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Friday, November 15, 2013

Blew crap the heck up

Hey! So, I had chemistry club today. We blew stuff up. Seriously, more than the usual level. It was literally called will it burn week. If the school board asks, it was combustible matter. I called it blowing crap up week. Sadly we couldn't lite Colten on fire. Everything else was a go. We lit crayons, hand sanitizer and sugar and a lot of chemicals with big words for names. They turned pretty colors. I wanna light more things on fire. Okay, today is official piro day, who wants to light stuff on fire? Or blow stuff up? And we talked about how at barns and noble or any book store like in bars how guys buy drinks if you wanna hit on someone buy them a book. Like seriously, I would so marry you if you did that. Right on the spot, but dude, I'll do a rant on it tomorrow. Anyways we lite stuff on fire and crayons make good candles. And some people have the same opinions on certain people I do and my friend has a store clerk impression that sounds exactly like my bro waffle head, it's awesome!!!
Raven DeWitt

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