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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! 🎃👻🎑👻Okay, I know I haven't done a real post in forever! Well, not forever just a few days. But, I mean, that is a super long time here in teen world featuring ADD and ADHD peeps. Anyways, so Tuesday I went to tutoring, and then my mom told me we were going out to eat at Chinese right after, we just went to pick up the boys. So, I had no time to post. Yesterday I had to work on all the stuff for today, like starting off some of the treats I'm making for the Halloween party, and making my costume cause my previous plan bailed. She was gonna come over yesterday to finish it, but then she had to go to an orchestra concert for her cousin, so I had to run around finding and making stuff on my own. It's not too bad, just not preferred the day before Halloween. I'm still going as girl link though, so no worrys. I still have to paint my nails and carve a pumpkin, but I have friends who can help me tonight, at least I hope they'll help. Anyways, yesterday I was at school and do you remember a few weeks ago when I splashed a guy, who just so happened to be a hot guy from my church? Well yesterday he threw carrots at me then poked me, and said he was going to find me when it rained and splash me. Well, it started raining later yesterday, so I have to avoid him. I think my pikachu sweatshirt is very recognizable, but thankfully I'm not wearing it today. I'm wearing black and creepy and eyeball rings and candy corn earrings. It's kinda fun to see all the people dressed up at school. And some little kid came into the library for trick-or-treating. He was dressed as mike from monsters university. I also had a friend who was dressed as a bunny, but tonight she's gonna dress up as a goddess, Demeter, Greek goddess of agriculture. There was also a chick dressed up as a bumble bee. A bunch of my friends are coming over, and I am getting lots of candy, so today should be good. Tell ya about it tomorrow!
Girl Link
Raven DeWitt

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Designed by July A. Emmance

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Halloween costume Ideas

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I really was going to do a post earlier, but it's a really busy day preparing for tomorrow!sorry!
Guess who?
Seriously, unless I've told you (exception is on this blog) guess my costume for tomorrow
Hint: gender bent version of someone
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Sorry, busy night, going to eat food omnomnom, hungry hungry hungry.
No vids for you!
Raven DeWitt

Monday, October 28, 2013

No idea

Sorry for the late post! Mel came over so we could write and we ended up on chat roulette sites. Now, I actually find these fun.  But there are smirk really creepy people. I would suggest not using chat sites. They can lead to the discovery of some very creepy people. Very, very creepy people. Like from the land of creep tactic in creepagedion. Speaking of, I saw Trenton today. I miss him. I forgot to tells I, he was in he dream where Phoenix died! Dangit, knew I forgot something. Ugh! Anyways, what's new with all you? It's Monday. Whoppydido. On the bright side my dads on a business trip and Thursdays Halloween. So, like yeah. Welcome to my boring life. I have like nothing to post about right now, but maybe tomorrow. Oh! I updated to iOS whatever and I hate it. It sucks! Although there is by Siri. Rumor is, he has back sass. I want to hear what he says! Questions of the day; which Siri is the shiny one?
Not one of he creepies
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Daughter of Hermes


So, today in church the pastor said "what if you could see a sneak peek into your wedding?" Me and my friend wanted to see the poor smuck who woulkd actually marry us. I was thinking, if I could see my wedding then I would just wanna see the guy I marry and the people who are there. Then, my youth pastor went on. "Girls will probably be rating their dress and..." I was like What? Um, excuse me? I am the type of person who wants to wear a tshirt and jeans to my wedding. You can say some people might want to see their outfit, but why say girls, as in all girls, as in we all should care. It's like, what am I no longer a girl if I don't give a crap about my dress? I'm not even the only one! My friend wouldn't care about her dress either. Its stereotypes like this that I despice. Like how all girls appariently loooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee sweatpants, whereas I HATE them. And I'm still a chick. Unless girlyparts mysteriously changed, not liking sweatpants or not caring about my wedding dress doesn't make me less of a girl. I mean, c'mon, can't you stop? There are a lot of stereotypes that bug me, nerds, emo/goth/scene, girls, what we should be, who we are, if we do what then what we are or if we are what we have to do or like or think this and that and why should we?  Why, if we are a chick must we like this? Why is it that all girls have to care about that? Why is it that if I like this I must be this? If I am this I do this? If I do that, then I am ___________. I'm human, female and 14 years old. If you want to Narrow that down anymore than that, then you're wrong. Screw labels and stereotypes and what people think. Can't they just leave us be? It has seriously been getting on my nerves lately, and the next person to do anything that has to get stereotypes will get yelled at.
Just, me
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My first nightmare ever

