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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Batromeo and black widow-iet

You know how I had to re-write a Romeo and Juliet scene we a new theme? Well, I performed it yesterday and here it is!
*Robvolio and Mercuciarrow enter*

Robvolio: It's a little spicy outside today. Let's leave and try not to tick off the Marvels Mercutioarrow. .

Mercuciarrow: Robvolio, you would beat a man for making fun of your outfit.

Robvolio: No I wouldn't!

Mercuciarrow: You would take Batromeo's car and run a man over for bumping into you on the street!

Robvolio: I would?

Mercuciarrow: Yes! You would throw a man off the highest tower simply because he poked your cape!

*Enter Tybulk (and possibly others)

Robvolio: Oh man, here come the Marvels!

Mercuciarrow: Whatever, who cares!

Tybulk: Me talk to them. Hey! You, small man, I need to talk to you!

Mercuciarrow: Only talk? Why dont we just fight? Since you're so keen on conversation.

Tybulk: No! Me fight Batromeo!

Mercuciarrow: Come on! Are you scared? The great Tybulk, Prince of Anger Issues, won't fight?

*Enter Batromeo

Tybulk: No! Tybulk no fight! Oh, Batromeo comes. Me fight him. Batromeo! You awful, I smash!

Batromeo: We are not enemies, Tybulk,  I can't tell you why, but we aren't. There is no reason for me to stay, you don't understand me.

Tybulk: Come back! No! We are enemies! Turn and fight!

Mercuciarrow: Do not provoke my friend! I will defend him! Come Tybulk! Let's fight!

*Brandishes bow*

Tybulk: Why you fight me mercucioarrow?!

Mercuciarrow: I dont need to answer that, you crazy green freak. You always act so tough, but in reality, you're just a joke.

Batromeo: No, Mercutiarrow, Tybulk, don't fight. Robvolio, help me!

Mercuciarrow: Have at you!

Tybulk: Tybulk smash!

*they fight*

Batromeo: No! Stop, both of you! Mercutiarrow, stop!

Mercuciarrow: Ah!

*Tybulk flees*

Batromeo: Mercutiarrow! Are you okay?

Mercuciarrow: It's, it's only a flesh wound. I, I'll see you tomorrow, Batromeo.

*staggers off stage, Mercuciarrow: A misprint on both your comic strips! (Thump). Robvolio runs off, then comes back

Robvoilo: Mercuciarrow is dead!

Batromeo: Bad things have been done today.

Robvolio: Tybulk is coming back!

Batromeo: He won't be here for long. Tybulk! You villain, you killed Mercuciarrow, now you shall die! Let's fight!

Tybulk: He deserved it! And you will join him!

*they fight! Tybulk falls*

Batromeo: What have I done? Such injustice!

Spiderman: You need to leave Batromeo! Stay out here any longer and you'll be just like Uncle Ben!

*Batromeo flees, BECAUSE HE'S BATROMEO

The Flash: Where's Tybulk? He killed Mercuciarrow, where is he?!

Robvolio: Tybulk is dead, right there.

The Flash: Well that escalated quickly! Wait here, Stan the Prince Lee is coming.

*enter She-Capuhulk, Super Montague, and Stan the Prince Lee

Prince: Who began this battle?

Spider-Man: Tybulk.

Robvolio: Well Tybulk stormed in here looking for Batromeo, and he and Mercuciarrow started arguing with each other. Then BatRomeo came in and Tybulk tried to fight with him but Batromeo refused. To protect Batromeos honor, Mercutiarrow stepped up to fight Tybult, and he was slain. Then batRomeo was so angry he killed Tybulk.

She-Capuhulk:  Poor Tybulk! No, Prince, he's lying, he's the friend of Batromeo! Batromeo must die!

Super Montague: No that is not fair to Batromeo

She-Capuhulk: And why is that?

Super Montague: Tybulk would have been killed for this anyway! Let Batromeo live.

Prince: That is true, but this should not have happened. Therefore Batromeo is banishéd. If he shows his face here again, he shall be killed. Consider this a mercy.

Okay, the scripts over. I'm considering doing a full re-writing of Romeo and Juliet with marvel Vs. D.C. What do you guys think?



Friday, May 30, 2014

It's almost summer!!!


Okay, so I forgot to mention this, but in the airport on Tuesday I discovered my favorite mythical creature.... A GUY MY AGE, READING! I mean, reading a real book. Not comic or manga or magazine (although, manga and comics are recommended for everyone, and some magazines can be cool.... Sometimes....). I know guys read, but I mean, most of the guys I know well.............. Okay, the guys I know are divided into three categories; my brothers friends, my friends and misc. (misc. includes populars, and guys who I'm chill with, but not exactly friends with). My brothers friends? Reading? Hahahahhahhahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhah X10000000000000000000000000000. I'm pretty sure the only thing they read is video games and anime subs (if the anime isn't in English). Or manga. They read manga, and graphic novels and comics. They only read things with pictures......
The other guys I know! Friends: most of my friends of the male gender actually do read. Or, I can guess, cause I've -heard them talking about/talked to them about/seen them reading- books. And like, not only mangas and comics and video games! So, bravo! Oh, and not only for school!
Then there's the misc. I've never -heard them talking about/talked to them about/seen them reading- books. I've never actually seen them read anything unless it had to do with school, bit them again, I usually don't talk to them anyways. So....? I doubt they read though.
So, guys do read. Maybe a third? Half? If you read, TELL ME! On social media, a comment, email, as long as you tell me! But that's what was so weird about the guy in the airport. Most of my guy friends that read are, no offense, kinda dork/nerd/unpopular like me. Some of them are popular, but not popular doosh-bag. Which, the guy in the airport was dressed like. I think he's totally awesome because he reads and is a guy, but he looked like the popular-doosh. The typical SnapBack, those cool survival-bracelets-turned-necklace things, the typical sporty tshirt-thingy, hot..... Seriously! I mean, he wasn't like my brothers friends, half baked, listening to awesome music and wearing either a band shirt or no shirt, but he wasn't like the typical guys I know who read, with usually no jewelry or hats or anything and I'm pretty sure usually just a normal tshirt (not the sporty one....). I was super excited to have seen him. Maybe teenage-guys-who-read will have to be my new favorite mythical creature ;). In other news, performed Romeo and Juliet -> Marvel vs. D.C. today. I'll post the script like tomorrow or something.
Raven DeWitt

Cause I read..... EVERYTHING!!! (Seriously, I don't know what song that is, but it goes "I remember... EVERYTHING and I read manga and comics and graphic novels and video games and anime subs and books and like, all that good stuff)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

You look nice (and so do I)

