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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Youmacon sinking into the mud

Today is the second day of youmacon, an anime convention in Detroit, two and a half hours from where I live, forty dollars today, twenty dollars tomorrow, TFS showed sneak peeks of their new episodes at noon and I was sitting at home feeling sad cause I'm missing it. All of it. The live action Mario party, the cosplay chess, everything. It all sounded so fun and I would rather go to this convention than any other convention because team four star, one of my favorite youtubers, were there. Premiering the next episodes in their series. Both of their series. I even had the perfect cosplay outfit, which might not fit next year and I sooooooooooooo wanted to go to youmacon, other than getting out of school and holidays which I always look forward to, this was one of the only things I was excited for this school year. I know I sound really depressing, but dude, it's like a premier of a movie of your favorite book or sequel to your favorite movie where they didn't mess up the whole thing. Where it went almost exactly by the book or it didn't mess up the characters or first story. It's like a concert to your favorite band or your favorite book coming out or your favorite author or band or singer or actor right there in your town or close to it. And you miss it all. Of course "there's always next year". Yeah, that helps. And next year there's going to be some stupid thing that gets in the way of me doing what I actually wanted to do. Or TFS isn't going to be there. Seriously karma, what did I do to you? Sorry for the depressing rant right now, but I'm not Ina. Good mood. First there was that, then I woke up around noon and the latest notification on my iPad was a tweet notification about how they're showing the new episodes at noon. Mentally crying and yeah. It was terrible. I mean, way to rub it in. And then when I was cleaning the bathroom my mom came down and said that dad was calling me. I didn't hear him so I told my mom okay and finished cleaning the toilet cause I can't just leave at that very second. I get up and my dad's yelling at me to get his shoes on, so I run upstairs and put my shoes on and come back down as quick as well, me-inly possible and when I got back he was gone so I started walking around looking for him when he yelled at me to come here and I yelled back where are you? When I finally Rouen him the law mower was sinking into the mud. Yeah, I get that he needed me to hurry to help him, but what was I supposed to do? Magically know where he was and transport there completely ready? I'm only human! Or whatever race he is that I'm apparently supposed to be. Ugh!
Raven DeWitt

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