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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

hishe captain America the winter soldier

No real post... Yes real youtube..... HISHE
Hulk sad!!!


Monday, September 29, 2014


Okay, I will NOT be reviewing cloaked today. Possible tomorrow, but I have Japanese. Possible Wednesday, but I have fuel, and a concert at that. Then longboard building. But soon. And not today, cause I just got back from the dentist. And ow. I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled.
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Since I'll have to read at least 145 pages each week, I think every Sunday will be am update of each book I'm reading or finished or started and thoughts. Same for today, but first.....
In pokemon black 2 for DS I was in the "mysterious mansion" I think it's called and I fought a ghost type pokemon, getting 666 exp. points. 666. I was sufficiently creeped out. Still am. SERIOUSLY. NOT EVEN MESSING WITH YOU PEOPLE. 666. Creepy!!!
Now for books!!!
-cloaked ~ done! Will be reviewing it tomorrow.
-fifth grave past the light ~ a lot more questionable stuff! and I am not talking about mystery-wise. From what I can tell, you should just skip the fourth chapter and just know that George is a shower Charley's in love with. Seriously, the rest of that chapter you DO NOT want to, or need to know. Other than that, the books very charley so far ;p
-the ask and the answer ~ love it! In fact, I am enjoying it more than the knife of never letting go right now... Although, there are a few sad parts so far that are... Sad. Manchee level sad (her name even begins with the same letter!) and I am ready to kill mayor prestiss. I mean, president Prentiss ick.
That's basically all.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Honest trailers TFIOS

Hi! It's Saturday, but I'm not really all post-y.... Well, I am, but it's Saturday and I'm really tired...... And just want to read today. And watch youtube videos, so I'm letting you watch some too! Like honest trailers for TFIOS! Plus if you're mobile... Hi, click here!
Sorry for like.... Everything that's inappropriate, bad or makes you butt hurt cause you love Gus soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!
Hopeless romantic
Hahahaha nooo!!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Strong Females

Yesterday I was totally thinking about how people are always saying how Disney teaches girls they always need a man to save them. I was literally thinking about this last night. Then I saw this today:

It has a part in it that talks about... Actually, the whole article talks about stuff kinda like that.
Basically, the gist of the whole article is that Legend of Zelda isn't bad for feminism. Sure, Zelda has Link save her, but Zelda also can totally kick butt. Tetra, Sheik and of course, all the times she helps as a princess. Like when she throws Link the master sword, or gives her life to save Midna (who isn't your typical princess) and gives up to save her kingdom. THIS IS ONE OF THE FEW TIMES I CONDONE GIVING UP! Because it isn't giving up, its saving people and trusting the blue eyed beast. Anyways, Zelda, sure she needs saving, but she also helps Link. Same with most Disney princesses.
Belle helps fight Gaston and she saves the beast with her love. That's like twice, and the beast saved her from wolves.
Mulan saves all of China, but sure she has some help from male friends and gets saved by Shang (and trained) but, saved. All. Of China.
Jasmine helped in the final battle (Gee, I've been playing too much video games if I call it final battle a bit)
Rapunzel saved Flynn just as much as he saved her.
Tiana? She's the one who knows stuff, not the stuck up prince.
Personally I think Megara (Not a princess but whatever) says it best when she says "I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I'm handling it".
I think being a strong female isn't about never having a guy save you. It isn't about being invincible, but that doesn't mean you can never save people.
I was just thinking about that and wanted to point it out.
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, September 25, 2014


