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Monday, October 28, 2013

No idea

Sorry for the late post! Mel came over so we could write and we ended up on chat roulette sites. Now, I actually find these fun.  But there are smirk really creepy people. I would suggest not using chat sites. They can lead to the discovery of some very creepy people. Very, very creepy people. Like from the land of creep tactic in creepagedion. Speaking of, I saw Trenton today. I miss him. I forgot to tells I, he was in he dream where Phoenix died! Dangit, knew I forgot something. Ugh! Anyways, what's new with all you? It's Monday. Whoppydido. On the bright side my dads on a business trip and Thursdays Halloween. So, like yeah. Welcome to my boring life. I have like nothing to post about right now, but maybe tomorrow. Oh! I updated to iOS whatever and I hate it. It sucks! Although there is by Siri. Rumor is, he has back sass. I want to hear what he says! Questions of the day; which Siri is the shiny one?
Not one of he creepies
Raven DeWitt


  1. Awesome!! I downloaded my ipad to Ios7 and i like the new look.

    1. I don't know, I just don't like all the white and the new apps

    2. Oh I see what you mean. Maybe if you buy a skin for the ipad and use a background you like. But up to you. :)

    3. I have. Super annoying case and am using an awesome background, but the way the apps look and all the color changes are throwing me off


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