today. Whoopdy doo, one good freakin thing happened today. And when I'm pissed I cry, so on the bus I was sitting there crying, like I was sad. No, I'm absolutely livid. And I got that line from TFS, btw.
Pissed and betrayed
Raven DeWitt

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  1. Then she texted me and said "Do you know why she was being so mean on the bus today?" then when I asked who texted she said sorry wrong number, then sorry not sorry (of course, why would she? She should be used to being a traitor) then she said bye bitch. That word. Seriously? She started it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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