こんばんわ! Today totally seemed like a Friday for a couple hours. The rest of the time I was asleep. Thankfully tomorrow is finally Friday. Plus it's an assembly day schedule cause west (we have two schools east and west. I go to east, but I have an equal amount of classes at each) has homecoming, so we get a free hour to... Do nothing. But, homework and hanging out and stuff...anyways, Friday, shortened classes.... May bien! And I think ramen after school sounds good. Plus a movie. Which movie? I dunno. Funny. Cartoony. Adorable. Butt kicking. Hot guys. Total ponage. Or however you spell it. Either way it's an overly big word. Meaning awesome and better than everything else. But it's not Friday. But almost. Plus today was a kinda nice day school wise. OH!!!! And no homework! 'Cept Japanese, which I can do tomorrow (did I mention I put the pro in procrastinate). So.... Yay! I also had one of my brothers friends throw a pillow at my face, but then I gave the other kid over the cookie, making me dead to the pillow thrower. Aw, well.... That's life ;p
Not Friday :/
But almost


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday longboards!

Hello and happy Wednesday! Sadly, it's only Wednesday. But it's also Wednesday, which ties with Friday and Tuesday for my favorite day of the week. Tuesday = tutoring, Friday is well... Friday and Wednesday is Fuel, my church youth group. Today we're meeting at the local froyo place (okay, one of the two. Sadly, my least favorite), signing up for groups and just hanging out. I'm bringing a few books just in case, but I think it'll be great. Plus, NO HOMEWORK! Could life get much better? Well, okay, I could be an actress, playing June Iparis in Legend and Anne Ross in Isle of Swords being made in perfect book to movie adaptation, dating a member of 5SOS, knowing perfect Japanese and having a machine to go into alternate worlds, and me, my besties and my 5SOS SO could all be immortal, but alas, life tis not like that. Plus there are no auditions for the Legend movie yet, so... Yeah. I'm signing up for the woodshop group again and this time we're BUILDING LONGBOARDS!!! :D I've always wanted my own longboard. Plus, I can probably paint my own design. Anime? Superhero? Video game? Please, make a suggestion! Then you'll have to suggest to me which of whatever category, but whatever. I'm leaning towards anime... You?
Anyways, froyo and chill time with church. Yay! I'm excited. How are the rest of you?
Future June and Anne

INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Soulless weapons rocket

Hullo! (It's hello) Oh oh... Hello?
Haha, megamind ^w^ gotta love it. Anyways, it's Tuesday! Nothing is really going on right now..... I don't have homework! I also don't know what to post about..... Oh! Today I wore my humunculus (humunculi?) necklace from FMA (fullmetal alchemist), and I told my friends who watch it also that it means I'm a soulless monster. It's true, and kinda funny. One of them said at least I own up to it. I also wore my rocket raccoon t today. 
He's saying "oh... Yeeeaaahhhh." Then he shoots everything. Because that's always better. Who doesn't like shooting stuff? Speaking of which, I should probably shoot my bow-n-arrows. I would also love to throw Kunai knives and ninja stars. And learn how to use the katana and sword. How cool would that be? You also probably shouldn't trust me with weapons, but it's not like I can't fight without em....


Monday, September 22, 2014

homecoming friends

'ello mate! It's Monday again. Mondays just so.... Monday-y. URRGGGHHH MONDAYS. I'm super tired. In a Monday-y way. Of course, I'm also happy (I'm feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag, I'm useless... but not for long, the future is comin' on, it's comin on, it's comin on....... ->Gorillas, feel good inc... I think) My brother's new-ish friend has been coming over, which is really weird cause he's in my grade and goes to my school... Of course, I don't know him, but usually we're lucky if I could even remember my own name. Or my own... Anything. At the interns going away party at church a couple weeks ago, I totally forgot my grade and it was really funny. Normally I would say embarrassing, but it wasn't, it was just funny. In my opinion. I'm sure everyone there thinks I'm an idiot (but, oh, probably no more than usual ;-)    Anyways, yesterday he had yet another friend, from my school, in my grade. Aka-awkward! Anyways, I noticed him at school. It's weird, and it's like... People. Who go to my school! Ugh.
OH! The Saturday that just happened? Yeah, it was homecoming at my school.  I am so anti-school and anti-people and anti-dancing, there is no way in anything that I would pay to go to a school dance. Anyways, I really wasn't going, and yesterday at church they were talking about it and they asked if anyone went or was planning on going and then they asked if anyone wasn't going and I am proud to say I raised my hand first. I am even prouder to say, most of the other people at church raised their hand too.
Not to even mention my friends experience at homecoming. If I already wasn't going, I definitely am not now. A guy may or may not have gotten sick and/or had a mental break down because my friend asked him to dance. But don't tell anyone I told you, and my friend isn't that bad, so... don't be rude.
Homecoming queen
Oh, gosh, NO!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

HISHE to the pub!