Okay, so I had like one of the weirdest dreams ever technically this morning. I didn't go to sleep til after midnight which might've contributed to the dream. So, lets set up my whole sleep situation. Usually after I watch a supernatural I watch a team four star or another funny YouTube vid so when I go to sleep I'm not the least bit scared. Yeah, that worked. The episode didn't really scare me, and I was tired so I just decided to go to sleep. So, I don't remember how my dream started, but I was me, but the way I was, like what I was is the character I made up for myself in supernatural. It's something me and a few of my friends do. There was this one thing in the ground, kinda like in legend of Zelda, those worm things. Only it's eyes sticking up and a piece of the ground is balancing on the center of its head, exactly like the worm things. First temple twilight princess btw. And then I ran up to it and started yelling at it about how every year it killed my companions/friends and why wouldn't it leave me alone. It pulled out of the ground a little more and was this weird zombie thing. That was in the middle of a cafe. Later I was fighting something (I think the weird zombie thing) when it blew fire and my arm and the back of my leg was on fire. Phoenix came down and told me he would fight it himself and I went up and put water on the fire and put them out. I went back down and the monster was dead but so was Phoenix. Burned. I was crying and super sad, and went upstairs. Trenton was over, illegally. I don't know what I said but I remember we were both sitting there, and I was thinking I would miss him. As much as Trenton, if not more. There's barley even a memory that doesn't relate back to him. But as I grew up I would get more memories that didn't. And when I missed him it wouldn't be but I'll see him again in a year. Or seeing him at school. It was forever. Gone forever. Then I was like, at this thing. It was a big place. My crush came up to me and said something I couldn't quite make sense of. Then they talked for a while. Then there was this thing. It was a bunch of structures made of silver. There were expeditions to go through them, and fight.... Something. I don't know what. The problem was you had to get through the structures without them collapsing and killing you. That pissed me off. So, what? We were all supposed to die before we even fought who bows what? It was all stupid. He just died, didn't anyone care? I left. I went outside and sat on a couch waiting for my mom to pick me up. I had some red colored tea and some jerk bumped me and spilled it. All over a white shirt I was wearing. Then I woke up. I was sobbing for like two hours and trying to get back to sleep and thinking about it for like six.
No more watching supernatural before bed
Raven DeWitt

Friday, October 25, 2013

Anime Addict

Hey, so I have Mel over, so here's some totally awesome pictures.
 Quote by the amazingly smart and awesome Shikamaru

 Um, can I choose like all of above?

 Mangekyu (sharingan) and best friends with Sebastian Michaells

 For me it's TRUE!!!

 I LOVE YOU ANIME!!!!!!!!!! ITS MY ONE TRUE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anime obsess
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Best day ever! (Well, no, not really but pretty close)

