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Saturday, January 31, 2015

everything wrong with toy story

There's a school dance tonight. As I've told everyone at school "I'd rather jump in front of a semi (or subway) than go." But, alas, I still don't have time to post (at least I'm not going to a stuffy school dance! Just.... Stuff). So... Everything wrong with? Everything wrong with. Sorry for ruining your childhood.
Not dancing


Friday, January 30, 2015

iisuperwomanii the rules of racism ft. Ryan Higa

Since I'm busy (dude, I'm writing this post at 8 at night. Busy doesn't even cover it!) I'm going to give y'all some much needed Ryan Higa. And IIsuperwomanII. And, they have their own offensive sorry thingy disclaimer so I don't have to! Yay!


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Raven (and Jessie)'s declassified high school survival guide

Hey! So, I have a snowday today, yay! Girly jumping up and down sqeauling minus the girly. And squealing. And jumping up and down. So, I've know for a while now that high school sucks. And, on facebook I recently saw a picture that had that one chick from ned's declassified school survival guide in pretty little lairs with that one main character shes friends with, and that chick was saying "You know why high school is so hard? Because Ned never made a survival guide for anything past eighth grade" And, it's true. Ned never made that guide. Honestly, it's all Ned's fault! But, seriously. And then I saw a post with how to survive high school and I decided, you know what? This blogger knows nothing about people who don't live in a drama TV show! Seriously girl, step out of pretty little liars and realise, that throwing every cliche in the book at us and making me feel like I should be wearing about twenty more pounds makeup and giggling at everything guys say. No offense, it's just some girls can do things like open anything or lift up anything more than a makeup bag without the help of some hunky guy. So, I'm taking her points and putting my own spin on them.
"1.) Makeup, Clothes, & Self Esteem (aka the "I feel like all my friends are pretty except me" situation)"
Ways to fix the problem; hangout with mostly guys! Okay, sarcasm aside,  I never wear makeup, because if I wanted to look like a clown, I'd do it. And it feels gross and fake, although I know that isn't why people wear it. My clothes are seriously a mix of nerd and super freakin nerd. I don't care about self esteem either. So... I'm not who you would generally think to take advise from, but hey, my advise is... decent. Ish. But, seriously, the thing about clothes (and, I guess makeup) is that you are so much more confident, happy and yada yada if you wear stuff you want to wear. Why dress like everyone else, when you can standout AND be comfy? Sure, you might be seen as a freak, but isn't it better than not being seen? And through it all, you're being you, and I'm pretty sure more griffindor than everyone else at your school just by wearing a certain outfit you want. The sorting hat would definitely confirm that!

"2.) The Social Ladder"
Whoa, social ladder? I disaprove.  If you're anywhere near the bottom, may I just say, you have the power to throw the whole ladder over. You mess it up and it all falls down. If you're on the top, someone can knock you over. That's basically all I wave to say about it.... Well, that and there's this certain type of animal, called the mantis shrimp you can see real facts about it here... but basically it's a animal that can see thousands more colors than us, it's gorgeous and it's the deadliest creature basically ever. No one would put them on the top of the food chain (in fact, people probably think they're at the bottom) and yet... Just read. Bottom of the food chain... kinda like people at the bottom of the social food chain ;D

"3.) Relationships (dun dun dunnnnnn)"
Here's Jessie's thoughts on this: (I'm writing this part because we're talking about Raven here, and let's be real, what does she know about relationships at all? Her idea of a romatic movie is Captian America.) Anywho, back to relationships. (She just kinda gave me the computer and told me to write my thoughts, so we'll see where this goes...) First of all: from a girl's perspective, boys suck. I mean they're great and all. They can be super sweet and super cute and dreamy and wonderful, but they can really suck sometimes. Like, I'm not dreaming of Prince Charming or anything, but sometimes they're not all you can wish for. If you're not in a relationship, really don't worry. High school is not the place where you need a relationship, it's a place to make friendships. I saw a quote somewhere that said, "High school is not the place to find your groom, it's the place to find your bridesmaids." Now, I'm not saying that if you're in a relationship, that's bad or anything, but I don't think you need to make it your top priority. Besides guys mature and are a lot hotter in college, just saying. Now, I am not by any means saying that I would not have a high school relationship, because I would. I think it'd be fun. But what I am saying is that I'm not going to let that take over my high school life. Don't spend too much time on boyfriends or girlfriends that you forget the other things around you. It doesn't
really matter if there's a lot of guys who want you or not, because that does not give you value. Value comes from who you are as a person, not who you're with. Wow, that was deep, let's lighten the situation up a bit. Why go on a Valentine's Day date when you can hang out with your girls and drool over hot actors? (Raven's life motto.) Also, you can't be super flirty if you're in a relationship, and flirting is fun and can ge you free food, so why would you give that up? Kidding. Well, not really, but anyway.... I think that's all I have to say on this. Raven will be doing the rest of this post, well maybe not. Maybe I'll come back. I'm a fun person. Ok, but really that's it. Bye.