Happy Sunday! I don't have an actual thing to post about, so... Youtube.
HISHE. Villain pub.
And fashion!
Raven DeWitt

Right, also... Link! Because the look makes the villain

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Maze Runner Movie Review + Hot Haul

Maze Runner Movie Review, up now!
Basic Plot: Thomas wakes up in the lift, knowing nothing except his name: Thomas. The lift lasts about eight minutes before Thomas arrives in a gigantic walled in area with only teenage boys, a couple raggedy buildings and finally a small forest. The biggest rule is that you cannot go out the mammoth hole in the huge wall into the maze unless you're a runner. Ben tries to kill Thomas claiming Thomas is one of the people who put him there, but since they can't let people go around attacking people, Ben is banished before they can ask any more questions. The next day Ably goes out into the maze with Minho, and they don't return. And don't return. And still don't return. But just as the doors are closing, they see Minho dragging Alby. But they won't make it in time, and no one dares go help them because nobody has every survived a night in the maze. But Thomas can't just sit by and let them die. So, he runs into the maze. *HALFWAY POINT!!!!!* Minho essentially says that Thomas is a really stupid idiot with a very small brain. After defeating a griever (monstrous monstrosities that live in the maze and kill people) and being the first people to survive the night, they come back to the glade with glory and suspicion. Half the people think Thomas is a total Ninja (he KILLED a griever) the other think he's a slint-head shank slime ball who's evil. So, he gets thrown in a jail sell, then he gets to become a runner. That's not even the weirdest thing going on though, because soon a girl arrives in the glade, which, if that isn't weird enough she arrives off schedule, is in a coma and is holding a note that says she's the last one. Ever. Soon the doors stop closing and grievers come and take people and Thomas says that they should try to escape the maze.... Through where the grievers come from.

My thought: First off, I am a total book purest. I will notice if you misquote a line from the book, or if anything happens even half a second or a centimeter off. And, there were a lot of things changed in the maze runner movie. Seriously. I mean, seriously, a lot. A heck of a lot. Anyways, I am such a purest and the movie was a lot different... But I totally loved it. I mean, the actors were good (Although, Theresa's actress wasn't as good as I hoped for...) and the Grievers were beautifully done. I mean, I imagined them totally different, but they were even freakier than I first imagined. I didn't like it better than the book, and I didn't like the book better than the movie. I loved them both, and I am excited for the scorch trials movie (whenever that is).

Rating: 5/5

I also saw a kid who was in orchestra last year at the movie, but no one else I knew (thank goodness!) 'cept my friend who came with and my parents. Today, I had hot topic cash, so I went shopping. I got a T-shirt that has Dean from Supernatural on it that says "no chick-flick moments", a Guardians of the Galaxy T that has rocket raccoon on it and a chibi fairy tail t where they're all that the beach. I got a star wars hat, brave and Aladdin socks and finally a pokemon seatbelt belt..... There's no better way to state that, but that's what it is. Anyways, good haul! :-)
Raven DeWitt