Ya know when guys get all flustered/awkward/embarrassed and kinda start stuttering and getting heir words mixed up and it's just the cutest thing ever? Yeah, well, a variation of that happened to me today. Now, don't get me wrong, the guy who did this today is really nice and hot, but, I mean, I don't have a crush on him. Like, ya know, the guy who you don't have a crush on but would say yes if he asked you out type. Well, so, he's like smooth and social and stuff and nice and hangs out with/talks to a lot of girls. He's the last person I would ever expect to do this. So, anyways, I was in orchestra and I'm wearing my hair in a high ponytail (like June! From Legend!) and wearing a nice shirt (although, any things nice compared to my usual tshirts). I was sitting there, on my iPad when he came up and was like "you look nice today." Then. Few seconds later "not that you didn't not look ugly yesterday". He was trying to say "not that you looked ugly yesterday" (cause that whole thing.... Una momenta) and got like, mixed up and stuff. It was so cute! AND NO, he sooooooooooooo doesn't like me, cause my friend said I look nice today too. I guess I do. Oh, and he's in my class after orchestra, and he was watching our Romeo and Juliet re-telling (marvel vs. D.C.) and he asked me who I was and I said she-hulk and he said cool, so that just makes me feel even more epic being MY FAVORITE SUPERHERO. Cause, I mean, she's the she-hulk.
Okay, so that whole part of the post was me and my girly-ness, and boy craziness I guess, but the whole "you look nice today"/"did I look ugly yesterday" thing is sooooo annoying. It's like, dude, someone just gave you a compliment, don't be rude. If I said someone looked good and they asked if they looked ugly yesterday I would say "no, but you still haven't done anything to fix your personality". Because, dude, who gets complimented and then just turns and says some snarky comment? Ya know the whole "don't bite the hand that feeds ya" thing? This is the same exact thing, except emotionally damaging rather than physically. Ya bite the hand that feeds ya, you'll starve. You're mean to the person that compliments ya and you'll run out of friends. Just sayin.
Like, whoever came up with that?
Looking good ;p

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pros and cons of being gone

Hey! So, I'm back from New Mexico, which I was at, in case ya didn't know. It's the newest Mexico, just sayin. So, I love, love, love, love New Mexico. Things I love:
-mountains. Pretty, plus they just seem to be calling for a book written about them
- Adobe houses. I loooovvvvvveeeeeeee them. They're so pretty, and another thing that just looks like it deserves a book
- the zoo. Like, Michigan has zoos, but they're not all that good. I've been to the two Michigan zoos, St. Louis zoo, Washington, D.C. Zoo, New Mexico zoo and quite a few others. I love animals, so zoos are definantly highlights of my trips, but I have to say, one of my favorite zoos is New Mexicos. Plus my cousin can talk to the birds (but, according to her they only talk back when I'm there. Weird? Well, I could be a animal whisperer ;-)
- Charley Davidson lives there. Okay, so she's a fictional character, but it's kinda a fun idea, don't ya think? Sitting there at the cafe and you see one of your favorite book characters? Plus the author of the series used to live there, and she has to be cool if she can write the awesome series with Charley Davidson in it!
- family. Okay, so I have family here and I love them, but my family there is a bit closer to my age. Plus I got to go a week without a specific family member I'm not overly fond of. So, win-win.

Of course, great as New Mexico is, there are some things that totally suck about it.
-heat. I am a cold person, so when I'm there I'm.......... Doing whatever frozen things do (IN SUMMER!!!!)
- desert. While it does look like a Wild West set or the village hidden in the sand (Naruto) or even the Sand temple (Legend of Zelda) maybe even a village Jak and Daxter visit, I like water, I mean, like, enough water to breath and/or swim. NM? X-mark X-mark
- family. I totally love my family, but they're all social and I'm not, so that's awkward, plus there's the whole being the youngest, so you can't say anything worse than "stupid", "good-looking" or "bruise" around me. I mean, I am old enough to say idiot, hot and blood, wound, ect. Being the youngest sucks sometimes
- not my house-ness. Okay, I don't mind staying at other peoples houses, or in hotels, but I do like being in a bed, having drawers or a laundry basket and, oh yeah, not having to buy girly things if awkward situations arise (DON'T ASK!)
- you can only pack so many books/games/movies. Okay, so I packed my yearbook, Hyrule Historia, 3 drawing books, the kill order, legend, the invisible spy, and 3 Pokemon games. My mom thought I packed too much, but what if I finished the invisible spy and the second reading of legend (I read it last year. Didn't change the emotional damage. The feeeelllls. Love it so much!) and the kill order? Then my electronics die? Aren't you glad I can draw instead of asking "are we there yet?" Plus I like having all my stuff, so I can NOT be in the mood to read something. I'm reading like, three other books too I didn't bring! And I missed anime for that week :,/ but hey, I was in NM!

Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Everything wrong with xmen: first class

So, you know how I was in Mexico, just new? WE HAD A LLLOOOONNNNNGGGGGG LAYOVER PLUS DELAY. SO...... YOUTUBE!!!!
Raven DeWitt

Monday, May 26, 2014

Last day in NM

Hey! So, today I went to the zoo. New Mexico zoo. Yay. So, that happened. Last night was also my grandmas bday party, cause this morning she left for masadona (I think....) but I'm still staying at her house until I leave tomorrow. Mimi, Papa John and my Uncle are all in masadona so me and mum have the house to ourselves. That sounds greedy. But, hey, I do. Whoo. But I also have some homework still......... Ugh. At least I don't have school. So, yay. Plus there's one week left til the end of school. Okay, a little over a week. But still. Not much. Then I have a whole summer full of best friends, video games and many, many, many hot anime guys. They're required. I can't wait til summer. I'll still post everyday, and maybe I'll actually ya-know, have some exciting news. Or, wander around the internet til I get a bloggy subject. Ya-know. So......... Happy almost summer!!!!!!!!!!!! OH, AND I GET TO GO TO A JAPANESE RESTURANT TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Everything wrong with batman and robin

I went to a wedding yesterday. My cousins wedding. They write their own vows, and it was super duper sweet and everything, then there was all this other super duper sweet stuff, and we lit off lanterns like in tangled and yeah. A few went into tees and stuff and it was nice, but hard to describe and stuff and yeah, so youtube! Really long video, but..... Really badly done movie. I know, I've seen it! Oh,and I curled my hair and it's still curled A DAY LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a one time only deal.
Curly hair