"4.) Homework (uh oh!)"
Raven's back! Run for your lives! Okay, but really, Homework sucks. I mean, who wants to sit through hours of school each day and come home and do hours more? Also, after school activities take time. And school encourages you to do this crap. They obviously don't know the number of hours in hours in a day. Just do your homework ASAP, like even inbetween classes and give yourself rewards for getting a certain amount done. I finished 1 out of my 4 homework assignments? Chocolate cake time! I'm halfway done with all my work? I get to read another chapter in my book (or watch a TV show if being awesome and reading isn't your cup'o'tea).

"5.) The Dreaded Cookie Cutter"
And last but still probably the least because it's basically a compilation of all the other points here. One of my favorite bands Three Days Grace has a song called Just Like You, which I'm putting a link here I encourage you to visit, or youtube the song. Anywho, The songs chorus goes "I could be mean/ I could be angry /You know I could be just like you/ I could be fake /I could be stupid/ You know I could be just like you /You thought you were standing beside me /You were only in my way /You're wrong if you think that I'll be just like you /You thought you were there to guide me /You were only in my way /You're wrong if you think that I'll be just like you" and I think that's so powerful. And so true. People who try to make us become just like them are usually just in our way, and being like others or trying to be is Justin's giving up something about us, giving up our smarts or realness, making us meaner than we are, and this song sums it up perfectly.
You're welcome
High schooler


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

cinder book review

So, I finished cinder about forever ago, and have been meaning to review it while I've had no time due to... Well, the fact that I actually got a life. Weird how that works, huh? I mean, this is me. Me, Raven, teenage nerd, blogger and pretty much everything else that proves you don't have a life wrapped up into one huge blob. Seriously. But, glitchy online courses and a Baka of a person doing them, robotics, and of course, regular homework and life stuff. But here I am. And here's cinders review.

Plot: Cinder just wants an out. She wants to leave, for Europe or somewhere, away from her stepmother and stepsister, away from being treated like she's less than human because she's a cyborg (human with metallic upgrades due to injury), away from her prison of a life. But she has two things keeping her here: peony, her nice stepsister (the one she wants to leave is pearl) and all the money she makes going into Adri, her step moms account. Then she meets prince Kai, who wants her to fix an android. She's the best mechanic in new beijing, she should be able to. After agreeing, however, Peony breaks out with the plague and her stepmom signs cinder up for plague research. Where she's found immune. Immunity could save the life of the emporer -dying- and her sister. She hatches a plan to get away, by fixing up an old gasoline car and leaving as soon as they find a cure. But her immunity isn't what she thinks and Prince Kai keeps popping up and asking her out. He has his own problems too; working out a truce with the evil Lunar queen who threatens war and only ever wants marriage to an Emporor like Kai will soon become.... *HALFWAY-ISH POINT, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! ;p* Cinders immunity is due to her being lunar, a cruel race that can make people believe whatever they want them too. And Kai's android is researching it's lost princess, thought dead to redeem her people. But someone else knows. And the Lunar queen only wants marriage to Kai, refusing any other angle to peace, with an enticing offer; a cure to the plague. Too late, as the Emperor already died, leaving Kai to inherit the position. Along with the Emperors death comes Peony's. Cinder is broken and consentrates only on getting away from her life before realizing she's the lunar princess. But she doesn't want the responsibility, and Kai keeps on trying to get her to go to the dance. He can't know. But the lunar queen wants him too, and she has to protect him. She goes to the ball, where he's going to announce his marriage to the lunar queen, for peace and confronts the queen herself, to get the marriage off, save Kai and, eventually, getting herself arrested.