Friday, September 19, 2014

Maze club rudeness

So, in chem club we lit stuff on fire, and there was this one guy I totally wish I could've lit on fire. We were lighting stele wool with batteries but it makes sparks so we had to put it in whisks. This one kid was holding on to the whisk part of the whisk not the handle so I told him he should hold on to the handle not the whisk so he wouldn't get burned. So, he holds on the the top of the whisk and tries to light it next to his hand, and says he doesn't care if he gets burned.
I was like wwhhhoooooaaaaahhhh. Whoa. I said you shouldn't hold it here, not hey you idiot, how stupid are you. I wasn't being rude I was trying to be helpful. So, why in the heck, would you just go and be rude to me like that. I wasn't being mean, but now, I dislike you cause like, what the heck?!?!
I mean, what kinda rude person does that???????
In other news, I'm going to the maze runner tonight, and I will review it tomorrow.
Trying to be nice
And failing


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Books galore!

Hello! I got two books from the library like, just now. The second book in the knife of never letting go (chaos) series, the ask and the answer and the fifth book in the first grave on the right series, fifth grave past the light. In addition to that I'm reading the isle of swords and cloaked, plus I have homework. I've got my work cut out for me. But I will try, because I have been wanting to reread cloaked and isle of swords, which I am, but now I have sequels of series to read, and I've enjoyed both the series so far. I'll give a quick over view of all the books, cause I can.
Cloaked: well, it's the princess and the frog meets the elves and the shoemaker who idolized the child of the fisherman and his wife and the valiant tailor. Johnny thinks he's regular, but he works hard and is "a good boy" causing the super pretty and crazy magic believing princess of Aloria to choose him for a quest turning her brother (currently a frog) back into a person. Crazy, right? Except, she isn't and now Johnny, a regular high schooler is going all around the world to find a single frog so he can marry a princess.
Isle of swords: captain Ross Declan is a pirate, but he's different. He takes gold, not lives (without cause. He does kill, but he isn't without mercy) and he draws the line at taking another mans ship. Of course, that doesn't go for every pirate, including the head pirate Bartholomew Thorne. Thorne's  second in command's ship attacks Ross. He gets send to the bottom, and Ross walks away knowing Thorne will not forgive him. They find a kid (fifteen!) who has no memory, but he does have whip lashes that should've almost killed him. They take him in and dub him Cat, and sail off into the sunset... And a pirate safe haven that's been marked. The monks on that island insist Ross take a monk, who has the exact location of an almost impossible to get treasure beyond all imagining. Ah if Thorne wasn't mad at Ross for his lieutenant, now he's mad that Ross took his living treasure map.
The knife of never letting go: I haven't read the ask and the answer yet, so Ill tell ya about the knife of never letting go. Todd can hear everyone's thoughts. All a thousand per second. And that's not including mental images. But when he finds a hole, that leads to secrets. Secrets in plain sight, and hiding from people who can hear his every thought (and see more)
The grave series: Charlie Davidson isn't your average grim reaper. Or your average girl. Or your average anything. She's a PI, with ADHD, the ability to talk to dead people who have not passed, the daughter of a ex police officer dad married to an evil step mother and has the worlds most perfect sister. Her uncle is still a police officer, and helps her with cases every once in a while. Her best friend is also her secretary and lives across the hall from her. To add to the craziness Charlie is also in love with/destine to be with Reyes farrow, son of satan. Every book is a new case and a bit deeper dive into the secrets of Reyes and the powers of Charlie. While the language is horrendous and there are scenes that are not PG rated (sadly) I love these books... Suggested for people who can deal with bad stuff even if they know it's bad and don't agree with it.
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

8 Situations in which people should SHUT UP!

Hello! Happy Wednesday! Half the school weeks over. Only eight months and a week left. Wow. At fuel today (the church group) it's glow stick worship. Other than that I have quite a bit of homework, so... here ye go! A IIsuperwomanII vid! It's called 8 situations in which people should SHUT UP! Which is a rude name, but agreed. Happy Wednesday!
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tutoring stuff

