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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camp Jupiter

So, I have to tell you about my Camp Jupiter resort thing. So, it's a bit like camp half blood, which I talked about yesterday. The cabins, or barracks are for rent for the people vacationing there. The food court/resteraunt is a huge building, where there are low tables with low but comfy couches around them. There are waitresses who look like the wind people, and you can order almost any food you want, including blue pancakes or pizza and stuff that they usually eat in the Heroes Of Olympus series. Then there's the buildings. Since camp jupiter isnt in the Percy Jackson series, the only roller coasters and buildings and models of stuff and electronics they built are only from the Heroes Of Olympus series. Then, you can do the breaking into/defending the fort game, if you sign up or something. You can also enter the Camp Jupiter inner city part thing, At every enterance is an electronic statue thingy, He'll be super OCD about rules and stuff, but let everyone in regarless of whatever they look like. There's a archery range and fighting areana. I need help creating it, ANYONE WHOS A HALF-BLOOD, HELP PPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camp half blood resort

I finished rereading Percy Jackson And The Sea Of Monsters, aka the second one. I love it so much! I love Thalia, who gets introduced in this one. I can't remember which one Percy visits Calypsos island in. The fifth one after he hears the prophecy? I don't know, but it is after he hears the prophecy. I like her(calypso). I also love Nico. You meet him in the next one. I never knew how much I'd miss Tyson when he left, but I did. It seems weird because he was big but not that big in this one. I'm going to reread the whole series. I also think it's going to be a but weird knowing what's going to happen, cause I already read them. I also don't want it to end after the Heroes Of Olympus does. I love them all. I ordered the House Of Hades on amazon today. I can't wait to read it! I'm worried about my favorite couple, Percy and Annabeth. They're still going strong (thank the gods), but they're in Tartarus. I'm worried about them. How will Percy and Annabeth get out of this? C'mon Rick Riodan, tell me. I gotta know. I need to know! I mean, he can't just leave them there. Another thing I love about the Heroes Of Olympus was that it didn't leave you at a cliff hanger where you NEEDED to know what happened in the first and second one, but where you wanted to know. I'm really excited for the movie to come out, at least the second one The Sea Of Monsters. They better out Grover in a wedding dress because I've been looking forward to that for years. They so owe it to me. I hope they do a better job of doing the movie from the book, at least better than the last one. And Luke ad Percy are NOT cousins, Luke's dad is Percy's cousin. I mean, honestly! Luke we know you're evil but you can afford and education! I read this thin on Instagram where they said every movie adaptation of a book should have a "book slapper", where the book slapper reads the book the movies going to be. Every time the movie writer changes a huge part or says "that'd be cool, but what if...." They get slapped with the book the movies based off of. That's desperately needed. I also think the mortals need a camp half blood. Like, a resort. Where the main part is camp half blood, but it has all the adventures going off into special parts. Like there's the camp, with cabins (that you could visit/look at/rent, I don't know), and the archery fields or weapons practice or SAFE but cool climbing wall. For the food thing, there's a dining pavilion with a huge buffet, with blue food (like Percy likes). Not all the food will be blue, but some pancakes will, as well as other cool foods. Then there will be capture the flag, were you will divide up into teams, and be assigned to either red or blue. You will play capture the flag in a forest were you can find hidden bunkers (like Leo found) or other cool passages (like in the battle of the labyrinth. But not the actually labyrinth). You can use these to your advantage, but the passages that help are accessible from both sides, so you may run into enemies you'd have to fight. There are also remote control monsters you'll have to fight, but they mostly stay out of bunkers and tunnels. Whoever captures the flag wins! Since there are only twelve cabins, you can stay at C.C.'s resort and spa (guys will NOT be turned into hamsters or pigs or Guinea pigs), and you can get makeovers there and it's big an grand. There are certain rooms with mirrors and windows where you can play with guinea pigs or get makeovers, with a specialist. At the spa there are also cages with and rugs and stuffed animals and sculptures of wild animals. If they're tame enough you can pet them. Each room has a different theme like one of the twelve cabins, plus other gods. There are also spa rooms that are normal. Then there are different buildings/places for each adventure in each book. Like a whole building of mazes for the fourth one, and roller coasters for different things, like Pegasus and hippocampus rides, or Festus or the grey sisters taxi. Then there's also a few cruise ships that come by once a week, like the Princess Andromeda or the one Leo built. That's just the camp half blood. I'll tell you about camp Jupiter tomorrow.
Half blood
Raven DeWitt

Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby sitting transformers

Hey. I have to babysit again today, and we're watching transformer, funest thing I get to do all day. I'm surprised an eight year old can watch transformers. Do you know how pervy it is?!?!?!?! I won't let me kid watch it until they're old enough not to quote stuff they don't know. I don't want my kid going around saying "bros before hoes", cause that'd be awkward.
Sisters before misters
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Top ten baby showers

