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Saturday, October 26, 2013

My first nightmare ever

Okay, so I had like one of the weirdest dreams ever technically this morning. I didn't go to sleep til after midnight which might've contributed to the dream. So, lets set up my whole sleep situation. Usually after I watch a supernatural I watch a team four star or another funny YouTube vid so when I go to sleep I'm not the least bit scared. Yeah, that worked. The episode didn't really scare me, and I was tired so I just decided to go to sleep. So, I don't remember how my dream started, but I was me, but the way I was, like what I was is the character I made up for myself in supernatural. It's something me and a few of my friends do. There was this one thing in the ground, kinda like in legend of Zelda, those worm things. Only it's eyes sticking up and a piece of the ground is balancing on the center of its head, exactly like the worm things. First temple twilight princess btw. And then I ran up to it and started yelling at it about how every year it killed my companions/friends and why wouldn't it leave me alone. It pulled out of the ground a little more and was this weird zombie thing. That was in the middle of a cafe. Later I was fighting something (I think the weird zombie thing) when it blew fire and my arm and the back of my leg was on fire. Phoenix came down and told me he would fight it himself and I went up and put water on the fire and put them out. I went back down and the monster was dead but so was Phoenix. Burned. I was crying and super sad, and went upstairs. Trenton was over, illegally. I don't know what I said but I remember we were both sitting there, and I was thinking I would miss him. As much as Trenton, if not more. There's barley even a memory that doesn't relate back to him. But as I grew up I would get more memories that didn't. And when I missed him it wouldn't be but I'll see him again in a year. Or seeing him at school. It was forever. Gone forever. Then I was like, at this thing. It was a big place. My crush came up to me and said something I couldn't quite make sense of. Then they talked for a while. Then there was this thing. It was a bunch of structures made of silver. There were expeditions to go through them, and fight.... Something. I don't know what. The problem was you had to get through the structures without them collapsing and killing you. That pissed me off. So, what? We were all supposed to die before we even fought who bows what? It was all stupid. He just died, didn't anyone care? I left. I went outside and sat on a couch waiting for my mom to pick me up. I had some red colored tea and some jerk bumped me and spilled it. All over a white shirt I was wearing. Then I woke up. I was sobbing for like two hours and trying to get back to sleep and thinking about it for like six.
No more watching supernatural before bed
Raven DeWitt

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