Thoughts: exciting, heart wrenching, and I totally predicted everything. But it was very emotional, especially the racism against Cyborgs (for no reason) and lunars (for a viable reason), mostly cyborgs though, making me thing it'd be an amazing book to read in a school setting and do a project for. It was also exciting, moving from one big part to the next, and I totally loved it. The universe was also amazing, and very fun to visit. I'm hoping scarlet will be just as good.

Rating: 5/5. Added to my list of favorite books (I think I have about 99999999999999 in first place already, so one more shouldn't be too bad ;p)

Busy Lunar cyborg


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

honest trailer: desolation of Smaug

I have robotics from twenty minutes from now to four hours twenty minutes from now, I will review cinder soon! But for now, onto YouTube!
Raven DeWitt

Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Easily Butthurt people -NigaHiga

Anothre day, another gazzillion online japanese assignments to do... Ealier in the year when I mentioned having a glitch? Now's when it's really catching up to me. And youtube, is catching up to you. As usual, sorry if there is anything bad  in here. Ryan Higa is usually a really awesome, amazing clean, funny youtuber who I may slightly be in love with (least it's not Connor Franta... Poor fangirls with broken dreams!!!) but this is named easily butthurt people, so it's making fun and appolagizing to easily butthurt people, who'd probs get offended at this video. Although, what stupid kind of overly sensitive person would read my blog. Do you not know me?!?! Anywho, Enjoy!
Not sensitive


Saturday, January 24, 2015

HISHE the amazing spiderman 2

Sorry, my schedule is hectic without adding in leisure activities! School, which for the next two weeks will include LOTS of catch-up on a glitchy online course PLUS my usual few hours of homework. Robotics, like today and on Wednesdays and Sundays, church. So, y'all are backseated, but youtube still loves you!!!


Friday, January 23, 2015

disney dreams! Oh, and realities.

Whoo! I have a spare moment for some posts. Well, just one, short one (hopefully). About disney! First off, my disney haul...
- panda hat
- panda chopsticks
- expedition Everest T-shirt (it has an attacking yeti on it)
- Mulan pin
- pirates of the Caribbean medallion
- customizable light saber (Darth vadars handle with a green light saber)
- belle and Merida necklace charms
- a candy bento box
- a Naruto japanese style poster
- a tiara
And... Drumroll please.... A stitch pillow pet!
Now, while disney was amazing! I don't really have much to tell. I mean, I did go to Disney quest and kick butt at soul caliber until a guy who wasn't in our group beat me. *Sigh* if that guys reading this, then props dude. Someone from our group Did bring their Wii, so I played super smash bros, wearing my tiara and I played using the skin for snake that makes him leopard skin, who I dubbed gay snake, and then we did team battles so our team was team fabulous. There was also the dream team and the a-team. For our workshop we played aladdin; if I ever get a link to the website, I'll post it. Then there was when we were walking and like I so often do, I started narrating like stuff was in pokemon (a wild so-n-so appeared! They used some-pokemon-move! It was super effective/not very affective... Ya know, that stuff!) and I said a wild Grant appeared, to which any responded "the wild grant used flirt. It was super effective!" And my friend, Rikki, who has a crush on grant was standing right next to me and I jokingly said "rikki fainted". I'm super proud of that. Anyways, those are all my awesome stories.
I really love love love the rides at disney not because they're super exciting, super steep and super scary, but because of the theatrics. I mean, outside of expedition Everest there's a yeti museum. Accord to the sign, dedicated to the serious study. That's right, it literally says serious study. High five! It's all really cool. And totally worth it. For one ride, you get to design a car and if I had even one minute more I would've gotten it's power up high, but with the time we had, out of 100 with an average of this usually being 50-60 my group got our cars power up to 84. E-I-g-h-t-y f-o-u-r. Screw resourcefulness and those other categories, the only thing that really matters is power. And ooh, baby did our car have power.
I also got to meet belle, one of my favorite disney princesses and favorite people in general, and gaston (not together with belle) who lived up to no one being as "ruggedly handsome as he" because "there he goes, isn't he dreamy? Monsieur, gaston, oh he's so cute!" And he was. Handsome, cute, dreamy and extremely hot. Not to mention well... Gaston. When I me and Rikki went up to him to get our picture taken he pulled us super close and told us to rest our heads on his chest. Honestly, here are the kinds of guys who really piss me off and I totally hate myself for crushin on. But I do still crush on them, stupid brain! I mean, I love nice guys but these guys..... My real crush is nice though. Don't worry, I haven't completely become some normal, girly girly who likes "bad boys" (because well, I like relationships that last longer than a week with a guy who can stand only dating one girl and doesn't smell like cigarettes!) so, rest assured.
I still have to review cinder, but I'm still busy in life. So.... Whenever I can!
Raven DeWitt