Okay, so today was the last high/middle school service. I was kinda sad. I went to sit in the back with my idiot brothers, and Josh. So, they had the top ten best an top ten worst things about the summer. The top ten wort were hilarious!!! The 1st worst one was my personal favorite. You know my friend waffle head? Well, in St. Louis he tutored a little kid. A little girl. Who's about like seven or eight I think. She wrote him hate mail that basically said thanks for nothing, and that she wanted a picture of his face to post on a punching bag. I love her, I hope my daughters that violent. Just not to awesome people like waffle head. Just... Don't tell him I said that. We don't want a bi head on a small person, that's just be weird ;p. Then there was one where the church van, driver by the youth pastor, representing our church, ran a red light. There was also a paddle board race, from the beach to the end of the peir and back. This one kid started before everyone else, so someone stuck their paddle in front and the kid walked off. Then there were these kids who were paddle boarding in a lake that was like green, and some kid fell in. The other people asked what happened and he said he wa standing on the edge junking about how gross it would be if he fell in. Guess what happened next? He fell. Into the gross green water. my personal favorite: there was this one kid who pranced the youth pastors by littering paper all over one of their offices. They had a camera and saw who it was, cause the kid was dancing in the paper and making paper angels and stuff. Then they put the paper in a drawer for two months, then they put the paper all over his bedroom, stapled together two hundred cups in the shape of a body, put them on his bed and filled them with water. Then they did the dance that the kid did and they did paper angels. It was hilarious! They also interviewed the cats. I think they should've posted it on YouTube. I still love the eight year old girls hate mail. I love you waffle head, but dude that girl is awesome. I'm kinda jealous, I want the mail. We also went to a baby shower and there was a price is right thing were you guess the price of baby products. I couldn't guess any, cause I'm fourteen and I honestly don't have a kid yet. I drew a bunny instead.
Actually a anthro bunny princess
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Yesterday and the curse of the lake monster

Hey! Sorry, I was very busy yesterday. I had a sleepover at Mel's, where we pulled an all nighter writing the story. We were tired and on a natural high, added to chocolate ice cream eating. It turned out very weird and very funny. Then we slept in till ten, started another chapter (it's not even done yet!) and went to my house to do my chores. Then we went to the mall. I got part of the bday presents for a few of my friends. (Jessie and July's don't tell!) We stayed way later than we had though, so we didn't leave till like seven. When I got home we went over to Kaseys, and got back around eleven. So, sorry for my short weird post yesterday. Sleep deprived it was. Anyways, so, you know how Monday I saw my brothers friend, and Thursday I saw Hollywood undead? Yesterday I'm pretty sure we saw someone else we knew. I don't remember who, but it did happen... Hmm... Anyways, I watched the real person scooby doo, the curse of the lake monster. It sucked. Even by real person scooby doo standards. Okay, I llllooooovvvvveeeeee scooby doo, but the real life ones always seem a bit... Hollywood -ified. I mean, they had to create relationship drama between Fred and daphine, which I can get but it was annoying and stupid. And childish. If my boyfriend was like that I'd slap him. Actually I'll never have a boyfriend like that cause I won't go out with him. Then there was Shaggy and Velma. You have to suffer through a whole movie with Shaggy trying to ask her out and being in love with her for them to just stay friends. Them daphine and Fred break up. Ugh. Plus scooby, the one the shows named after, was barely even in it. I mean, what kind of idiot uses the title character in like five scenes out of like five gazzillion? Okay, not five gazzillion but it was a long movie, way too long to exclude most of scoobys moments. Plus it was very predictable. I soo called it, and it was possession, which bugs me. Well, mostly the fact that in the cartoon it's always a person doing it, while in the real life movies it's always possession or a curse or a magic spell. Anyways, then there was the fact that cartoons are more realistic. Scooby walks on the ceiling, his eyes bug out of his hea and the lake monster is obviously very bad special effects. None of which happen in the cartoon! It was a very very cheesy stupid movie. And this is coming from someone who loves scooby doo.
Mystery inc.'s
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Todays storys

Hey. So today I went blueberry picking and then to Sam's Club.With my friend, Mel, who got back from Alaska yesterday. She told some funny stories, which I'll tell tomorrow, cause I have no time today. Then, when we went to Sam's Club, and I said we were probably going to run into someone we knew. Then, after I said that we got out of the car and the people getting out of thee car two rows down were Hollywood Undead and his brother and mom. My mom and Mel kept on telling me to go say hi to him, but he waslistening to music and we aren't like friends even. I just know him from church. If you're reading this Hollwood Undead, sorry, but it's kinda true... Anyways, then I got a hot dog and a slice of pizza. Mel got the exact same thing and we got back and started writing a story on quotev. She had a dream, so we're writing a book about her dream, but in more detail a bit different. Plus we're changing the names of a few people. Not me, or One Direction (who's a big part in her dream), but a few others. I think it's going to be good. I'll post a link to it tomorrow, okay? Give me feed back if you like it!
Writer in training
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gonna go to the beach and do some beachy things