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Time travel

So, yesterday. Days of future past. Time travel. Wow. This might take a while. Here we go! There are many, many, many, many different time travel theories, I, am a geek, so I do have my own theories. I don't know the scientific name for them, but I do know them. The xmen used the most common, which is also the paradox one, my least favorite. I'm gonna call it the paradox. The paradox is basically you travel back, and whatever happens becomes the new reality. I'm calling it the paradox because you could go back, kill your grandma, you're moms never born, you aren't born, therefore you can't go back in time to kill your grandma. Since you can't kill you're grandma, she survives, has kids, her kid has you, you're there to go back and kill her. Paradox. The second theory, hanks theory, I'm going to call the river. The river theory is that even if you do something, the time stream course corrects itself. You kill you're grandma, a different person has your mom, your mom has you, everything's the same, but you have a different grandma. Then there's the alternate universe theory, where you go back in time, except you go to a different universe. You kill you grandma in that universe, and you've never excised in that universe, but you still can do that because you're grandma wasn't killed in your universe. Then there's my theory, it's all happened before (IAHB? I dunno what to call it!). In my theory, you can't go back to kill you're grandma. As a better example, you go back in time to say, stop someone from killing someone. But when you do, you cause person a to kill person b. You can't change time because that's how it happened originally. Um... You go back in time to stop World War II and talk hitler out of it, but what you say makes hitler feel like he should create the perfect world and start killing off Jews. You get it?
Books/movies/animes/videogames/tv shows that use each theory:
Paradox: X-Men: Days Of future past,
River: (I think) Doctor Who (I'm not sure), supernatural,
Alternate universe: DBZ
MY theory (can't find a name.....): Artemis Foul: The Time Paradox (A: I haven't finished it so I'm not sure, B: he used the real name for the theory), Harry Potter: The Prisoner Of Azkaban,
I KNOW I've seen more with time travel, and mostly the paradox, but my mind is totally blank now (at the start of the post I thought of like, five. Sorry!) I also know about some things that involve time travel, but I don't know the theory they use. LoZ: Ocarina of Time and LoZ: a link to the past...... So, if anyone knows, please tell me!
From da future


Friday, May 23, 2014

Reviews of future past

Hey! I saw X-Men: Days Of Future Past last night and............
Well, if you are really looking forward to it I don't want to tell you not to go. I mean, it was pretty great just..... There were lots of things I disliked about it. So, my thoughts on it are pretty bleh. Don't know if it's the fact that it was at midnight or just the movie, but it didn't like it much. If I see it again I'll probably like it better, but alas tis not the case this time.
Okay, so first off, it was a movie mostly based on storyline, minimum fighting (even the fight scenes were pretty boring). Then there was the story. I am FINE with movies with few fights. Storyline is something that is ALWAYS very important, and I don't mind books or movies spending more time on that than the action. I prefer it actually, which is surprising judging on how much I love seeing people kick butt and putting villains in their place. But, as far as the action:storyline ratio, storyline should be bigger. And it was, which is a plus one. Ya know what? My rating is at 5/10 right now, and I'll add and take away as I see fit. So, plus one for action:storyline ratio. 6/10. Now there's the Prof. X being all depressed which seriously pissed me off! He's Xavier! Professor Charles Xavier! He is wise, he is smart, he is calm, he is like, the Yoda of X-Men! Do we see Yoda getting depressed?!?! No! So, I'm actually taking away 2 points for that. 4/10. Funny? There were parts, but not many, so no changes to the rating. The action scenes that were there were boring, but as good as can be expected from a blue girl who refuses to wear clothes (*insert epic eye roll here*) but over all, the action wasn't like making me fall asleep any more than usual. So.... Back to 5/10. Then there was the villian. Evil as can be, annoying, but he's short, so............ He adds a point and takes one away making for a grand total of changing nothing. Hmmm....... There's also a bunch of space-time theory stuff which means that the movie will have to be very very very much debated over in its time travel theories. I mean, there are lots of time travel theories and the movie chose the one that I personally don't believe in the most, but that's a long debate and changed nothing in point total. So, tomorrow is the ruble with time travel. Today, the rating. 5/10. Flatline. I have no views on liking or disliking, just a..... Flatline. I'll tell you more if I go see it again.
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The past is in the past, but my life is not

So, intense stuff here. Plane ride went waaaayyyyyyy smoother than humanly possible. Delays? Dude, one for ten minutes that still arrived ON TIME. Layover? Day and June (Legend) kept me company. So, here I am in my first post from New Mexico (this trip). For the record, it's totally great. Oh, and guess who's going to a COLLAGE church group then X-Men: Days Of Future Past's MIDNIGHT showing with their Cuz?! The person who's writing this post who can say she's totally hot because you can't see my squirrel eyebrows, pale skin or any other imperfections. So, me. Yay! I am totally excited and if you're going you have to tell me! Now. Comment NOW and then read the rest of this post. I'll wait.
Okay, so tomorrow don't be surprised if my post is ranting about superheroes, makes no sense and contains words like dnndhdjnsnwk, jsjfjfjdj, askjeridnsnjsk, flabbergasted, duej or ninny muggins (usually about a cotton headed one). Cause, not only will it be a MIDNIGHT showing, at midnight (did I mention it's midnight? Like 12:00?) but I'm also on MI time (hehe, it's a pun! See? MI as in my and MI as in Michigan) while the showing is in New Mexico time (no puns :/). That, my friends (and not-as-much-friends, if it would bring your social status down too much) is a 2 HOUR TIME DIFFERENCE! So, I'm going to tell people that if I fall asleep, hit me and I'll hopefully wake up. Cause I am NOT sleeping through this. And, tomorrow, I'm bragging about sleeping in and vaca. Have fun!
No, wait, X-man
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Leibster award Q&A on plane day

So, I'm gonna be on a plane alllllll day and I have no idea if I'm ever gonna have wifi, and I did the Leibster award thingy, so I'm gonna answer my own questions on it! I also had an orchestra concert last night and I'll tell you about it but not now and stuff and here!

1) do you have more guy friends or girls? Guy friends, but they're mostly my brothers (cool sister! Phoenix's friends approved, pick one up at a location near you)

2) what is one book you'd love to see become a movie? I did a whole post on this a week or two or less ago and not including those, Artemis Foul series and Alex Rider series, although Alex rider 1 was already a movie

3) most anticipated movie of the summer? Well, not including xmen, days of future past as it's not quite summer, nor maze runner, as it's a bit past summer, How To Train Your Dragon2 and Guardians of The Galaxy

4) what's your favorite book to movie adaptation at the moment? Okay, so other than anticipated ones are watched ones, and I have to say, hunger games 2: catching fire

5) if you could play any book character in a movie adaptation, who would it be? I already kind of said so in my book-to-movie wish list, but my number one unpublished choice is Charlie Davidson from The First Grave On The Right and remaining books in the series. Coming soon, Bree from the scorch trial, already done, Katniss Everdeen from the hunger games.

6) which Disney princess would you like to play in a real life adaptation?
Mulan from Mulan or Merida from brave.

7) which Disney princesses life would you want most? Jasmine (hello, no curses, palace, suitors and PET TIGERS!!)