Thursday, January 22, 2015

honest trailers: pirates of the Caribbean

Busy. Busy = youtube. Youtube = honest trailers. Honest trailers = pirates of the Caribbean.
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Um...... My posts are litterally going to be ten minute youtube post for the next... I don't know how long, sorry. Disney, japanese, robotics, and now my bestie July's blog has a fantasy writing contest I want to enter! So, I have to quickly work on that. Plus I finished Cinder and need to review that for you guys. And I have to tell you about disney. But I have almost NO free time and so.... It might be a while until you hear all about my exciting trips into space and Haunted houses and explorations for pirates and yeti's. Plus, me meeting two awesome people. One of theme a beauty. The other ones dreamy, cute, tall, strong and handsome. He stole my heart, I'm hardly breathing! (HINT HINT. SONG LYRICS RIGHT THERE. HINT. HINT. HINT)
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

the disney awards!

Now for the disney song awards! Of course, this is just my OPINION. So... Deal with it. Lego!

Villian songs (the only requirement is it being sung by the villains): poor unfortunate souls, friends on the other side, mother knows best, be prepared, love is an open door

Winner: love is an open door. It's really catchy, a love song and Hans villian song. Three in one!

Love songs (you can probably guess the requirement for this category): bit of a fixer upper, at last I see the light, a whole new world, I won't say I'm in love, can you feel the love tonight, beauty and the beast,

Winner: I won't say I'm in love. It's good, and only sung by one half the couple, which I kinda liked. Also includes backstory on Meg's character.

exposition songs (tells you a bit more about the characters and/or explains things so you know what's going on in the story): when will my life begin, do you wanna build a snowman, belle, one jump, almost there, I just can't wait to be king

Winner: tie! almost there because it's pretty uplifting and highlight how hard a worker Tiana is, belle because it explains her character and how outcast she is and different and finally when will my life begin, because it's the most important song in that movie, setting it all up and filling you in on everything

Intro songs (these introduce the movie without actually explaining what the characters are doing  or things that are happening): Arabian nights, frozen heart, circle of life

Winner: Arabian nights, especially since it's sung by some random character you don't know who it is. He also has a combination hooka and coffee maker. Plus, it does fries!

Side character songs (these songs, while allowing the main character to be in the song, are over 3/4 of the time sung by someone who isn't the main character): I've got a dream, friend like me, girl worth fighting for, in summer, be my guest, zero to hero, Hakuna Matata, Prince Ali, make a man out of you

Winner: another Tie! Friend like me because it's catchy, fun and uplifting and the song make a man out of you because well... Uplifting, funny and shows Mulans transformation. Also, Shang.

Those are my choices. Anyone else have one?
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

reasons why Rapunzel is golden

The last installment in my disney princess series is now, and I leave Thursday, so tomorrow's going to be a... Kinda like an award blog with different disney songs in categories and I'm going to say my favorites. Kay? If anyone who reads this thing actually cares, they can put down suggestions for songs/votes/categories in the comments and I WILL take those into account. Kay? Kay. Now, for the last (and lost, hint hint) princess...

1- shes resourceful
Tying up guys, climbing up and down towers, swinging everywhere, pulling levers... And that's just her hair! Plus, frying pans, who knew?

2- she's artsy
I'd have run out of inspiration... And space. Back up to resourceful.
3- she's one of the few to marry an imperfect prince. Even if he is hot, and sweet he's unprince-y. And a theif. 
A very good looking theif, but still a theif, and not made of boyfriend material. And while he doesn't know what she means, he's starting too.