First snow! Yay! And even before Halloween! In yo face global warming! So, for those of you who don't know anything, I loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee snow! Love it, love it, love it! Everyone is complaining about it, which is reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaalllllyyyyyyyyyy annoying. I mean, there are the awesome people who don't complain but like half the people are like aw, come on snow? Aw, come on, your attitude. Dude, you are ruining an amazing act of awesomeness! I love snow, and if you don't shut it. Not to be rude but bug me and I'll break yo face! Don't you dare be all you about snow! You can complain about it, but not around me. Unless you wanna ruin my awesome day! Thank you Jack Frost. I totally needed this. Well, actually it's God who made it snow, but ever way I'm thankful. I love the snow! In case you didn't get that. In other amazing news, in second hour we watched a movie and played bingo. In third we watched a movie. In four we had a "jam session" with the moxie strings, who are really chill and funny. They also play good, look em up. I'm going to their concert tonight. At 7:30. And in fifth hour, where I usually took Japanese in the library, the library was closed. So I went to the soar room, where Trenton usually is, but he wasn't there today. In soar you stay in one class all day and do work on the computer, so since he wasn't there I guess he's sick. Hope he feels better soon! Also in there is Cassie, who's making the link costume, and my friends boyfriend and my brothers friend. Which is really aka-awkward, but I like him. He's cool. I'm sad I didn't see Trenton, but hey it was fun to see everyone else! :). Of course, when its cold and snowy out, walking between schools is just fun. Makes my day. Okay, actually it snowed so that made my day, but walking e long cold path in between schools brings the overall day from perfect to slightly less perfect. Only slightly. Now, just wait until you hear what happened in 6th hour. So, it was the normal boring class, correcting assignments then getting an assignment, but it was the first snow. So, guess what happened? We got let out ten minutes early. 1-0. 10, ten, diez, juu, じゅう。Isn't that awesome? Like seriously, what lucky thing did I do now? Seriously, lucky, good, amazing school day. All words you don't hear in the same sentence as school, unless paired with a not. But it was today! Plus snow!
Dibs on Jack Frost!
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hey! Sorry about yesterday's post, I had bloggers block. It's kinda like writers block, but o have to do it every single day and find more YouTube videos and stuff that's appropriate and when I want to show pictures my iPad won't let me. DX! It's kinda super duper annoying. I prefer writers block cause then I can watch superwholock and play video games until I'm tired enough to write the next chapter, to back the next day and fix it and I'm over with. Bloggers block, I have to do the same exact thing ever single day. And my life is very boring. Blogging would be so much easier if I was sherlock, Watson, a doctor or a companion. I wonder if the doctor cule sonic a laptop or iPad so I could still post every day. Or if I was a hunter, that blog would be exciting. Everyone always wonders how Sam always gets wi-fi, and someone suggested that he could have a wifi hotspot thingy. I have a better idea; yeah, the wifi hotspot thing makes sense but what if a part of his psychic crap is HE EMMITS A WIFI SIGNAL. DO YOU KNOW HOW COOL THAT WOULD BE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Totally unrealistic, but then again, demon blood giving you psychic powers doesn't normally happen. Well, it does, but not to a lot of people. So, why can't he be a wifi hotspot? And then there's the salt. Okay, so, salt hurts demons, they can't cross salt lines, bunkers coated in salt is a no entry zone. Demons plus salt is burning pain. French fries have salt on them. And yet in one episode Ruby the demon asked for French fries like ten times. But French fries have salt on them and demons can't have salt! O.o parrrraaaaaaaaddedooooooooxxxxxxxxxxx. Then we watched Simon birch in ELA. Well, part of it. And in it, a person dies. Because someone hit a baseball that went and hit their head. Everyone was all crying and like its so sad, she just died and me and my friend were sitting there laughing debating about whether a baseball could really kill a person. Cause like really? Make the death like.... Not pathetic. If that happened to my mom, I would be laughing or sitting there embarrassed. I love her, but dude, ITS A BASEBALL. A FREAKIN BASEBALL. Really? Come, jump on the bandwagon to crazy town. I'm a lifelong resident who takes occasional vacations to animeland and Disney world. Lets not forget hogwarts and camp half blood. 
Deep in he loony bin
O.o o.O
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Honest trailers: Jurassic park

Sorry for all pervy, swearing, purple, all that crap. Now, honest trailers presents: Jurassic Park
Dinosaur. Rawr
Raven DeWitt
The dinosaur.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Boy crazy

Hey! Whazzup? So, I think I've finally caught up to the universe and all the crap that's been happening. Okay, not crap, pure unadulterated awesomeness with a side of epic and just a pinch of perfection. Although, there is some stuff I might have forgotten or want to re-tell or re-illuminate or talk about cause my brains all jacked up and if I'm confused or angry or happy or sad or any emotion that ever happened about something then I will talk about it until I forget or stop thinking about it almost constantly. So mostly it has stuff to do with boys. Plus, when I was doing that post about the football game bonfire I was rushed and a lot happened that day and I was writing and posting it when I had like ten minutes before leaving for the concert. Plus I'm listening to I miss the misery by hale storm and it soooooo makes me maybe kinda sorta think of some of my crushes. Just like I hate everything about you by three days grace. So, yeah, this post is going o be about boy crazy me on Friday. Cause I'm like insane o.O O.o oo-ooooo-ooh. Anyways, so first of all there was the football game. So, like at the football game me, Indiana and my youth pastors two kids were going to play tag when we walked past a bunch of guys. They shouted hey ladies or something a is. I was busy talking so I turned and wade, thinking I knew them or something. Well, the guy I waved at runs over to his friends and said something about it. I was like, oh my gosh. I waved, not said wanna go under the bleachers and make out. Maybe if he was a few years older and a few thousand times hotter, and I knew him. So that was like.... What the heck. Seriously, I waved, not asked him out. And I'm not super pretty and older and flirty, so it's not even like they should be bugging us in the first place. And I also saw a certain guy named Cameron in the car on the way there. If I had functioned that it was him I would've probably told the car to try and hit him. He was with two friends I think I recognized but didn't know. If I had functioned that it was him, I probably would've told the driver to try to hit them. Seriously, I'm still mad at him. But I have a super huge crush on that idjit (whats-up-supernatural-refernce) thank you brain. So then I kept on hoping he wouldn't be at the football game, cause when I have a problem I usually try to ignore it and it'll go away. The only thing that didn't work for was tanner, but he's just weird. Anyways, so then I was buying stuff at the concession stand for this kid when I saw him sitting on a bench there. He doesn't even go to west! Not to mention this kid from my school who I hate and like who was at a west game even though he's from east, but anyways, hoping he wouldn't  notice me didn't work cause the kid I was with walked right in front of them. I think he said hi but I just glared at him. And then I managed to avoid him the whole time. But a the bonfire, another time he totally butted into the conversation was when I was talking to the totally awesome gamer dude. He said something like I'm probably the weirdest person you've ever met. Which he isn't, he was talking to the girl who was going to the legend of Zelda concert. Who is basically insane and has totally weird fritzy emotions, who was sitting there debating video games with him. I said no, cause I'd met weirder when Cameron butted in. This was like the second time. He said to be careful cause I was obviously talking about him, which I wasn't. Self centered jerk. I was sorta mad at him so I said he was half.... Or one fourth of the weirdest person I ever met, when I finally decided on third. First off, that creeper was ease dropping and third, not everything us about him. The sun doesn't revolve around him. I'm just being pathetic now, right? Well that sucks. Oh and, in fifth hour I have Japanese in the library and guess who was there? My school crush. He had to print something out and the only open computer was right next to me. I don't think he noticed but that just made my day. Yeah, I'm a bit weird. 
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Legend Of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