8) if you could be in any universe ever (video game, tv show, book, movie, anime, manga, comic...) which would it be? Ooohhhhh...... Eeeevvvvvviiiiillllllll question. There are many ones.... Most wanted would probably be Hyrule (living through all the timelines) or .......... Soooo many to chooooooossssseeeeee from! Probs soul eater (sorry all other loved universes)

9) which scooby doo character are you most like? Velma. Smart, brown hair, modest

10) if you have an iPod, put it on shuffle and skip the first five songs. Which song is playing now? If you don't have an iPod, what's the first song you'd download? I have an iPod, so, Feel Good Inc. by Gorillas.

11) not including superheroes (cause let's face it, they always win) who's your PERSONAL hero? Naruto, Ed, Link or Percy, from Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Legend of Zelda and Percy Jackson (respectively)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Super girls need! (Please apply below)

Okay, so if you didn't know I am superhero obsessed. obsessed, with a capital O. Well, a Capital O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D. I mean, I'm pretty obsessed with everything I love. It's either one of my quirks, good personalities traits or a bad one. I just know I am. Anime? Well, Baka, I read the manga too. Video games? Oh, yeah, I just restarted it for the fifth time. Books? I write fanfictions too as well as some of my own things. They may be a bit inspired by other awesome people though ;). Movies? I read the book, twice. Or more (usually more). Point being, if I love something, I LOVE it. If I LOVE it, I can spew lines of it at will. Which is why I am pretty superhero savy. I mean, I have read a few comics, want to read more, watched (and own) all the movies (on DVD or blueray, if they're out). So, I think I am qualified to talk about superheroes. I love the ones out. Spider-Man? Classic. Captain America? The perfect amount of cheesy, action, story and perfection. Iron Man? Humor. Gets me every time. Batman? Justice. We all need it. And a few explosions helps too. Thor? Who doesn't want to be from another world?! As long as I'm not an alien I might as well visit it for the length of his movie. So, superheroes are great (and there are more, I know, but those are first and foremost, my favorites. But, there are some superheroes who are more unknown and deserve a movie, a tvshow, even to be in another superheroes movie! I mean, there are female superheroes, but they don't have their own movie. And, let's face it, I'm a girl. It's what might be assumed from boobs, thinking captain America (and various other guys) is/are hot, having to go dress shopping, periods, long hair, a slight obsession with seniors (hot guy seniors, that is), nail painting and various other things that happen. And being a girl, I am soooo not complaining about having movies staring Captain America or Thor or even Channing Taytum in all their hotness glory. So, I must be really really weirdly mood-ed (?) if I say, it's disappointing that there are no girl superhero movies. Cat woman was in the batman movie, and I mean, there are lots of girl xmen, black widow was in a few, but still there aren't a lot of girl heroes anyways, and no girl hero has their own movie (well, at least that I've heard of). And one of my favorite superheroes is she-hulk. Bruce banner (he-hulk)'s cousin, who is a lawyer, who needed a blood transfusion and the she-hulk turned into well, the she-hulk. Except, she doesn't grow when her heart rage goes up. She's always green, always strong, and still maintains her personality. I mean, I like girl superheroes, (although, it does get annoying when they fight crime in a swimsuit. Seriously, pants can work for fighting too!) but she-hulk is officially my favorite. So, *COUGH COUGH TV PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COUGH* I think there should be a movie or tv show with she-hulk. On the screen junkies show, a guy once said that she should appear on agents of shield cause she's a lawyer and then she makes an appearance and then they do a crash or something and she gets Bruce's blood and BOOM, SHE-HULK!!!!
Secret she-hulk


Monday, May 19, 2014

Geekin out before the future is past

So, in English class I have to do thing on Romeo and Juliet, where we re-write a scene with a different theme. Like twilight, Star Wars, Mario, Nursing home, ect. Well, I'm doing the fight scene. We could choose our group, and surprisingly I'm the only girl in this group. Ah, whatever. We had a few different ideas, but the final two were Pokemon and Marvel vs DC. We decided on Marvel Vs DC. I suggested it, and really like it, but can you imagine Pokemon? Prince-quaza, Groundeo, Kyogbalt. Marvolichu. "May neither of your kind/type ever evolve!" "Groundeo used block! It failed. Marvolichu fainted." Then there's the movie coming out in less than a week; Xmen, days of future past. Time travel, mutants, fighting.... Case you couldn't tell, that's right up my ally! Well, so would've been the Pokemon thingy, but I'm cool with either. I'm cool now (sorta doctor who reference. Go 11!) well, point being, epic days to come then a whole summer of yay.
Trust me
I'm a superhero
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Hey! So, I have a busy week ahead of me and you need to be forewarned. Haha, had to say "forewarned". But, seriously, my week is muy busy. Monday, nothing, but Tuesday...... Orch concert. Wednesday? Plane to NM (a newer version of Mexico). Don't know the exact schedule but there's people to see, birthdays to celebrate, wedding to go to and then Tuesday is another ride on a plane with a stop in an airport. Week after that? Finals in school. So......... busy busy buy till summer. Then month of peace til a Saint named Louis. So, short post busy three weeks......
Raven Dewitt

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Freezing chem club laser tag

Hey! So, yesterday was great! In Chem Club we made ice cream and blew stuff up with liquid nitrogen. It was pretty fun. Then was laser tag, which while great is better with more people. Then there's the whole arcade which was pretty great. Today we sold stuff in 35 degree weather, so....... Brrr! It was fun though. I'm still cold. I have a concert tonight. Yay. So........ Yeah. Peace.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Leibster award!

I got tagged by Hilda for what she thinks is the Leibster award, which you have to write eleven facts about yourself, answer her eleven questions  and then ask eleven questions, and tag eleven people.... Well, I don't have anyone to tag. Soooo......... Just take it, but be sure to tell me! I'll leave questions and please do take em! I'll answer my own questions later in the week too!

Fun Facts:

1) my birthday was yesterday. I am now 15 :-)

2) I will be going to Disney next year for orchestra

3) in less than a week I will be in New Mexico (but that's a convo for later)

4) The first legend of Zelda game I ever played was twilight princess for GameCube. I have played five games, watched people play six and my life goal is to play them all

5) I always want to write fanfictions off of my favorite books, shows, animes, video games ect. But most of my writing isn't off of a books, shows, animes, video games ect. Most of them are my own ideas.

6) I was born deaf (cha, I was. I can hear NOW though, so don't be all like......... People are when you say so'n'so's deaf. Cause I WAS, not AM)

7) I was almost an aunt last year.

8) both of my aunts are now grandmas.