And, I really have to add this, as an extremely honorable mention; she's a reader. 
And a re-reader. Seriously, disney princesses are awesome.
So, tomorrow is the disney awards. Any suggestions?
Artsy princess


Monday, January 12, 2015

Reasons why Merida is fierce

For those of you who want to know about yet another feminist hero, I have another Disney Princess to dedicate a post to with three reasons I love them and want to be them (okay, a reason I want to be them other than the hot princes they marry who I love too). Without further ado, lemme present to you...
 Fun fact: She's 16! I'm almost the same age as her, and she's younger than I think most princesses are.

1- Archery, swords and basically any other weapon use.
That deserves two pictures. Awesome!
2- She talks to her pets.
It makes her feel like such a... regular human and not an awesome princess (even though she is). Reliability. Also makes me feel less crazy talking to my dog, no matter what he thinks. Seriously, my dog stares at me like I'm crazy. I probably am. Anywho, her horse doesn't talk back, but he certainly seemed to understand. And decided she needed to learn a lesson ;P also, look at the horses face. Is it just me or is he smiling?

3- She doesn't want to marry any random guy
I can't ever see why. Although, I do love the blue face paint guys hair. I wish my hair was that awesome. Also, I feel like she'd be more open to marriage if she got some other people, like...
Like them. I have a certain ship I support here.......
I also support this photo. Merida + Flynn = NNNNNOOOOOO (times infinity)
That's who I support. I don't know why I obsessively love them together, but I really think it's cute when couples fight and stuff and oh. My. Gosh. Are their fights like so... ship-worthy!!!
There's my three reasons, but she also scores points for her transformation in the movie, the whole Rise Of The Brave Tangled Dragons and last (but NOT least) her hair. Hair game = strong in brave. How can I get such curly locks?
Single fighting princess
INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

reasons why people who like Tiana have good taste

Today is the tribute to my girl.... Drumroll please.....


1- she works hard for her dream.
That's pretty awesome, especially how tired it makes her.

2- she likes cooking.
I like cooking.... I should be the next disney princess.

3- she doesn't care how hot and princely he'll become, she ain't gonna kiss a frog.

I know this sounds like the exact opposite of the reasons I liked Belle and Jasmine (their princes being imperfect) but I just like how she isn't willing to kiss every frog she sees just so she can marry a prince.
Cooking princess


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Reasons why Mulan is strong (as a raging fire)

Hey! Today is a tribute to yet another one of my favorite princesses. Let's get down to business! (Haha, hint hint!)

1- she doesn't feel like she fits in, or people will accept her.
It's a feeling we can all relate to, and it's nice to see a relatable princess, one who doesn't quite fit into the pretty princess mold (so, just like every princess then? But Mulan a bit more so. She doesn't fit into the mold like the rest don't, but she doesn't feel accepted while most others are)

2- how far she's willing to go for who she loves.

She cuts her hair, breaks a few laws, risks her life and pretty much a bunch of other bad stuff because
she knows she can't let her father does. She even risks her life for Shang when he gets pissed off at
her. And well, the rest of China, but also, Shang.

3- she goes from the worst in the league to the best.

Some would say Zero to Hero, huh? (Yes, that is a Hercules reference. No, I dont have an end to my disney references)
And this isnt a reason for Mulan, but simply an appreciation for her grandmother and Mushu. Mostly her grandma.
She remind anyone else of Frank Zhang (heroes of Olympus) 's grandmother?
Warrior Princess


Friday, January 9, 2015

reasons why Belle rocks

Today, as I told you yesterday, is dedicated to another one of my favorite Disney princesses;

She's pretty awesome. I think I'll do about three reasons again, because three is a great number. So... Here it is.
1- She reads.
and reads.
and reads.
and reads.
The beast finds it adorable. I want a guy to find me and all my obsessive reading cute.