So, today I went to the beach for fuel, my church group. Anyways, so when I first got to the beach this guy and I started talking about video games, then I went kiaking, which was fun. It was pretty wavy out, so that made it funner. Yellow/green flag wavy, but still no one tipped. Then I came back and me and these girls stared talking. Then we went to isolation and started crank calling people. I told one of them to call someone and then say it took them like five point three seconds to answer the phone then scream "ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?!?!". They did, and it was hilarious. The guy sounded really cute too. Well, like he had a nice voice. Then there's this leader we called and one of the girls has a crush on her son, so in an accent she asked if she could marry him. It was funny. Then we called her seriously and sang her happy birthday. We're pretty sure it's her birthday. If not.... Well..... Hehe crap. Then we played MASH and I got one of the girls crushes. She was sssooooo mad! Then I sad it was okay, cause I like someone else and they ended up guessing right. They said it was cute... Ugh. Anyways, then we buried people in the sand, well after talking for a while, and it was fun. Then one of the girls brothers came over and we decided to bury him so it was hard to get out then we would walk away like we were gonna leave him there. Anyways, we were gonna put water on it to make it harder to get out. He refused to let there be wet sand so he broke out and one of the girls splashed him with water, and he got pissed and kicked sand at her. Anyways, then we went back to the picnic tables to wait for parents to get there to pick people up. So, anyways, one time I got up to get some food and I lost my balance and leaned like almost into this one guy. Well, I was veeerrrryyy embarrassed. Then, I got up to get some more good and said not that I'm a pig or anything. I went back to sit down and noticed he was staring at me. I just sat down like what I said wasn't that stupid. Then he said "don't I recognize you from somewhere?". I looked at him and noticed he looked like one of Phoenix's friends, but I was like no, it couldn't be him, so I said "I don't think so, I'm pretty sure you just look like someone I know". Okay, maybe I should've known that I knew him from the fact that we both kinda recognized each other. Anyways, then he said "wait, aren't you Phoenix's little sister? Raven?" And I was like oh my gosh it is him! I like said his name but I'm pretty sure I said it like more of a dork than I usually do. The reason I didn't think it was him was cause he got his ear pierced (and it wasn't pierced last time I saw him), and his hair was long and very light blonde, when it was brown-ish I think and rreeeaaalllyyy short. I was super surprised. His hair reminded me of Austin from disney channel, the hot guy in Austin and ally, while his hair used to be like so short I couldn't tell what color it was. He looked weird with long-ish blonde hair. Anyways, so then he aske me why Phoenix wasn't there. Believe me, I was wondering the same thing. I hadn't seen him since around Christmas time I think, so it was nice cause he's one of Phoenix's friends that I don't wanna lunch in the face. He was pretty cool, but he's also a bit weird. He slept in our dog house once... It was weird...
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fourth grave in the store

Hey! So today I had counseling. I hate it. She just started asking boring questions about whether or not I feel depressed, about my appetite, yada yada. Then I went to the library, I was planning on getting the book first grave on the right, but the Internet was down, so we had to do it the old fashioned way; looking. By ourselves. It was terrible. Anyways, it was checked out, so I hit some movies instead, men in black two and three. I've never seen them but I've wanted to for a while. Anyways, then there was the tourist that my mom picked out... Blackmail info.... :D. Then there's the real life scooby doo, the curse of the lake monster. Then I went shopping and got some totally awesome jewelry and an infinity scarf. And then Nutella froyo. Yay! Anyways, now I'm watching it and it's pretty stupid and little kiddy. I recognize Velma from lemonade mouth... I think... I'm like nineteen to ninty nine present sure. I'm pretty sure... Anyways, the fourth grave beneath my feet book was good. While I did partially solve most of the mysteries, I didn't guess a LOT of unexpected details. I liked the book, and it was pretty good, warning: there was some swearing, and perviness, and then there was a full on "test of their stamina" between Reyes and Charley. In case you don't get what a "test of their stamina" is, it's the same as well, what happened to make the people on sixteen and pregnant well, pregnant. It's full blown purpling basically. Which was an awkward chapter in the book. For whoever was reading it... It was just weird... Anyways, I liked it and wanna read the whole series. I liked it. Plus it was written from the perspective of a thirty year old with the maturity and mind of a teenager. Actually more immature than a teenager, but it's hardly even possible for that to happen. Anyways, it was a good book and I would suggest it, but only if you can handle the purple. Like older teens or young adults.
The Grimm reaper
Raven DeWitt

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sea of monster trailers

Hey, I'm babysitting today so it has to be a short post. Here's the trailer for Percy Jackson and the sea of monsters, I can't wait until the movie comes out on August 7. Anyways, I dunno I this is the actual trailer, but I don't have a lot of time so... This'll have to do.
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fourth grave beneath the giant slayer

Hey! So, when I went to the library on Tuesday, I got a book called Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet. By Darynda Jones. It's a good book so far, and the fourth book in a series. I like it so far, though it is kinda confusing. I'll do a whole review when I finish it. Promise. Anyways, I like it.
My mom also rented Jack The Giant Slayer from red box and it was actually a good movie. The giant  with two heads, the bigger head's voice is Davy Jones from pirates of the Caribbean, this one guy from Alex Rider and he's in a few more movies. Then there's the only knight who seemed to survive, who's actor played Obi Won, the won and only. Hehe, see what I did there? Anyways, then there was the bad guy with the bad hair. He is apparently going to play Dionysus. I think it's him.... He also played Cesar Flickerman in the hunger games. I liked the movie, even if it was a little chick flicky at some parts. I honestaly can't think of anything I didn't like about the movie. I would say it was predictable but... It really wasn't. I mean, I guess I could've guessed... What? The bad guy dying and the princess and the commoner getting together? I mean, sure some stuff was predictable but it was too exciting I honestly let me stop and think. I liked it. Plus my like hero-ish really cool actor dude was in it, aka, Obi Won. And Davy Jones. Plus a might be Dionysus. By the way, I'm gonna try to tea Percy Jackson two before the movie comes out.
So have fun in the sea of monsters
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back again