9) I actually hangout with my brothers friends more than my own

10) I don't like one direction (at ALL) but I'm working on two 1D fanfics (one with my friend, the other because my friend asked me too)

11) I get my yearbook today

Hilda's Q & (my) A:

1) Do you watch cartoons? A lot. I also watch anime WHICH IS DIFFERENT THAN CARTOONS, but I also love love love love love love love love love cartoons

2) What inspires you? Oooh.......... Video games, anime, books and movies. Anything where the person can be young, outcast, normal or the underdog and still be a hero. Ex: Percy Jackson/heroes of Olympus (PJ, Annabeth, generally everybody....), fullmetal alchemist (Ed), Naruto (Naruto), Fairytail (Lucy), the avengers (Captain America), Legend of Zelda (Link)

3) Do you write in a diary? No. I keep on wanting too, but I can't put my thoughts into words well. I don't like The Fault In Our Stars much (cancer, romance, characters all = ugh! sorry!) but, they had some great quotes and to quote Gus "My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into words." Gus may have seemed as real as Barbie, but his quotes were good, and I can relate to that one.

4) Do you follow trends? Um.... If being a freak-a-zoid is a trend, yes. If not, no. (So, probably not as I'm the only one in the universe who says "freak-a-zoid")

5) Do you drink soda? Yes. I don't drank it daily, but maybe three days a week.

6) When was the last time you cried? .......................... I think it was during an anime episode........

7) Have you ever been bullied? No. I either intimidate people or my brother does so nobody has the nerve to bully me to my face.

8) Do you part your hair in the middle or to the side? Um...... Whatever parts quick and easy. I don't like having to actually do stuff with my hair. I brush it after I shower and then let the chips fall where they may (er, hairs)

9) Vanilla or chocolate? CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!! It's the gift of God. Seriously, he was like, "Even though it was Eve who temped Adam to bite the apple I should give girls some good things" and then he created chocolate. At least, I think that's it ;)

10) Pizza or burgers? Ooh....... Depends. I love them both but if the burgers come with cheese or the pizza comes with pepperoni...... No thank you!

11) What are your current three favorite movies? Only 3?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Um............... Pirates of The Carribean 4: On Stranger Tides. Captain America: the first avenger or The amazing Spider-Man 2 (CANT CHOOSE JUST THREE!!!) and Rise of The Guardians. Sorry to all movies not mentioned, love you too!

My Q:

1) do you have more guy friends or girls?

2) what is one book you'd love to see become a movie?

3) most anticipated movie of the summer?

4) what's your favorite book to movie adaptation at the moment?

5) if you could play any book character in a movie adaptation, who would it be?

6) which Disney princess would you like to play in a real life adaptation?

7) which Disney princesses life would you want most?

8) if you could be in any universe ever (video game, tv show, book, movie, anime, manga, comic...) which would it be?

9) which scooby doo character are you most like?

10) if you have an iPod, put it on shuffle and skip the first five songs. Which song is playing now? If you don't have an iPod, what's the first song you'd download?

11) not including superheroes (cause let's face it, they always win) who's your PERSONAL hero?

So, that's the tag. Yesterday, for my birthday I got a cool backpack (YES!!!), a superhero coffee mug, a superhero cup/non spill cup thingy...? Superhero band aids (yeah, I'm that weird) a book-nook porch swing, and a tshirt saying "trust me, I'm a superhero" with everyone's favorite marvel heroes (captain America, Hulk, Thor, Wolverine, maybe Spider-Man.......). Cause I needed more to prove my nerd status ;p

Trust me.
I'm a superhero
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday to me! If you didn't get the post yesterday, today is my birthday! And I am 15 years of age. Exactly. Whoo! Well, I haven't opened my presents yet, short of a completely awesome necklace from my grandma, Mimi (okay, that's the whatever word for it, not her name....) but I haven't opened any of my other presents is morning. I did get about five people yelling at me in orchestra and in the hallway before orchestra "happy birthday!" So, ya know, all good. In all honesty, short of a ankle incident, my day has been perfect. Seriously. You wanna know the worst thing that's happened to me today? The fact that it isn't Friday! Seriously. Now, here are my plans for the nest two days... Today I have ortho after school (right now I'm in 6th hour) and then I'm going to Kobe. A Chinese/Japanese/whatever style restaurant where they cook in front of you. It's really great and really fun. Tomorrow I have chem club after school (chemistry+explosions+friends=perfect =]) and then I have my bday party were we are going to play laser tag and arcade-y stuff at BAM. The arcade. Have I mentioned it's going to be perfection? Then on Saturday (my bday party is gonna be a sleepover) we're selling jewelry. I know, not the most exciting, but with me and my friends.......... Well, everything with us is the most exciting. We're kinda crazy, which is probably why they're my friends. I can't have sane friends. It would ruin my image. Haha, joking (my image is probs the worst already) but I doubt sane people would even be my friends. Well, anyways, that's my first weekend of being 15. Oh, and I only have 16 school days, about 22 days including weekends of school left, and that's not even including my vaca for my cuz's wedding. Translation: week-ish in New Mexico. 11 days of school. That I have to go to. Whoo! So, today, it is my weekend, and it's gonna be my year. (Changing All Time Low's Weightless lyrics a bit)
Finally 15
Raven DeWitt

Did anyone notice I became the doctor (11) for a minute there?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Perks of being 14

R: So, mother, earlier I was saying tomorrow’s a pretty big day and you didn’t really respond, so I’m just gonna tell you, it’s my birthday!
Okay, that's from the movie tangled which is pretty awesome, and I know that you aren't my mother (or Gothel...) but point being, Tomorrow's a pretty big deal and you didn't really respond so I'm just going to tell you, it's my birthday! Whoo-hoo! Yajurobi! (That's what they always say in my sims agents when you get a treasure chest and I don't know how to do the legend of Zelda sound, so..................). But, yeah, it's my birthday! Which, is great. So, on my last days of being 14, I'm gonna have a little rant about, shall we?
On the bright side, being fourteen you don't have much responsibilities. Chores, pets and school, sure, plus whatever extra curricular activities you got stiffed into doing. But, I mean, usually at fourteen you don't have collages to choose from, jobs to work (USUALLY), rent or mortgage to pay, kids, cell phone bills or having to pay for your own food. Sure, there are exceptions. People who work earlier than others, parents making you pay phone bills, eating out with friends, but for the most part, you just get to chillax. C'mon people, sit back and enjoy the ride. Plautus he fact that you're old enough to watch some movies, but young enough to be able to watch Disney, dream works and Pixar without being mocked.
Of course, it's bright SIDE. Implying more than one. So, on the dark side (sorry Gus! (Psych reference)) there is a reason that everyone at the smooth age of like 8-16 wants to grow up faster. Here's why: school. Nobody likes spending 8 hours a day listening to boring lectures in a room full of backstabbing jerks, girls who will probably get pregnant sometime in high school, guys who have asked every girl in the school out 3 times, teachers pets, attention whores and populars. Even if you fit into one of those categories (let's hope not!) there's still like 5-10 categories still there you don't like. Plus the fact that people either treat you too old or too young. You're either can't understand any word bigger than five letters or can understand surreptitiously, Egocentric, supercalifragilisticexpialidosious and every work BIGGER than those. You either barley understand 2+2 or understand h-3/2^43= h^2-4367/93726. You don't get the digestive system or you understand AP molecular science. People, we are a good inbetween. Going along with that, people treat you either like you're 4 or 40, not 14. Like, dude, I'm not in elementary school. I can be dating someone, I can have crushes and I can watch movies that swear, are violent  and are pervy without the world ending. I probably shouldn't be pregnant, married or playing out that swearing pervy violent movie. I'm just saying, there are ages inbetween 4 and 40.
So, more pros or cons?
Almost 15 ^^

