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Monday, September 15, 2014

Top Ten Cutest Cartoon Animals EVER

Hello! Not so happy Monday! Well, I wish you a happy Monday, but it's Monday. Happy won't e part of the equation (promise?) I gotta warn you, going into the belly of the beast, danger at every turn. (I eat danger for breakfast)  YOU HUNGRY?!?! (STARVING!!!!!)  cause bolt.
Oh! That gives me a post idea! So, to cure the Mondays, how 'bout the top __ cartoon animals? Cartoon, not anime or video game (though that could be soon....). Now, in a slightly particular order... Actually, I don't do orders, cause I think of them as I go along......

10. Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
This is where my "In no particular order" Comes in, because Stitch is SUPER adorable, more adorable than some others on the list, but I'm to lazy to put it in a real order, plus I don't do favorites. But if I did, stitch would be one of the big three of adorable.
9. Bear triplets (Brave)
Mischievous and genius!

8. Puss... In boots (Shrek 2-4, Puss in Boots)
put me higher on the lists... If you dare! Can you commit to being higher on the list? Si, I can commit. BTW... those were both totally lines from the movies.
7. Toothless (How to train your dragon)
Rawr and stuffs.

6. Simba (Lion King)
Who, him? Well, he is the king.
5. Scooby-doo (Scooby Doo)
Talking? Mystery solving? Dog? AWWW!!!

4. Abu (Aladdin)
So a little rough and distrustful around the edges, but also really smart and thieving. Plus, fur.
3.  Diego (Ice Age)
I just love things that are cute and fuzzy and can rip your throat out with it's teeth the size of your head. Plus he's sarcastic and rude and hilarious and adorable.
2.  Sven (Frozen)
He looks smug about getting picked, but don't worry, he's still adorable when he's older.
 and since he's the cutest of them all.....
Raven DeWitt


  1. Raven the Monday Fairy ;)

    Love this! I think Stitch and Toothless should be wayyyy higher on the list....

    1. I agree, which is why I'm saying that this isn't in a real order (like all my top tens....) bolt, stitch, toothless are my top three, not necessarily in that order, rounding out top five (for me) are Diego and puss in boots, even if they aren't listed that high. No order rule! And shut it with the Monday fairy-ness ;p but I guess it's true ;p

  2. Awww Stitch and Scooby and GASP! SIMBA! Aww,look at that smart-butt face of his, so adorable! ❤️ I LOVE SIMBA! Okay i am a puddle now because you made me melt, :P


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