Hey! So, today is the there and back again. Actually just back again. From Tennesse, not the dwarves mountain. So, anyways, we woke up early. And started to clean. Fun, right? Then the boat left and we all sat on the top while getting to the destination. I like the top. It's nice. Anyways, when we got there we had to wait while the boat was being cleaned then we docked. We unloaded and there was nothing else to unload, so we sat on the boat and were hanging out. There was this rrrreeeeaaaallllyyyy hot guy who walked past, shirtless. All the girls were yelling at him to put his shirt on, cause he was a distraction. Yes he was. Anyways, I said he didn't need to put a shirt on. I was just sticking up for him... And his very nice v-line. Just saying. Anyways, so everyone laughed and then these guys came over like ten minutes later. The guy who was previously shirtless had out a shirt on and someone pointed it out. Then one if the girls said "but Raven doesn't think he needs a shirt" which I agree with, but it's awkward when there's guys there. Especially one that you may or may not have a crush on... Anyways, then one of the girls said "that's not as bad as what she said yesterday". You know that face that your friends give you when your crush is behind you? The guys (including a certain crush) gave me that look mixed with a look a guy gave me once before he growled at me (why do guys do that?!?! we are females NOT DOGS). They also asked me what I said. That's none of their business. But it is yours, I had said "some of these guys need to be shirtless more often". The other girls agreed but said they were too polite to say it first. So see! They agreed! Anyways, that was embarrassing. Then there was the bus ride home, which went mostly without incident, but waffle head hid in a luggage compartment and poped out and scared people until someone made him get out. It was awesome, and I wih I could do that. Lucky waffle head. -_- Nah, I love him, he's awesome! Then I got home aroun midnight and fell asleep. In my own bed, for however long I wanted. It felt good. And that's the end of my adventure. I feel like Hazel, from heroes of Olympus, I have to keep flashing back (or blogging about) my past until I stay (or won't blog about) my past. Okay, I guess I'm a bit of a geek.
Back to the present
Raven DeWitt

Friday, July 19, 2013

Day Three In Tennesse

Hey, so day three of Tennesse. I woke up and did devotions and read the last book of Jonah. We were all talking and one thing that buggged all of us was the fact that Jonah is a bigger bratt than every rich girl you've eveer seen in any and all movies and TV shows. He says I knew that you were a compationate and loving God and would spare them. So kill me. Wow. Hey, I know you're nice so kill me. That's like asking a hardcore goody-goody cop to rob a bank. Actually that would be sssooo much more realilistic. I mean, honestly. Then there was the whole swimming for like an eternity. Which I llllooooovvvvvvveeeeeeddddddd. Then I went tubing. There were only two students including me, and the rest were leadings. The other student who went on the boat ride didn't wanna tube, and only like three leaders wanted to tube, and there were four turns. One of the leaders only wanted one turn, so I got three out of four turns tubing, and they were extra long turns tubing. It was awesome. Then it started raining and we were out swimming during the rain and it was awesome! Then we had dinner and this guy came over to our boat. After dinner we played spoons. I wanted to play spoons-truth-or-dare, but they didn't want too. Even though it could've been really fun. I really wish that we had played truth-or-dare-spoons. Best would be that it's not like the guy we played with was messed up to dare people to make out or cuddle (with him, cause he was the only guy. Seriously, those dares have happened. It was awful!). I mean, he's actually pretty cool. I like him. Anyways, spoons was short lived and then we had devotions and prayer. And worship where, sadly the hot worship leader wore a shirt this time. I mean, everyone says he's just trying to show off his really really really really hotness, and I think he has a right too. Anyways, then we had a birthday party for the college inturn, cause her birthday was the next day when we left. She had 1D concert tickets for her birthday, and they were near her home town, Chicago. She sold them just to be with us on the hosue boats. And she's afraid of water too. Like she freaks out unless she has a life vest on or is in a tube. And she is sssssssoooooooo in love with 1D. Like as in love with them as July is. So, we had a birthday party, and then we had small group prayer. Then these girls gave the intern a makeshift 1D concert. I didn't really like it, then the guys came over for a "party". The Freshman guys, from my grade were over tonight instead of the other guys. Score! Including a guy who I may or may not be crushing on. Okay, shush. Then we had to go to sleep and prepare to leave in the morning.
One day left
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day two in Tennessee