Hey! So, yesterday I went to the mall and bought leggings and fingerless gloves.  Also I bought gold thread to make the triforce on them. Mom had me wear a dress, a black and green one. I also wore my black cap and black leggings and my brown wedges. I felt way too dressed up, and I kinda was. A lot of people kept on giving me weird looks. Well, only the people at the mall and Kobe, where I went to eat, with my mom. I know I went there once before in school. 7th or 8th grade, I think 8th grade. After I made this blog I think. Problem is, I don't remember what for. Anyone else? I got the salmon and it was really good. Then I went to the concert and it was amazing! I loved it. There were all these people decked out in Legend Of Zelda gear and just playing old nintendo stuff. There was also a legend of Zelda costume contest which I wish I dressed up for. It was amazing to see all the costumes. I can't wait to be Link for Halloween. Then if I go to youmacon Maka from soul eater. I think that'll be really fun. They asked each of the finalists for the costume contest to say why they chose the character. It was pretty fun. The winner was decided by who had the loudest applause. There was Zelda (twilight princess) Zelda/sheik/Zelda Sheik form and Link (twilight princess) except he was red. I personally loved them all but I voted for Sheik. Link won. It was awesome. For every single song they played they had a video on the screen that showed real clips from the video games. I want Legend Of Zelda wind waker more than ever now. Its video was awesome. And then there was a whole twilight princess song which I loved. I sat there knowing I'd miss Midna when that game was done. They didn't have a skyward sword one which made me sad. But I still loved it but I'm sad I can't play Ocarina of time and ugh, I soooooo want to play so many Legend Of Zelda games and beat them and make those youtube walkthroughs and make a Legend Of Zelda anime and manga and ugh.... So much to do so little time. I wish I was a time lord.
Hero Chosen by the Godess
Raven DeWitt

