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Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey! Whazzup? You know how yesterday's posts was me int he middle of cleaning my room? Yeah, that kinda didn't get done. I mean, I did put all my dirty clothes in a laundry basket as opposed to my floor and bring them down to be washed, but I'm been meaning to do that for like a week now. Let's just say input the pro in procrastinate. But don't worry, I'm taking care of my procrastination issues, just wait and see. Hahaha, I have like a million more of those, but there is a time and a place. Kinda. Wait, is there? Not the point. Anyways, so.... I lost my train of though. Oh well. I had the hiccups earlier. Like Hiccup the Viking. First Viking who wouldn't kill a dragon. First to ride one though. Oh! I should get to work on my big four story! And then big four in hogwarts. WAIT! Just thought of something; famous hogwarts. A hogwarts filled with superheroes, movie and tv show characters, bands, actors. Like Jack sparrow meets the doctor meets Harry potter meets BVB meets Zelda meets batman. Like just a bunch of people, al thrown into a group together. Kinda like an idea for the 50th doctor who special, get every actor who has ever played a doctor, companion or other main role in doctor who, stick em on a giant tardis set and tell them not to break character. Record it all. My story would be like that, just with a whole bunch of people from every fandom! And then maybe camp half blood. Ooh! Big four in camp half blood! What other stories can I make? Big four in SHEILD! Big four in supernatural okay, I need to think of ideas. And along with the big four I could also do just a bunch of things. Okay, I officially looovvvveeeee crossovers. BIG FOUR IN VARIOUS VIDEO GAMES AND ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, that's the most epic one of all!
Happy writing, hope I inspired some ideas
Sorry if you never heard of/don't like half of these
I think I'm gonna make a list and post it when it's done
Or when it gets reeeaaallllyyyy long
Your welcome
Raven DeWitt

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