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Sunday, October 13, 2013


So, on Friday night I slept over at Mel's and then I had LOTS of chores when I got home Saturday, but I had a dream about my school crush. I was at a play with Jessie and July, him and one or two of his friends, defiantly a chick and maybe someone else I don't remember. So, we were all at this one play and there was a main floor with regular seating and then there was this huge balcony area. There was regular seating and then circular tables, some bigger and some smaller, some tall some short and stuff, like my schools cafeteria and is other area, a combination of these two tables and areas. So, I was there with Jessie and July and the other two random people. We all had our backpacks. We were talking and laughing, when my school crush came up and so then we all desired to move, and I was moving and had to put my iPad down to adjust my violin. I went to grab my iPad again and he grabbed it and then we talks sand it was all super sweet. It was terrible. It was all cutesy and sweet and romantic and so not me. Weird dreams that aren't me and involve my crush at plays that I think was the hobbit but it was like real but not and just like wow. Cause I'm soooo not the romantic type. Anyways, at the sleepover and not the dream I watched robots which is a good yet pervy movie and meet the Robinson's which is also good both of which for the first time. I liked em, and they are so weird and little kid-y. Like me!
So not romantic and cutesy
Raven DeWitt

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