And P.S. "^^" <~ cause that looks mature and older kid -y

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Everything wrong with xmen: first class

It's Tuesday and I've been doing crafts and stuff and I hit my ankle really really really hard and there's a new tfs episode and...... WHEW! Happy, good today. Whazzup with you? You wanna know what else is up with me? Everything wrong with! In preparation for days of future past?

Blogger of future past
First class blogger

Monday, May 12, 2014

21 jump street

Hey! So, along with being the week after tulip time, and a week in May, it is also my birthday week! I'm not gonna act like I'm great enough to deserve a week, but I'm still gonna have fun posting this week. Ooh! I didn't tell you about Mel's dreams! So, I don't remember the first one, but I wasn't in it, so whatever. The next one was a two part or whatever, but anyways, I had two guys fighting over me and then I ended up married to another hot guy. So, I approve. Plus it was funny. Um.... I also saw the guy who I married in Mel's dream at school today. Weird, right? Seriously, it's almost like the universe likes to mess with me. Sigh. I also saw a bunch of people from church at tulip time on Saturday. I like them. Um.... So, onto today! Nothing really happened. Last night I did stay up until like midnight watching 21 jump street. 22 jump street is coming out later this year. Anyways, 21 jump street is very very very pervy and has horrid language. But, overall, it is a very great movie. Jenko the jerk and Smit the loner, nerdy geek. Jenko (Channing Tatum) was always mean to Smit (Jonah Hill), as the bully always is to the nerd. But then Jenko gets too low of grades to go to prom and Smit just doesn't have any date so he doesn't go. Sadness. So, then it's years later and they're both trainees for the police department. Jenko is really good at the athletics, and Smit's really good with the whole class part of being a cop, and they decide to join forces to pass. Because of this they become best friends. And police partners. So, after becoming police partners they get sent to jump street, where undercover cops who look high school age go. They're sent undercover to find a drug. Jenko is assigned gym and track and drama and photography and popular kid class's to get in with the dealers. Smit is assigned chemistry and ap classes and everything smart, to find out who makes the drugs. In a twist of mistaken identity, Jenko gets Smit's fake identity and Smit gets Jenko's so Jenko is in with the nerds and Smit is popular. Their rolls from high school are switched. Smit is the jerk to Jenko, Jenko is the nerd that doesn't get invited to parties and it's all great. Especially since someone as hot as Channing Tatum is a nerd. And being a nerd makes guys so much hotter. So, anyways, isn't that a great idea? I think it's a perfect. Of course, there are some elements in it I didn't like, but in all honesty, I love this movie! I cannot wait for 22 jump street. But I have to say, as always, doubts it'll be as good as the first.
Obviously undercover
Or a drug dealer
But not popular


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers day

Hey. So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry for not posting yesterday! It wasn't really crazy but I spent the day daydreaming. Then walking doggie. Then daydreaming some more. Then going to tulip time. Then yet more daydreaming. Point being, I spent most of my day daydreaming. Mostly about Mel's dreams. Which I approve of because I usually got a hot guy. And they're really super duper funny. Let's not even get into those until tomorrow. Okay, I really want to but today is mothers day and mothers are great and I love mothers, and go moms! I'm not good at the whole, touching speech part, so let's skip right ahead to the yay moms, we love you! My mom, being the great person she is, actually has work today. Seriously, she has to work, on Mother's Day. Poor, unfortunant souls! So, for Mother's Day I got her these bath and body works scent, London Tulips. Except, I live in a town with TULIP TIME, and London doesn't have tulip time, or really actual tulips, so I crossed off London and wrote the name of my town (which will remain anonymous). I think she'll find that funny. I find it epic. So, that's all my news. THANK YOUR MOM, THANK YOUR FRIENDS MOM, THANK THE MOM OF YOUR SCHOOL ENEMY, THANK THE MOM OF THE GUY WHO WORKS AT YOUR SCHOOL, THANK THE MOM OF THE GUY ON THE STREET, THANK EVERY MOM EVER!!! They totally deserve it. Moms are awesome.
Not yet a mom


Friday, May 9, 2014

Wanted: Books to Movies!

Happy Friday! So, being Friday I have to post about something Fri-like. And ya know, movies are a thing of obsession for me. So is anime, manga, video games and BOOKS! So, combining books and movies, is books (and series) I wish would be made into a movie. Books into movies are usually a flop, but this list is books being made into a movie THAT IS LIKE THE BOOK. Cause they've done well with that for Divergent and Catching Fire, but I mean a LOT more like the book than EVEN those. I'm going from 5-1 with honorable mentions before 1. Now, lettus begin!
5) Heist Society series. I mean, it's about a con artist who is like literally my age. What could be better? It's pretty epic and I'd love to play Kat. Hello, she's the leader of the whole group. Plus the fact that she's smart and criminal. Which, is something I either am or would like to be. Dunno which.

4) My sisters a vampire series. It's a little (lot) little kid-ey, but I like it. It's cute and it involves vampires. I'd wanna play Ivy. Hello, vampire!

3) Isle of Swords and the sequels. Pirates and Christianity, what's better? Plus let's just say Thorn is one of the best villains of all time. I'd like to play Anne. Adventurous, daughter of a pirate and I've always wanted red hair.

2) Gallagher Girls series. Starting with -I'm pretty sure- I'd tell you I love you but then I'd have to kill you, but anyways, the whole series would make one epic movie series. I mean, it's a show about spies who are barely older than me! I would, of course, love to play Cameron Morgan. Not only is she totally awesome, but she's also a bit like me. Smart and good at fighting but at the same time, she's not the best. She is the best at being invisible.

Honorable mentions: Legend. It's already sold the rights so, I dunno about it. I'd want to play June. Heroes of Olympus. They're already making Percy Jackson, so I think they're gonna continue with Heroes of Olympus. I'd want to play Annabeth, but she's taken, so Hazel Levesque. The BOOKS of Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow adventures. I mean, young jack! Lastly Number One Ladies Detective agency, it was a TV show, which does work....