Now for the second day, of my houseboat trip. So, I woke ha breakfast and did devotions. This week we were focusing on the book of Jonah. You know how he got swallowed by a whale? Well, it could've actually been a giant fish. Who knew?! Then we went swimming. It was awesome! Then it started raining, mixed in with a bit of thunder and lightning. So, we all crowded on our little houseboats, and his inside from the lightning. So, then these people from our boat said they were going to the black pearl (another house boat). So I went with them. We flipped over some tubes and were catipulted or slingshoted across the wet surface and then someone stopped us before we crashed. Well, after me everyone was gonna go inside so no one got struck by lightning, well, someone didn't get the memo and slightshoted a kid across. Well, actually not a kid, he's a freshman like me but you know. Anyways, there was nobody there to stop him, so he crashed into the stering wheel. Everyone crowded him, but I stayed back. I heard one kid say "admit it, you're tryin not to laugh". Then a few people giggled. It's like dude, HE JUST SMASHED HIS HEAD INTO A STEERING WHEEL!!!!! Anyways, then we watching wreck-it-Ralph, which I loved! It was amazing but I totally called the whole blankety blank blank being a princess. Then after it was done I swam a while and some people started playing BS with me. Then this one kid came on deck and called EVERY SINGLE LIE!!! Ugh, stupid waffle head. I mean, he's my friend and everything, but did he really have to call every lie I said. And he didn't call BS on any of my truths! It's like he's psychic or can tell when I'm lying better than like anyone I know!!! Eeevvvviiiiillllll......... Anyways, then I made hamburgers, an that failed a bit... But I'm actually a pretty good cook, but they fell below the slot thingies and I'm more used to fiddles or smaller grills where they don't fall below. Anyways, then we had devotions, worship (where the worship leader wasn't wearing a shirt, not that I blame him... ;p), and then small group/prayer time. Then there were these guys that came over to party (ish). We made popcorn, but then the microwave broke so we had to go to another boat to make the popcorn. By the time we got back everyone had to leave. -_- Joy. Anyways, one of the girls on my boat has a crush on one of the guys who was "partying" on it, and she was freaking out about it and kinda wanted alone time but she also wanted to like give up him cause he was moving back to Texas or what ever and it was so stupidly funny....
And that's the end of day two
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yesterday, today, Friday and nothing inbetween

Hey. So, yesterday I gave you the first part of the first day of my Tenesse trip. I'll tell you the next part in a minute but first I gotta tell you about yesterday and this morning; yesterday I went Blueberry picking and then to the library were I rented the first three Shrek movies, Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch has a glitch and a book "Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet". It's the fourth book in a series, which I haven't read yet but I want to. I only have them for a week but I'll keep you posted about the whole thing. Then I'll read the first three books then the fifth one. Then we picked up Pheonix from work and came home. Yeah, Phoenix has a job. Then when we got home I had July come over. She got a new dog who I was gonna meet. But the dog ran away and she had to spend a few hours chasing it. Okay, not hours, but it was a while. Then I went over and helped give Diablo Perro a bath. That's the cuties nickname now, BTW. I love that evil little puppy. Then I went to the neighborhood pool with Jessie. And her brothers, and their friends. Anyways we played toothpick and bottlecap. It was fun. Then this morning Jessie came over and we went to look at my brothers turtle Raphiel while I put away my clothes and stuff from the houseboat. She asked if there were any creepy peoples in the basement and I said I hope not, jokingly. Then I heard footsteps and I went to check it out when Phoenix came up. I was freaked cause Phoenix was supposed to be at work. I litterally had a heart attack. I mean, he was supposed to be at work and we had just talked about creepers in the basement. I was fffffffrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddd.
Anyways, when we got to the houseboats I changed into a swimsuit and went up to the top deck thingy. Some people were there playing Egyptian Ratscrew (I rrrreeeaaallllyyyy want to know how they named that game!) and I joined in. It was fun, but too many people joined so we had to toss over chairs from other boats. We had ssssoooo many chairs! I swear we took all the chairs from one of the boats. The didn't even know what had hit them. Or left them. Anyways, then everyone had to go to their own boat and we left on a twelve hour expedition to find a place to "dock". Minus the dock part. We just tied up to some trees on a super steep thingy complete with posionus snakes. It seriously took fffffffffooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr. Then we went swimming. Yay! It was super fun! I llllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee swimming. And stretching out words. But mostly swimming. Then we had bible study and our boat didn't want to have to go to another boat, where the only way to go between boats was swimming and catching a boat ride or kiack/paddle board away. So we decided on bible study on our boat cause "we have enough chairs". Dunno why... ;p. Then we took a shower and had small group prayer and talking, and then we went to sleep. Everyone had to share a room and I shareed a room with the college intern. She just turned twenty monday.
And that's the first day
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This is just the bus tour....

