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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just everything and nothing rant

Oh my gosh, I was going to post but then there was dinner and I didn't have any time and I didn't even get to do my homework and ugh! So, I have to draw a flip book all tonight and nobody would explain it (thanks Blake!) and I have to do math crap and study for a civics test. As I'm still trying to he mad at my crush but I can't and me and Mel are writing. And I'm going to be busy Friday and ah! School, close. For a day, week, month I don't care. Let me be for one day, no homework or chores just friends and chillin and nothing stressful, not being mad at my crush or drama or anything. I officially hate school. It's like, drama and more drama and more drama mixed in with stress and with just a hint of drama. Of which I'm trying to avoid, but that's not working. Drama, leave, no one likes you! You're terrible! Am I nice or what? I think I would be a lot nicer if I got more sleep and knew less idiots. Feel free to use that quote, by me. Anyways, tired in a bad mood is great blogging mood, especially when I have no time. And so I'm writing this out of my Internet zone. In my notes. During church. It's better than zoning out and ring to figure out doctor who. Which I just finished the rose tragedy. I didn't like it, to much drama. Ah! See! More drama!!! Seriously drama, unless you're the skit version leave! Ill feel so much better when you're gone forever. What-up-music reference! I stole the idea from superwoman, but I got tired of doing references nobody gets, or if they do they don't know if I was referring to that or if it was just an awesome coincidence. Well, does that happen to anyone else, or am I the only one who gets crazy references that are coincidences or I wonder if they are just coincidences? Dunno, but I do care. Seriously, anything about me normal? Someone tell me! I wanna know! I need to know! What -up-music reference! Again! Boom, I'm on a role! Yay! I rock. And like, wow, that was just a rant from my stress. And that doesn't even cover trying to be mad at my crush even though he's my crush and its nearly impossible to be mad at him and ugh! Oh my gosh, there's way too much going on. And this way I can actually pay attention to church cause I have something else to do while listening. Straight out listening doesn't usually work for me. Huh. I keep on thinking about a book I'm reading, but I don't have time for that this post, tomorrow I promise! Oh, and I saw Trenton today. I miss him. :,(
Drama llama
Or just regular drama
Raven DeWitt

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