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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hogwarts life

So, I'm exahsted. Emotionally and physically. So, I'm doing a Harry potter life thingy I found on polyvore. I might even base a character off her in a harry potter fanfiction, that I'm sooooooo going to write. Anyways, here it goes:
My best friend:  Fred and George or the golden trio
My boyfriend:  Fred, duh!
My enemy:  eh, anyone who pisses me off or if I just really hate them. No one specific
My house:  I wanna be in griffindor, but could get into any. Believe me, I analyze the houses enough.
My dormates:  Hermine and Ginny, and whoever else is in their dorm
My best subject: I would probs be best at transfiguration
My favorite professor:  professor mcgonical or mad eye. They're awesome!
My best guy friend:  um... Fred, George, Ron and Harry, duh!
My professor crush: there aren't really any professors I would have a crush on. Like, ew!
These are my own quetsions:
Favorite subject: potions. It'd be super fun!
Least favorite subject: divination. Nobody but god can see the future
Pet: owl or cat. Or both if allowed!
Average grade: whatever the best two grades are, 
Specials: animegus, either a cheeta, fox or cat
That'd be my hogwarts life :)
Raven DeWitt

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