Hey! So, I don't have nearly as much news as St. Louis had, but I do have a lot! So the first day I left at midnight (fun right?) and then went on a like fifteen hour bus ride. I was stuck sitting next to some girl I didn't know (cause girls and guys can't sit next to each other XP ugh, how stupid do they think we are?). The girl I sat next to slept the whole entire bus ride. All fifteen hours! But she didn't sleep in her seat sitting up, or even leaning back, no. She slept sitting sideways with her big butt taking up half of my seat. I mean, honestly half the seat. I would've shoved her out but I though "hey, I'm on a church trip, be patient shell wake up or shift positions eventually". Nope. Wrong, false, idiot what were you thinking. She stayed like that the whole entire time. Then when we got to the house boats. There was a front porch area that was shaded by the second floor but still completely open on three sides. You can either go up some stairs to the roof/floor two or you can go inside. If you go inside you emerge in a living room/kitchen area. The living room has a tv, a driver thingy for the driver to move and control the boat (complete with a generator switch, radio, a stereo/radio system and a horn), a couch and a chair. And a small table. The kitchen, which is basically the other half of the same exact room has a table half surrounded by chairs and half surrounded by a booth. Theres also a oven, microwave, freezer, refridgerator and cubords. Then you go down a hall and it has rooms on one side, either going up or going down. Six rooms with a queen sized bed and a sink. The other side has two bathrooms and down the hall a closet. Then you go outside of the boat and you are on a small platform for jumping off and climbing back on and stuff. Theres also a spiral staircase leading to the roof/floor two. Starting from the back of the room/floor two there's a slide, which has a little platform to its side big enough to climb on and jump off. Then there's an awning? I dunno just a covering over a small part of it, that has a table and chairs under it. It breaks into open, unshaded roof/floor two-ness. There's a few chairs there along with some of those lounging/taning chairs. Then there's another awning or cloth thingy shading another drivers station with boat seat benches around it. From there you can climb onto this thing that shades the porch area below it. That's the general tour of the boat. Wow that took a while. When we got to the boat the bags were on the front. I picked mine up and walked inside a little bit, but I acidently bumped the table and it fell over. I picked it back up but it fell over. So I looked at it and a leg had like come undone and was just held on by masking tape, which is kinda flimsy. So I picked it up and leaned it against the side. Just then some girls who were on the trip walked by while going to their boat and said something along the line of ruining something "like she ruins everything". Then they erupted into stupid giggles. I mean, try could've been talking about someone else, but it was awfully coincidental. I mean, I kinda know them so it seems like it was a bit... About me. Okay, I'll tell you the rest tomorrow, sorry!
You haven't even heard half of it
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hey! So I pulled my first all nighter ever last night. I'm so tired and have never pulle an all nighter before. It's tireding, but it was fun. Although I will be on a house boat with like a gizzilion other people for the next four days. So I won't be posting or online or anything.... I'll be MIA online, but you guys can figure it out, right? Anyways, we will be living on house boats in the Tennessee Kentucky area border thingy. It'll be fun, I mean I love swimming and have always wanted to go on a house boat. I wanted to bring Phoenix but sadly he's on consent so that's not really an option... And I got to my other friends too late.... So I know like nobody! Fun. But there's water and I'm like a mermaid or Percy Jackson twin, I lllllllooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee the water and always feel good in it. So, I should mostly fine. Mostly.......... Anyways, it should be fun and I'll tell you guys all about it!
I'm leaving you again
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Red, white and blue

Internet not working well, so this is all that that didn't glitch, sorry if it's weird. (yeah, long title)

Hey! So, whats new? So, yesterday I was vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy amused by a few certain idiots. The game is called Ball Busters, were the idiot guys (who, BTW are older than me :-D)through a baseball at you-can-only-guess-where, and whoever gave up first who went down for too long lost. There were like three people who did two turns IN A ROW!!! It was hil-ar-i-ous! Yeah, I streched that word, so what? ;p. Anyways, the only person who wimped out was Phoenix who said he liked his yeah better than the game. I also heard some tthings that you never want to hear (they got pretty brused up, but they added more detal... iiiiccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!). It was still pretty ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. It was awesome!
I just noticed I'm into llllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddddsssssssssssssssssss today.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Total supernatural Drama

Hey. So, I have a friend (Honda), who is addicted to supernatural. The TV show. I mean, obsessed. So, I started watching it. It's so creepy and cool, I just love it. It kinda scares me. I really like when s show does that. Scares me, but not to death. And I love when shows use the existence of other creatures that nobody else believes in. Or not very many people. I would love if the show was real and came here. Or I got to act in at least one episode. I would love that. I would love to act in any show that I love actually. Like of they made Total Drama (the cartoon series) into a real person movie, sign me up first audition for Gwen. They actually had a cover like that on Instagram, where the hottie who plays Neil Cafry in White Collar plays Chris McLain in the Total Drama real person movie. That'd be awesome. What would be even cooler would be if I could play Gwen. I would get to meet him! Plus any other totally awesome actors who play in the real person Total Drama. I wanna make a list of who should play who. Me as Gwen duh, but other than that I wanna think about it. I just have at least one idea, Taylor Lagtner as Jusin, but I'm gonna think about the rest.
So see you next time on Total Drama
JK, on this blog
Raven DeWitt