1) First Grave on the Right series. Shortened name: The grave series. It's about a grim reaper, who is FEMALE and a NORMAL HUMAN, who's in love with the son of satan, crazy, a PI and can see ghosts. She's just like me! I'd love to play -doy- Charlie Davidson. Hello, main character, previously mentioned stuff PLUS sarcastic, immature and totally like me. Damaged, delusional and dorky. She's pretty great.

Pirate grim vampire con artist spy


Thursday, May 8, 2014


Boo! So....... Stuff happened today, I'm just sure of it. I'm gonna think of them in a second. I swear. Wait for it. Wait for it, wait for it wait for iiiiiitttttttttt............................................. Huh. New psych? Half day? Oh, I had a dream last night. It was weird. Well, not so much weird (cause dude, I swear IT WAS REAL) (and not even the weirdest dream I had. Dude, it could've happened in real life!) but it was definantly unexpected. I mean, it involved a crush who I haven't seen since like the beginning of the school year and stuff and yeah. Then when I was talking to my friend she mentioned him. And he's from like, beginning of the school year. Well, that's the last time I saw him. I still like him and he's from last year but you know and whatever and stuff and ugh. People. I also got an avengers beach towel. So, yay. :-) Whazzp with you people?
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The fault in our books (TFIOS review)

Guess what today is? Tulip time in my little corner of the universe. The real world, not online. Well, anyways, due to the time of the tulips we have a half day today and tomorrow. Yay. We had hours 4-5-6 today. So, first thing in the morning I got to be in the class with the super hot senior guy. In my 6th (well, 3rd hour today) he was also there. So, just saying, chillin in the library is a great place. Aw, I just realized I didn't draw. Oops, sorry! To me, mostly. Well, anyways, so that's good. Speaking of good I finished the fault in our stars like last night-ish. And well, I'm glad I finished it. In all honesty, I maybe sorta liked it, but I really hated Augustus and Hazel. I mean, ugh. Hazel? Why did everyone call her brave? She's a jerk! And soooooo whiney. And like, in the end he said that she's "funny, but not at anyone's expense" thing and while sometimes that's true, she was mostly just a jerk to people. Or sarcastically rude (to people). I don't know if she said it out loud most of the time, but her jokes were at someone's expense. She just seemed mean and whiney most of the time. And Augustus? While I totally love his video game enthusiasm and totally wouldn't mind a hot guy talking to me, I'm pretty sure if Augustus talked to anyone, he would be asking them to take them to his leader. Or abducting you in his UFO. That's right, Gus is a freaky alien! Seriously, he's weird. And inhuman. I do not get his fangirls. Why do they love him? He's SOOO annoying. Plus the way he dresses. Polo's or button downs? Ick! Why do girls actually like guys who wear those? Like, I'm sorry, since when was the old guy dress book hot? Like, seriously? Plus the fact that the romance was a bit oh my gosh I get it, let's get on to you dying or video games! I actually did want to scream that. I don't know, romance kinda bores me and I didn't like the main characters at all, so I don't really like the book. Sorry TFIOS fans! I'm just..... Not. Me + Romance = no go. Unless the romance involves monsters, magic and violence. Cause well, I'm more into half bloods, hobbits and heroes than well, anything to do with dying of disease or romance. Pirates are good too. Love triangles? Bad!
Book nerd
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cold Pokemon haircut dropouts

Okay! Yesterday I told you about my weekend. Well, stuff happened yesterday and today and it's exciting! Yesterday at school I was sitting in the hall playing Pokemon and this kid came up and we talked about Pokemon. Yay. Then there was of course the rest of my school day and I got home and did with my friends Jessie and July the cold water challenge. Which, was fun. I wore my captain America suit for the first time and our paddle boat didn't steer right so,..... That happened. I had to kick us to shore. And I jumped in TWICE for the record. And I dislike Facebook because on my gosh, the app is soooo gosh dang glitchy! Anyways, today I went to school and then I had froyo with my moms friend (who is awesome) and then I got a haircut. Which, while I do not care about how I look actually the haircut is awesome. Thanks to an epic hair stylist. My brothers girlfriend was there and Phoenix is very attached to his hair and I told his girlfriend "he might start crying and you might have to hold his hand. Or punch him." To which Phoenix responded "probably both." Haha!
Then there's Trenton drama with school, in which he was at the office and the evil office lady (which, if you hate children, WHY WORK IN A SCHOOL?!?!) literally said to him "wou
Don't it just be easier if you dropped out" and like any normal kid, that pissed him off, so he got in a fight (verbal) with her and well, dropped out. SERIOUSLY, HATE KIDS NO SCHOOL PEOPLES!!!! Ugh. People.
Pokemon master