Hello! Sadly, my Tuesday Japanese tutoring session was canceled, because my new tutors daughter is sick. Pray she gets better! Anyways, my previous tutor is moving to japan so I needed a new one (pray for her too!) and she suggested the college professor at the SUPER close colleges wife, who also happens to be a college professor..... Both for Japanese. So, luckily I am laid back, but unluckily..... I'm a sophomore and they teach seniors in college. It is a bit nerve racking. Well, anyways, she got a part time job at the hospital... Pharmacy? I'm not all that smart on hospital stuff. Well, she has orientation next week and then the... Part of your job that's like a video game walk through? Anyways, that's gonna last a couple-a-weeks so my tutoring is switching to Thursdays with the big-college-professor. こわい❗️
Oh, こわい、 kowai means scary.....
Cause it is!
Raven DeWitt

Monday, September 15, 2014

Top Ten Cutest Cartoon Animals EVER

Hello! Not so happy Monday! Well, I wish you a happy Monday, but it's Monday. Happy won't e part of the equation (promise?) I gotta warn you, going into the belly of the beast, danger at every turn. (I eat danger for breakfast)  YOU HUNGRY?!?! (STARVING!!!!!)  cause bolt.
Oh! That gives me a post idea! So, to cure the Mondays, how 'bout the top __ cartoon animals? Cartoon, not anime or video game (though that could be soon....). Now, in a slightly particular order... Actually, I don't do orders, cause I think of them as I go along......

10. Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
This is where my "In no particular order" Comes in, because Stitch is SUPER adorable, more adorable than some others on the list, but I'm to lazy to put it in a real order, plus I don't do favorites. But if I did, stitch would be one of the big three of adorable.
9. Bear triplets (Brave)
Mischievous and genius!

8. Puss... In boots (Shrek 2-4, Puss in Boots)
put me higher on the lists... If you dare! Can you commit to being higher on the list? Si, I can commit. BTW... those were both totally lines from the movies.
7. Toothless (How to train your dragon)
Rawr and stuffs.

6. Simba (Lion King)
Who, him? Well, he is the king.
5. Scooby-doo (Scooby Doo)
Talking? Mystery solving? Dog? AWWW!!!

4. Abu (Aladdin)
So a little rough and distrustful around the edges, but also really smart and thieving. Plus, fur.
3.  Diego (Ice Age)
I just love things that are cute and fuzzy and can rip your throat out with it's teeth the size of your head. Plus he's sarcastic and rude and hilarious and adorable.
2.  Sven (Frozen)
He looks smug about getting picked, but don't worry, he's still adorable when he's older.
 and since he's the cutest of them all.....
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Honest trailers: captain America the winter soldier

Happy Saturday! In honor of everyone's favorite captain, (maybe tied with captain jack, though I personally like Steve better) here's the honest trailers for it! Oh, and link.......A link to the past..... Or to the honest trailer

Bonus fact! Two of the characters in it are from once upon a time! Can you guess who? Hint: the characters they play in once are the mad hatter and prince charming's dad.
Captain winter


Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday mystery

Hello! It's my second Friday of school, and the first one I'm not completely freaking out during. Last Friday was... An ordeal to say the least. Wow, has it only been one week? Thanks a lot Kronos *rolls eyes* (PJGG reference...) at this rate, the maze runner movie will never some out (I measure time by movies and books and shows coming out.... I really need a life that isn't Link or Ash's ;p). But, any who... In science a couple days ago, we read from the text book about observations and they put up a detective question for us. They didn't tell us the answer, which really annoyed me, so I wanna see if anyone else agrees with me. First the problem stuff... Oh, it's for a break in.

Found at scene:
-B blood type
-polyester fabric
-white powder
-work boot print

Suspects info:
A: blood type: B  |  clothes: Polyester.  |   Job: sugar factory

B: blood type: B  | clothes: wool knit   | job: pastry chef

C: blood type: would not comply   | clothes: polyester  | job: automobile sales woman.

Now, take as much time as you need and do not, DO NOT look ahead until you've come up with an answer. If you've come up with a different answer, tell me why but include your original answer and thoughts if you change your mind.