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Lone Ranger

Hey peoples! Happy Monday, if there was such a thing. Guess who's alarm woke me up at like six o'clock this morning? It didn't even wake him up til like an hour later, I swear Pheonix can sleep through anything!
So, I dunno if I've already told you, but I saw The Lone Ranger Friday. After I posted, so I didn't know about it before hand. Anyways, it was an awesome movie. I loved it, but I seriously hated the love V. I seriously hate love V's. or like, when there's an amazing book and someone has to ruin it with a love V. Like the Hunger Games. She shouldn't have made Gale be in love with Katniss too! I mean, can't any book ever have a guy and a girl best friend without them being in love. I mean, it never happens in real life but write a book and you're in love with your best friend (if they're the opposite gender). It's so stupid! I call it a love V because the bottom two people do NOT love each other. So it's a V. Anyways, so the main hot guy is in love with his brothers widow. So technically it's a line, but his brother was alive at the beginning so at least for part of it, it was a love V.... Wait, they're brothers so try love each other. TECHNICALLY IT IS A LOVE TRIANGLE!!!!! IT ACTUALLY EXISTS!!!! Anyways, it's usually a love V.
One thing that makes me angry was that THE BIRD DOESN'T TALK!!!!!! They gave it the perfect opportunity to talk, but nnnnoooo. Apparently they weren't smart enough to do that. I loves the horse and wished he'd talked. It would've been awesome!
The Lone Ranger
Raven DeWitt

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Hey! So, yesterday I went tubing. The summers half way over and this is the second time I've gone tubing. It's soooo weid cause I usually go tubing every single Saturday! Anyways, there are levels of tubing. There's easy; slow and only a little bit of whipping. This is the easiest one for beginners or doing tricks. There's medium; faster and whipping, but not a whole lot. There's hard; fastest and LOTS of whipping. Then there's (to quote a certain ginger) "this is what we call Game Over". It's where the crazy uncle takes you tubing. I was talking to my friend Mel, and she has an uncle who apparently wants to kill you whenever you go tubing too. I think everyone who goes tubing a lot has one. Then there's sucide; telling the "crazy uncle" that you don't think he can get you off, or that he isn't going crazy enough. It's like, water demons are nicer. Not even kidding. I love tubing, but I hate it when gingers or red necks or giants or other people make fun of me. It's like seriously shut up or I'll wrap the rope around you head and we'll see how fast you wanna go after that. Sorry, there are just a few things I won't let you make fun of, and tubing is one of them. So......
Just don't. -_-
Raven DeWitt

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Hey! So, I am going to my grandpas, and on the way, we are talking about movies. First off, Transformers like whatever one is coming out next is being filmed somewhere in Michigan. Then there's movies whose beginning comes out after the movie part. And then they don't match up! Like how in X-Men 3 professor X is able to walk during his recruitment of Jean, and him and Magneto are still friends then. But in the end of X-Men First Class, Magneto betrays him and professor X becomes paralyzed. They should've added Jeans recruitment before the battle but ha her stay on the campus or something, cause that would've fit better! Anyways, that was my problem with it. Then there was the scene in Lord Of The Rings where Bilbo finds the ring. Then in the Hobbit the scene is the exact same, but with a different actor! Nnnnnoooooo! Okay, I'm actual fine. Then we obsessed over Harry Potter, the whole Fred and George thing. I'll have to dedicate a whole (new)  post to everything HP. 
Movie obsess
Raven DeWitt

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July on the fifth

Hey! Sorry for the late (and pathetic) post last night, it was just a very busy day. I woke up late, and then I had my friend Mel over and we went to my Grandpas. My Grandpa lives on a lake, where we do a lot of swimming and tubing. My shoulder isn't thanking me. At all! It's very painful. And I have rope-burn on my soar shoulder. Ow! Anyways, it was fun.
Then I went home, and Jessie came over and we made a giant cookie pizza. It was a sugar cookie with strawberry cream cheese and rasberries, blue berries and strawberries on top. It's sssssssssssssoooooooooooooo good!
Then after dinner July came over. We did smoke bombs and snappers, while it was light out. It was fun and I practiced my genie impression. Don't ask. Then, we did the game hug the potholder (which I don't wanna give away, in case you need some embarrasment). It was funny. Then me and July went to her house for her fireworks. There was also Jessie and Mel who went to the neighborhood fireworks, then we all met back at my house to do our family firedworks. It was awesome!
In pain
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dance and conseling

Hey peoples! Anyways, so today I woke up at 9:30, and had to go to conseling at 10:30. It actually starts at 11, but I had to fill out a bunch of forms about my mental health (stress, anxiety, ect.). Ugh. Then we had to have a basic overveiw, and got to know each other dX ugh. I mean, not to be all mean, but I don't need conseling. I'm fine, don't need to talk to anyone about my problems but my friends. And my blog readers, but we have a confidentiallity thingy right? Well, ish. Anyways, I don't think I need it, but appariently I do, or my parents think I do. I, personaly, do not think I do, or want to.
Anyways, after that it ended at noon, when we got home Jessie came over and we walked to McDonalds with Jessie and July (we met her on the way). It was fun. Then we went back and yeah, here I am.
So, on the St. Louis trip, I met a kid (nicknamed Hollywood Undead by me) who I think should totally try out for Americas Got Talent or So You Think You Can Dance. He's an awesome dancer. He's like the.... Hiphop (?) stuff. I'm not that big on dance, but I KNOW he's good. I like the dance that's in the Step Up movies. I love Step Up 2 The Streets. Anyways, that's the only kind of dancing I like, and Hollywood Undead is pretty good at that stuff.
The reason I brought all that up was because I used to be obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance and I used to take dance classes. I just watched it yesterday and dude, I used to lllllloooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee that show. It was the bbbbbbbbbeeeeeessssssssssstttttttttttt. Anyways, I really think they need more of cool dancing and Hollywood Undead would ssssssssoooooo be good at that.
Don't need conseling
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monsters University