Monday, May 5, 2014

The amazing Spider-Man 2 review

Okay, I haven't told you much in a weekend and a half. But hey, weekend review and then spidey senses sensing something else? ;p we'll get to that.
Okay, so, Friday was chem club, and chem club elections for a new president, VP, planners (2-3), treasurer, pr, and I think something else. Well, you just raised your hand if you wanted to run for a position. I raised my hand for vp, and nobody else did, so I automatically get it. Yay! Then on Saturday I went to cinco de mayo thingy with July for Spanish class. Yesterday was mi madre's, watashino haha's, my mumzies birthday! I just said that in three languages. Boom! Talent! 私の はは. That's the whole "watashino haha" with the corresponding symbol/character/katakana/hiragana/kanji things. Anyways, we went to apple bees and got the best waiter ever. Then we went to..... Drumroll please..... THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2!!!! My moms birthday is official Star Wars day (May the fourth be with you) and a superhero movie always comes out within the first four days of May, so as a birthday tradition we always go see one. Yay. May I just say, the old Spider-Man trilogy? Epic. The amazing Spider-Man (new)? Eh, good-okay. The amazing Spider-Man 2? NAILED IT. Well, almost nailed it. Definantly didn't blow it. I don't think. Okay, that bit was from psych. Seriously, I loved it. Lemme start at the beginning.
It starts with an exciting plane crash. Which is important for the story. The leaving of parents changed from last time to this one, but oh well. HINT HINT CINEMA SINS! Anyways, then it went to a cheesy car chase. You know a movies going to be amazing if it starts with a intense plan crash then goes to a cheesy car chase. And do you wanna know what the car chase made Peter Parker miss? Stan  Lee's cameo. Which, I have to say, was a step down from the past five cameos he's made. I didn't find it funny, sorry Stan the man. You're still epic! But your cameo..... Well, it was terrible. Pro: it was still a "STAN LEE CAMEO!!!" Squeal fest for me. And so, it wasn't awful, but it was my least favorite part of the movie. That's how good of a movie it was! Of course, I'm not done with the car chase! Do you wanna know who he rescues? Max. Who, may be a little mentally unstable, but is a genius and I loved him. He was a pretty good person. Back to graduation. Gwen Stacy the ugh was of course valedictorian. Because she doesn't deserve anything less for perfect her. Ugh. Anyways, the whole first five minutes whenever it included Gwen Stacy may I just say, EPIC FORESHADOWING! Um, if you haven't read the comics or seen the movie, you might not want to read the rest of this post. Or, you know, if you haven't read the comics or seen the movie but don't mind spoiler-age. Cause this should be no secret to comic fans and movie goers, but EPIC FORESHADOWING of Gwen's death is in every Gwen scene. Anyways, breakup scene of which I was literally resisting the urge to yell "Finally!" There was the appearance of Harry Osborne. Future green goblin, current rich, hot, smooth spoiled brat. I didn't like him at first because he looks creepy and isn't supposed to, but wow, he was perfect. I loved how he had the balls to say it straight to the lawyers and business men who were corrupt. I loved him! Then Harry and Peter say hey, and back to Max. This time it's his birthday ( sadness DX) and he goes to work. He opens the elevator for Gwen Stacy (currently an X) and then he starts talking about how cool Spider-Man is. She gets off the elevator and says goodbye or thank you or something "Max". He's happy because someone remembered his name. Aw. Sadness. I remember you Max! As he's leaving for the day, his boss tells his that he has to fix a power broker. It's his birthday, but he goes anyways. Poor guy! He falls into the vat and becomes Electrode. He then gets out and has a confrontation with Spider-Man. For Max, Spider-Man goes from Hero to Zero. Spider-man didn't remember him. Spider-Man just wants attention. Spider-Man lied! Depressing, he gets captured and turns evil. DX :,( I liked him. Then, Peter and Harry. Harry's dying, so he wants a Spider-Man bite or blood or anyway to get the regeneration powers. He doesn't want to die. Peter says he'll ask Spider-Man. Of course, he knows Peter is spidey and spidey refuses. Harry breaks Electrode out ("I thought we were already friends" more sadness) and gets spider venom hidden in oscorp and becomes green goblin. I love the new and improved suit and glider, but I loved the mask from the last movies. In the background in that vault though, you can see Doc-Oc arms, Falcons wings, Rhino's suit (rhino isn't bad, just angry he got stuck in the suit!). Hints for the next movie? I hope so! Anyways, then there's the end villain battle and epic foreshadowing comes to a close with -FINALLY- Gwen Stacy dying. I am a total superhero freak so I knew this happens, making way for MJ. And wow, I loved it. I mean, it was a cool scene and I really hated Gwen Stacy -but that's a post for tomorrow- and Peter becomes depressed. Oh well, MJ is a movie away Pete. Just wait. I know I've been. Again, tomorrow.... Anyways, the only thing other than Stan Lee's cameo that disappointed me was the lack of Rhino. I loved Rhino. Epic villain, plus, ya know, he's rhino. I came in waiting for rhino and I see maybe two minutes of rhino and he BRAVEST KID IN THE WHOLE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!  Me and my brother agree the kid was braver than anyone but Spider-Man. But, while that was a cool scene, there was a little girl waiting for a big Rhino and he never came. Ah, well, maybe the next movie, when -now, this is just hope here- they might have the sinister six. I mean, they had 3/6th of the sinister six's suits, at least. I think....... Yep! Anyways, I loved this movie and it is sooooooooooooo suggested.
Movie critic


Sunday, May 4, 2014

The amazing Spider-Man HISHE

Guess what today is? My moms birthday! Yahoo. Happy birthday mother! And guess what's we're doing to celebrate? THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2(.0)!!!!!!!!!
So................ HISHE!
It could've been worse.
A lot worse.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Not so amazing spiderman honest trailer

I'm VP on the chem club counsel and hungout with July, which I will tell you about tomorrow. Also tomorrow I will be seeing The Amazing Spiderman 2. I'll tell you how it is! Now, Honest Trailers: The not so amazing spiderman!

Not so not so amazing
(In short: amazing)

Friday, May 2, 2014

The amazing spiderman 2, guesses and pre-review

Hey! So, guess what awesome movie came out today? The hipster reboot of Spider-Man! I love Spider-Man. Okay, I love all superheroes. Short of 1. 1, only 1. Out of about 1 million. So, if you needed even more confirmation I'm a nerd.... Superheroes! Anyways, lemme get on with my hopes dreams and worries for the amazing Spider-Man 2! The old series is just Spider-Man, the new one is the amazing Spider-Man, okay? Okay. Cause, they are. And people don't get it right. Well, so anyways, I liked the old cast better. I mean, peter Parker is supposed to be the biggest nerd in the world, that clutzy, odd one out vibe. In the new one? Hey, he's hot! You got it wrong! Not that I'm complaining about hot guys, but he wasn't a geek/nerd. He was hot and nice and athletic and totally wrong. So, that was a disappointment. And then there's Harry Osborne. He's supposed to be hot and popular. The new one? Creeper, belongs in slytherin, DON'T TALK TO IT!!!!! I know, don't judge a book by its cover. But seriously, this book just screams horror and murder and this time it's right. I don't like it. But enough casting issues. Now, for the villainous factor.
ELECTRODE!!!! Sweet. Of course, in the comic he had a whole costume, because it's a comic and they can't do that in real life, but he deserves a costume. But, seriously, electrode is an epic villian. He gets my stamp of approval, so does his partner in crime (literally!) his movie, rhino. Rhino of course gets his suit, cause well............ He's Rhino. In the comics (and video games. I totally kicked his sorry butt all the way back to wherever!) he is literally the rhino. It's not a suit. In the movie? It's a suit. Sniffle. No, I'm not crying, something in my eye. Seriously, I wish it weren't a suit but the real rhino. Or at least, that's what I saw in the trailer. I'll rewatch. Although I think it's a suit :,( It could really be him! Well, he, of course,  meets my stamp of approval. Everyone who played the game or read comics that I know of have been hoping for rhino being a villain for a while, so I'm excited for him. Then there's back the Harry Osborne. I'm going to say this and it's like the old Spider-Man, so, don't get mad at me if you're stupid enough to think this is a spoiler but he's green goblin, which totally fits his looks, but I mean, it's dangerous reusing green goblin. He was in the first series, and while hey were created a whole ago, the green goblin suit and weapons were perfect. Of course, they aren't going to reuse, so what are they gonna do but, remake. I don't know if it'll be a step up. Ah, well, the curse of me, I have to wait and see.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spider-Man trilogy, honest trailers

We did a lip,duh today so I got a over two hour sixth period and twenty minutes early for biding left out. Other than that.... honest trailers: the Spider-Man trilogy. Sorry for all perviness and swearing and stuff.