I think it was suspect A. The chef doesn't have the right fabric for the break in, and I doubt he's allowed to wear work boots, in a sterile clean kitchen, so why would he have em? And while pastry chefs do use white powder, it's extremely doubtful that he would have that on him if he into polyester and into work boots (and back again) so... He's out. 

Now for suspect number 3.... Her blood type could be any kind, giving us no headway there. And while her clothes comply, she's also a sales woman. They generally don't wear work boots, and it's doubtful she even owns a pair. If she does, which again, unlikely, she's a CAR sales person. How did the white powder get there?

So, those are my thoughts. Yours?
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9/11 thoughts

こにちわ!私は ラベンです!
You get twenty points if you can read that! The points go to absolutely nothing! I felt like opening in Japanese today ( I'm in Japanese class and done for the week, so...) but then I didn't want to just do the classic stuff everyone knows. Actually, the rest of it is pretty easy too.... And I think my katakana is right..... Dunno.
Anyways, today is 9/11, which is a really sad thing and I generally like my blogs to have a happier, funner feel. Sorry, it might be a bit less sunshine-y than usual (cause we all know I'm such a sunny person!). Okay, so, in English class we talked about 9/11 and she had us write about it. When I was writing I totally got to thinking, what if there's a person who missed work that day -there's bound to be- for a surgery. Or they were sick. Or they were on vacation. And they just feel guilty. Relieved, scared, thankful, but so incredibly guilty. I know I would. Actually, if I was sick or going to have a surgery, I would probably be complaining. Out loud I would probably make a joke about it, or say that it sucks, but inside I would be like "ugh, I don't wanna" or I would totally be freaking out for the surgery or I would be sitting at home feeling sick and being super annoyed with how apparently I have the freak ability to cough myself to death and, although I don't watch the news (if it's important enough to me, I'll find out somehow) I would find out and sit there feeling guilty, praying and thanking God for having some stupid cold or that scary surgery, being so thankful for them, praying for my coworkers and friends, but feeling so, annoyingly, pathetically, sickeningly guilty. The kind of guilty where you feel like your going to explode, the kind where you feel like you're going to open your mouth and it'll escape before the response you want. The kind where you feel like everyone knows, like on tv, getting defensive over every question, trying to cover up statements you would normally say in ways you normally wouldn't. I would feel so awful. I think I would feel so bad because, why am I good enough to survive? I'm certainly not a better person than all those people. So... That would be my reaction. What would be yours?
Raven DeWitt

*japanese of the day* こわい (kowai) means scary, not to be confused with かわいい (kawaii) which is cute.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dark Disney

Today was super rainy, but good. Now for the post. Disney is darker than you remember....
Aladdin for example. Remember one jump? "Just a little snack guys" innocent then BAM! "Rip him open take it back guys" .... Well then. O.O
And of course, the lion king. We all love Hakuna Matada, but......... That song in literally there just so you forgot his dad was murdered! Seriously! Dad died, but hey, here's a fun song, don't be mentally disturbed!
The little mermaid? Ursula (a sea witch. Already not good) has a garden full of souls.
The princess and the frog? Mr. Voodoo and his "friends on the other side" I love that movie, but it's way to dark for kids.
Tangled? She was kidnapped. By a creepy chick trying to live forever.
Brave... Witch. Bear. Dad hunting mom. Dark.
Monsters inc... Did you see that scream machine?
So, I love all these things, but.... Dark.
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Avengers first, first and lasts

Captain America 2, the winter soldier came out today, so in honor of that... The first and last line of the superhero movies that started it all.... Meaning the title one (mostly cause my internet died) so, basically just four (including the avengers) I might do the rest tomorrow!!! (not including end credit scenes, although that might be a fun post sometime) so... Here we go.
Iron man (this is hard, because fun fact! There was no official script, just an outline and ad libbed, and marvel doesn't realize the scripts so... -.-" and avengers was written hours to days before filming, not weeks....)
First line: I feel like you're driving me to a court-martial,
Last: the truth is...... *throws notecards* I am iron man.