Lazy day attire

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tagging fire

Hey! So yesterday at chem club we set water on fire. Actually some cute upperclassman did that. Well, kinda cute, super annoying. And me and Indiana did that too, but ours wasn't as good. Anyways, we also exploded a pumpkin and lit one on fire. Then was hanging out where I made the 10th doctor block head form. And watched doctor who. The football game was fun, but I saw about a gazzillion people I knew. And tried to avoid as many as humanly possible. Which isn't easy. Especially when you're playing tag and/or cops and robbers against very vicious evil 6-10 year olds. Who know a lot more than they should. Seriously, for youth pastors kids they were very knowledgable. Like, this is really inappropriate but when we were playing cops and robbers there was me and Indiana and two of the pastors kids, his son and his daughter. I was on the team with his son and he said he had a nerf gun. I said that I wish h had it at that second because nerf guns are cool. He said yeah, then and I quote "then I could shoot them in the vigina" and imitated gun sounds. I was sitting there like..... What just happened. Yeah. That did. Then Indiana had to go home, cause she got allergies. Then I rode the youth pastors truck with his sister and his nephew and some random kid. He lives in Grand Rapids. So my youth pastor went over to this one guys house to drop off his sister and his nephew and we went in to say hi. I ended up playing tag with his nephew who is completely cheap by the way. I was always about to tag him and he would grab the other kid who was the with us saying "now he's the base". Then the kid would smile at me and move and so the kid would step on a shoe or the carpet or the wood and say that was the base. We left, and then at the bonfire he tagged me and said I was it so we started playing tag again. He grabbed a tree, said it was the base. I stopped so he sprinted to a truck and said it was the base them finally he just ran around and called time outs whenever I was about to tag him. It was fun, but finally I just said he was being cheap, and Cameron heard and said something but I'm still mad at him so I flipped him off. I know, mean, but like.... He's like my brothers friend, I have a crush on him and mortify myself around him all the time and he said something mean about my friend. So, yeah, I'm slightly pissed at him. Plus I saw him at e game and was avoiding him there too. I managed to avoid him, and avoid talking to him, until near the middle or the end... It was like the end of the middle of the bonfire I think. I was talking to my friend about books when I mentioned the legend of Zelda concert I'm about to go to. I told my friend I was going to it then I told her it was a video game cause she didn't know that. (DX). This kid comes up to me and said he was butting into the conversation because he heard video games. We got into an argument about who was more of a nerd (I think I am). He said he could probably beat me in any video game when Cameron butted into the conversation. Without an invite or anything that made me giggle whe he said it. The nerve of that jerk! (Says the girl who was talking to the kid who butted into her conversation........) Anyways, he said that was crap because apparently Cameron could beat my new friend. I decided not to point out that I had kicked his butt continually in a video game when he was over a lot last year. Idiot. So then he officially joined our conversation for that part. Then he finally got sidetracked and me and the awesome new kid started talking about video games, it was awesome! Then I had to go which was sad but it was really fun. Now I have to leave for my legend of Zelda concert NOW and there's other stuff I'm doing and I'm wearing a dress (yes, me and a dress. It's awful) and Ill tell you all about it tomorrow!
Big giant nerd
Raven DeWitt

Friday, October 18, 2013

Legend Of Link

Hey! In honor of yesterday (Thursday) being legend of Zelda day, today's post is LEGEND OF ZELDA!!!!!! All thing Zelda. Oh, I love Zelda and his little green hat. JUST KIDDING THAT GUYS LINK AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW THAT I WILL VIRTUALLY SLAP YOU!!!!!! Not even kidding. If you don't know who Zelda or Link is, get out of my blog. Seriously, you could be Channing Tatum, if you didn't know that you need a good education in awesome-ness, also pronounced nerdy-ness. There's not that big of a difference. Seriously. I'm wondering how people could not know the difference. Like seriously? If you even know a big legend of Zelda fan they will correct you every single time, and there are so many pictures that say "Zelda is the girl" or stuff like that. Of course, there is still a lot of dumb, blind ignorance. Like this picture I saw. It was a Facebook conversation. Here's the lines;
"Oh Zelda and his little green hat"
"Yeah. They never mention the princesses name though :/"
"Isn't it Hyrule? Or something like that?"
"I thought that was a triangle puzzle thing. You know, like you get at the end of the game".
I seriously hope that that conversation was a joke or fake or just to mess with people because if your that stupid you deserve to be put to death. Like, seriously, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!!! Don't talk about legend of Zelda unless you know who Zelda and link are and what the Triforce and Hyrule are. It just makes us violent and bloodthirsty as Gaara what-up-Naruto-reference! We will maim and kill you violently. Not that maiming and killing can be peaceful, but Fi suggests a 100% chance that it will be much more violin than usual, what-up-Legend-of-Zelda-reference. Point being, we will not forgive you.
Then there's the whole Legend Of Link edits. People will have the Legend Of Zelda with the Zelda crossed out and saying Link or just playing old no Zelda just Link. Like, I get that Link is the main character, but Zelda's the princess. The reason he goes on most of his adventures. And the goddesses reincarnation or some BS like that. And, it's going to be my test. Whenever I know someone who claims to be a Legend Of Zelda fan but doesn't act like one I'm going to say "oh, I love Zelda and his little green hat". It's my test. If you pass I won't hate you. If you don't pass but don't claim to be a Legend Of Zelda fan when the rest of us know its a lie, I won't hate you either. Well, probably. Unless you are certain people. They're so annoying! But my hate of them isn't video game related. That's not part 1 to say the least. And I have a Legend of Zelda concert tomorrow *fangirls to death then ghost continues* and chem club, chillin with Indiana then the church football game and bonfire until 11, so there probs will be a lot to say that I'll tell you about tomorrow! Ill also start the Rise Of the Brave Tangled Dragons soon, so please give me feedback and ideas.
Goddesses chosen hero
Raven DeWitt