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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Happy zelda pride day

Well, today was a very productive day. Well, by productive I mean blog worthy, not got work done. Cause let's face it I never get a lot of work done. Or am even in the neighborhood of getting work done. Lets face it, me and work hate each other. And neither of us are gonna admit we're wrong. Anyways, so in orchestra I wore my superman shoes and my legend of Zelda tshirt (today is official zelda day after all), and wore my pikachu sweatshirt. This kid looked at my sneakers and said you're a girl. And a teenager. Why are you wearing those shoes? They look little kiddy. I was like seriously? 1) so he insults my totally awesome shoes and not my amazing sweatshirt and my totally rad triforce tshirt. 2) totally cute guys complement me on em. Do you expect me to give them up? 3) I replied with you smell funny, a pirates of the Caribbean joke and it makes me sound even more childish. Win-win! I should get points for using the word rad and not being in like the twentieth century. Or the nineteenth. Anyways, so then before sixth hour it was raining. And I have to walk I between schools. So, I was bored so I splashed in a puddle. These kids (guys) behind me complained and I turned around and found out it was a guy. A very hot guy. Who goes to my church. He didn't recognize me. And for the whole very hot, he's one of the ones who I was talking about when I said that some of them should be shirtless more often. So, he complained and then his slightly less cute but still cute friend who I didn't recognize said cool sweatshirt (cute guys complimenting me on it), I saw thanks and then the one I recognized splashed me and the kids behind him got mad cause he splashed them too. It was funny. I love the rain. And then when I went into sixth hour this one kids backpack was on the floor and I did a totally dorky trip on it where I'm pretty sure I looked like an idiot or idjit or Mickey the idiot (what-up-super-who-maybe-lock-reference or superwholock with a maybe on the lock, depending on what you consider idiot). Everyone was freaking out like are you okay and I was embarrassed cause I looked like an dork. Anyways, tomorrow I have chemistry club, then I'm going to the football game and then to the church bonfire, and I won't be home until eleven. I'll probably do a legend of Zelda blog post Saturday, or tomorrow if I have time.
Klutzy pikachu superhero chosen hero
Raven DeWitt

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