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Sunday, October 27, 2013


So, today in church the pastor said "what if you could see a sneak peek into your wedding?" Me and my friend wanted to see the poor smuck who woulkd actually marry us. I was thinking, if I could see my wedding then I would just wanna see the guy I marry and the people who are there. Then, my youth pastor went on. "Girls will probably be rating their dress and..." I was like What? Um, excuse me? I am the type of person who wants to wear a tshirt and jeans to my wedding. You can say some people might want to see their outfit, but why say girls, as in all girls, as in we all should care. It's like, what am I no longer a girl if I don't give a crap about my dress? I'm not even the only one! My friend wouldn't care about her dress either. Its stereotypes like this that I despice. Like how all girls appariently loooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee sweatpants, whereas I HATE them. And I'm still a chick. Unless girlyparts mysteriously changed, not liking sweatpants or not caring about my wedding dress doesn't make me less of a girl. I mean, c'mon, can't you stop? There are a lot of stereotypes that bug me, nerds, emo/goth/scene, girls, what we should be, who we are, if we do what then what we are or if we are what we have to do or like or think this and that and why should we?  Why, if we are a chick must we like this? Why is it that all girls have to care about that? Why is it that if I like this I must be this? If I am this I do this? If I do that, then I am ___________. I'm human, female and 14 years old. If you want to Narrow that down anymore than that, then you're wrong. Screw labels and stereotypes and what people think. Can't they just leave us be? It has seriously been getting on my nerves lately, and the next person to do anything that has to get stereotypes will get yelled at.
Just, me
Raven DeWitt

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