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Monday, January 12, 2015

Reasons why Merida is fierce

For those of you who want to know about yet another feminist hero, I have another Disney Princess to dedicate a post to with three reasons I love them and want to be them (okay, a reason I want to be them other than the hot princes they marry who I love too). Without further ado, lemme present to you...
 Fun fact: She's 16! I'm almost the same age as her, and she's younger than I think most princesses are.

1- Archery, swords and basically any other weapon use.
That deserves two pictures. Awesome!
2- She talks to her pets.
It makes her feel like such a... regular human and not an awesome princess (even though she is). Reliability. Also makes me feel less crazy talking to my dog, no matter what he thinks. Seriously, my dog stares at me like I'm crazy. I probably am. Anywho, her horse doesn't talk back, but he certainly seemed to understand. And decided she needed to learn a lesson ;P also, look at the horses face. Is it just me or is he smiling?

3- She doesn't want to marry any random guy
I can't ever see why. Although, I do love the blue face paint guys hair. I wish my hair was that awesome. Also, I feel like she'd be more open to marriage if she got some other people, like...
Like them. I have a certain ship I support here.......
I also support this photo. Merida + Flynn = NNNNNOOOOOO (times infinity)
That's who I support. I don't know why I obsessively love them together, but I really think it's cute when couples fight and stuff and oh. My. Gosh. Are their fights like so... ship-worthy!!!
There's my three reasons, but she also scores points for her transformation in the movie, the whole Rise Of The Brave Tangled Dragons and last (but NOT least) her hair. Hair game = strong in brave. How can I get such curly locks?
Single fighting princess
INVERTED PYRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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