Hey, so Sunday I had to write the WHOLE St. Louis post(which took a while), yesterday I had babysitting and today I woke up at noon then went to see monsters university with Jessie and July. It's a super duper awesome movie. Everyone in St. Louis thought I would either be the girl who was announcing the scare games or part of HSS, (hiss....?) and Jessie still thinks I would be part of HSS. It's kinda true. I love Monsters University, and it kids does explain the Randell rivalry with Sully/Mike. It's not a good enough reason to go psycho and kill people (boo!) but it still starts it off I guess. I'm kinda sad though, cause Randell is a psychotic freak when he used to be nerdy and nice. He's such a sellout? He just wanted to get "in" with the popular kids. I mean, as soon as he does he becomes a freak! Oh, and July had a Harry Styles pillow she didn't want and was going to give it to Mel, but Mel wasn't there so she brought it to the movies. Now me and Jessie keep on joking about how "in love" I am with Harry and how she likes Zayn and I get dibs on Harry. It's a joke, anyone who wants Harry can have him. Even if he is rrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyy hot. Anyways, I love Monsters University and I think the ending could've been better. Like since they broke even the principal persons scare record. Anyways, I think that she could've let them on the scare program cause everyone needs a partner. They should've partnered everyone up, one smart one scary, cause that's basically what happens.... Well once college is over I guess. Anyways, I think for Oozma Kappa they should've used Monsters Who were scarred in Monsters Inc., but made them nerdy.... It would've been awesome!!!! Anyways, after the movie me, Jessie and July all got our pictures taken in the cardboard cutout monsters university ID cards. It was awesome!!!!
I'm a scarer!!!!
Raven DeWitt

Monday, July 1, 2013

2012 St. Louis Saiyin style ;p

Hey! So, last year in St. Louis, well first off at the start of the trip I only had like one friend. It kinda sucked. I mean, she was chill but it was like knowing (and being friends with.... I knew more people but we have a hate hate relationship) one person out of two gazillion I swear. Then when we got down there, there was also another group from Texas. By the end of the week everyone kept on saying "Y'all". Now, y'all better listen up cause this is when it all gets interesting. Not really, I jut wants to say y'all. So, I had one whole friend. Fun so far right? Well in the car ride I was reading a DBZ manga, and this kid started talking about it. It was pretty cool, cause not a lot of people I know like DBZ. If thu do they don't talk about it. He was pretty chill and I like him. Like he was cool not OMG I wanna marry him. He was cool. Anyways, after we got there and went to our rooms we found out that the girls side of the dorm had it's a/c system knocked out. It didn't get fixed while we were here. So, get out of the heat of the dorm me and a few other people went to a playground in the thousand degree heat. I was swinging on the swing and DBZ kid was on the other swing. We were talking and then everyone agreed that I was evil and he nicknamed me Freeza, after the purple bad guy in DBZ, who they fight on Namik. Anyways, that was my nickname for the rest of the week. Then we had dinner and went to a sporting store and we got into a debate about who we were in DBZ. I said I would be Broly, cause Brolys super psychotic and super super strong, I mean he is a super Saiyin too! He said I wouldn't be, cause Brolys insane. As if I'm not. Then I asked who he was and he said Vegeta. We were talking about how cool Vegeta was and how his catch phrase for whenever he saves Goku is something about how he's only doing it so he can kill Golu himself. He never does. I think they're like an equivalent of Naruto and Sasuke. They're best friends, but they're rivals too. It's weird that way, but cool. I like it. I want a rival like that. Not a friendship like that, but a rivalry. I personally think I would be Vegeta, cause no matter how bad and evil and mean I may be, I'll always come though and do the right thing. I would not be Freeza though. I want to be the best, not be a idiot who kills people and destroys planets for fun. I wanna get stronger, not just assume I'm already the best. I don't think I would be Freeza. Phoenix thinks I would be Pan (or Gokus granddaughter, he gets their names mixed up). She's a newer character, who is pretty cool. The newer ones aren't that great but since she's me, she totally is ;p. Anyways, at the sports store there were also people playing hide-n-go seek in the sleeping bags, which was fun once I joined in. There were also these camping bed things, but not sleeping bags, which was where the main part of the DBZ conversation took place. For the fun day we went to the same exact places (zoo, fountains and the museum), and I think I have away a BIG part of the DBZ season "Vegeta" was on, but he said it was fine. I thought he finished the part do I felt bad. I have a bad habit of doing that. Anyways, it was really fun. That's basically what happened that whole trip, or at least what I can remember. I also went to build-a-bear last yer and get a female tiger named Kat. Short for Katrina or Katherine or whatever I want her name to be to that moment. I gues I'm jut that type of person.
Totally not Freeza
Raven DeWitt