2- She knows there must be more to life than this.
And, there is. As she finds out.
3- She loves one of the few imperfect Disney princes, and not the super hot jerk of the village (who thinks she's H-O-T but should stop being her).
She is NOT taking his crap. No matter how tall, dark, handsome, "dreamy" he is. He's a doosh-monkey who doesn't appreciate happiness in the form of books.
But she loves the beast for who he is on the inside and not well... He doesn't have much outside looks to live. Although after his curse is lifted.... And vice-versa. He loves her not because she's pretty (like Gaston, the doosh-monkey) but because of who she is. And her reading. Seriously, any guys find reading hot?
And, for those reasons, Belle is one of my favorite Disney princesses. Because, really, who doesn't love Belle?
Nerdy Princess


Thursday, January 8, 2015

reasons Jasmine is awesome

I am going to disney in exactly a week, so I decided to do 6 posts (on the seventh day I'll be on the bus to disney) and having six favorite disney princesses, I decided to do six posts; one for each of em.  So, here's the first one, my first favorite Disney Princess (first doesn't mean favorite, they're all my first favorites, but she was my favorite first)


So, she was definitely my favorite princess when I was younger. I'm going to guess it was because I was slightly in love with Aladdin, but I also really loved Jasmine. A couple of the reasons are a little weird but.... Well, let's just get on with it.
1- she owns a tiger. 

2- this is the weird one... I really like that she wears pants and not a dress. I really love that because before (and after) all the disney princesses wear dresses except for her (and Mulan, but for every time people know she's a girl she's in a dress). Jasmine just wears pants, and I love that because while most people who do these versions of the princesses that are modern or high school or whatever make her girly I like her because she isn't. She wears pants, she doesn't wanna be a prize to be won... It's all pretty ungirly. Plus, owning a tiger is ungirly.

3- she loves Aladdin when he isn't a prince. 

I'm not sure if this came out before or after beauty and the beast, but it's one of the first to have the prince not be some perfect, hot, rich amazing person. Next is the beast, then Flynn and the last is the funny donkey looking fellow (Kristoff). They're some of the only imperfect disney princes and the princesses love them anyways. Making them even more awesome.

There's peobably more reasons I love Jasmine, but those are the biggest. Tomorrow; Beauty(Belle), then Mulan, then Tiana, then Merida, and last but not least, Rapunzel. Then I'll be off to Disney! Whoo-hoo! :-)
Raven DeWitt

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tumblr spn fans being bullied

I have important serious stuff to discuss. This is a wierd change of pace for me, but it's something important to me; supernatural fans have been being bullied on tumblr. I guess it's been going on for sometime now, but I never go on social media other than blogger and I guess most bloggers I follow don't know about this enough to post. I went on Facebook last night and saw it. Apparently it's spread from just supernatural to other fandoms like doctor who, Sherlock, otaku and gamers, and others I've never heard of (I love all of you from other fandoms! It just seems that when things I care about seem to stick with me and I love all those things. I love everyone getting bullied and am praying for you and here to support anyone if needed, no matter what you're into!) and it pisses me off.
I don't like being cliche, but a) if they're bullying you, block them. Right this second. B) ignore them. Sure, a few people are jerks, but there's so many people in our fandoms, so many who will be sad if you are dead. Even if you don't think there is, at least live long enough to find out. What if you were gonna cure cancer when you grew up, but then you die and thousands died from cancer? I betcha the bully won't cure cancer, so you have to live to. C) if you really can't block or ignore them, step back from the computer. Don't go online for a little while until it dies down; hopefully it will. Bullies cannot go on forever.
Okay, truth; I've never been bullied, so I don't know how it feels. I've had many people make fun of me behind my back or be fake nice, which makes me personally feel like bullying would be better, so I could at least stand up for myself. Some of you might hate me for that, but it's just my opinion. It's what would be better suited to my personality, being able to stand up for myself. I wish mean people didn't exist at all, but they do, and while I don't know how that feels, I will and do support you with whatever you're going through.
Sorry for the serious post, but I had to talk about it. It's so stupid (the bullies, not the people being bullied!) I honestly feel like people shouldn't be for what they like. I also feel like it's weird fandoms they're targeting; yes, I know lots of people in these fandoms who are hurt, depressed and I know quite a few who used to harm themselves, and those people are generally easy to bully because they believe the bullies already. They're wrong, but they believe them none the less. But there's also lots and lots and lots of people in this fandom that are a bit more like me, secure in who they are and willing to stand up and fight for what they believe in. People willing to call out bullies, who own actual .22, master shields and katanas. People who are tough and confident. It seems weird to risk their wrath tearing down some. For no reason; seriously, why is this even going on?
Raven DeWitt

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Throne of glass review

Hello! And now, without having to explain anything to you, I can review throne of glass.

