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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Catching fire

So I had this whole post written about catching fire but then it got deleted. Joy. Fan-freaking-tastic. But it's okay, cause now I have a few days after words for my movie high to have worn off, or me being super duper like omg that movie was awesome! It was awesome though. They did the outfits perfect, and the characters even better! Of course with Finnicks outfit, the one where he's wearing only a knot, they did it different. Thank god! Now, the next parts might contain some spoilers, but only if you haven't read the book. If you haven't, why are you here online? Get to reading! Anyways, they still did the sugarcane scene. And the elevator scene with Jo Anna, which so could've been left out. I mean, aka-awkward. Of course, that was in the book too. I loved the arena, I mean, it was awesome. And they did it all perfect. Although the monkey o'clock looked a bit too wizard of oz for my taste. But it was perfect and I am sooooooooooo in love with Josh Hucherson. Okay, not in love, but it's pretty cool. And he said all the icky love lines but it was like perfect and I'm usually not into all that romantic crap but... He's so hot! And he did the lines perfectly. And it was an awesome movie. Although it didn't feature some things, like the relationship with the team that fattened her up for the oven, or well... Cinna. It didn't feature that relationship, even thought it was pretty important. They featured every other important part though, including -sadly- the love V. It's so annoying. I don't like love triangles, they're so annoying. I love him. No, babe, I don't love him. Of course I love you. What? I never loved him. Ugh. Make up your mind, break one of their hearts, before you break em both. Unless one of them is a time lord, then you'd break all three. Anyways, lose one before you lose them both. Or he turns psycho and falls in love with your six year old daughter. Either way, it's not the way you wanted it to happen. Of course, I'm sure everyone in the theatre enjoyed me and Mel talking. I mean, a eye roll whenever Katniss and Gale had a love v moment and Peeta and Katniss had a moment like "yeah, you totally don't actually love him even though" and there are many things I can add there. Like how there's no one else she'd rather be with in the hunger games. And stuff like that. No, you don't love him at all. Other than that it was amazing, I loved when Peeta announced her pregnancy and she was like "oh, I'm pregnant? I guess I am." It was kinda funny. They went almost exactly by the book but added in one character. Snow has a granddaughter. Who wants to grow up and be just like Katniss. Cause that's what snow needed, his granddaughters hero is his enemy. Well, that just great. So she wasn't in the book, but it demonstrates what Katniss did to even the people in the capital. She inspired them. And it was funny. I mean, seriously, just the best :)
So, I loved the movie
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