First line: Wait for it
Last: She searches for you.

Captain America:
First: Are you the guys from Washington?
Last: Yeah. Yeah, I just...
...I had a date.

First:The Tesseract has awakened
Last: I just didn't argue with the God that did.

Hardest thing EVER to track down those scripts. I might still do it again. Might do it for other things too, and maybe even certain characters in seasons of TV shows...
Movie writer


Monday, September 8, 2014

Thomas and Theresa

When I first woke up and realized it was Monday, I wasn't feeling to good. Happy first Monday of school Raven. It was actually a good day and I got a manageable amount of homework. Anyways, I just finished rereading the maze runner (so sad once you've finished the whole series) and I'm totally pumped for the movie coming out in a few weeks. And kinda scared.... The preview looked unworthy to my imagination of it. Okay, I know it's a hard book but....... There were some differences in the preview I spotted I'm uneasy about. I'll get to that in uno momento. I finished the prequel, the kill order, and it's defiantly suggested and sad, but it makes me think a lot AND it shows Thomas and Theresa's first meeting... Which reminds me...
So, in the maze runner Thomas said something about remembering a movie about a haunted house, so I'm going to guess he probably watched some tv. It says in the kill order that there's a tv in the living area of their room, the shared joint area. Do you think Thomas and Teresa ever watched movies, and even though they were in different rooms stayed up late telepathically talking about it? Like "whoa, that movie was awesome."
"I know, but I'm kinda scared."
"Really? With the cranks outside and the maze in progress?"
"Shut up Theresa."
Sorry, I had to make tommy the scared one XD
Or they watched tv show and the next day during a boring lecture in school
"Wow, I totally hated that cliff hanger last night. Watch it after school?"
"Sure, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna go like...."
"Well I think this is gonna happen....."
And did normal teenage things, what everyone would do in that situation. If there was a annoying teacher....
"Ugh, she's so annoying."
"Hopefully she won't assign that much homework again."
"Or tell another story of her life..."
"Those are so stupid!"

I mean, sure the worlds gone to heck and they're advanced teenagers, but they're still teenagers, best friends with telepathic communication who really do have to go to school. I kinda want a book that addresses that. It would be kinda fun. I might do that, at least write a couple short stories about it.

What do you guys thing it would be like?
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Everything wrong with the amazing Spider-Man 2 by screen junkies

Hello! I don't really have a post today.... But I do have a YouTube video. Cause, everything wrong with honest trailers (long title, but.... You'll see ;p)
Weird, right?
And now HW
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Hello! Sorry for not posting earlier but I've been doing stuff, like trying to finish rereading the maze runner so I can lend it to July and.... That's about it. Sure I almost started maybe kinda doing my history homework (that's all the homework I have this weekend!) but mostly watching YouTube and downloading pokedex's so......... Yeah, sorry! Now I'm watching bolt, which is a totally awesome, adorable movie. Happy Saturday!
Raven DeWitt

Friday, September 5, 2014

Just Leave!!!