Plot: Celeana Sardothien is an assassin. Best assassin ever, maybe except Arobynn, the king of all assassins. She's his adoptive daughter, perfect assassin except she got caught. And now, the real king (of the land) wants a champion, someone to deal with traitors and assassins and nefarious plots to kill him and who better to protect him from that than someone who does that? So, he holds a contest where members of his court, his 23 most trusted advisors, sponsor assassins, theives, guards discharged for violence, murderers and anyone else you don't want to be locked alone in a dark room with. The crown prince decides to sponsor Celeana. It's all going well, learning to murder and other useful skills (including maiming and seriously wounding) and then the champion wanna-be's start dying. Remember when I said assassins? Murderers? Remember when I said people you + them + dark room = crap? If this horrible beasty can attack, main, kill and *squeamish may not want to read the next word* eat *squeamish may look again* them, then you may wanna start running. Even if it'll kill you. But, Seleana can't. She makes a friend; Nehemia, a rebellious princess from a recently conquered country. She's fallen in love; the crown prince, Dorian, her sponsor. And mostly, she's been given a chance: at freedom, love, friendship and to finally figure out how she got caught. Who betrayed her. And it all jumbles about in a horror movie written by John green (not literally, but that's my way of saying romance is prominent) with a dash of Harry Potter except their magic isn't open - it's locked in symbols that show up everywhere, and tie everything to everything, swath all the mystery in more mystery and of course, make me want to start drawing these awesome symbols everywhere. I may or may not already be doing so.

Thoughts: those of you expecting a tots adorbs luv story, I really want to punch you in the face. Because really? Tots adorbs luv? Bleh. Also, you'd be wrong. Dead wrong. A hundred miles past a wrong turn in wrongville on the wrong planet. A planet so wrong even the guardians of the galaxy don't go that far! But if you are expecting pure, intoxicating thriller mystery action, you may or may not be in the passenger seat of the car, reading the map. The truth is, it is a mystery (one I guessed everything on, 'Cept the romance..... But the rest, someone better pick up the phone cause I freakin called it!!! :D) it is a thriller/action and it is a love story. But not in the natural sense. I totally loved it, because the romance (Celeana and Mr. Crown prince! I also am slightly in love with the crown prince....) was something I was invested in, which only happens in books where it's a bit more Percabeth or Charley and Reyes (in the earlier books) and a whole lot way (times infinity) less Fourtris (isn't that what they're called? Four and Tris). Anyways, I'm not the super romantic type, and I hate romance that's all sucking face and no leaning more than their first name. I liked this romance because it was cute, funny and I loved the dialogue. And the guy. I totally loved the guy. *sigh* anyways, and while I pretty much called every single thing in the entire book after page 30 (are we entirely sure I'm not psychic?) it was fun and I loved the characters, plot and pretty much everything about it..... Except for a few parts.....
1) the love triangle seemed kinda thrown in there... She has a romance with Dorian (*sigh* gosh, I love him...) and then in the end, it kinda throws a bit of a this guy likes her too in the last like hundred pages, and it just didn't seem like it was too supported. Plus, I hate love triangles, especially when it seems like two people could be in love and the other people can be really good friends. Did it really have to be a love triangle? It didn't seem like it had to be or was really supported. I feel like he could've just accepted Celeana as a person who's trying to be better than when she was an assassin and not made it another romance. With a much less dreamy guy whose moments with her are nowhere near as cute as Dorians (seriously, I don't know why I'm so obsessed with him!) and I like how the bad guy summoning the beast (not saying who it is! Don't worry!) has a dark soul. The evil dude isn't getting off Scott free, they have to give up their soul and go dark. And I think that's all my thoughts.....
Rating: 5/5. It's now added to my list of like 99999999 books tied for my favorite (seriously.)
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

