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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Raven (and Jessie)'s declassified high school survival guide

Hey! So, I have a snowday today, yay! Girly jumping up and down sqeauling minus the girly. And squealing. And jumping up and down. So, I've know for a while now that high school sucks. And, on facebook I recently saw a picture that had that one chick from ned's declassified school survival guide in pretty little lairs with that one main character shes friends with, and that chick was saying "You know why high school is so hard? Because Ned never made a survival guide for anything past eighth grade" And, it's true. Ned never made that guide. Honestly, it's all Ned's fault! But, seriously. And then I saw a post with how to survive high school and I decided, you know what? This blogger knows nothing about people who don't live in a drama TV show! Seriously girl, step out of pretty little liars and realise, that throwing every cliche in the book at us and making me feel like I should be wearing about twenty more pounds makeup and giggling at everything guys say. No offense, it's just some girls can do things like open anything or lift up anything more than a makeup bag without the help of some hunky guy. So, I'm taking her points and putting my own spin on them.
"1.) Makeup, Clothes, & Self Esteem (aka the "I feel like all my friends are pretty except me" situation)"
Ways to fix the problem; hangout with mostly guys! Okay, sarcasm aside,  I never wear makeup, because if I wanted to look like a clown, I'd do it. And it feels gross and fake, although I know that isn't why people wear it. My clothes are seriously a mix of nerd and super freakin nerd. I don't care about self esteem either. So... I'm not who you would generally think to take advise from, but hey, my advise is... decent. Ish. But, seriously, the thing about clothes (and, I guess makeup) is that you are so much more confident, happy and yada yada if you wear stuff you want to wear. Why dress like everyone else, when you can standout AND be comfy? Sure, you might be seen as a freak, but isn't it better than not being seen? And through it all, you're being you, and I'm pretty sure more griffindor than everyone else at your school just by wearing a certain outfit you want. The sorting hat would definitely confirm that!

"2.) The Social Ladder"
Whoa, social ladder? I disaprove.  If you're anywhere near the bottom, may I just say, you have the power to throw the whole ladder over. You mess it up and it all falls down. If you're on the top, someone can knock you over. That's basically all I wave to say about it.... Well, that and there's this certain type of animal, called the mantis shrimp you can see real facts about it here... but basically it's a animal that can see thousands more colors than us, it's gorgeous and it's the deadliest creature basically ever. No one would put them on the top of the food chain (in fact, people probably think they're at the bottom) and yet... Just read. Bottom of the food chain... kinda like people at the bottom of the social food chain ;D

"3.) Relationships (dun dun dunnnnnn)"
Here's Jessie's thoughts on this: (I'm writing this part because we're talking about Raven here, and let's be real, what does she know about relationships at all? Her idea of a romatic movie is Captian America.) Anywho, back to relationships. (She just kinda gave me the computer and told me to write my thoughts, so we'll see where this goes...) First of all: from a girl's perspective, boys suck. I mean they're great and all. They can be super sweet and super cute and dreamy and wonderful, but they can really suck sometimes. Like, I'm not dreaming of Prince Charming or anything, but sometimes they're not all you can wish for. If you're not in a relationship, really don't worry. High school is not the place where you need a relationship, it's a place to make friendships. I saw a quote somewhere that said, "High school is not the place to find your groom, it's the place to find your bridesmaids." Now, I'm not saying that if you're in a relationship, that's bad or anything, but I don't think you need to make it your top priority. Besides guys mature and are a lot hotter in college, just saying. Now, I am not by any means saying that I would not have a high school relationship, because I would. I think it'd be fun. But what I am saying is that I'm not going to let that take over my high school life. Don't spend too much time on boyfriends or girlfriends that you forget the other things around you. It doesn't
really matter if there's a lot of guys who want you or not, because that does not give you value. Value comes from who you are as a person, not who you're with. Wow, that was deep, let's lighten the situation up a bit. Why go on a Valentine's Day date when you can hang out with your girls and drool over hot actors? (Raven's life motto.) Also, you can't be super flirty if you're in a relationship, and flirting is fun and can ge you free food, so why would you give that up? Kidding. Well, not really, but anyway.... I think that's all I have to say on this. Raven will be doing the rest of this post, well maybe not. Maybe I'll come back. I'm a fun person. Ok, but really that's it. Bye.

"4.) Homework (uh oh!)"
Raven's back! Run for your lives! Okay, but really, Homework sucks. I mean, who wants to sit through hours of school each day and come home and do hours more? Also, after school activities take time. And school encourages you to do this crap. They obviously don't know the number of hours in hours in a day. Just do your homework ASAP, like even inbetween classes and give yourself rewards for getting a certain amount done. I finished 1 out of my 4 homework assignments? Chocolate cake time! I'm halfway done with all my work? I get to read another chapter in my book (or watch a TV show if being awesome and reading isn't your cup'o'tea).

"5.) The Dreaded Cookie Cutter"
And last but still probably the least because it's basically a compilation of all the other points here. One of my favorite bands Three Days Grace has a song called Just Like You, which I'm putting a link here I encourage you to visit, or youtube the song. Anywho, The songs chorus goes "I could be mean/ I could be angry /You know I could be just like you/ I could be fake /I could be stupid/ You know I could be just like you /You thought you were standing beside me /You were only in my way /You're wrong if you think that I'll be just like you /You thought you were there to guide me /You were only in my way /You're wrong if you think that I'll be just like you" and I think that's so powerful. And so true. People who try to make us become just like them are usually just in our way, and being like others or trying to be is Justin's giving up something about us, giving up our smarts or realness, making us meaner than we are, and this song sums it up perfectly.
You're welcome
High schooler


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