Hello! Its the first Friday of the school year and it has honestly been my best day of school since the first. Granted, that was only three days ago ('cept it felt like forever! Thanks Kronus *SARCASM* Percy-Jacksons-Greek-Gods reference). But, today was a good day. Mostly good... I saw my friends from church who're a grade younger than me today. Anyways, that was fun. And I completely finished my math and of course, but I have Japanese. Due tonight. Ugh. But, whatever. Anyways, I have a real post, about a real subject right now.
Disney princesses can't....
...Just leave.
I mean, seriously! Frozen has gotten a lot of crap over how Anna could've just left, and a couple days ago someone said how it annoyed him that princesses complain about how they can't just leave. Well, I just want to say, he was WRONG.
First off, no one can just leave without repercussions. Think about if you were going to just leave. Where would you stay? What would you eat and drink? What would happen with all the stuff you're responsible for? You could probably stay at a friends house and you probably aren't responsible for too much. Now imagine being a princess. You don't have friends to stay with and you aren't responsible for a pet hamster, you're responsible for a whole country.
All those people. You can't just leave them!
It's a bit worse than a dead hamster.
And the fact that you don't have anywhere to go, meaning you'd be left out on the street, to be beaten, killed or worse (that I can't mention to viewers of all age. Just know being out on the street in at night in a bad part of town and being killed isn't the worst!). Also, since they're the princess, enemies of the king or queen...
Of course, when anyone runs away people are going to look for them, but princesses have a serious search party...
Of course, one thing a princess doesn't get is any more worries, because if you're a parent and your kid is missing, you can't be any more worried. Oh, everyone still worries about you if you're a princess, and there are tears and sadness. But if you're a regular person, everyone worries about you too. Of course, not everyones the king and queen to do this;
But if they could, they totally would. As Merida says in brave, "I know now how one selfish act can turn the fate of a kingdom." If you were a princess and you left, your selfish act of leaving would change your kingdom, chances are not for the better.
So there you go.
Princesses can't "just leave"
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Lemme tell you about my first week of school so far...
First day I already told you about. Good. But, uh... Still school.
Yesterday and today were pretty good but Japanese class has been stressful! Well, first off all, there is no longer a library at  east, so I have to go to the west library. The first day I tried to set it up but couldn't, so yesterday I went to tech and the only guy who could install it? Gone! And I had assignments due yesterday!!! So, I did those at home. Today I was told that the keyboard still wasn't installed, but also the library closes at 2 every day except Wednesday! I have Japanese in the library 6th hour! From 1:45-2:45! I'll only get fifteen minutes a day!! Well, 'cept Wednesdays, but dude! That won't work! So I have no idea what I'll do. Probably sit there frustrated at the school has never had a good idea in their life (and I'm not blaming the teachers, librarians ect.)!!! I am sooooooo annoyed with it, but what am I supposed to do? Ask the school board as they do absolutely nothing?
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Um.... Wow.... Homework o'.'o
So... Late...
So... Yeah.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First day

Hello! I have just finished my first day of my sophomore year. Well, maybe not just finished, because it's 6:00-ish and I finished at 2:45, but there is a reason for my delayed post. Anyways, first thing first. Or in this case, first day. Delayed start, which I will not be as lucky to have for the rest of the week. I went to all my classes and got homework -Seriously?- the syllabus and of course, reading from my history textbook. Ugh. Plus our library got turned into venture academy (where they combine the meanest teachers and rowdy-est students. Bad idea) so the only library is at west and I now have to take Japanese at west and RESET-UP MY COMPUTER LANGUAGE SETTINGS. UGH! Anyways, straight after school I went to meet my new Japanese tutor, because my old one is going to go back to Japan. I am a mix between jealous of her going to Japan (but not like, a mean jealousy, a little ah, lucky! type of thing) and being totally sad she's leaving. After meeting my new tutor, we went shopping for school stuff (we didn't get any syllabus on registration day) and stuff for the church-school fundraiser. My church has people donate a bunch of stuff to give to a school that seriously needs it. Anyways, then I finally got home after what seemed like forever. Anyways, my classes are pretty great and I only have someone I seriously dislike in my first hour (Ya know how evil takes human form in Regina from mean girls?
I have her mean-er, sluttier, evil-er twin in my first hour, honors Chem. But ya know.....
INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Honest trailers: captain America the winter soldier

My last day of summer was spent with friends (July) baking delicious red velvet cupcakes and watching pokemon and playing supersmash bros brawl (and gaining the character snake, and totally winning and beating everyone. Anyways, school, tomorrow. Honest trailers? Now.
And I love Captain America, so the honest trailer for its sequel.....
Raven DeWitthon