maleficent movie review

So... I finished throne of glass first but I'm gonna review maleficent before that. Which, to say, is today. Kay? Kay. Review for maleficent:
Plot: there was a beautiful, kind, innocent fairy who's name litterally means evil. Maleficent. Look it up. She's an orphan in a magical, special forest when she meets another orphan; (an airbender named Aang. He's got a lot to learn until he's ready to save anyone, but I believe he can save the world) seriously, an orphan named Stefan. They soon fall into fake, stupid, unreal teenager love, Stefan calling it "true love". Then, like all sucky teenage love stories, the guys just like "no, don't like her anymore" and then they're grownups and he comes back -yay!- and drugs her to take her wings to become king -less yay- he does become king, and have a daughter named Aurora. Maleficent goes to the party, pissed her ex-boyfriend who maimed her was having a party for his newborn child without inviting her! Rude! So, she gives Aurora a seriously specific curse with one cure designed to piss Stefan off the most. True loves kiss, the thing he made up just for her! *HALFWAYISH POINT, PASSERS BE WARNED!!!!!!* he gets paranoidia and sends her off with three fairies we love... Until this movie when I prefer even Navi. Way to ruin fairies Disney. They gave aurora a gift of somethin like whoever meets her shall love her or be loved by all or whatever. So, Maleficent become an adoptive mother to aurora and they grow to love each other like only people who curse the child of their ex boyfriend who maimed them can. She tries to undo the curse, but it doesn't work. Aurora meets prince Phillip in the woods
And their meeting is so much more awkward, less cute and less time to fall in love than the cartoon. When Aurora goes and gets her finger pricked Maleficent figures he's their only hope (even if he isn't obiwan kenobi) and gets him to do true loves kiss. He is absolutely, dreamily and gentlemanly, wondering if it's right to kiss a girl who's a) asleep and b) he just met. Swoon, sigh, why deny it oh oh.... Seriously, again, it's kinda hot to be that gentlemanly- honestly, seriously hot! Again-
Cept it doesn't work. So, they take a page out of once upon a time and change it back to the original from once from before when they changed it from frozen; motherly love = true love. Also, she battles Stefan who is psycho now and wins and Aurora and Phillip end up together, Aurora becomes princess and creates peace between fairies and humans. Whoo. Again, dreamy Prince, cause like... Seriously, he was gentlemanly. Gentlemen are HOT. Hint hint guys.

Thoughts: You wanna know why people love the joker? Because he is unsimpathetic and doesn't have some stupid reason for being a psycho. He just is. Sure, Loki has an army (of girls with nails painted green who can tell you facts about Loki but if you make a joke about Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers stare at you with blank eyes. Humph) but EVERYONE loves the joker, because he is unsimpathetic. We do NOT want villains with tragic stories and some depressing crap we don't actually care or want for characters we don't care about or want to know about. We like main characters because of relatability, we like villains because of psycho, so that is a definant point down for this. Point up for the villian being redeemed though; I do love a redemption story. Another point down though, for the fact that all the good characters, like the motherly/matronly fairies or the kind, fair king being turned into mean girls meet the three stooges and a cliche bad guy who escaped from a haunted insane asylum. So, overall.... I'm basically neutral on this front, but they gain an extra point for GENTLEMAN/CHIVALROUS HANDSOME PRINCE so, if you can choke down a bad retelling of a good fairytale, Maleficent is for you!

Rating: 4/5, mostly for the prince and redemption.
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

robktics 2015 reveal

I don't like the game, but hey, it's my first year. I should appreciate it. If on mobile copy title into youtube.com search thingy and it's like, the first vid.
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Friday, January 2, 2015

Honest trailer: the lion king

Well... I was a bit busy today, with about fifty thousand hours of homeworks, taking back a faulty game and testing its replacement and watching maleficent (yet another thing I will review on this blog when I have the time to do so!) and while I would like to post tomorrow I have homework (duh) and robotics from 9:30-3. I'll try to after three, but... Sadly, no promises. Tonight, I can promise you a honest trailer! Unless you're on a mobile device, in which case you can just go to YouTube and copy the title of the post.
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

first post of 2015

Hello and holy crap. I haven't blogged since last year ;p that joke is only old when you're not the one saying it. Anyways, as I do t make New Years resolutions or goals or even hopes for the new year. I'm not sure what will happen. But it's going to come (and already started) whether I'm ready for it or not. And, while not wanting to sound like scar, be prepared ;)
Happy New Years!